DiscoverBusiness Salesmanship-The Art of Selling Your Business
Business Salesmanship-The Art of Selling Your Business
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Business Salesmanship-The Art of Selling Your Business

Author: Sierra Wolfe

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Have you started preparing your business to be sold? In this podcast we cover the simple business necessities that are vital to running a successful business or healthcare practice to fully prepare it to hit the market and sell quickly. Tune in for frequently asked questions business owners ask bankers, vendors, CPAs, architects, contractors and much more! Listen to successful business owners stories about how they made it to where there are, what they did right, what they did wrong, and the journey along the way. Call me at 602-363-5832 Connect with my on LinkedIn me at AZHCR Transitions is a team of GILE Healthcare Real Estate
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Are you a Veterinarian struggling to decide between doing a start-up or acquiring an already existing practice? In today's episode, we have Angel Klein, an expert in the lending space to give advice on the pros and cons of a start-up. 
Look, you may not be thinking about selling your business at this very moment. However, retirement will be in your future at some point, and selling your business will come up. Whether you are selling to a partner, or family member, or to a corporate buyer, or an individual buyer, selling is in your future. Why not make the most of your practice while you can? In this episode, Steve Anderson joins me to discuss steps to growing a profitable practice and loving what you are doing along the way. 
Veterinarians, have you been told no by a lender and felt completely defeated? Angel Klein with Bank of America is this week's special guest and she has a wealth of knowledge on medical lending, being rejected, progressing your practice, and meeting the right people. Don't miss out on her wealth of knowledge. 
Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy


Alright, gang, we all know how it can be. You get so wrapped up in the day to day of running a business and you think putting some retirement money away here and there will get you through. Or you are thinking the sale of your business will have you sipping Mai Tais on the beach.  Well, life can have a funny way of proving you wrong. In this episode hear what Brandon from Modernize Wealth has to say about what he does and why you should have an exit strategy in place. Brandon can help you get an exit strategy in place so you can not only be sipping sip Mai Tais on the beach, but also doing it with your entire family. 
John Shufeldt, founder of MeMD and Stacey Reinhart with Lever Capitol Partners joins me in this episode to speak about telemedicine and the amount of users that have grown since COVID19. If you are interested in becoming a provider or patient, please follow the link.
The healthcare leader with SmithGroup discusses massive healthcare projects they have taken on since COVID19 and how design and architecture could be impacted. Tune in for an informative episode from Brenna who was recently recognized by Building Design and Construction’s 40 under 40. 
Stacey and Adam with Lever Capitol Partners talk about what they are seeing in the current market and how they can help. Do not feel defeated if you were rejected by one lender. There are many options on financing they can help you with. 
Technology Issues?

Technology Issues?


Byron Adams with AZCOMP Technologies explains what sets them apart and how they can benefit healthcare business owners. Hear their unique approach of not just solving your technology issues, but adding massive value to help you run your practice more efficiently. Visit their website at
Physicians are you hesitant on attending networking events? Jodi Towns is the founder of Networking for Healthcare and has created an amazing event to benefit you! To sign up for the event visit
Laureen with Healthcare Design and Construction offers phenomenal insight on the process for a remodel or scratch start practice and what that would look like for the business owner.  
This episode features Melanie Tighe with PrimePay who explains the difference between a standard PEO company, and a payroll company. Along with when the best time to transition between payroll companies or PEO companies. 
Hear Insurance Broker Lisa Lee go through the pros and cons of offering health benefits to your employees, along with what insurance brokers do and how it could be beneficial utilizing one.
Hear what Senior Business Banker Rudy Rodriquez's opinion is on how lending will change for doctors and business owners after we start recovering from COVID19. Also learn what resources Rudy has from being a Senior Business Banker. 
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