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This biweekly series from the Learning Disabilities Association of America features individuals with learning disabilities, researchers, parents, educators, and other experts to discuss the latest LD research, strategies, lived experiences, and more! 

67 Episodes
Linda Karanzalis is a board-certified cognitive specialist, Nonverbal Learning Disability (NVLD) and ADHD advocate, and author of Misnamed, Misdiagnosed, Misunderstood: Recognizing and Coping with NVLD from Childhood Through Adulthood. In this episode, Linda discusses her own experience with NVLD and ADHD, the mental health issues that come along with these conditions, considerations for teaching, and more.
LDA’s Education Director Dr. Monica McHale-Small talks with Dr. Nancy Mather, a Professor Emeritus of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies, about the importance of keeping the category of specific learning disabilities in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and how the SLD category could be better revised. Dr. Mather also discusses RTI as a part of the identification process for learning disabilities, how comorbidities impact an accurate learning disabilities ident...
Pediatric occupational therapist Sydney Krueger joins us to discuss what an occupational therapist does, how an OT can help someone with learning disabilities, ADHD, or mental health issues, different strategies that she uses in her practice, and more.
Learning and behavior consultant Bev Johns and Mental Health Committee member Rachel Krueger discuss the symptoms and impact of depression on students with learning disabilities, dealing with transitions, and strategies for parents and educators to support students.
Lois Letchford, a reading specialist, dyslexia advocate, parent, and speaker joins us to share how her dyslexic son Nicholas went from non-reading to earning a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Oxford University. Lois talks about teaching Nicholas, the importance of focusing on strengths, and more.
Bev Johns, a learning and behavior specialist, and parent Rachel Krueger, members of LDA's Mental Health Committee, provide insights into the prevalence of anxiety, the impact of anxiety in children with learning disabilities in school, strategies for educators and parents to support those dealing with anxiety, and more!
Educational diagnosticians Laurie Peterson and Dr. Abbey Weinstein are co-hosts of the popular Let's Talk Learning Disabilities Podcast, and join us to talk about the inspiration for the podcast, the meaningful impact it has on its listeners, and more! Tune in to the Let's Talk Learning Disabilities Podcast at: Listen to DJ's episode at:
Currently schools in the U.S. can utilize three different evaluation methods when assessing children for learning disabilities, which can lead to learning disability identification varying from school to school. LDA's Education Director Dr. Monica McHale Small was a co-writer of LDA's principles and standards for evaluation, and shares why standardization of evaluations is so important, what's essential to consider in an evaluation, and how listeners can push for LD evaluation standardization...
We talk to Hannah Blumenfeld-Love, a past special education teacher and current program manager of the DC Special Education Hub, about how navigating special education can be intimidating for parents and caregivers, how essential parents are to the special education team, and how schools can work to make information and resources about special education more accessible. Learn more about the DC Special Education Hub at:
Tracy Gregoire, the Director of LDA's Healthy Children Project, and Noorulane Jan, an associate attorney at Earthjustice, delve into the need to ban Chlorpyrifos, a dangerous chemical used in farming, and its impact on children's brain health.
Caroline Weaver is an LD advocate, a past research student at the LEaRN Lab, and a current graduate student in the Department of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and is using her research and lived experience to understand how we can reduce harm to neurodiverse learners in classrooms.As a student with dyslexia and dyscalculia, Caroline Weaver faced many challenges in school. Driven by her experience, Caroline entered academic research to explore barriers to accessibility, and to c...
Making a Mark!

Making a Mark!


LDA’s Education Director Dr. Monica McHale Small discusses "Making a Mark: Discovering the Power of Neurodiversity on a Learning Safari," a groundbreaking book authored by educator and learning specialist Kate McElderry and co-authored by dyslexic artist Mark Stoddart. ‘Making a Mark” celebrates the multidimensionality of students, and addresses the strengths and challenges of those with learning disabilities.Monica talks with Kate and publisher Priscilla Hannaford about the ...
“Comorbidities are really common and expected.”With learning disabilities, other disorders like anxiety, ADHD, or another learning disability can frequently co-occur, and these comorbidities occur more often than chance. Dr. Lauren McGrath of the LEaRN Lab talks with us about the latest comorbidity research, best practices for interventions, what parents and educators should know, and more. Learn more about the LEaRN Lab: Effective Chi...
Elina Csapo is a rising high school senior with apraxia who created Young Able Voices, a peer-to-peer support group for children and teens with hidden disabilities. Elina talks about overcoming bullying, the power of a community of support, the importance of being your true, authentic self, and more! Learn more about Young Able Voices at:
Elaine Taylor-Klaus, a master certified coach and co-founder of ImpactParents, discusses executive functioning, social-emotional regulation, behavior challenges, communicating with the school, and the the four phases of parenting as a way that parents can provide support while encouraging independence. Check out ImpactParents' free resources at:
Because of her language impairment and learning disabilities, Katie Selby was often told that she wasn't 'college material.' After learning how to advocate for herself in high school, Katie went on to earn the degree she had been dreaming of, and now brings her life experience into the classroom as a paraeducator for students with disabilities.
We talk to Carrie Banks, a supervising librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library, about the Inclusive Services Program, community-building opportunities at the library, and their universal design for learning approach. Carrie, who was once told they couldn't become a librarian because of their dyslexia and dysgraphia, shares how they're working to make sure the library is a place that kids with LD can find success.
Mark Stoddart, a renowned Scottish sculptor with dyslexia, has dedicated 30 years to creating captivating bronze sculptures. Many of these pieces serve a dual purpose of raising awareness and generating funds for important causes, particularly for neurodiverse education. In this episode, Mark shares his own difficult experience with school, his philanthropic work, and the importance of kindness.
Jordan Greene is a college freshman with ADHD, an author, motivational speaker, and an advocate for individuals with LD and ADHD. In middle school, Jordan saw the bullying she and her classmates with LD or ADHD faced, and decided to do something about it. Ever since, Jordan has worked to educate others about LD & ADHD, and is spreading the message that there's nothing wrong with being different. Learn more about Jordan and find her two books based on her own experience "The Confiden...
Aashna Shah is a junior in high school, Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen, an author of three books, a motivational speaker, and a passionate learning disability advocate. Aashna shares her journey through her learning disability diagnosis, discusses her book series on destigmatizing learning disabilities, talks of the learning disability stigma in the Indian community, and much more! Get to know Aashna and learn more about her awesome advocacy work in Florida!Visit: