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Welcome to the Esoteric Podcast 🌟🎙️🌟 - where Luminaries shine to Activate, Align, and Be DIVINE. is the sacred syndicate and virtual home where IAYAALIS transmits The Way of The Oracle and Zaahruq supports The Divine LightBenders. Their collaborative provides spiritual counsel, content, and classes in: Metaphysics, Magick, Energy Healing, Intuitive Mastery, and Divination. The Esoteric Podcast is an important element of Supernal Roots – Indigenous Healing Arts Initiative Inc.
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MayDay! MayDay! This syndicate was officially launched on 05/01/2020.This is a very Raw Podcast Intro to The IAYAAVERSE - the magickal memoirs of a Supernal Love Creatrix: IAYAALIS. This particular recording gives details and a specific creative vibe to explain and express who I Am & my intentions in creating this podcast... Welcome to The IAYAAVERSE!Support the show ($IAYAALIS)
This is a memoir or personal reflection of my 'Real Life' death-defying spiritual journey at The Crossroads in order to gain a greater awareness of my Higher Self. This episode also offers a creative contemplative meditation of the Paradigm-Shifting potentialities that await us ALL when an intentional focus upon 'The Divine MetaMind' (an affirmative perspectives) is chosen... thereby manifesting Truth and genuine life experiences of Supernal Love.Support the show ($IAYAALIS)
"I Let Go with Ease and I Am at Peace. I End to Begin a New Way to Be."   - IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at EloaiSooo.... i left Anchor to switch to Buzzsprout... and - honestly - that Transition had me a lil' MIA for a quick bit.Why? Well, I needed to take some time off to handle that and take care of business ...but I'm BACK...! (((YAAY)))And - speaking of Transitions - How Bout Those Paradigm Shifts, y'all?!!!?Real Talk: It's That REAL-Real Right Now!;)P.S. = I'm an official Buzzsprout Affiliate now - so.... if you're feeling froggy? LEAP!!!Use This Link to Check Out Buzzsprout: Reasons Why You Should:#1By following my referral link - You get a $20 Amazon gift card but ONLY if you sign up for one of their Super Reasonable monthly paid plans#2If you want to upgrade, Buzzsprout has tons of guides to help you find the Right equipment at the Right price.#3Buzzsprout gets your show listed in Every Major Podcast Platform!#4You’ll get a great looking podcast website, audio players that you can drop into other websites, detailed analytics to see how people are listening, tools to promote your episodes, and more.#5Podcasting isn’t hard when you have the Right partners.The team at Buzzsprout is actually passionate about helping YOU succeed.Now ain't that The Bomb...?!!!?It's just another Paradigm Shift Opportunity.Ready to take that Leap now, hunh...?:)- Just Say'n!Again - Just Use This Lovely Link & Check Out Buzzsprout:* Eternal Supernal *- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at EloaiSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
Well- this particular podcast is exactly what the title suggests... This is a recording of my 1st Yoni Steaming Session - performed by yours truly - at home.It doesn't really get more Real and more Raw than stuff like this, y'all.:)And... if you ask: What is Yoni Steaming?Well- Wikipedia states:Vaginal steaming, sometimes shortened to V-steaming, and also known as Yoni Steaming, is an alternative health treatment whereby a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing herbs such as mugwort, rosemary, wormwood, and basil. It has been practiced in Africa, Asia, and Central America.Also - for any of you who may be interested, here's links to products and info mentioned in this podcast:Yoni Gold Steam Seats and other products Medicinal Botany for Flowlight tea and other productshttps://petalwise.comYT video on (Osetura) The Archetype of Oshun & the Divine Feminine* Supernal Love & Light * - IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at EloaiSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
WARNING: "Modern Day Fortune Cookies Are No Longer Fortunate!Okay - so... Yeah. Admittedly - this particular pod I post is just Straight Up Silliness - lol...:P    But- to the Deep Free-Thinking Kind, it IS something to make the mind wonder: What is Up with THIS!?!(P.S. - to all my fellow Priests and Priestesses of The Word - I know y'all Totally get how Major the effect this kind of Chaotic & Confused Casting of words can be...(!!!) - especially when presented in such a seemingly unassuming, unintentional, and trivial way just so all the lovely common everyday folk can eat it up energetically - with Ease.) Wow ...just a brilliantly devilish move!JUST SAY'N!- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at EloaiSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
So…  though this is nothing drastically new to me personally as I’ve been working with the moon for about three decades now, when I stumbled upon this awesome blog - I was actually genuinely impressed. The information provided regarding the New Moon energies is given in a way that is just clear and concise and easy to follow. To me, the blog was so well-written that I wanted to reference it in my podcast to help explain the Basics regarding the lunar cycles and how to work with them magickally.  So if you want more info like this of course stay tuned to The IAYAAVERSE podcast because I will soon post my own New Moon Scopes and Spins on things magickally - all the while being sure to incorporate a bit of divination, intuitively channeled massages, and magickal hacks to harness the power of the moon. However, I also want to leave you this website link to the blog I cite in this episode so you can learn even more about the moon phases in the meantime if you so choose… Thank You to for sharing your Dopeness to ALL!PPS: I am not affiliated with AstroMagickal in anyway… They’re just Awesome.:D* Supernal Love & Light *- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at EloaiSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
008 - Lunar Cast 1.0

008 - Lunar Cast 1.0


Alright-Alright-  Please, brace yourselves, my 'Supernal Lovelies' - ...a brand new series of Prophetic Podcasts are now upon us!In this collection of Intuitive Readings I channel and relay a variety of messages from Those That Speak aka Universal Intelligence of Creation to grant us guidance in life. These messages are intended to assist us in maintaining and sustaining being in Divine Alignment this entire lunar duration - from the recent New Moon in Gemini that passed after 05/22 til the next New Moon on 06/21 (The Summer Solstice). Now this particular spin on the divination that was cast is a General Overview. But PLEASE stay tuned..! During this entire series I'll be sure to share the beautiful 'deets' (details) so we will all be gifted direction via Spirit. Wait for it- Wait for it... It's all coming right here by way of The IAYAAVERSE soon and Very soon!So - Y'all Ready...? Let's Get it - Let's Go!* Eternal Supernal *- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at EloaiSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
009 - Lunar Cast 2.0

009 - Lunar Cast 2.0


And so...  as promised, here I present Lunar Cast 2.0.This is the continuation of a series of Prophetic Podcasts offering Intuitive Readings in which I channel and relay messages from Those That Speak. This guidance is intended to assist us All in maintaining and sustaining being in Divine Alignment this entire lunar duration - from the recent New Moon in Gemini that passed after 05/22 til the next New Moon on 06/21 (The Summer Solstice).If you caught the previous episode, THANKS for tuning in!:)Now I shall proceed from the previous spin on what was cast last time offering a General Overview, to move on and deliver a few specifics on things.Mind You - there is still more Divinatory Delish to come..!So stay with me...!* Eternal Supernal *- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloaiimage: Star (reversed) - Tabula Mundi Tarot by M. M. MeleenSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
010 - the truth

010 - the truth


So right about now... I choose to just chill out for a lil' bit to recline and ease my mind. During this time I'll partake in a beloved pastime of contemplative meditation while listening to a creation of mine from way back then when. And- for those of you who wish to join me... this spoken-word piece is called: the truth.🌟😁🌟Oh- and the lyrics to my poem are as follows:😉the truth ifburdened by a billion whysyou flood the skies with a zillion sighs and though your very doubt indictsto crucify the eye in "i"still you wonder which way is wise...?          do the gods ever reply...?                     or is it all a tell of lies...?love, here and now, i draw upon my own insight and offer it up in spite  of all another might call tritenow the mysteries are no surprisei've sacrificed all my life in search for the truth i prizeto find fact when fictionalized just to come to realize that eve is a lillith lienow- how bout that?                    jack hit the road                                with jill his 'hoe                                         and told her to turn tricks                    a soul is sold                              the story's told                                         first by rome's catholics                    and if you're dealt                              a bible belt                                         you're catching king james' licksand you wonder why i don't rely on religious anticsas the drastic entice of drama diestragic traumas are trivialized into a mere externalized exhibit of what hides inside i dare not say i'm the victimized prize of whatever fate decidesfor it is i who magnetized all thought that i habitualized until it materializedthis self I AM and that is i and everything in my life- right?why not be do or diesince the all in all is magnified by each and every choice that i manifest to realize the demand and supply of life           infinite                     abundant                                everlastas divine love dictates the task mercy becomes gratitude castand the answer is any and all when askedifstill burdened by a billion whysyou flood the skies with a zillion sighs and though your very doubt indictsto crucify the eye in "i"          to wonder which way is wise          to ask -ultimately- is to reply          and it is all as you are you the truth - ?or do you lie - ?Support the show ($IAYAALIS)
011 - Lunar Cast 3.0

011 - Lunar Cast 3.0


And YES- the lovely Lunar Cast series continues...So MUCH has happened in our lives all over the world- right?!And now what once was the New Moon is officially turning into a Full 'Sag' Moon. ...shooot... I had to pause for a sec and ask myself: Hold Up- is this even still relevant?But I needed to remember. This Intuitive Reading is from New Moon (5/22) to New Moon (6/21)... So - Yeah. It actually IS still relevant. Therefore, I will simply proceed to give the spiritual guidance I received... ;)Thus, without further delay, I now relay the Shamanic Numeromancy received for this lunar duration. I pray it offers us all a bit of direction and grants some guidance upon our journey through life at this time.Enjoy!* Supernal Love & Light * - IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai*** If YOU are Interested in learning how to give Shamanic Numeromancy Readings - email = to apply for classes. You will get more info on how to receive training in becoming an Oracle and how to be placed on the Apprenticeship List to receive Initiation and Benediction into the Tribe of The Supernal Oracular Arts.***Support the show ($IAYAALIS)
So.... Yes! Admittedly, and un-apologetically, I took a lil' breather (((LMmfAO)))But I'm back.;)Miss Me...?Well, I hope so - I missed, y'all...!And, of course, I come bearing gifts.Therefore, I lovingly present the meditative gorgeousness and glamour of: The Thunder, Perfect Mind* Supernal Love & Light * - IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai,_Perfect_Mind"Thunder, Perfect Mind exists only in the Coptic version found at Nag Hammadi. The author, date, and place of composition are unknown..." - Anne McGuireThe work as a whole takes the form of a poem in parallel strophes, and the author, it may be surmised, has drawn on a tradition of such poems in both Egyptian and Jewish communities, in which a similarly female divinity (Isis/Auset or aspect of the divine Sophia respectively) expounds her virtues unto an attentive audience, and exhorts them to strive to attain her. Patricia Cox Miller suggests that it is the "self-revelation of a powerful goddess" mysterious poem, discovered among the Gnostic manuscripts at Nag Hammadi, is narrated by a female divine revealer. Support the show ($IAYAALIS)
HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!!!And y'all DO realize how Rare this moment in time is- Yes?oooh... Well, whether you do or whether you don't- Please feel free to take a quick listen.In this podcast,  I'll relay all the Facts ...and even drop a lil' Metaphysical Deliciousness while I'm at it!I'll be sure to cover some of the conventional science behind the solstice.I'll break down why it is actually so rare this year. I'll even share a Very interesting and timely spiritual Indigenous mythregarding why these rare celestial energies and events may be occurring right now.Get The 411.I know y'all wanna sip my Metaphysical Tea...!!!;)* Supernal Love & Light * - IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at EloaiFor More Info - check out this PDF: the show ($IAYAALIS)
And - Voilà...!I come upon the scene once again to metaphysically Deliver.:)At this time I present yet another compelling series of Intuitive Readings.This first part features a casting of the Metu Neter. This is a divination system created by Ra Un Nefer Amen which features the science of Kemet or Ancient Egypt.  Also, be certain to stay tuned as I will drop spiritual sci and offer my personal interpretations on things as I cast via a variety of oracular systems (including my very own) in order to gain guidance for us All this Summer. Honestly, I just feel these Intuitive Readings will ultimately prove to be of great value for my fellow Supernal Luminaries out there - as it Most Definitely seems we have much magick to tend to these days...!yup-Yup!*Supernal Love & Light * - IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai the show ($IAYAALIS)
Alright - Y'all still with me?Mmhmm- Okay. Cool!Ready to delve Deeper...?YAAAS! That's what I'm talk'n about!I will happily be your devoted duenna 'Down The Rabbit Hole'.:)So let us continue our journey in this series of Intuitive Readings offering insight on how to best maintain and sustain being in Divine Alignment this entire Summer season of 2020.This next part features a casting of the I-Ching. The I-Ching is an ancient eastern book of wisdom and divination system. It is a spiritual science that has offered guidance in life for well over two and a half millennia. This ancient intelligence from China has served as a manual for both individuals and rulers and an oracle for the personal lives of individuals as well as entire governments. Well revered and believed to be able to explain everything, the I-Ching, also interpreted and known as 'The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth', has traditionally been the most consulted of all books. Personally, as a Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Channeler - I feel the I-Ching to be an amazingly wise Universal sentience to tap into for guidance.And tap into... we shall do!My I-Ching Reading for the Summer is the feature in this particular episode. This Prophetic Podcast will give guidance regarding our relationship with general life events, our relationship with others, and our relationship with Spirit / The Most High during this season. In conjunction with my own interpretations, I employ a beautiful translation of the I-Ching by Sam Reifler. His writings on the I-Ching provide a very useful blend of traditional eastern and conventional western spiritual perspectives that I highly recommend and resonate with.I must alert y'all though...!This kind of Intuitive Scope into things is NOT for the shallow minded.Only my spiritual kinfolk with genuine free-thinking and 'Deeper than Deep' meditative minds like my own, will truly find this Yummy!So - if that's YOU...?Here we go!DIG IN.* Eternal Supernal *- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'aat EloaiI Ching: a New Interpretation for Modern Times. Sam Reifler Review (10/23/19) by Philip Young, PhD on AskAstrology.com the show ($IAYAALIS)
Alright - sooo...  after a bit of deliberation on some of the Intuitive Readings I've casted to grant us spiritual guidance for the Summer - I wanna flip the script a bit.;)At this time I offer some insights on foundational metaphysical perspectives and practices to help us all magickally manifest more effectively. Thus - PLEASE, allow me to introduce: The Divine Meta Mind.I feel developing an affirmative outlook is key. I mean, downright essential. So essential that I've dedicated much time and energy in my own personal and professional practices to mastering tapping into it. And that's not all y'all...!I actually aim to offer a series of Meta Classes to share this essential mojo. I personally testify to knowing it as a simple and effective way to gain spiritual leverage to support you in living your Best life! I mean I just want us All to have the opportunity to know and experience exactly how amazing, empowering, beneficial, and supportive unlocking The Divine Meta Mind can be. Although it will be covered as well, I intend to deliver more than the initial talk about the awesome Law of Attraction. I mean - y'all do know that there are other magickal laws - right? There are also a gambit of various ways to access the power of The Divine Meta Mind. So - I'm ready to teach - because I'm always ready to learn more! How 'bout you...? Virtual Classes begin this Sunday - July 19, 2020 @ 3 PM CST.Y'all ready?Let's Get It.:)For more info... just email me.IAYAALIS111@gmail.comor sign up (Tier 3 - Supernal Roots) the show ($IAYAALIS)
= 💫🎙️💫*** Welcome to the Esoteric Podcast - Quick Intro ***Welcome to the Esoteric Podcast🎙️💫🎙️…where Luminaries shine to Activate, Align, and Be DIVINE.🌟💖🌟The Esoteric Podcast is a sacred syndicate and virtual home whereIAYAALIS transmits The Way of The Oracle and Zaahruq supports The Divine LightBenders.Their collaborative provides spiritual counsel, content, and classes specialized in: Metaphysics, Magick, Energy Work, Intuitive Mastery, and Divination.The Esoteric Podcast is an important element of Supernal Roots – Indigenous Healing Arts Initiative Inc.Again- Welcome to the Esoteric Podcast Community🌟🎙️ 🌟…where Luminaries shine to Activate, Align, and Be DIVINE. EsotericPodcast.comSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
= 💫🎙️💫*** Welcome to the Esoteric Podcast - In-Depth Intro ***Yes - again...Welcome to the Esoteric Podcast🎙️💫🎙️…where Luminaries shine to Activate, Align, and Be DIVINE.🌟💖🌟This particular Esoteric Podcast is an in-Depth Intro featuring both IAYAALIS & Zaahruq offering YOU the finest in cosmic Meta Edutainment.✨😍✨In this episode they will commune with a lil' bit of logic and a whole lotta laughs to go over all kinda background info and to give various updates regarding the podcast's revision. Oh-but Please be sure to brace yourself, y'all...!We -admittedly-  get kinda 'Cra-Cra'.🤪Enjoy!EsotericPodcast.comSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
Just DO IT

Just DO IT


= 💫🎙️💫*** Yup- We're READY Already ***Yup.No more B.S.'n - We JUST need to DO IT already!🤪Sigh...EsotericPodcast.comSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
= 💫🎙️💫*** Detox NOW. Shine Later. ***Summer's Coming... Y'all Ready to SHINE?In this podcast we offer some quick random words regarding the various prayer rites & rituals that may support the initial move to get spiritually 'glow'd up'.  ✨😍✨EsotericPodcast.comSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
Esoteric vs Exoteric

Esoteric vs Exoteric


= 💫🎙️💫*** Esoteric vs Exoteric - a talk to review the difference ***Exoteric and Esoteric: these words basically mean “outer” and “inner”. The two terms are used to describe the relationship between spirituality or mysticism and organized or institutional religion.But outside of the basic definition of the words... What else? — right?🧐Well - we discuss our various perspectives on the matter in this cast.Wanna hear it? Here it goes!✨😍✨EsotericPodcast.comSupport the show ($IAYAALIS)
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