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The Flyover Podcast covers wide-ranging content and commentary on sports, news, politics, entertainment, and more. Come fly with us:
24 Episodes
Nick Geremia of Apollo Sonders joins us to talk about the excellent new single, "Kind Of," his evolution as a musical artist, and being in a band during
With the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court essentially a guarantee, we discuss the outrageous hypocrisy of Senate Republicans in their effort to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat.
Kyle Sakowicz, the author of "Thaiburgh: Essays from the First Third," joins us to discuss his debut collection of essays, his writing process, as well as his plans for the future.The Kindle version of the autobiography is now available on
The end of summer is that special sort of melancholy, a universal mother's whistle, that we all share. We raise a toast to summer in all of its glory, and end with a Flyover Podcast first: a live, musical performance!
EMERGENCY PODCAST: With the passing of the legendary and heroic Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we are already seeing the messy and hypocritical fight to fill her seat. Who will be the next Supreme Court nominee, and what will it mean for our democracy?Stick around for a very brief tribute to "Goodfellas" on its 30th anniversary, and a humorous take on some recent celebrity virtue
Courtney Flynn drops by The Flyover Podcast to discuss her experiences and success in therapy, and why it can be such an important tool in these trying
It's Christopher Nolan Week at The Flyover. We break down and review his latest mind-bending film, "Tenet." Don't worry, there aren o spoilers in this twilight
On the anniversary of the March on Washington, we analyze the unrest in Donald Trump's America following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. We also offer a satirical solution to solving racial injustice in the country.
Joe Alvaro is a broadcast engineer with a passion for baseball. We sat down with Joe to break down the current 60-game Major League Baseball season, and discuss ways MLB can grow its
Longtime friend and major media network employee Ilya joins The Flyover Podcast to discuss the changing landscape of media during the coronavirus pandemic, and to shed light on the upcoming presidential election.
Ever wondered what it's like to date during a pandemic? Friend of the Pod Other Kyle joins us to discuss how he found love in the time of coronavirus. But first, we have a little fun at the expense of the Portland movie theater that canceled Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Kindergarten Cop."
The Flyover Podcast's popular "Five in 25" is back with: Sports and Music During COVID; Empathy; Reopening Schools; and Things That are Pissing Me Off. Listen to the Flyover Podcast at and everywhere podcasts are available!
The Flyover Podcast takes a break from our dark and troubled times to appreciate the beauty of Chicago in the summer, as well as the return of baseball. Stick around for an insightful, deeply personal, and hilarious tribute to Regis Philbin.
The chorus of July 2020: Our children must go back to school! In this week's Flyover Podcast, we talk about the perils of returning to our schools in the fall, and offer suggestions as to what school might look like for the near future.
Stephen Komar, the founder of Squid Ink Coffee, sits down with us to discuss coffee, roasting, and his new craft coffee business.
On today's The Flyover Podcast, It's a fun mix of comedy and anger, as we discuss the life and legacy of Carl Reiner, and go off an a fun, rage-fueled rant about people who refuse to wear a mask during coronavirus. Fasten your safety belts...
The Flyover Podcast presents "Five in 25," five burning topics in 25 minutes. Today's topics: Updates on Bubba Wallace and Baseball, COVID's Second Spike, Going Back to School, Columbus & Heritage, and a word on Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Bill Simmons.
The Flyover Podcast presents "Five in 25," five burning topics in 25 minutes. Today's topics: "Junior" on MLB Network, the continuing Major League Baseball negotiations, NASCAR and racism at Talladega, reopening during COVID-19, and getting married.
Just in time for Father's Day, we retell one of our favorite stories about our father. In the second half, we discuss the M word: marriage.
The Flyover Podcast "Five in 25" discusses: The National Anthem, Confederate Statues, President Trump and "Rampgate," Michael Jordan's "Last Shot," and Major League Baseball.
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