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Talking With Teachers

Author: Melissa Perez and Alexis Banner

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In light of George Floyd and the protests surrounding his death, two teachers have decided to express their thoughts and opinions on this topic as well as many of the other pressing matters in today's society.
25 Episodes
 Episode 4!!  This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Doug Endee.  He has been an administrator at Overbrook for 20+ years and taught in Camden prior.  He shares amazing insight on how he has supported students through difficult times and making connections with them by being authentic.Melissa and I truly enjoyed listening to all of the stories Mr. Endee shared with us because his passion for his job and the love for all of his students is undeniable.  We hope you can sit and listen and learn as well! 
In this episode, we talked to Alec Nicolai, a teacher at Overbrook as well as 3 sport coach for the Rams. We discuss everything from difficult conversations to the stigma of mental health and normalizing the conversation that surrounds it. 
Season 2 Episode 1

Season 2 Episode 1


We are back with season 2. In our first episode back Alexis and I discuss why we took time off and what teaching during the pandemic has been like. 
In today's episode, we talk to Gina and Chris Lingham. Gina and Chris are an interracial couple who are married and who are also business owners! Chris and Gina talk about the struggles of being an interracial couple and business owners in general as well as the really beautiful parts of both. This is an AWESOME episode!
Fresh New Faces Part 2

Fresh New Faces Part 2


In this week's episode we hear from Cheryl Fisher and Katerina Giberson our last new hires for this special episode! 
Fresh New Faces Part 1

Fresh New Faces Part 1


After a two week break, we are back! In today's episode, we interview some of the new staff at Overbrook and hear all about them and their journey to teaching as well as how they feel about talking to students about difficult topics!
In today's episode, we talk with Justin Barringer regarding the current climate in America, growing up as a bi-racial man and his advice to teachers regarding having tough conversations with students. 
In today's episode, we talk with Mr. Adam Lee, head principal at Overbrook High School. Mr. Lee talks about diversity in the workplace, supporting staff and students, his hopes and dreams for the future of education as well as offering sound advice to future teachers. 
In this week's episode we have our former co-worker on the show Christina Cibotti. We talk a lot about what it means to be a teacher today and how teaching affects us as individuals. We also discuss current novels being taught in English class as well as the idea of white savior complex. 
We made it to ten episodes! In this week's podcast, we go back to our roots and record a conversation between just us! We explore a plethora of topics and show a more vulnerable questioning side to both of us. As this movement continues we continue to grow and questions a lot what is going in the world currently. We talk about the NBA, Peloton instructors, educating yourself, and opportunity for growth. 
In today's episode, we have Tamira Barr on a teacher as well as health and fitness coach! Tamria offers a lot of insight into being a Black teacher in a predominantly Black and Latin student population. Tamira also dives into being a Black mother in American during this time and her thoughts and worries about raising both her sons.
In this weeks episode, we dive into Stamped: Antiracism, Racism, and You A Remix written by Jayson Reynolds originally adapted from Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi. We are joined by two guests Mrs. Kohri and Mr. Rosser. This episodes mix of going through the book as well as discussing our own personal feelings towards the subject matter allows for more open and honest conversation!
This week, our guest is Mr. John Rosser who is a history teacher at Overbook High School as well as the head basketball coach for the boy's team. In a surprisingly emotional episode, we discuss the pressure of being the basketball coach and the benefits of building relationships with students both on and off the court. Stories are shared and the care and adoration for our students really shines through in this episode. There is a lot of laughter and honesty throughout!
In today's episode, Ms. Francesca Greenwald is open and honest about living in a house divided on the Black Lives Matter movement. She discusses the steps she took to unlearn what she was taught growing up in order to see the larger picture of today's racial injustice. There is also a special shout out to the Class of 2020 (Ms. Perez may or may not cry...)
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