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Everything we need is within us, some people may not believe this, but it’s true for sure. The captain of a ship requires information to navigate correctly, firstly to navigate the journey and secondly to know where he’s going, healing our cellular memory reconnects us to our true authentic selves. Cellular memory is a beneficial way of reclaiming your original energy and a positive way of moving forward.
There will be things in your life that are not serving you well and not doing you any good, it could be a relationship, career, or even certain friends, whatever or whoever it is, that is not making you feel good you have to learn to create vacuums (make room) by releasing and removing the things that aren’t serving you well, so that you can experience what you really wish for in life.When you learn to release and let go of what you feel no longer makes you happy, you are automatically making room for the things you do wish for in life, the things that bring you joy and bring a smile to your face. By creating a vacuum, the universe will fill that vacuum (empty space), simply because the Universe abhors a vacuum!When it comes to autumn time, the leaves on the trees change colour and eventually the trees release the old leaves by shedding them. The leaves are no longer essential to the tree so the tree releases the leaves with ease and no struggle, knowing that springtime will bring new leaves and new life to the tree. Life is no different 
When I meet clients for the first time, the thing I do is let them know that they are YOUNIQUE in every aspect, and that they’re worthy of success. When I say YOUNIQUE I mean we’re all YOUNIQUE, and there isn’t anyone else with our YOUNIQUENESS in the entire Universe. Within you is a power, a power far greater than you could ever imagine. You have within you unique abilities and skills, and insights and ideas that make you YOUNIQUE with a difference, and in some way, grander. You have within you an intrinsic power, to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and more. 
Do find it difficult to embrace life, due to low Self-Esteem. People who have Self-Esteem hold qualities that many people admire, and wish they had. Self-Esteem is a vital component in almost every aspect of our lives, and yet sadly so very few people hold any within themselves. Self-Esteem expresses itself in our behaviour, body language, how we speak and how we present ourselves to the world. This podcast offers ways of building Self-Esteem and Emotional Resiliance. There is also a Self-Esteem Hypnosos at the end for you to listen to at bedtime. Enjoy
Moment by moment our reality changes, and it changes through our thoughts and feelings. We become locked in a prison of our own making, blieving this is our lot in life, how wrong we are. Success depends on the second letter, U. You are the one to create your own successes in lifeThrough our self-awarareness we discover our true potential and the miracles we can create through the magic our mind, by finding the key to release ourselves from our own inner imprisonment of our ego.Our imprisonment is because of our habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving, we often feel as though we are trying to move forward with a rubber band bonded to our backs.This podcast offers ways of setting yourself free from the imrisonment of not feeling good enough, or worthy enough, and the is a fabulous mindful meditation after the podcast. Enjoy x
This episode is about Self-Confince and there is also a Self-Confidence Hypnosis after the podcast. Self-confidence can mean different things to different people, in truth, it simply means trusting in yourself.Confidence is knowing what we're good at, the value we provide, and acting in a congruent way that conveys that to others. So, enjoy and embrace this podcast, because you're worthy of Inner Self-Confidence. 
What is the excitement regarding vibrations, or vibes? The exciting thing about vibes is attraction, and that being what you attract into your life either positive or negative, it all depends on your vibes. Vibrations, or vibes are connected to our feelings, and our feelings are created by the thoughts we think! Every single second you are experiencing feelings (vibes), in fact ‘STOP’ and notice how you are feeling, it will be good or bad.Two feelings can’t fill one space. Just like love and fear cannot be present at the same time...
To unleash our Unlimited Potential we have to believe and trust that we are worthy and deserving of success in life, bearing in mind that success depends on the second letter, U. Visualisation is the key to our imagination and manifesting what we wish for in life. Visualisation can be very exciting. Creating visually is very powerful and something that we do unconsciously. The principles of creative visualisation are simple; however they have to be understood in order of acquiring the best outcome.This podcast is straight to the point of what you need to do to be begin designing your wishes. At the latter part of the podcast there is a short guided visualisation for you to begin creating.
We are the producers, actors, authors, and directors of our lives, so why not imagine yourself as an author who is scripting their life and discovering new ways of shaping your life to your liking, shaping it into a positive life, because you can, you simply have to believe that you can.This MP3 guides you to positive ways of reinventing yourself and you really can, you just have to believ that you can.There is a hypnosis podcast that complements this podcast called Reinventing Yourself Powerfully ans Positively, and if you listen to it as you drift off to sleep, you'll be amazed at the outcomes.
Imagine making a conscious decision to create a positive future that is rightfully yours. Why shouldn't you be successful? Why shouldn't you have all the happiness and joy you want? Why shouldn't you be loved and cherished, or talented and rich or whatever it is that you desire? The answer is easy, there is no reason why you shouldn't, because you can do whatever it is that you desire to do, so long as it is humanly possible and doesn't involve hurting others in the process. This powerful MP3 will help you to take the important steps towards achieving your goals and soon, those positive steps will turn into huge strides, as you begin to make those inner dreams materialise in your reality. It takes 21 days to break a habit and 30 days to form a new one, so if you can go to sleep listening to this MP3, you'll see huge benefits for you and your life.
Emotions can rule our lives, discover how to harness them to enhance our lives.Our feelings are influenced by our thoughts and perceptions and many people suppress their feelings and emotions, and sadly suppressed feelings lead to anxiety and depression. Remember that feelings are contagious. Feelings simply exist. Bad feelings lead to even worse feelings. But good feelings create better feelings. This podcast is about our emotions and the effects they have on us on a moment by moment basis. I hope you enjoy this podcast, as I love creating them.  
Signs and messages from the Universe are everywhere, they really are! I like to call these signs Universal breadcrumbs. People who follow the universal breadcrumbs can with true belief, convert those serendipity moments in opportunities, and those opportunities into positive outcomes for themselves and their lives.This podcast is a message for you to start seeing them for yourselves and following to create a happier life.Enjoy x
10 Rules for Life

10 Rules for Life


Motivation and determination along with a powerful belief in change are the springboards for success. Motivation, determination and powerful beliefs allows expansion for new opportunities to do and be anything we wish for in life, and we only need a subconscious thought to plant the success seed. Success depends on the second letter, U, you are the beginning and the end of your successes! Our thinking is thing that creates and stops us from achieving success in life, it has always been and will continue to do so, until you change your mind! Thoughts are energy in motion, and if the thoughts are fuelled with emotion, they’ll transmit even more energy. A thought that is fuelled with emotion, either positive or negative creates an energy vibe that puts us on a cycle of success or no success, depending on our thoughts!Consistent gratitude, increases our happiness and decreases our levels of anxiety or depression. We know that our gratitude can help us to make and preserve friendships, and strengthen relationships in all aspects of our lives, because gratitude brings empathy. If you follow the 10 rule process. It’s a process that has worked for me,my clients and students, and can work for you, if you follow it. 
Anxiety and fear can be debilitating for those who suffer from it and this podcast focuses on various ways of learning to let go and be present in the Magic of NOW! I can't tell you how many people I've seen over the many years in practice with anxiety, but it's been many. I'm proud to say that once they'd finished their therapy with, they were in such a different place, which is good!At the end of the podcast there is an exercise for the listeners to use and learn to relax to, so I hope that you enjoy this podcast as it's created with love, from me to you. 
Healing Your Life

Healing Your Life


To move on in this life, you have to make a decision to forgive, as forgiving means that you are living in the present moment, as opposed to the past. It does not mean that you can forget everything; however it does mean that you can release and let go and learn to move on. When we decide to hold on to anger or irritation, we are weighed down with the stress of feeling hurt and victimised! Discovering forgiveness in life, helps you in lightening the load, and I like to think of it as a strong tonic for healing. 
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