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Author: Stephen Greene

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Everything you need to help you learn English as quickly as possible.
53 Episodes
Word Stories: Junk

Word Stories: Junk


Discover all there is to know about the history of the word 'junk' as well as the different ways it can be used today.
Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform that is perfect for practising your spoken English skills. Listen and enter the competition to get a free invite.
The story of Lady Godiva is a very popular folk story in England. It also gives us a couple of idiomatic expressions that are still commonly used to this day. ‎
In this week's episode, we dive into the amazing country of India and look at just some of the words that the English language has borrowed from that rich and vibrant culture.
Last week, we looked at the events of the year 1066. This week, we examine how the English language changed after a French-speaking king took over the English crown.
They didn't know it at the time, but the year 1066 was going to change everything in England; the king, the culture, the government, and the language. ‎
Setting yourself language learning goals is vital to keep motivated. This week we will look at how you can set SMART English learning goals and why they are so important.
Today we tell the story of two of the most common words in English: Hello and Goodbye!
What do students of English need to learn if they never talk to another 'native' English speaker? In this episode, I look at some of the implications of using English as a lingua franca, or world language.…-a-lingua-franca/
Why do you have to study English? Why not Fench or Arabic or Chinese or some other language. In fact, why do we have one global language at all? Listen to find out.
English is often described as the world's lingua franca. What does 'lingua franca' mean and where does it come from? Listen to this short podcast to find out.
Understanding yourself is critical if you want to learn English as efficiently as possible. Find out what you need to know about yourself to be an effective learner.
It's the meal everyone thinks of when they think of British cooking. In this episode, we look at the origins of the phrase 'fish and chips'.
The Vikings had a significant impact on the development of the English language and are the reason for one good thing and one terrible thing for English language learners.
Discover 5 great tips for how you can learn English while watching Netflix.
The Romans had a drink called 'aqua vitae' or the water of life. Listen to find out how this drink survives and influences the names of other drinks around the world.
Word Stories: OK

Word Stories: OK


Ok. It's a short two-letter word that means everything is all right. And it is used around the world in countless languages. Find out how this small word spread all over the world, ok?
Many English students are afraid of making mistakes. Don't be that student. Mistakes are good and a vital part of learning anything.
In this episode, we look at the origins of English. Where did it come from? Why did it start on the island of Britain? Who were the Anglo Saxons?
There are 13 countries in South America, from Colombia in the north, to Chile in the south. Find out the origins and the meanings of the names for all of these different countries.
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