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Author: Daniel & Katie

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Daniel & Katie broadcast weekly from Korea - sharing coming-of-age stories, lessons learned the hard way, cultural gaps and fresh perspectives on what's happening now!
49 Episodes
Our baby is delivered here in Korea! We re-live the experience... with the avenger nurses... and more!! Cue the emotions.Support the show
How do you want your eggs? Katie, doesn't know either... Support the show
Neighbors, we're expecting a baby! Let us share our excitement and initials thought as we enter the 3rd chapter of our lives!Support the show
During the last month, Katie and I have been dipping our toes into the world of Korean modern art. Let us share a few things about Lee Jung-Seop and his sketches on the back of cigarette foil. It got us emotional... Support the show
This is Pt. 2 of our Roadtrip to US. Daniel reacts to his first #OOTD compliment - lol! We talk about King Richard. Then detail how face-to-face time is the new way to clear (life) cache. As well as an emotional response to... "wen famous?!"Support the show
Today, Katie and I (Daniel) question whether we have been "underdogs" in life? This spills over to reflections on being born into middle class families. We also share a new area of interest - art history! We start off with Francis Bacon... and then continue on with past dinner conversations!! Come join us ;-)Reference links: Francis Bacon's Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X Francis Bacon DocumentarySupport the show
Daniel faces an emergency while scuba diving in Jeju... slow thinker! Local Koreans tell about incident in serving "alive foods" to an American. We share airplane thoughts from 35,000 ft in the air. And finish at my grandma's place in Jeollabukdo! Come along for a listen...Support the show
Today, Katie and I are back on the air... talking about our inner dialogue. Is most of your inner thoughts negative? Hmm - join the club. We talk about texting norms in Korea and some wilderness tips that Daniel has "learned". Don't use them just yet!Support the show
Today is Daniel's Birthday! Katie breaks down her miyeok-guk secret, then we head to Goseong,  reminisce about school-time "fainting", and finish off with Korea in the Olympics!Support the show
My dad promised a rainbow in the sky - if only, we "believed" (heh!) Today, I share a few thoughts/reflections after having spent a month with my parents in the same house! Family time... is friction time!Support the show
Today, Daniel & Katie try to formulate "adages" for their 30s lives. Or is it adagé? Basically short statements expressing a general truth. These are the "statements" that we've realized to be true... (90% of the time). Just listen, but don't take notes heh ;-)Support the show
Neighbors! We're back... and married! We debrief about the special day, and share a few thoughts from our honeymoon in Jeju Island!! Support the show
Yes, you read correctly. One of my uncles went to laugh therapy. Let me share with you the details... Support the show
Neighbors, today we talk about the debacle in getting my dad to "attach" a word file to an email. Then, we discuss the importance of "tinkering time". Along with Katie's fun time on Rainbow Road... Plus if you have a Korean surname, do you know which clan it belongs to (bon-gwan?)Support the show
Neighbors, we're back! Today, Katie and I (Daniel) talk about the metaverse. We got some real questions about carrying our lives into the metaverse... do we hold hands in there, what's considered cheating? Not only that, but Daniel breaks down his first experience in buying his first NFT. Plus, we talk about "Hell" - the Netflix K-drama and the real hell heh!Support the show
The air is getting toxic in Seoul again... Can we talk China? Why do our govts nudge us to be quiet or simply not acknowledge issues by China. We got questions... and we want to express them! Join us... as we tip-toe (more like belly-flop) into controversial issues around China. Leave your "wokeness" at the door please.Support the show
Today, Katie and I reflect on the changing definition of a "friend" as we enter different chapters in our life. Up till now, it seems our friends are our friends simply because we used to be friends. But is that enough? Support the show
We survived our Korean Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Seoul! It was 6 hours of controlled chaos. Here's our reaction to it, the day after - lol!Support the show
In the midst of our wedding prep, we ponder about the changing expectations around financial support (particularly Korean parents). Till when is enough? Katie also finds emails from her mom - from over a decade ago! We share the Outlook Emails... Support the show
Today, come take a walk with us! We'll share a few thoughts on the importance of silence. As well as Katie's thoughts on why she threw away a childhood narrative about marriage. And we open up a can of Korean Kryptonite... the phrase "Chinese Kimchi"Support the show
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Deborah Cole

I love the book "The 5 Love Languages" I buy it as part of a wedding present for couples getting married.

Jun 24th
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