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"Unlocked with Tracy Wilson is the ultimate destination for experts and professionals who are new to online business and marketing, as well as anyone looking to unlock their full potential. Join host Tracy Wilson and special guests, as they share their tips, tools, and resources on how to take your passion, experience, and expertise online. From Online Marketing and Organic Marketing to Paid Advertising, Show and Podcast Creation, Online Program Creation, and even becoming a Best Selling Author, this show covers it all.At the same time, Unlocked with Tracy Wilson delves into the world of personal development, providing actionable advice and practical tips to help listeners unlock their own inner strength and achieve success in their personal and professional lives. Whether you're looking to improve your online business or simply want to grow as a person, this show has got you covered. With real-life stories, interviews with experts in various fields, and a healthy dose of family and life success secrets, Unlocked with Tracy Wilson is both entertaining and practical. Join Tracy on a journey of self-discovery and start unlocking your potential today."
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Do you want your podcast to stand out from the crowd? As an aspiring podcaster, you may have come across some myths about the importance of finding a unique podcast niche. Have you heard that you must have a niche to succeed? Or that your podcast won't be successful if it's too broad? Maybe you've been told that your niche needs to be ultra-specific for your podcast to stand out. But here's the truth: These are all myths! In this article, I'll share the truth about finding a unique podcast niche to help you create a standout podcast that resonates with your audience.In this episode, you will be able to:Understand the crucial role of adopting a distinct podcast niche to differentiate yourself.Acquire skills in identifying a niche that connects with your inherent desires and interests.Assess market insights to cater to your audience's needs and outshine rival podcasts.Maintain a steady podcasting rhythm, allowing your true persona to shine through.Realize the perks of a unique niche, like straightforward monetization and a devoted audience.Your clients now have an opportunity to really resonate with you and they are more likely to tune in regularly and become advocates for your show.Benefits of Carving Out a Niche Carving out a unique niche in podcasting not only helps content creators stand out but also paves the way for building a devoted audience and employing efficient monetization strategies. A specialized focus can attract sponsors, advertisers, or potential clients while simultaneously fostering loyalty among listeners. By being distinct, podcasters increase their chances of gaining recognition and enjoying a successful podcasting journey. Benefits of finding a niche in podcasting, as emphasized by Tracy Wilson, include securing a footing in a saturated market, attracting a committed listener base, and laying foundation for financial growth. Choosing a unique niche and committing to it helps in creating an impressive impact in the world of podcasting. By following Tracy's practical advice, podcasters can hope to transition from aspirants to recognized authorities in their chosen fields.Exercise for Finding Your Niche Finding the ideal podcast niche may require some introspection, exploration, and creativity. Providing a unique perspective on a topic, in-depth analysis of lesser-covered subjects, or sharing personal stories and experiences to make an emotional connection with the audience is crucial in carving out one's own niche. To assist in this process, Tracy recommends an exercise that involves digging deep, uncovering strengths, and assessing how those strengths can cater to a specific audience. Tracy Wilson strongly encourages aspiring podcasters to take the time to develop their ideas thoroughly, giving themselves creative space to create a standout podcast that resonates with listeners. By offering practical exercises and guidance, Tracy helps listeners identify their unique area of interest and empowers them to establish their podcasting brand.Strategies for Finding Your Niche When searching for the right niche for a podcast, content creators need to conduct market research to identify gaps they can plausibly fill. Combining one's passions and expertise with an audience's need or interest is vital to establishing a unique space. Aspiring podcasters should brainstorm topic ideas that align with their areas of interest and proficiency and drill down to narrower, noteworthy ideas that hold novelty for listeners and address their needs. Tracy Wilson provides practical exercises for listeners to identify their niche, beginning with listing topics that align with passions and expertise. She suggests focusing on areas of genuine interest, as these will drive enthusiasTake the Leadership Style Quiz!
On this episode of Unlocked With Tracy Wilson, Tracy delves into the world of sales and how to close deals without resorting to slimy tactics. Joined by special guest Dustin Bogle, founder of the Charm Sales System, Tracy and Dustin discuss how to create warm and welcoming environments where customers feel safe to open up and discuss their problems, how to create emotional connections with customers, and the importance of establishing trust through things like customer success stories, positive reviews, and valuable content. Listeners are encouraged to connect with the podcast host for further insight and discussion on improving their sales skills, and a combination of paid and organic marketing is recommended, along with targeted lead magnets and using the Charm Sales Process. Tune in to this episode for valuable tips and strategies on how to improve your sales and build lasting relationships with potential customers.Take the Leadership Style Quiz!
Entrepreneurs who value compassion and empathy, have you heard these common myths about the impact of love and empathy in business? Are you ready to uncover the truth and unlock the full potential of your business? Here are three myths that may be holding you back: Love and empathy are weaknesses in business, Being successful means putting profit above people, and Showing vulnerability is a sign of incompetence. But fear not, as we'll reveal the truth behind these misconceptions and show you how love and empathy can be powerful tools for success in business.In this episode, you will be able to:Master the art of authentic storytelling in building a memorable brand that resonates with clients.Harness the potential of positive language to inspire effective communication and strong connections within your business.Merge love and core values into your brand's foundation for a business committed to a higher mission.Uncover the remarkable influence of love and empathy in promoting an ethically-driven and prosperous business.Boldly venture into implementing five compelling methods to instill love into your entrepreneurial experience.Love is actually the missing piece in business.The resources mentioned in this episode are:Incorporate love into your brand and messaging by infusing your mission and values with appreciation for your customers.Use storytelling to create emotional connections with your audience and share stories about how your business has helped your customers.Share testimonials and case studies to showcase your customers' wins and celebrate their successes.Show empathy by acknowledging the challenges and struggles of your audience and providing solutions or support.Be authentic in your messaging and actions to build trust with your audience and avoid appearing insincere.Encourage your audience to engage with your brand by inviting them to join your email list, follow you on social media, or participate in a contest or giveaway.Provide clear and specific calls to action, such as directing them to a specific product or service, offering a discount code, or inviting them to schedule a consultation.Connect with me the Leadership Style Quiz!
Chad Price's journey to success began as a college student with an unlikely bond and a bold vision. Little did he know then that his unlikely venture with his friends would turn into a Fortune 500 company, and that his entrepreneurial spirit would lead him to even greater heights with his more recent endeavor, Life Grows Green. What will be the next twist in this remarkable story?In this episode, you will be able to:Overcome obstacles and seize possibilities in forging successful friendships within entrepreneurship.Apply data-driven approaches to achieve impartial and flourishing business development.Cultivate autonomous brands for smooth handovers and favorable exits.Create eco-friendly, lasting health products that capture the market's attention.Embrace self-reflection and constant growth in your pursuit of entrepreneurial leadership.My special guest is Chad PriceChad Price is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the unique challenges of doing business with friends throughout his career. With an impressive track record in various industries, including sports and fitness, Chad has founded multiple companies, such as Life Grows Green, a lifestyle brand centered around natural products, and Living Fit, a platform that offers virtual and in-person fitness certifications. As a key player in building the renowned Kettlebell Kings brand, Chad's expertise in strategic planning, marketing, quality assurance, and organizational leadership has been instrumental in their growth and success.The resources mentioned in this episode are:Identify opportunities in niche markets that you and your friends are passionate about and have experience in.Establish a business model that incorporates your friends' strengths and expertise.Document your journey as a team, sharing your experiences and challenges with your audience.Build a community around your brand, bringing together enthusiasts and experts in your niche market.Develop a sales funnel that streamlines the customer experience and offers valuable information about your product or service.Establish credibility by partnering with knowledgeable and certified sources in your industry.Continuously adapt and evolve your business strategy, learning from both successes and failures.Communicate openly and honestly with your friends-turned-business partners, navigating challenges together.Create an exit strategy or transition plan for the future, ensuring the longevity of your business and personal relationships.From Buddies to BoardroomIn any new venture, selecting the right partners is essential, especially when friends are involved. A strong collaborative foundation between friends-turned-business-partners can help improve communication and facilitate decision-making. Friends entering the world of entrepreneurship together need to ensure that a shared passion and vision drive their initiative to maintain the friendship over the long term. In the case of Chad Price, he started his entrepreneurship journey with two of his college friends. His experience highlights the importance of finding a niche market and focusing on something they could all be passionate about. The three friends settled on kettlebells as their niche, understanding the opportunity to create a cohesive community through their business, Kettlebell Kings. This shared commitment helped them navigate the challenges they faced as they pursued their vision together.Connect with me the Leadership Style Quiz!
An entrepreneurial shepherd and coach, Jason Skeesick, sets out to empower entrepreneurs by teaching them the lessons of dynasty organizations, only to discover the power of his own story and mission, leading to a life-changing epiphany.Armed with an innate passion for helping others and an undying entrepreneurial spirit, Jason Skeesick forged ahead to launch his own business - Clover - and help entrepreneurs build their dreams from the ground up. Little did he know his story was just beginning, with an unexpected twist that would transform the lives of countless entrepreneurs.In this episode, you will be able to:Cultivate a robust entrepreneurial tribe to propel success and strengthen support networks.Lay the groundwork for a firm organizational foundation by establishing essential core values.Achieve crystal-clear comprehension of your business vision and mission for unwavering focus.Master the delicate balance between work, family, and personal life for a well-rounded existence.Harness the power of positivity, gratitude, and groundedness to energize and enrich your entrepreneurial journey.My special guest is Jason SkeesickJason Skeesick, an entrepreneurial evangelist with a passion for helping businesses establish strong foundations, will be joining Tracy Wilson on the unlocked show. With a background in finance, experience as a commercial banker, and over twelve years of owning his own large CrossFit Gym, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He's also served in the army and is a dedicated father. As the host of the Spear and Clover podcast, Jason highlights renegade entrepreneurs who have beaten the odds to follow their passions. Join Tracy and Jason as they discuss the importance of establishing core values and a strong organizational foundation for lasting success."Don't turn the volume up until you have undeniable clarity of what the lyrics are"The resources mentioned in this episode are:Listen to the Spear and Clover podcast to gain insights from renegade entrepreneurs who have beaten the odds and followed their passions.Engage with a mentor or coach to help you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and gain wisdom from multiple perspectives.Evaluate your passions and interests to determine if there's an entrepreneurial opportunity that aligns with your skills and values.Utilize podcasts and audiobooks as a way to gain knowledge and wisdom in various areas of life, including business and personal development.Practice juggling work, family, and life by building a strong tribe and community around you.Reflect on your own experiences and how they can be used to help others achieve success in their own lives.Embrace the concept of sweeping the shed as demonstrated by the All Blacks, learning to take responsibility and show up as a unit in your own entrepreneurial journey.Building Your TribeIn order to achieve long-term success and fulfillment, entrepreneurs must surround themselves with like-minded individuals who support and believe in their vision. By carefully curating a tribe of people who share similar values, goals, and aspirations, entrepreneurs create a positive and nurturing environment that encourages growth and development. Developing and maintaining these relationships requires dedication and effort, but the benefits can be immense when a tribe shares in the challenges and successes together. During the conversation with Jason Skeesick, he emphasized the importance of building a tribe that shares in the entrepreneur's vision and supports their mission. He suggested being selective and deliberate when choosing people to be part of this inner circle, ensuring they share the same guiding values. Take the Leadership Style Quiz!
Welcome to The Unlocked Show, the podcast where business growth and personal development collide. In this episode, we will be diving into the topic of happiness and learning how to unlock the secrets to lasting happiness and living your best life!Our special guest for today's show is Dannie De Novo, an elite happiness coach, international best-selling author, and former lawyer. With her own battle with depression and anxiety, Dannie is dedicated to helping others find lasting happiness and purpose.In this episode, you will learn:How Dannie De Novo transitioned from being a lawyer to a happiness coach.How Dannie De Novo changed her mindset regarding self-worth and self-esteem.How Dannie De Novo overcame depression and suicidal thoughts.Join us as we unlock the secrets to happiness and living your best life with Dannie De Novo.If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to leave us a review and rating on your favorite podcast platform. Don't forget to check out our past episodes and follow us on social media for more content.Resources: with me: Instagram: www.tracymwilson.comChapter Summaries:[00:01:03] Introduction to the topic of happiness and what to expect in this episode.[00:01:42] Guest introduction: Dannie De Novo, elite happiness coach, international best-selling author, and former lawyer.[00:02:59] Dannie's journey to happiness and finding her purpose.[00:11:05] The importance of being brave and honest with yourself.[00:18:22] The power of positivity and finding the good in every situation.[00:25:50] Overcoming difficult times and coming out stronger.[00:29:58] Changing your beliefs about yourself and allowing yourself to explore without barriers.[00:34:27] Happiness as a sustainable state and how to prioritize it.[00:43:00] Recognizing indicators of being on the right track.[00:47:59] The importance of keeping going and trying new things.[00:50:15] Upcoming free happiness webinar with Dannie De Novo.[00:55:45] Conclusion and reminder to leave a review and follow us on social media.Take the Leadership Style Quiz!
Do you want to know the secrets to building a six-figure+ business without sacrificing your time, energy, and sanity? Well, you're in luck because on today's episode of the Unlocked Show with Tracy Wilson, we have a very special guest, Suzy Crawford, who has done just that!Suzy is a mom of 3 and an ex-marketing executive with over a decade of experience in the industry, including 7 years at Google leading marketing and ad strategy for global businesses. She also managed to build her own side business to 6-figures in just 90 days while working a demanding job and raising a family.Now, Suzy is a coach and consultant who helps female entrepreneurs launch and scale their businesses quickly, without feeling handcuffed to their business. She's known as the "anti guru" among the current sea of coaches and has helped many women achieve success on their own terms.In this episode, Suzy will share the secrets to building a successful business without the hustle and grind, including the key factors that contributed to her success, common misconceptions people have about building a successful business quickly, and the marketing strategies that have worked to grow a 6 figure business from home.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. How to Build a Six-Figure Business Without Sacrificing Time, Energy, and Sanity2. The Benefits of Niching Down to Attract and Repel the Right Audience3. How to Create Systems and Processes to Create a Business That Fuels Your LifeResources: Points in this Episode7:58       Marketing is Key to Success7:58      Starting a Side Hustle10:51  The Power of Marketing for Business13:04   Misconceptions about Building a Successful Business16:53   Prioritizing Your Audience24:38   Systems and Processes for Life-Proof Business29:21  Turning Passion into Profit33:12   Finding Your Ideal Clients33:53   Smart Use of Google Advertising41:01   Targeting Your Audience with Ads48:08    Growing Your Business through InstagramSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSFacebook: with me:Instagram: www.tracymwilson.comTake the Leadership Style Quiz!
Have you ever struggled with focus and productivity in your work or personal life?  Do you find it challenging to relax and unwind after a long day?Welcome to this episode, where we explore the power of sound in promoting relaxation and productivity. In today's episode, we speak with Wayne Altman, the founder of Melody Clouds, who discovered the healing potential of binaural beats after suffering from tinnitus. He created a platform with over 300,000 files of music, binaural beats, and Solfeggio frequencies to help people overcome tinnitus and enhance their focus and well-being.Join us as we discuss the science behind binaural beats and Solfeggio frequencies, the impact of sound on our emotions, and how entrepreneurs and business owners can incorporate these tools into their daily lives. Wayne shares his entrepreneurial journey and his vision for the future of sound therapy.If you're looking for ways to boost your productivity, reduce stress, or just want to learn more about the fascinating world of sound therapy, tune in to our podcast and let us help you unlock the power of sound.Resources:Connect with Wayne:Website: Connect with me: Instagram: www.tracymwilson.comChapter Summaries:[00:00:08]Have you ever struggled with focus, and productivity in your work life or your personal life? Do you ever find it challenging to relax? If that sounds like you, continue to tune in and listen to today's show.[00:00:48]Today's episode is called Harmonizing Entrepreneurial Success. Wayne Altman is the founder of Melody Clouds, who discovered the power of binaural beats after suffering tinnitus. This episode is going to be one of those must-listen to for entrepreneurs.[00:02:49]Tinnitus is an injury. What you've done is you've damaged your audio nerve. It is absolutely brutal. Not just for me, but for the millions and millions of people who suffer from tinnitus. Here's how you can overcome this debilitating disease.[00:07:54]Binaural beats and Sulfagio Frequencies can help people cope with tinnitus. The condition can make it difficult to concentrate or to deal with relationships. It can also be a problem from an entrepreneurial standpoint.[00:12:31]An Italian monk in the 11th century observed that even if you can't sing or play a musical instrument when someone is singing out of tune. Our catchphrase is take charge of your mood. Listen to music that makes you happy.[00:20:52]Every movie, with the exception of about 17 out of the millions of movies that have been made, even silent movies were not silent. The Birds, one of the movies I'm talking about that does not have a soundtrack. Alfred Hitchcock used that, the lack of music as a tool to make that movie even more terrifying.[00:23:09]How can an entrepreneur or a business owner actually utilize the likes of Melody Clouds? The more time you can spend in deep concentration, deep thought, and focus on tasks, the better off you're going to be.[00:28:17]Melody Cloud provides a place for Take the Leadership Style Quiz!
Leonard Scheiner is the CEO of Geekhaus Marketing Agency, a firm specializing in helping law firms grow their business, increase their revenue, and build their online authority. He has over a decade of experience in the legal marketing industry and has helped businesses achieve an increase in revenue of over 300%.So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn from Leonard Scheiner and unlock the potential of your business. This episode of the Unlocked Show with Tracy Wilson is not one to be missed.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. How to successfully set up a personal brand before creating a business brand2. How to use different email addresses for different purposes3. How to create content that educates, encourages, and entertains.Connect with me: Instagram: www.tracymwilson.comConnect With Leonard:Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Summaries:[00:00:08]Stuck in your business?  We'll help you to get unstuck with Leonard Scheiner.[00:02:42]Geekhaus is a marketing across all industries. [00:08:42]Set yourself up for success in your own business[00:13:50]Leave digital dust, the power of the first impression[00:17:49]Building your personal brand starts here[00:22:09]We need to be branding ourselves. [00:23:03] All marketing is an effort to be seen. [00:33:05]The content waterfall method. Take the Leadership Style Quiz!
Welcome to this episode of the UNLOCKED Podcast, where we will explore the power of your voice and the impact that podcasting can have on your message of radical audacity.Did you know that only 30% of podcast hosts are females or nonbinary individuals, even though they make up over 51% of the population in the United States? This represents a big gap in representation, and we believe that there is so much room for growth in this area.Joining us on this episode is Tiphany Kane, an entrepreneur, public speaker, coach, and writer who is passionate about helping women find their voice and make an impact in the world. She is known as the "Heck Yes Coach" and shares her own personal journey of overcoming obstacles to find her own power.Tiphany was raised in a highly patriarchal religion and lacked a voice. At 19 years old, she left and started over, embarking on a lifelong journey to find her voice. After a toxic marriage and a career with no room for her voice, Tiphany finally found her message and channeled it through podcasting. She encourages other women to find their voice and to use it to share their unique stories and perspectives with the world. Through podcasting, she has experienced internal confidence, collaboration, and genuine connection with her audience that has opened many doors for her.In this episode, Tiphany shares her insights on how to discover and share your own voice as a woman, exploring your strengths, and uncovering your own magic. She also talks about leveraging collaboration and authenticity for career success.So, if you are ready to step into your power and make your voice heard, join us for this episode of the UNLOCKED show with Tracy Wilson. Connect with me: Instagram: www.tracymwilson.comConnect with TiphanyWebsite: Bloom Awards: www.sonicbloomaards.comLinkedin: Points in this episode[00:12:42] "Unearth unique stories in quiet moments."[00:20:08] "Why finding your voice is crucial: Gender-based leadership differences."[00:20:41] "Embracing collaboration: Female leadership strengths."[00:23:30]  "Breaking gender barriers: Podcasting for all."[00:28:20] "The power of podcasting: Confidence, collaboration, influence, trust."[00:33:15] "Authenticity is key in podcasting."[00:38:10] "Podcasting 101: Start small, grow big."[00:40:02] "Audio consumption: The past, present, and future."[00:46:17] "Empowering women's voices: The Sonic Bloom Awards."[00:52:46] "Creating shareable content: Female listeners and the podcasting long game."[00:58:06] "Spread the word: Share this episode."Take the Leadership Style Quiz!
After recognizing his company was ill-prepared to compete in a rapidly changing market, Tracy Wilson and Roy Osing lead an audacious breakaway journey to revolutionize their organization and build a billion-dollar business.Here's what Tracy Wilson, Roy Osing and I cover:1. Discovering the Power of Breakaway Thinking to Revolutionize Business 2. Reimagining Strategic Planning with a Focus on Execution3. Crafting a Unique "Only Statement" to Differentiate Your Business.Tracy Wilson is a business consultant and mentor to many entrepreneurs all over the world. Roy Osing is a former president, CMO and entrepreneur with over 40 years of unmatched executive leadership experience and a track record of taking startups from early stages to a staggering billion dollars in annual sales.After recognizing his company was ill-prepared to compete in a rapidly changing market,  Roy Osing lead an audacious breakaway journey to revolutionize his organization and build a billion-dollar business."Break away from the stuff that worked yesterday. Yesterday's relevance, but today's, irrelevance. That's breaking away."Roy Osing  knew he and his company needed to break away from traditional ways of doing business if they were to be successful. Roy learned that execution was the key to success and that it was essential to appeal to the hearts of his employees to drive the business forward. He also taught that context was important and that life was not about silver bullets, but rather about getting nano inches worth of progress.Roy introduced several unconventional approaches such as cutting the bureaucracy, killing dumb rules and leadership by serving , which helped him unlock their potential, build a billion-dollar company, and revolutionize the way people looked at leadership.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. Discovering the Power of Breakaway Thinking to Revolutionize Business2. Reimagining Strategic Planning with a Focus on Execution3. Crafting a Unique "Only Statement" to Differentiate Your Business.Connect with Roy with me: Instagram: www.tracymwilson.comLoved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here: Chapter Summaries:[00:03:59]Successful Entrepreneur on Disruptive Leadership[00:06:50]Entrepreneurship is not about silver bullets. [00:13:57]Startup CEOs Stop chasing possibilities. [00:16:59]Building a billion-dollar business is not rocket science. [00:19:25]Audacious leadership,[00:20:22]The Distance between Normality and Abnormality. [00:27:39]Eentrepreneurs need to be rooted in a destiny[00:32:29] Your Business Survival Guide and Be Different or Be Dead. [00:37:34]You're in the Experience Creation Business.[00:44:35]Build your business around creating experiencesTake the Leadership Style Quiz!
Do you ever feel like you're not good enough, despite all of your accomplishments? Do you feel like an impostor, and that you're going to be “found out”?If so, you may be experiencing #ImpostorSyndrome. It’s a psychological pattern that often leads to burnout, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, and strained relationships. In today's episode, Tracy Wilson and Sheryl Anjanette will help you to silence your #innercritic and move forward in 2023 with balance and peace. She will provide an inside-out approach to understanding the root causes of Impostor Syndrome and how to change the stories that have been embedded in our subconscious mind. Sheryl Anjanette is an integrative nutritional coach, integrative hypnotherapist, and clinical certified stress, anxiety, and self-regulation expert. She has over 30 years of experience in the business world, including three times as an entrepreneur and working in the C-suite for billion-dollar companies. Sheryl has developed a system to help people silence their inner critic and move forward in their lives with confidence.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome: Gain insight into the psychological patterns that lead to imposter syndrome and explore the inside-out approach to breaking the cycle.2. Uncover Your Beliefs: Discover how our beliefs come from our experiences and how we can shift the meaning we give them.3. Embrace the Power of Self-Talk: Learn how to identify and manage the inner critic and bring in other voices in the mind to take the lead.✅Key Points[00:10]   Introduction[02:18]   Free Yourself from the Inner Critic[06:01]   What is Imposter Syndrome?[07:58]   The Healthy Zone [12:16]   Imposter Syndrome vs Unhealthy Self Talk[19:15]   Awareness, Insight, Alignment, Integration. [26:05]   The Imposter Lies Within Silence [27:46]   The 7 archetypes of Successful People[33:04]   Dump the Baggage[34:14]   You are extraordinary!✅Resources: Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb- Take the Quiz a copy of Sheryl's book: episodes you'll enjoy:💎Connect with Sheryl💎❤️Connect with Tracy Wilson: IG:🌎www.tracymwilson.comLoved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here: the Leadership Style Quiz!
Are you ready to take your personal brand and business to the next level through the power of podcasting? This week, host Tracy Wilson sits down with Emmy® Award-winning Media Advisor, Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-chief of I Have A Podcast® as he shares his expert insights and experience on how to grow your business through the power of podcasting. #UnlockedWithTracyWilson #Podcasting #VinniePotestivo #PersonalBranding #businessgrowth In this audio, you will learn:1. How to Leverage Social Gold for the Future of Media2. The Power of Shareability vs. Visibility3. Leveraging Awards to Stand Out in the Creator Economy.Key Points in this Episode 6:18     Podcasting vs TV14:53  The power of sharing your passion24:45  Control your discoverability28:17  Stand out on social media35:54  Pre-purpose your content49:04  Amplify Your Podcast on IMDb🤝Connect with Vinnie🤝't miss--❤Connect with Tracy Wilson🌎https://tracymwilson.com you been wanting to start your own podcast but didn't know where to start? Tracy guarantees that you will reach your goal of starting your own podcast with a lineup of topics and everything you need to know to take ACTION so👣 jump on over to the🐱‍🏍 the Leadership Style Quiz!
Is it time you put your thoughts to paper and published your own book?So many people think about writing their own book, for a myriad of reasons but very few actually get to the point where they are published, authors. Knowing what to do and when to do it are often barriers that hold people back... but what if you knew what to do, and what not to do?Well in today's episode of the UNLOCKED show your host Tracy Wilson and Special guest Jess Kotzer will share with you the secrets to becoming a self-published author.Key Points in this Episode7:30       Collaboration is about community, not transactional.18:37     What are some of the benefits of writing a book?22:53     Benefits of self-publishing vs a publishing company29:01     Once you learn something, you have to go and implement it.47:27     How to get into the collaborative mindset.Connect with Jess KotzerSelfPubHub.OrgKolabuClub.Com❤Connect with Tracy Wilson🌎https://tracymwilson.com you been wanting to start your own podcast but didn't know where to start? Tracy guarantees that you will reach your goal of starting your own podcast with a lineup of topics and everything you need to know to take ACTION so👣 jump on over to the🐱‍🏍 the Leadership Style Quiz!
Ever wanted to start your own business from home but have wondered how on earth you'd be able to do that while raising young children?Today's UNLOCKED guest Renee Harris chats with your host Tracy Wilson about how she turned her own skin problems into a multiple 6 figure business from home while home-schooling 9 children... So, if you have an idea, and want to start with something simple from home, then today's episode will provide you with the steps you need to take to get started.🗝Key Points in This Episode06:18    3 simple ingredients to make your own lotions13:02    Steps to transition from in person selling to online14:04   How are we going to stand out14:25   Focus on the problem / solution15:51   Lessons learned from the Farmer's Market16:27   Build a mailing list / SMS list to update your customers17:34   Take customer before and after photos to highlight on the website25:55   How to manage a large family and a start-up simultaneously39:25   People underestimate what they already know or can do ~ Renee Harris✨Connect with Renee Harris🌎❤Connect with Tracy Wilson🌎https://tracymwilson.com you been wanting to start your own podcast but didn't know where to start? Tracy guarantees that you will reach your goal of starting your own podcast with a lineup of topics and everything you need to know to take ACTION so👣 jump on over to the🐱‍🏍 the Leadership Style Quiz!
How good are your communication skills?How well you communicate can either help you succeed in business and in life or contribute to your struggle. When you understand and learn the simple strategies and techniques of effective communication you can use this skill to help you generate more sales, business and even become of of the top 1% of communicators in your industry.🎙 Key Points7:37     Fear is not the biggest challenge of communication. The biggest challenge is motivation.10:58   How would your life change if you were an exceptional communicator?16:10  The Cure to Fear is Momentum 18:05  Write a question a day for a year to overcome all objections21:44  Random word exercise 24:10   Birthday video messages to all clients27:30  You don't need to be famous to the world. You're already famous to your clients32:11 The best way to speak is to speak! ~ Brenden Kumarasamy39:08  Writing a presentation? Use the Puzzle method❤Connect with Tracy Wilson🌎https://tracymwilson.com Have you been wanting to start your own podcast but didn't know where to start? Tracy guarantees that you will reach your goal of starting your own podcast with a lineup of topics and everything you need to know to take ACTION so👣 jump on over to the🐱‍🏍 the Leadership Style Quiz!
Join Tracy Wilson and special guest Dawn Cady (Success Guide, Intuitive, Certified Holistic Therapist, Owner and Founder of Alleviate Pain) for a deep dive into pain, and hopefully freedom from pain!💎Key Points in This Episode10:58   Listening to your body13:01   Give your body moments of being with it, it pays back in dividends 14:17   Shift from judgment to curiosity15:30   Take Responsibility20:26   Emotions = energy in motion24:38   Disease, suffering, anxiety, depression, PTSD is to get your attention28:30   Imposter syndrome37:36  Am I coming from a path of Freedom or am I coming from a path of Destruction?❤Connect with Dawn🌎❤Connect with Tracy Wilson🌎https://tracymwilson.com you been wanting to start your own podcast but didn't know where to start? Tracy guarantees that you will reach your goal of starting your own podcast with a lineup of topics and everything you need to know to take ACTION so👣 jump on over to the🐱‍🏍 the Leadership Style Quiz!
Bradley has worked in the Tech Ecosystem for over 10 years and became one of the highest-paid Tech Professionals in the world making $225,000 working just 20 hours per week.He has now helped over 20,000 individuals start their tech careers with no degree, no tech background with a starting salary of over $70,000 in an average of 4.3 months!🗝Key Points in This episode22:16 What benefits are you looking for in a career?26:19 Plan your own work path based on your retirement plans35:38 Cooperation replaces competition when there's enough work to go around for everyone.38:07 Try Something New!🤝Connect with Bradley Rice❤Connect with Tracy Wilson🌎https://tracymwilson.com you been wanting to start your own podcast but didn't know where to start? Tracy guarantees that you will reach your goal of starting your own podcast with a lineup of topics and everything you need to know to take ACTION so👣 jump on over to the🐱‍🏍 the Leadership Style Quiz!
 A visionary and pioneer in spiritual growth and transformation, Dr. Pamela Gerali shares life-changing experiences and insights with clarity and humor. She utilizes her creativity and amazing gifts to encourage others to live authentically and purposefully in alignment with their inner truth. Her transforming experiences and training background in nursing allow her to speak from the heart with authority.✨ Key Point in This Episode 06:17    Do you suffer from the Unholy Trinity of Guilt, Shame, Fear 14:54  5 Dimensions of Life 14:58  5 Fields of Existence 21:36 The key to healing ourselves 22:55  Understand that we have universal experiences 23:46  Be free of victimhood 31:54  What you need to be able to heal 38:26  Realize you don't have to be something elseQuotes from Dr Pamela"Realize you don't have to be something else" "See the Divinity in Yourself" 🐱‍🏍Connect with Dr. Pamela Gerali 🌎 You can grab any of the resources that are discussed during this show: and a copy of her book: The Dance of Ego and Essence❤Connect with Tracy Wilson🌎https://tracymwilson.com Have you been wanting to start your own podcast but didn't know where to start? Tracy guarantees that you will reach your goal of starting your own podcast with a lineup of topics and everything you need to know to take ACTION so👣 jump on over to the🐱‍🏍 the Leadership Style Quiz!
☺Become a #Happier Leader: Stop Leading Like you are Choosing Toothpaste" Steve Fredlund helps leaders understand what is getting in their way and gives them insights and practical steps to move toward more joy and fulfillment in their lives and leadership! Join in the conversation!Steve Fredlund spent 25 years in Fortune 500 companies including Medtronic, 3M, Thrivent Financial and Allianz; he has an MBA and is a fellow of the society of actuaries.Three years ago, he started Small Business, where he and his team provide entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit leaders with a level of support usually only available to larger organizations.🗝Key Points in this Episode🗝04:34     Misalignment Causes Unhappiness 08:42     Are your using your top strengths14:28   Has your career become toxic in your life?18:39   What do you want out of life?20:33   What would be your perfect day?27:52   Default driven leadership43:09   Leadership is about creating incredible vision 50:52   You are not a ball✨Quotes by Steve Fredlund"Strip away all the SHOULDS from your life""Clarity without intentionality is just dreaming"🤝Connect with Steve 🤝🌎https://stevefredlund.com❤Connect with Tracy Wilson🌎https://tracymwilson.com you been wanting to start your own podcast but didn't know where to start? Tracy guarantees that you will reach your goal of starting your own podcast with a lineup of topics and everything you need to know to take ACTION so👣 jump on over to the🐱‍🏍 the Leadership Style Quiz!
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