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Alive & Kicking: Stories of Waking Up with Kay Eck
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Alive & Kicking: Stories of Waking Up with Kay Eck

Author: Kay Eck

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I have found that the best way to heal is to tell the truth of my own story and that the best way to help is to listen to another’s truth. Speaking our stories sets us free. Alive & Kicking is a podcast where I talk to people about their path of waking up to the truth of who they really are, what they really want and why they came here. What we learn is that the breakdowns we experience aren't failures; they're accelerators to the breakthroughs. And, what we thought of as our disasters was later revealed as our deliverance. When we willingly step into the open space of real and vulnerable dialogue, healing becomes possible for us all.
25 Episodes
It makes sense that the dynamic Lexie Wilson would one day help individuals learn to disentangle themselves from toxic relationships. She first had to free herself from the controlling religion that had driven her familial ethos for multiple generations. That included forgiving her caregivers for not knowing how to help her through the early trauma that led her to years of self-harm. Today, Lexie helps women recover from multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs) and other toxic relationships. Lexie Wilson is a brilliant powerhouse, therapist-turned-life-coach, and speaker. Connect with her on her website, and check out her engaging podcast Conversations with Lexie: Helping Leaders Protect Their Energy via Spotify or your favorite podcast platform. 
For Jillian Bieritz - astrologer, stylist and yoga teacher - stepping into love has been a slowly evolving skill. Never feeling fully embodied, she turned to the rave scene and drugs at a young age at first to feel more and then to feel less. Meeting her now-husband marked a turning point that would carry her through the traumatic loss of her second son, Ryder.  Her luminous path of embodiment and healing affirms the power of self-love. To learn more about Jillian's offerings, contact her at
Recorded live on December 10th, 2020,  returning guest Alexa Schill chats with Kay about children -- Who they are, what they need, what gifts they have come to share, what challenges they face, and what role they are playing in the ascension of humanity. Alexa Schill is the author of Harriet the Hippoyogamus a beautiful book that reminds children that "connecting with this moment is what it’s all about." Her follow-up book, Harriet's Rainbow Block Party was released June of  2020.  Follow Alexa on Instagram and Facebook. 
Christine Howard's life-long cultivation of her awareness of the world beyond the physical helped her survive and heal a life of intense abuse and trauma.  Through a sudden stint in the military, panic attacks in early adulthood, heartbreaking losses, and conscious uncoupling from her husband of many years, Christine was continuously being called to pay attention to her life. She did and still does with the knowing that she can get through any challenge and come out better for it. 
Caitlin Slade resonates with Theo Von's quote, "I was born with an uncomfortable spirit."   As a brilliant home school success story, Caitlin pushed herself relentlessly toward academic achievement including an early graduation from high school and college at 16. But self-doubt and crippling anxiety led her into an ongoing battle with disordered eating. In this episode, Kay and Caitlin talk about her heroic path toward self-compassion and kindness.Caitlin Slade is a masterful visual artist and cyclist living outside Chicago, Illinois. Follow @the.walkiest.lady on Instagram to see her latest work. 
Via Facebook Live on 11/11, Kay asks Aaron to help us understand the lives we are living right now through astrology,  ancient yogic philosophy, breath awareness, earth mirrors, inner-insight, presence, and permaculture. Follow Aaron on Facebook at Seeds of Awakening, on Instagram, or connect with his many offerings including Life Path and Soul Reflection astrology readings at
Conscious entrepreneur and innovator Kevin Miles joins Kay to talk about how life as an Army brat, preacher's kid, college athlete, and Morehouse College grad informed his non-traditional views of spirituality and his drive to create economic opportunities for the Black community.  Kevin Miles, MBA, is a professional entrepreneur with a passion for developing the potential hidden in human beings and in what he calls  “blue ocean” markets.  He is the founder and CEO of  Beach Logic Ventures. Find Kevin's podcasts  What Problem Are You Solving? and New Earth 2020  on your favorite podcast app. View Howard Thurman's Address "What Do You Want, Really?" I Am The Word by Paul Selig
Just in time for Halloween, which happens to be her birthday, Christi Cousin joins us from New Orleans at the intersection of religious and psychic traditions. She says she was rigidly religious until the pressure of law school cracked her open to astrology and Feng Shui. Since then she's been merging the spiritual and the logical in her unique and powerful way.Christine Cousin is an Attorney at Law and mysticist in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Learn more about her astrological offerings at  Follow @LaurelStreetGifts on Instagram to be the first to know when Christi's new line of intentional candles is available! 
Buckle up! Kay Eck and returning guest Matthew Patti talk about relationships and how the current climate has pressed them up to our noses! Matthew Patti is a visionary, futurist, modern mystic, and global leader in conscious business growth. He is the founder of Innerversal Academy™ and creator of the Zero Limits: Shape Your Best Life™ program. Find Matt on Facebook or via
As a child, Yolanda Lozano crisscrossed the US - Mexico border often enough that by the time she returned to this country permanently at the age of 16, she had little sense of language or culture and a lot of familiarity with upheaval. Her journey to know that the "mother within" was guiding her throughout helped her find a place of service and divinity in sound and light. Yolanda Lozano is a spiritual guide and healer residing in Geneva, Illinois. She has spent the last forty years helping individuals and groups heal and find a sense of well-being as they reconnect to Source and their inner guidance. Among her tools are crystal bowls, gongs, her voice, nature and healing environments, flowers, and the beautiful Fox River that flows through her hometown. Yolanda is on Facebook as Yolanda Lozano, and on Instagram at @yoliturtlesque. Find more opportunities to connect with Yolanda on her website
Kay Eck and returning guest Diana Schieke meet at Kava Diem River Cafe in St. Charles, Illinois on September 30, 2020. Recorded with a live audience and live-streamed via Facebook. The topic of conversation this week: Surviving and thriving in the era of The Rabbit Hole. Diana Schieke is a certified, registered yoga instructor as well as a certified specialist for organic foods and organic farming regulation. Diana can be found at, on YouTube, and on Instagram.
Men's mental health and the true relationship between vulnerability and strength are just some of the important topics Brandon Courter discusses in this episode with Kay Eck. Undiagnosed learning disabilities and mental illness made it nearly impossible for Brandon to succeed in a traditional school setting. That and our culture's disordered obsession with productivity made healing exponentially more difficult. Nonetheless, he challenges men to make mental wellness as routine as going to the gym. Now, he says, his spirituality lies in really listening to people. Coder by day, concrete artist by night, Brandon Courter continues to forge his own path of health, balance, community and empathy. 
Kay Eck and returning guest Lisa Marie Trunkenbolz meet at Kava Diem River Cafe in St. Charles, Illinois on September 16, 2020. Recorded with a live audience and live-streamed via Facebook. On the docket: Life 2020-style and how we are maintaining equilibrium while surfing the deck on a rocking boat.  
Gerontologist and end of life doula Neda McGuire brings her willingness to talk about hard things to this conversation as we track her journey from her homeland in Iran through growing unrest leading up to the Iranian Revolution. The path that had her crisscrossing the globe, oftentimes to escape grave danger, sometimes without her family, engendered in her a graceful resiliency. But not without great cost. Neda talks about those things as well as her experience with and work in immigration, the refugee crisis in Syria and elsewhere, aging, and death. Now a resident of St. Croix in the American Virgin Islands, Neda McGuire is the owner of Aging Matters and a member of Aging Life Care Association and the International End of Life Doula Association.  Neda has a Master’s degree in Gerontology and a Master's in Health Administration from the Medical College of Virginia. She was recently featured in an article on her end of life work in The St. Thomas Source. Find Neda on social media here. Tune into Neda's next Death Cafe on September 23, 2020, online. More information at Additional links mentioned in this episode - Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, available on Audible here and through your local bookseller. 
Writer and local farm to table chef Quenby Schuyler joins Kay on this not to be missed 11th episode of Alive & Kicking. Quenby talks about the hard "smacks" life delivered along her route of learning to let go.  Christian school educated, Quenby repeatedly sought stability in being "normal" until a life-threatening medical experience after the birth of a child led her to what she calls "the battle for Quenby's life". These days, Quenby says, " I wake up. And I surrender." Quenby Schuyler is owner and head chef at Q's Kitchen, a holistic meal prep company and caterer in suburban Chicagoland.  Find Quenby on Facebook and follow her on Instagram @soulrebelkitchen. Lucky locals can scope out her delicious meal offerings at 
Kay brings filmmaker Patrick Takaya Solomon on camera for this special tenth episode of Alive & Kicking. Patrick is best known for the award-winning movie Finding Joe, an epic exploration of the story and teachings of Joseph Campbell. He calls his early days of bullying, rebellion and self-sabotage the defining moments that launched into the greatest self-awareness, resilliency and enlightenment. Through it all, Patrick believes that our stories hold the keys to our awakening. You can find The official full-length version of FINDING JOE: A story about Joseph Campbell and The Hero's Journey available on YouTube here. Subscribe to Patrick's YouTube channel here, and keep up with Patrick's newest project a film entitled “What is Money” at  "Money", Patrick says, "is a story you tell yourself, just like all the other stories."  
As an award-winning poet, nonfiction writer, and writing teacher, Thea Sullivan chased her career down all the predictable avenues until the voice of her intuition took her in a completely different direction. In this episode of Alive and Kicking: Stories of Waking Up, Kay Eck talks with fellow author, Thea, about her young life looking for meaning, her struggle to write authentically from the intellect and how all that changed when she began channeling "the guides". Thea shares about her developing relationship with the guides and how it has changed how she writes, what she writes and why she writes. Thea Sullivan holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Brown University and an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College, but her passion is teaching people to connect with their Coach or Guide within. Thea is currently offering a choice of individual intuitive readings and intuition coaching sessions as well as a ten-week online course: The Path of Personal Mastery: Trusting Your Intuition for Spiritual and Personal Success. Learn more about these opportunities at, join Thea's free Facebook group, The INTUITIVE WAY with Thea and the Guides, and follow Thea on Instagram @BigPictureGuidance. 
As a 24-year-old food activist, Boulder, Colorado transplant Lydia Stokke represents the next generation of conscious creators, bringing a fresh perspective of awakening in today's consumer culture. Lydia's childhood as the daughter of a food activist and founder of was instrumental in launching her into her life's work as a sustainable food champion. Lydia thrives on creating connection, presence and joy as she embraces being-ness as miracle and consciousness is a gift. Lydia Stokke-Schmidt is the project manager of Next7, a grassroots organization dedicated to a thriving future for the next seven generations. Learn more about Next7 at, or follow along on Instagram at @next7org.  Lydia blogs at and you can find her Instagram at @alydia_janes. 
Growing up empathic with a strong sense of obligation, Sage Acharya's understanding of herself crumbled when she immigrated to the United States from London, England. With awareness and a great compassion towards herself and others, Sage talks about how her own childhood informs the conscious parenting of her American children and her relationships with her husband and parents. Her experience of awakening to codependency and enmeshment has made Sage Acharya a valued therapist in her private practice where she skillfully guides her clients to hold "whatever arises". Sage has a master’s degree in community counseling and is practicing as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois. She is certified as a Registered Dual Disorder Professional (RDDP) and certified by the Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy to provide guidance in mindfulness techniques. Sage lives with her husband and her two children in the suburbs of Chicago. She can be reached online at her website and on Facebook. 
Ashley Livingston grew up in fear of not measuring up to the well-established standards of her family's Evangelical Christian faith. Today she talks to Kay Eck about the pain of rejecting her inner knowing and living a life that promised joy and peace but delivered little. Ashley shares the heartbreak of stepping off a path prescribed by others, the light she found and the practices that led her to discover her inner divinity and worthiness.Ashley Livingston is a professional coach through Co-Active Training Institute, actively helping others connect with their divine selves, as well as a mother of five. She currently resides outside Chicago, USA. Ashley can be found on Facebook, and Instagram, and welcomes emails at 
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