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Find out how the rise of the USA guaranteed English would become the world's language.
Discover some great tips for things you can do to get the most out of your reading. Plus, I'll give you two book recommendations that all of my students have just loved.
The placebo effect is often associated with medicine and medical trials. Discover the surprising origin of this phrase and how you can use it.
Discover what the future might hold for English speakers. Will English be the same as Latin in the future?
Get some strategies for how to make reading in English a normal part of your language learning experience.
Discover how the enemies of Rome live on in the English language 2,000 years later.
Do you think your grandchildren will need to learn English? I don't think they will. Listen to my latest episode to find out why.
Why is reading such an effective way to learn a language? In this episode, I look into why reading is so powerful for language students. Get the free transcript for this episode here.
Word Stories: Memes

Word Stories: Memes


Memes are everywhere. Especially if your 10-year-old son has just got a new mobile phone! In this episode, I look at the origin of the word 'meme' and discover how it is a fantastic example of a meme. Read the free transcript here.
We've talked a lot about the history of English, but what is going to happen in the future to this world language? In this episode, we ask if another language might become more important than English. Read the transcript here.
This is the first in a monthly feature of interviews with successful language learners from around the world. Martin, from the Rock 'n' Roll English Podcast, talks about why stories are so important to learning and how he is using stories to help Ukrainian refugees. Show notes can be found here.
In this episode, we look at some of the surprising contributions to English, and many other languages, that originated in Ukraine.
Are you having difficulties finding the motivation to learn English? Do you find it hard to start your studies? This episode is for you. By following the 2-minute rule you can discover your motivation to learn English, or indeed anything. FInd the transcript here.
It was one of the largest empires ever, but how did the British Empire affect the development of English as a language. Read the transcript here:
Word Story:January

Word Story:January


In this week's word story, we look at the origin of the word 'January', how it is used and why it gave its name to one of the greatest cities in the world.
I've been learning the guitar recently. There are a number of lessons I have taken from learning the guitar which are useful for learning English.
English doesn't have masculine and feminine words, which makes learning the language a bit easier. But have you ever thought about why English doesn't do what most other languages do? And does this mean English is not a sexist language? Listen to find out.
Word Stories: Bed

Word Stories: Bed


Listen to a story that includes lots of expressions that use the word "bed". 
10 top tips to improve your listening skills in English. These tips are guaranteed to improve everyone's listening abilities.
How and why did American English become different to American English. In this episode, we look at some interesting reasons for the differences between these two varieties of English.
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