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Author: LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming)

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LEAFcast is the podcast channel for LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), a charity whose mission is to inspire and enable sus­tain­able farm­ing that is pros­per­ous, enrich­es the envi­ron­ment and engages local communities.LEAF works with farmers, the food industry, scientists and consumers to inspire and enable sustainable farming.Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from the world of LEAF.
22 Episodes
LEAF’s 10 year strategic direction (2021−2031) builds on our core capabilities and strengths and delivers against 8 commitments. In this series of podcasts, LEAF Chief Executive, Caroline Drummond explores each of the commitments and examines how each feed into LEAF’s wider ambitions. Today we learn about 'Measuring Impact & Harmonising Metrics'.Support the show (!/)
LEAF’s 10 year strate­gic direc­tion (2021−2031) builds on our core capa­bil­i­ties and strengths and deliv­ers against 8 com­mit­ments. In this series of pod­casts, LEAF Chief Exec­u­tive, Car­o­line Drum­mond explores each of the com­mit­ments and exam­ines how each feeds into LEAF’s wider ambi­tions. Today we learn about ​‘Beacons of Excellence’.Support the show (!/)
Jenny Clark, LEAF Assurance Manager, and Jess Corsair, LEAF Technical Coordinator, discuss the latest LEAF Marque Independent Evaluation, reflecting on the positives and the learnings contributing to our continual improvement. Support the show (!/)
LEAF’s 10 year strategic direction (2021-2031) builds on our core capabilities and strengths and delivers against 8 commitments.  In this series of podcasts, LEAF Chief Executive, Caroline Drummond explores each of the commitments and examines how each feeds into LEAF’s wider ambitions. Today we delve into 'Delivering Climate Positive Solutions'. Support the show (!/)
LEAF for the Future

LEAF for the Future


Caroline Drummond, LEAF Chief Executive, discusses our ambitious ten-year strategy, and why Integrated Farm Management must continue to advance and adapt to support the uptake of more regenerative, agroecological and resilient farming and food systems. Support the show (!/)
Caroline Drummond, LEAF Chief Executive, reflects on the recent ‘ZOOM into LEAF Marque’ spotlight week and the achievements of LEAF Marque growers, outlined in LEAF’s latest Global Impacts Report. Read our 2021 Global Impacts report here.Support the show (!/)
To mark the start of Zoom Into LEAF Marque week and the run up to COP26, LEAF Chief Executive, Caroline Drummond, chats through the role of LEAF in delivering and promoting Climate Positive action to build resilience and support the health, diversity and enrichment of farming and food systems.Support the show (!/)
LEAF Chief Executive, Caroline Drummond, welcomes in our 30th anniversary year with a discussion around Brexit; the challenges and opportunities it offers to rethink current agricultural policy to address economic, environmental and climatic ambitions, and where LEAF’s new 10-year strategy fits in. Episode recorded on 13th January 2021.Support the show (!/)
With continuing political uncertainty, there has never been a more important time for farmers and researchers to start meaningful conversations about UK agriculture, as well as share best practice, show techniques, reveal trade-offs and demonstrate where farming creates environmental sustainability.  Caroline Drummond, LEAF CEO, Emily Trivett, LEAF Technical Coordinator and Charlotte Bickler, Knowledge Exchange and Policy Manager at the Organic Research Centre, discuss how LEAF's Speak Out Toolkit is helping to inspire, inform and reignite farmers and researchers communications expertise. LEAF's Speak Out Toolkit has been developed with funding from H2020 DIVERSify project. Access it here: Support the show (!/)
In the midst of Lockdown 2.0, LEAF CEO Caroline Drummond reflects on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the British farming industry, whilst giving a glimpse into the upcoming LEAF Annual Conference, centred around Climate Change.Support the show (!/)
Weathering the storm

Weathering the storm


Off the back of Storm Francis, LEAF CEO Caroline Drummond discusses the current situation with British farming in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit.Support the show (!/)
Water management

Water management


LEAF Senior Technical Consultant, Kathryn Green, discusses the importance of water management in agriculture and it's prevalence within Integrated Farm Management.Support the show (!/)
In this podcast, LEAF Technical Co-ordinator Lucy Redmore discusses the importance of assurance schemes like LEAF Marque and how it differs from other assurance schemes.Support the show (!/)
LEAF & Brexit

LEAF & Brexit


Following her appointment on to the Government's Trade and Agriculture Commission, LEAF CEO Caroline Drummond discusses LEAF's preparations for Brexit and how the organisation is helping farmers prepare for change.Support the show (!/)



LEAF Technical Assistant Emily Trivett chats with Ali Karley and Rob Brooker from the James Hutton Institute about the benefits of intercropping and the exciting projects that LEAF is involved with.Support the show (!/)
LEAF Chief Executive, Caroline Drummond, discusses the futures of LEAF and sustainable agriculture, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.Support the show (!/)
LEAF Demonstration Farmer, John Renner, discusses how he uses IFM to manage livestock on his beef, sheep and arable farms in Northumberland with LEAF Assurance Manager, Jenny Clark.Support the show (!/)
LEAF Project Coordinator, Lucy Bates, talks about the history of Integrated Pest Management and its relevance in the current agricultural landscape.Support the show (!/)
The Agriculture Bill

The Agriculture Bill


In the latest LEAF podcast, Caroline Drummond discusses the latest developments with the UK Ag Bill and the impact it might have on British farming and the work of LEAF.Support the show (!/)
In this episode, Justine Hards talks with Lucy Bates, LEAF's Project Co-ordinator for ELMS (Environmental Land Management Scheme). ELMS is Defra's proposed new system by which ‘payment for public goods’ fully replaces the Basic Payment and Countryside Stewardship Schemes by 2028.Lucy discusses the tests and trials that LEAF is undertaking and explains how farmers can get involved.Support the show (!/)
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