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Author: Robin Salcido

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I believe women over 50 get a bum rap culturally. As a storyteller, I'm hoping to shed light on the real and inspiring ways older women are moving through the world. I'll share my personal stories and include interviews of other extraordinary women curated to guide you to self acceptance, joy and inspiration in your post 50 experiences. Learn more at
21 Episodes
Barb Techel of offered me a complimentary oracle reading and I took her up on it, because why not? I thought you might be curious so we recorded the session and I'm sharing it here.  We have a new year upon us, so why not seek guidance?
Esther has been on a lifelong journey about what it really means for women to be nourished and our personal connection to food. She has over 35 years of experience about the art, science and magic of eating. Learn more about her work at 
Renovating a vintage trailer, writing a children's book series and the gifts received from solo travel and adventure. The value of following our heart with passion projects and being open to where they might bring us!   Follow along with Lori @ and on Instagram @beatricethelittlecamper
You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone


I riff on the uncertainty of 2020 and share my own ups and downs and how we can take care of ourselves despite this wacky year. We can't choose the circumstances, but we can choose how we respond. All of us are struggling. You are not alone.
Susie Lang's work as a photographer provides connection and voice to women over 60. Her subjects, which include well-known fashionistas, have told her "You just see me." We talk photography, Susie's project ""  the inspiration behind our work with women of a certain age, and how passion equals connection (and value) for our subjects. Follow Susie on Instagram at Women.60.Plus. and on her website at 
Kika and I speak about her latest book of poetry, "Occupied: Vienna is a Broken Man & Daughter of Hunger," which came to life as Kika  "foraged for her mother's memories" as her mother lost them to Alzheimer's to honor her mother. Her mother's childhood was in post-war Austria and a traumatic time of deep hunger. Kika reads two of her poems and we talk about what led her to write this collection, her creative process, the lingering trauma of post-war life on children, and how these works about a past time remain relevant today. Kika's language is delicious, her poetry vivid and rich, and readers will find themselves dropped into Austria after WW2. Her voice is powerful, unsentimental, and unwavering. "Occupied" will drop you deep inside the life of children, hungry and trying tragically to survive despite the war's ending.Learn more about Kika and her work at  
Animals have the power to take us on a journey of love, healing and a deeper connection to ourselves. Join Barb Techel and I for a chat about the bond between us and our dogs, grief, caring for a disabled pet and the many signs we are given that can help us heal and grow if we open our hearts and minds.Barb's latest memoir, "I'm Fine Just The Way I Am - Healing Emotional Pain Through the Wisdom of Animals and Oracles," was the impetus for this conversation. You can learn more about her work at Facebook: Joyful Paws, Instagram: BarbTechel
I share a behind-the-scenes look at my creative process and how I have learned to take risks and embrace the inevitable failures along the way. You can too.
The Shitty Wife

The Shitty Wife


You get to decide what a good wife is. The first step is to eliminate the word 'should' from your vocabulary. 
Hot Flash Release

Hot Flash Release


Hot flashes, sleep, and marriage.
Katrin Van Dam opted to have a double mastectomy after a diagnosis with bilateral, invasive breast cancer, and to the surprise and concern of her medical team, opted to skip reconstruction. Join us as for an educational and entertaining conversation as we talk about breasts, historical societal perceptions about the female body and breast, and what it's like to live "Flat and Happy," the working title of Katrin's book in progress. You can follow Katrin on Instagram @Katvandambooks
Sensho Wagg's life has been a study of trauma and transformation. Listen in as we learn how we can all become better at hearing the story of trauma from other human beings along with what makes transformation from trauma possible and how it might even bring us to a new place of possibility. Learn more about Sensho here, and explore her visual blog post "Feeding Mind" on the Our Stories Today blog here.
Cynthia is an author, artist and coach who shares her love of creative process, the joy in witnessing human transformation through words and how she hopes to make a difference. We also talk about the dating life, getting married for the first time at the age of 50 and that crazy way we often find everything we want and need is right in front of us. You can learn more about working with Cynthia, her books and virtual workshops at and explore her art on Instagram @cynthiamorrisVisit if you believe YOU or someone you know should be featured in an upcoming episode!
What if you could look at your life not as something that happens TO you, but something that happens FOR you? Join the inspirational founder of Yoga Reaches Out, Sarah Gardner, and I for a conversation about what it takes to begin a nonprofit as well as how to know when it is time to let it go so it can grow wings. As a woman who lives in service, Sarah has just launched her next chapter, "The Daily Jam" to help others utilize positive thought and remember how to live in the moment. Sarah might be just shy of 51, but her star is just beginning to shine! You can add your name for some daily inspiration at or follow her on FaceBook at DailyJAM and on Instagram at DailyJAMblog. Learn more about Yoga Reaches Out here. 
Life does not end when we approach 50, 60, 70 and beyond. We do not become irrelevant or suddenly have nothing to offer. In fact, as I point out here, we have the opportunity to begin a new chapter(s) as we age. How will you celebrate your advancing years?
Join Boulder artist Amy Clay and I as we talk about about artistic journeys, creative process, artist in residencies and ways of combatting the voices in our head that can keep us from creating the very thing we are meant to create. I met Amy in October 2019 just before she was to leave on a year's worth of Artist In Residencies and was equally drawn to her art and her life perspective. How many of you could pick up and leave for a year fully embracing the inevitable uncertainty you were bound to experience? Find out what it takes to do that. Learn more about Amy at where you can also download her Artist in Residence course and receive a copy of her book, "The Far Shores of Being."
Boulder's Shannon Paige Kenney and I talk about love, failure, rising, yoga and life. Shannon is a yoga teacher, TedX speaker and all around cool kind of lady who shares her story of authenticity. Time to get real! Find Shannon at (Women.Words.Wisdom. 'Conversations' are unedited)
Colorado's Lisa Schaewe is an artist, therapist and mindfulness guru. Join us as we talk about impermanence, fear, denial, the power of disruption in creativity. Added bonus, you get to hear a real microphone drop and the ding from a messenger service! Ah the joy of being a podcast beginner...Lisa is a beautiful and gentle human being who always makes me feel zen just by being in her presence. In today's chaotic world, I think we can all use a little Lisa. (Women.Words.Wisdom. 'Conversations' are unedited)
Grandma's Legacy

Grandma's Legacy


My grandmother was an enormous influence in my life. She died about ten years ago just shy of 100. I think you should meet her. 
Sharing personal thoughts on what is the first of many on the topic of menopause. I'll touch upon:Why do woman feel menopause is a condition to be fixed?How does the medical world respond to menopause?What else happens to women in menopause besides hot flashes?
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