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Author: Daniel & Katie

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Daniel & Katie broadcast weekly from Korea - sharing coming-of-age stories, lessons learned the hard way and fresh perspectives on what's happening now!
20 Episodes
Hey there Neighbors! Lately, we received a lot of emails and DM's from people who are were considering moving to Korea for an extended stay. They wanted to know our experiences in adjusting to life in Korea -- after living decades in the West. We share our stories!!
For the last podcast of the year, Daniel shares his story on how he spent overnight in a special place... It's not exactly what you think. This Can't Be Happening!
What's the best job in the world? Singer, Model, something else? What type of song do you sing with your new coworkers at a Karoake bar? What happened to a casual weekend hike? How do you say no to aggressive ahjummas at Emart? Is it possible for humans to solve death? Katie & Daniel share their answers :)
Neighbors! We talk about those Traditional Korean Hanyak Packets. Does it work? Yes, no, maybe-so? Daniel breakdown his amazing collection of passwords for public restrooms during his period with IBS. Katie gets called by the police for $60k. My-oh-my, what a week! We also want to thank our community for helping us reach 10K downloads for our podcast! 
Neighbors, take a seat! We're going to do some chit-chat. We're taking a detox from daily news, discussing about suicide in Korea, our final decision on our wedding, learning Chess, "meeting" G-Dragon & Rating out FACE! 
Today, we go down the rabbit hole of how Katie and Daniel got their English names. And the confusion with their Korean ones! There's more to it that you think. It's a decision that every immigrant child will have to make heh!
Does anybody have a home remedy for Hay Fever? Daniel pushes through with a cranky nose and we hit topics on why we like to sniff the nasty stuff... Plus an open discussion on the reputations of Korean Mother In Laws. Plus our take on the recent Gabie Kook Incident and breaking Korea's Quarantine Rules!
Today, we got a few strange stories for you. We start off with Katie's question of whether its better to be a "chicken head" or "dragon ass" (heh!). Then Katie walks through her mom's phishing incident (no fishes here). And Daniel's account of his Octopus Teacher. 
Today, it's time we sit down and have a chat together about the "birds-and-bees". The discussions we never had with our (Korean) parents. Plus, we breakdown the notorious culture of "Room Salons" in Korea. What you waiting for? Turn off the porn and let's have a chat.
Today, we start off with Daniel's fear of jotting down recited numbers in Korean. Then jump into the classic Korean Parent Guilt Trap... trust us, we're still dealing with it! Plus, talk about it takes to buy a home in Korea + more!
It's been over 6 weeks of torrential rain here in Korea! While we watch our wet laundry dry, we turn on the mics and take a deep dive into our stream of conscience. Come join us for a hour - we got some fun stories to share :-)
Our 2 cents on a few topics, videos and issues that have been making us laugh, discuss and contemplate! From BBC's failed fried rice to the Indian Matchmaker to Modern Korean Weddings, there's a healthy doze of crazy in everything.
Come hop into the backseat - as we discuss our recent road trip to Yangyang (a surf haven located on the eastern coast of Korea). It was a 4.5 hour drive with plenty of traffic, so we had a lot of interesting discussions - including our 2 cents on the true purpose of life!
Boy, it's getting hot over here. We crack open a beer and talk about our experience with medical procedures over the year. No Web MD here - just Katie and Daniel!
Daniel shares his hilarious tales in visiting Iran for the first time! He learns quickly the definition of Insahllah! Plus, we cover Korean Haircuts & questions from a Korean adoptee. Sprinkle in a few more tangent topics - here and there - and we got episode 6!
We kick-off this episode by answering an email from a listener. She needs advice on how to kick things off with her boyfriend's Korean parents. From there, we talk about our botched proposal story ... along with a rundown on love languages!
Growing up in the 90s was different. We came home to an empty house. The kids ran the neighborhoods. I found a second dad. The internet arrived. Everyday was filled with shenanigans. 
Today, we talk about Daniel's role as "Good News Generator", getting scammed BIG in Korea, our "Gypsy Sandwich" incident in Paris and when Daniel figured out that his dad is a cheetah!
George Floyd's murder was truly shocking - an evil act that has rattled us and brought forth many conversations about race, inequality and police brutality. We share our reactions to this brutal video and our touchpoints with "racism" in America.
Class of 2020 - it's gonna be ok! Every year is the worst year to graduate!! We take a deep-dive into our 1st (botched) interviews back in 2010 (2 years after the 2008 Financial Crisis). Fail, fail, fail! Yet, here we are - sit down for an hour and let's share a few thoughts. 
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Deborah Cole

I love the book "The 5 Love Languages" I buy it as part of a wedding present for couples getting married.

Jun 24th
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