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What if sharing stories not to be defined by them, but to set them free, opens us up to reclaim and embrace ALL that we are! The messy, the imperfect, the mistakes, heartache, sadness and joy... all parts of our innate wildness no longer shamed into silence. When Women Speak... anything could happen. Welcome to the party!
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Helen Amery shares several game changing moments in this episode all around seeing through the stories created about who we are and what we're capable of. There's plenty to relate to and learn from listening to Helen's experience.Helen works with people one-to-one and in groups to reconnect them to their innate brilliance and to the real them that’s been hidden behind stories and conditioning.Having spent her life striving to learn, grow and develop, she was pretty horrified when around 40 a couple of challenging relationships made it obvious something wasn’t working. Despite all the development programmes and coaching she’d had, she found herself behaving in the very way she’d been coaching and training others not to. So now what?Fortunately she was led into exploring the essence of Buddhism which then led to discovering the Three Principles and Non Duality. Since the beginning of that exploration back in early 2018, she has been deeply immersed in learning, exploring, realising and reconnecting to that innate brilliance we all are, and which also naturally reveals the unique flavour of life that is us.A pivotal moment came in 2020 when she realised “oh, I just have to be me” and another level of ease with life appeared.This is what Helen helps others to remember – that you are already innately brilliant and that what you want, and what we want, is you ‘just being you’.Links to connect with Helen and her work:Website ~  via the website you can explore the free things on offer *sign up to her newsletter and get her book free *do her free 5-day course that introduces you to the work *listen to interviews and podcast episodes.Links to engage further with When Women Speak:Facebook group ~ ~ the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
I am joined in this conversation by Personal Freedom Guide Joy Perreras. As a Certified Spiritual Coach, Joy guides women through her one-on-one coaching, workshops, andretreats, undressing their hearts, releasing stuck emotions, allowing more joy in, learning the art of letting go, and rediscovering their deepest soul's expression. Joy’s beautiful vision is for soul-led 'seasoned' women to reclaim the true nature of their divine power... so they embody deep liberation and become the elixir of love and truth for humanity. Living their Aligned HellYES Life!Joy clearly lives and breathes the work she does and you'll get to hear how she shows up in the world in this conversation and how she encourages and supports other women to do the same.Watch on YouTube here - to Joy:Facebook page: FB Group: HellYES Movement School: (from Free to paid courses)As a side note: Joy touches on a sensitive topic of infertility and how at the time this experience left her feeling broken as a woman and not good enough. For anyone listening that feels the way Joy once did I asked Joy after the Podcast recording what helped her see things differently and realise that infertility did not make her less of a woman.What helped Joy was the realisation of what was real and what was a narrative creating stories about who she is, who others are and what her circumstances mean.The unhelpful thought loop Joy got into about what her body couldn't do and what that meant about her and her life compounded the situation, and none of the stories about herself were true. AND of course none of this could have happened any other way. We are only ever behaving based on our understanding in that moment so please be gentle with yourself.Here are some suggestions if you resonate with what Joy experienced. Start being more in your body and really honouring the body, this is your vehicle to me intimately connected to throughout your life here on Earth. Nourish it, listen to it, take care of it and empower yourself to be responsible for your body and your health. Know what it needs, and what doesn’t support it to function well. A lot of suffering comes from wanting what's happening to be different and buying into stories about what's happening rather than facing what's real and taking the action that makes sense to take. Cultural conditioning like you should have a baby or you should be thinner or you should have short hair or long hair and so on all adds to us believing life should look and be a certain way and we should be a certain way too. Let’s support each other to know all of us is welcome. When Women Speak:Freedom to Be You ~ ~ private group ~ public page ~ ~ Support the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
Stories Worth Telling host Sara J. Sanderson was invited to be the first guest on the new Podcast 'Free To Be' hosted by Shaneen Mooney to share about her life, her understanding of life, and the social enterprise When Women Speak Global Network CIC.Free To Be host Shaneen Mooney is a creative soul with a passion for love, life, music, self-care, and spiritual exploration.She is a bass player for an alternative rock band called, Kath and The Kicks, and is working with essential oils to develop an online business that focuses on finding an understanding of self-care from within.Shaneen is also facilitating a group called When Women Create and is in the process of developing a brand platform called Free To Be which consists of the podcast, a blog, and online discussion group.Free To Be is a way of Shaneen being able to live out her soulful mission of sharing a message that we are all free to be who we are in nature. To connect, or to find out more about what Shaneen is working on you can access her through any of these links:Website: shaneenmooney.comFacebook: Care and Oils: www.kathandthekicks.comWhen Women Speak links:Freedom to Be You ~ ~ private group ~ public page ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comSupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
In this episode guest Marissa Loewen shares how her curious nature and being unafraid to ask challenging questions is met with different responses - from gratitude to being blocked on social media. Marissa has the ability to make the uncomfortable comfortable if you are willing to question your ideas and beliefs and the way you think things should be done.I knew Marissa would have plenty to say and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what was shared and all the thought provoking questions that arose. Plenty to reflect on and consider for the year ahead and how you want to show up and be with yourself and others.You will hear many questions put forward during the episode such as:·      Where could you have more joy in your life?·      How can I be more intentional?·      How can I bring more ease into my life?·      How does what I do impact?Other questions to consider for society and social change also came up such as:·      Why are we maintaining systems that hurt people?·      How do we make this great for everybody?·      How do we get to a basic minimum for everyone?·      How do we help billionaires distribute their wealth (if they want to)?·      What power structures are being maintained in philanthropy as it is?·      Why can’t we take an idea and make it better? Marissa is a Transformational Business Coach, Community Catalyst and Creative Entrepreneur. Marissa's first foray into owning a business began at age 11, when Marissa wanted to sell cold milk and chocolate milk to classmates at lunchtime. With permission from Marissa's grade school, a janitor's closet was turned into a thriving food service business. With a corporate background in media, marketing, communications, online sales and web design, Marissa created one of the first pop up companies in North American focusing on made-local and art sold in temporary retail shops, art galleries and large scale events, partnering with Etsy Canada. Marissa works with small business owners to create the rules in order to create thriving, resilient, prosperous businesses that fuel the business owner. In addition to a signature system for creating profit and ease in businesses, personal coaching and an online digital profit planner, Marissa also is launching her first podcast called The Little Podcast of Big Questions. Links to find to When Women Speak:Freedom to Be You ~ ~ private group ~ public page ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comSupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
In this episode we get to talk about sex with guest Leah Carey,  a sex and intimacy coach working with women who want to move beyond laying-back-and-accepting-whatever-their-partner-does-to-them, and are ready to become equal co-creators of their sexual experience.Leah is no stranger to Podcasts because she’s the host of her own show called Good Girls Talk About Sex.In this episode as well as sharing her own stories, Leah speaks to some of the reasons sex can be more complicated than it need be and what can happen when rather than having open communication we default to our conditioned ways of behaving in regards to sex and intimacy.This work was not an obvious life choice for Leah.  Growing up with an abusive father, she learned to be a VERY “good girl.”She got involved in a series of emotionally abusive relationships, always convinced that SHE was the problem – not pretty enough, smart enough, or sexually skilled enough. And because she wasn’t having pleasure during sex, so she was convinced she was broken.At age 42, life threw Leah an opportunity to build a new story: with both parents gone and no siblings, she could put aside the family mythology of the “good girl.”She began challenging her old beliefs about worthiness, attractiveness, and desirability. Watching her phenomenal growth, friends started seeking her out to help them do the same.Today, Leah works with women to reflect their true sexual nature back to them, without the judgment, shame, or fear that can get in the way of seeing it for themselves.She's a guide for embracing the sexuality that is innately yours, no matter what it looks like. Her clients sink so deeply into their true sexuality that the old version of themselves that was scared to speak up for their own needs feels like a mirage from another lifetime.Links:website ~ www.LeahCarey.comInstagram ~ to the Good Girls Talk About Sex podcast! And contact Leah if you'd like to be a guest!When Women Speak:Freedom to Be You ~ ~ private group ~ public page ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comSupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
In this episode we are joined by intuitive coach Sara Priestley who’s also a guide in our exploration of true nature, a poet and mother to four cats who you can listen out for in the background.Sara and I speak about enjoying life as it appears, the usefulness of knowing your Human Design, what Lenormand cards are and how they can support you to talk to yourself at a level where conditioning doesn’t apply. Sara also shares her take on storytelling and why sometimes it’s not appropriate to tell everyone your business. Sara suggests a question you could ask yourself “is telling this story advancing my freedom or humanity?” The work Sara does now follows previous careers in IT consultancy, the investment sector, teaching massage & Pilates, and collecting post-grad qualifications. Her first poetry collection, quintessence: the poetry of true nature, is available from Amazon.Links:Website ~ sarapriestley.comFacebook ~ ~ Cards ~ When Women Speak:Freedom to Be You ~ ~ private group ~ public page ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comSupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
In this Podcast episode we are joined by the fabulously talented, warm, generous and open hearted powerhouse, and professional photographer Laura Wood. We get to hear what this interesting year so far has shown Laura, the importance of breathing, and speaking your truth whilst not diminishing others. Laura speaks on creating a dynamic online community that feels safe for people to show up in, how it’s ok to express yourself and indulge in life’s pleasures, and moving beyond people pleasing.Laura is a photographer and educator based in South Yorkshire, England. She is mum to two young boys with motherhood and daily life inspiring much of her photography. Finding catharsis through self-portraiture Laura takes feelings and emotions out of her head and heart and holds a mirror up to herself by way of the camera. This process has given her a tangible way of dealing with everything from sleep deprivation, depression and anxiety to overwhelming love and gratitude. This outpouring of feelings into art has connected her with womxn around the world who share her experiences. These connections told Laura there was a need for further equality and for womxn’s voices to be heard more loudly in the industry, so she co-founded a photography community for womxn, Phlock Live, with her sister Sarah. Laura is dedicated to elevating the position of womxn in photography - committed to encouraging womxn to find their voice and letting it speak loudly through their art. Laura is a firm believer that finding our voice is simple when we strip away expectation and pressure, and focus solely on instinct, impulse and freedom. No more people pleasing or trying to be the "good girl".Links to Laura Wood: to When Women Speak:Website ~ private group ~ public page ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comSupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
We are joined by self confessed Podcast addict Alexandria Maria, an Empowerment Coach and Business Mentor for women all over the world. Alexandria is on a mission to help as many women as possible make their dream life a reality. She aims to help women move from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and lost to feeling aligned, motivated, and driven by a clear vision.In this episode Alexandria speaks of feeling caged, tasting freedom, trying to conform that led to symptoms of depression, changing direction, and making a commitment to keep choosing into what feels aligned.  Having always followed the “rules of life”, Alexandria was thriving on the outside but on the inside, she was fighting a battle with anxiety, which ultimately resulted in a breakdown. Her breakdown became her breakthrough, as she realised that her depression was not an illness but a symptom - a sign of how unhappy she was with the life she had created. She ripped up the rule book, left her corporate job and decided to create her own path. One that would inspire and empower other women to do the same.Links to Alexandria Maria:Website ~ ~ Women Speak:Website ~ private group ~ public page ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comSupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
Did I Choose My Trauma?A provocative question and title of a new self funded documentary short by today’s guest Yemi Penn. In this episode we hear about the project and the next steps for it to become a full length documentary and even a TV series exploring different aspects of trauma and our relationship to it. Yemi also shares how recent events involving Black Lives Matter and the collective willingness to have difficult conversations has inspired her.Yemi is a British born Nigerian living in Sydney, Australia. An Engineer by profession, an entrepreneur by passion, and mindset transformation coach by mission.The life she currently leads was not planned, nor did Yemi even imagine it was possible, having spent a big part of her childhood in Nigeria and being homeless some 13years ago. As a single parent to two children, she almost inherited the story that suggested life needed to be a struggle. Yemi describes herself as self-made, not just because of business success, which is unexpected for a solo parent to two kids, but because the legacy she’s intent on leaving goes well beyond imparting business tools but tools of self-empowerment, growth and contribution.Yemi currently runs four successful businesses; an engineering consultancy based in Sydney, an F45 Fitness Studio in Brixton, London, a Transformation business under the name Yemi Penn and her latest ‘baby’, Golden Thread Café in Sydney. Through her Management Consultancy in Sydney, Australia Yemi provides leadership and strategic direction to a range of clients and industries including: Sydney Metro, Transport for New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney, UNSW and F45 Training.People often wonder how Yemi manages to run four businesses and parent, the short answer she says is “I practice being in the NOW. When I do that I am able to effectively squeeze 40 hours out of a 24 hour day. My formula for achieving more in less time is insane! And is just one of the many tools I share within my personal programs”.Yemi is a living testament to the power of owning our story, stepping out of our shadow and finding our voice.Links to Yemi Penn and the Did I Choose My Trauma? documentary:Website ~ ~ ~ now endedLinks to When Women Speak:Website ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comFacebook page ~ group ~ HAPPENS When Women Speak campaign fundraiser ~ now ended. Support the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
Real Change ~ Into The Body starts 19 October! Space for 8 women ready to uncover the foundation of lasting transformation and from that understanding and embodiment, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!                            >><<Todays episode is a conversation about what was uncovered during the first Real Change deep dive earlier this year. Tia Ho and Ame-Lia Tamburrini share realisations on the psyche, the body, spirituality and the state of the world as they answer questions relating to Real Change. Mentioned in the episode:Adam Quiney ~ée Johnson ~ two guests:Tia H. Ho, PhD guides sensitive, transformation focused professionals toward realising their innate resilience and expanding their emotional support capacity so that fear isn’t making their decisions for them. Through integrating expertise in community health with sensory-based mindfulness, brain science and our connection to nature, Finding Mindful Now's courses and offers support participants in taking consistent action on self care so they can keep being the change they want to see.     Website ~ Current offers ~ LinkedIn ~ Tamburrini is an engagement and dialogue specialist with degrees in kinesiology and epidemiology. Her passion in human health has grown from the physical body, to the environmental and social determinants of health, to the ways in which we interact and connect. Following many years of engaging with project proponents, government, Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities around the world and seeing the ever-increasing divide between people she became determined to change the ways in which we engage with each other. Her company, Hum Consulting was born out of that desire and aims to create more harmony, unity and momentum in our communities, one conversation at a time. Ame-Lia is an advocate for the circle dialogue method for its ability to decrease power differentials, build interconnectedness and give everyone a voice. She delights in the idea of bringing that process to organisations and communities everywhere. Ame-Lia is grateful for all her life experiences that have given her the skills and desire to guide conversations that heal. Today she resides on the traditional territory of the Lkwungen peoples (Victoria, BC) and loves soaking up the beauty of this land.Website ~ www.humconsulting.caLinkedIn ~'s Leadership Circle ~ Women Speak:JOIN REAL CHANGE ~ INTO THE BODY HERESupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
Mojisola Elufowoju is a British Born Nigerian, Award-Winning Director, and the CEO/Artistic Director and Founder of Utopia Theatre. She creates work extensively with under-represented voices. The next Utopia Theatre production 'Here’s What She Said To Me' opens 30 October on the main stage of the Crucible Theatre Sheffield, and is also available to stream live.Mojisola began her Directing career at York Theatre Royal. She is passionate about the growth and development of ethnic minorities in the theatre industry. You’ll hear in this episode about the work she does and her thoughts on the future of the theatre industry.Also in this episode Mojisola shares stories of reclaiming her name and what it means, how being brought up perhaps not traditionally how a girl of her generation and heritage might have been, gave her more voice and a sense of capability to express herself in the world. Plus seeing people as equals, asking for what you want, and choosing to be committed to see your dreams come true.Here’s a bit more about Mojisola Elufowoju – A Guest Director At The London Academy Of Dramatic Arts And London South Bank University. Was Staff Director At The National Theatre On Three Sisters By Inua Ellams. Was A Recipient Of The 2017 Opera Awards Foundation Bursary, A Founding Member Of Mosaic Opera Collective.And other Credits Include: Far Gone (Sheffield Crucible Theatre And Theatre Deli Sheffield) The Bogus Woman (Camden People’s Theatre 2019), On Missing (The Cockpit Theatre 2018), Shadows In Different Shades (Work In Progress - Sheffield Theatre 2018), The Pied Piper Of Chibok Opera (Opera North Residency And Arcola Theatre 2018), I Am David Oluwale (Work In Progress- Leeds Playhouse 2018), Iyalode Of Eti (Leeds Playhouse, Sheffield Crucible, Cast - Doncaster And Ake Festival Nigeria 2016/2017) London Tales (Rich Mix And Lost Theatre 2015)This Is Our Chance (Cultural Centre Calabar, Nigeria 2013)The Shepherd’s Chameleon (CLF Art Cafe 2013) House Of Corrections (Riverside Studios (2012) Wake Me When It's Time (York Theatre Royal 2012). Links:Website - Theatre Compilation - Creative Hub - When Women SpeakWebsite ~ https://www.wwsgn.comFacebook page ~ group ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comSupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
Tchiyiwe Chihana is an award winning British-Zambian creative, activist, writer and speaker who identifies as a womanist and currently works for the UBI Lab Network.  Tchiyiwe writes for “Now Then Magazine,” is a campaigner for Universal Basic Income, a Trustee and Assistant Producer of Migration Matters Festival, a part-time Operations Manager for Utopia Theatre Company, Board Chair of Maokwo and Executive Director of African Voices Platform TV. Wow!!! What is this amazing woman not engaged in? With all her work she uses her platforms to amplify the causes she believes in such as social justice issues in relation to migration, women’s rights, politics and the African diaspora. In this episode you will hear why Tchiyiwe is keen that Africans, especially women, are the drivers of their own narrative and representations. We cover topics that are not what you most likely talk about in polite conversation and yet why don’t we? Why don’t we speak about issues that arise from cultural and societal norms that disproportionally favour one group over another? Why don’t we discuss more openly who benefits and who doesn’t from the systems we have in place and then question and explore what might be possible in at least making the drastic polarity in some cases not so extreme?  We live in a world of duality where there will always be rich and poor, black and white, win and lose, life and death and so on and so forth. Let’s acknowledge this, and also acknowledge that we like contrast, we don’t want everything to be the same, do we?  What’s still possible in this world of duality? Tchiyiwe believes Universal Basic Income is possible so that the level of poverty never goes below a certain level for anyone. Is that something you could get on board with too?The article that Tchiyiwe offered as something that has inspired her can be found here ~ Hear Us Report by Sisters Not Strangers Coalition Links ~  UBI Lab Network Tchiyiwe on Twitter Lab Womxn on Twitter When Women Speak links ~Website: Page: Group: the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
Kari Roberts is our special guest for this episode, sharing her stories of going against the grain in order to follow her heart and be true to what she knew to do and be in the world.Kari is an Emotional Strength Coach who holds and facilitates purposefully created spaces to nurture, embrace and reconnect you with your unconditioned emotional health and wellbeing.Part of Kari’s work is to break the myth that you have to feel a certain way or think a certain way to flourish.  Kari is also a parenting expert and has worked for local government managing family and support teams within children services. Emotional health is a big part of the support that's offered and she has written two programs currently being used by local health authorities and charities. Throughout her career Kari has been involved in personal development and has been coaching parents, family workers, and peers for over 15 years.As you listen to Kari's stories, hear the nuggets of gold for yourself to consider, inquire upon and reflect. Any comments (and we love to receive your comments) head on over to the When Women Speak Global Network Facebook page or drop us an email. All relevant links are listed below. Get in touch with Kari:Email ~ kariannroberts2309@gmail.comFacebook ~ Women Speak:Website ~ https://www.wwsgn.comFacebook page ~ group ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comSupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
Our guest for this episode is Laura Li a life coach and cheerleader for Quiet Bohemians: introverts and highly sensitive people who want to live life without censoring what they want, say or do. She helps them feel more confident, express themselves freely and naturally, and bring more of who they really are into their life and work. In this episode we cover the power of allowing and listening to silence, getting comfortable asking for what you want, and not letting negative mind chatter or limiting beliefs stop you from blinking well going ALL in. You'll hear some of Laura's examples of not being stopped by listening to stories of what she can and can't do, including writing and podcasting. We also get to hear about the interesting Podcast series Laura started and if you have any leads on getting it heard by the man she would love to interview PLEASE do get in touch!!! You can find the poem mentioned during the interview here ~ Laura is also a When Women Speak group Leader running groups that combine the power of women speaking without interruption with accountability coaching that helps them end procrastination and finally make progress on their Big Dreams.  You can find out more about Laura and her work at ~ and her podcast, Quietly Bohemian, is available on Apple podcasts and Spotify. When Women Speak Join the mailing list ~ any comments/feedback/questions to hello@wwsgn.comLike us and comment on facebook ~ the free facebook group and share your voice ~  Support the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
In this episode we hear stories from Sarah Ashman founder of Public Persona Studio, a small business focused on helping entrepreneurs and influencers clarify their brand, uplevel their business, elevate their influence, and increase their perceived value through branding. She has over 18 years of experience as a brand strategist and creative director, creating compelling and cohesive brands that are magnetic and memorable.  She has worked with some of the foremost thought-leaders within the entrepreneurial space as well as Fortune 100 companies such as Estée Lauder, Vogue Magazine, and Mercedes Benz.  You’ll hear in this episode what’s at the heart of a compelling personal brand and if you’re not in business there’s still plenty of insight shared to make this a useful, thought provoking and enjoyable episode to dive into.  Links to find out more: Website ~ ~ Brand ~  When Women Speak:Website ~ Page ~ Facebook group ~ ~ hello@wwsgn.comSupport the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
Lian Brook-Tyler is our guest today. She is a creatrix, initiatrix and the co-founder of Primal Happiness. Her mythical journey began when she leapt from corporate leadership onto the path of spirituality, after she suddenly, and somewhat mysteriously, recovered from 15 years of chronic pain and anxiety. That inexplicable transformation led her to immerse herself in discovering what creates struggle, and conversely, how to create a life overflowing with happiness, love, beauty and meaning. In this episode we hear Lian share beautifully how she came to realise what we’re ALL made of. And the noticing of various patterns that play out in objective reality, perhaps indicating nothing is quite as random as it seems? We focus a lot on the Feminine, and touch on various cycles and how these come together to create a map of the Heroines Journey. The article mentioned in the episode can be found here ~ Lian shares examples of living as the embodiment of the divine Feminine and what it means to live in balance with the Masculine. These energies are not gender specific and all people have varying degrees of these energies and therefore creating balance within and knowing how to receive what you need is unique and not a one size or one path fits all. You’ll also hear the latest offering from Primal Happiness called Waking The Wild Heart. Lian’s work is focused on leading men and women along the path of Waking The Wild… guiding them to reclaim their wildness and actualise their deepest gifts. Lian lives in a 400-year-old, quintessentially English country cottage with her husband, two children, and an array of ginger rescue animals. She is living into the vision of creating a world of wild souls set free to be their unique magic.  Links to Lian's work and some amazing free stuff:Website:, courses & coaching: fb group: page: to When Women Speak ~ Website: https://www.wwsgn.comEmail: hello@wwsgn.comFb page: fb group: the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
In this 2 part episode we’re joined by Lover of life Shaneen Mooney.Shaneen works as a Wellness Advocate with Essential Flow and lives as explorer of the heart, mind and soul with her passion project- Understanding Life Being Human.  Shaneen also loves to play bass guitar with the band, Kath and the Kicks, plus facilitates an amazing online womens group called When Women Create. Shaneen admires authenticity, and aspires to uncover truth in life with love, appreciation and humility for who we are and what we can do as human beings.In Part 1 we hear Shaneen speak about her childhood and some of the impact of growing up with domestic abuse and the subsequent patterns of behaviour that followed.In Part 2 we hear about Shaneen’s focus on self care and what’s she’s uncovering and enjoying about this area of her life and work.Plus lots lots MORE!Links to Shaneen ~ Flow ~ the When Women Create group here ~ and the Kicks ~ Here are the links to share comments about this episode and/or stay connected with When Women Speak ~Email: hello@wwsgn.comWebsite: www.wwsgn.comFacebook page: group: the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
This episode we are joined by Kathy Bell a breathwork healer and space holder. Kathy is passionate about helping sensitive and empathic people like herself to remember that true connection is found within and that you don’t need saving, fixing or putting back together. You are already everything you ever need and the breath is a magical gateway back home to this truth. You’ll hear in this episode how Kathy got started with breathwork and how it’s opened her up fully in being the expression of life she is, connected with nature, divinity, and understanding the bodies cycles and seasons.Kathy trained with David Elliot and Erin Telford in Davids "active breath" breathwork after using the self-healing technique for her own healing journey, which began in 2015.People who work with Kathy are met with acceptance and given the space, love and freedom to be exactly who they are and who they came here to be.Kathy lives with her husband, daughter and 2 dogs just outside Sheffield, England. She has had careers in aviation, high school teaching and a trauma informed, resilience building, not for profit organisation and now has established her own healing practice which is operating virtually and soon to be back in person! She loves spending time in nature, observing the cycles of Mother Earth and deeply reflecting on the cycles within herself.  To find out more about Kathy and to experience the incredible healing of breathwork here are the links ~Website: www.kathybell.ukInstagram:  @kathy.bell_Facebook: 'Kathy Bell'Here are the links to share comments about this episode and/or stay connected with When Women Speak ~Email: hello@wwsgn.comWebsite: www.wwsgn.comFacebook page: group: the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
Nicola Snoad, Co-founer of When Women Speak Global Network shares stories about how the Dark Feminine shows up in her life. How she could no longer work as a business coach making £5k months by pushing through resistance and ignoring a deeper desire. How the painful process of unravelling and stripping away the facade of identity has left her more alive than ever and excited about what's to come. AND much more including the trustable masculine ~ protector, lover, friend, and mirror in her life (husband Adam) and the story of how they got together.This is an hour of pure magic!!!There's swearing throughout, and talk of the vagina as a representation of creation, creativity and life itself. So if that sounds right up your street, please do join us! We'd also love to hear your comments!!!!If you want to know more about When Women Speak and/or how to be supported 1:1 you're so welcome to email us at hello@wwsgn.comWhen Women Speak Global Network CIC became a social enterprise in March 2020 and more details can be found here ~ and we gladly and gratefully receive any size of donation here ~ wrote a fun and useful short read called The Myth of Mindset, Get it here for just £1.99 ~ Support the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
I found this to be a playful and impactful conversation about the strategies adopted to keep us safe and yet keep us from being fully expressed in the world. From love, Adam is connection, passion, presence, wit and brilliance. From fear, he is awkward, robotic, apathetic, irrelevant and arrogant. He's learned to embrace all these parts of himself, and works with others to do the same in their own lives.It's never too late to uncover more of who you are, reclaim what's been hidden and choose into desires. Also in this episode we touch on how the feminine and masculine energy shows up and what's for us when open to giving and receiving. Adam is an executive leadership coach specialising in working with the Smartest People in the Room. A former software developer and attorney, Adam’s learned the hard way about the costs that come from keeping your heart safe and chasing after external rewards to feel whole and complete. Living with his beautiful wife and their two dogs (one of which is a cat) in Victoria, B.C., He is a man on a mission to bring the world to a more inspired and fully-expressed place.To share your comments about this episode you can do so over on the When Women Speak facebook page ~ or join the When Women Speak closed group (all welcome) ~ Alternatively, to share a private message feel free to send an email to hello@wwsgn.comHow to find Adam: Website: adamquiney.comPodcast, Get Lit, for people that want to continue in a conversation about Leadership: of course, facebook — Adam puts a ton of his art here: the show (¤cy_code=GBP&source=url)
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