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Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Archives at'PLAYLIST:BONZO DOG BAND - Humanoid Boogie - Urban Spaceman (Imperial, 1969)SON OF DRIBBLE - Dusty - Son of Drib Against the Wind (World of Birds, 2022)THE REBEL - Mysteries of Love - Live at Urge Records (cs, Urge, 2018)JAMES PLOTKIN - Hair Metal Study - The Spectacle (BC, 2022)ELENI POULOU - Map of Calls (BC, 2022)SEAN MCGUINNESS - Third Elbow - A-U-U (cs, Emmanuel Vincent Presents, 2022)MINORU "HOODOO" FUSHIMI - Shinzō-San - Thanatos of Funk (1985, re 180G, 2022)ELLIOTT SHARP/WEASEL WALTER/TIM DAHL - Rasptitsa - Kompromat (2011, BC, 2022)BULLDOZER - Whiskey Time - The Day of Wrath (1985 re Shadow Kingdom, 2022)PRISON AFFAIR - Black Diamond - V/A: GTRRC - Vol. 3 - Good Times RnR Compilation (Erste Theke Tontraeger, 2022)LIZ LAMERE - Lights Out - Keep It Alive (In the Red, 2022)CITY YELPS - The Bendix Corporation (Half Hour outtake) (BC, 2022)FAMOUS LOGS IN HISTORY - Cactus Pricks - Fancy! (cs, Fuzzy Warbles, 2022)CAMP ONE - This Is Not a Happy Home - Revengeful Is The Mask Of Darkness (1981, re Zaius Tapes, 2022)THE SETONS/GUYS 'N' DOLLS - Hong Kong Movie (Sample) (BC, 2022)MURA - Meals - 2008-2021 (An'archives, 2022)ROSE MERCIE - Witching - ¿Kieres Agua? (Celluloid Lunch, 2022)SOPHIE SLEIGH-JOHNSON - Napoleon's Violet - Nuncio Ref! (cs, Crow Versus Crow, 2022)BILLY WOODS - Asylum - Aethiopes (Backwoodz Studios, 2022)PRISON RELIGION - John Mayer - Hard Industrial B.O.P. (UIQ, 2022)MARK STEWART / MIKE WATT / KK NULL - All My Senses - VS (Emergency Hearts, 2022)BLACK CILICE - Towards Transcendence - Esoteric Atavism (Iron Bonehead, 2022)LUCIANO BAGNASCO & GONZALO NAVARRO - Fragmento No. 1 - Residual Complementario (Ramble, 2022)MINIMAL COMPACT - Statik Dancin' (Mad Professor Extended Dub Mix) - Statik Dancin (1981, re Fortuna, 2022)BATU - Even Here - Opal (Timedance, 2022)SECOND SEASONS - Divination Matrix – Glycia Peaking (scndszns twirl remix) (BC, 2022)
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at brianturnershow.comTEENAGE PHD'S - Too Bored To Die - 7" (Erectile, 1980)KEUPON DE BOIS - Cheval - 1ère Partie (Dushtu, 2022)TONY MCPHEE - The Hunt (Revbjelde Edit) - 7" (Buried Treasure, 2015)TIBIA - Low Tech Mind Control - Care (cs, NL, 2022)VERONICA VOGLER - Veronica - Fantasy Violence (cs, Palais D'Amour, 2022)RENZOKU SHASATSUMA - Am Blues - 1978.3.26 渋谷屋根裏 (Bloody Butterfly, 2001)EXODUS - Salt the Wound - Blood In Blood Out (Nuclear Blast, 2014)ÄSS - You Got Another Thing Coming/Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Live in a Swimming Pool, Brooklyn, 1999)VICTUS - My Sorrow - Demo 1 (cs, Distorted Prayer Productions, 2021)THE PLASMATICS - Black Leather Monster - Metal Priestess (Stiff, 1981)DORITO TOM WAITSELVIS VIVA VIAGRAMODEL HOME - Yard 1 - Saturn In the Basement (Disciples, 2022)TRAN UY DUC (w/PILGRIM HOME) - Banal - Came (BC, 2021)GARUM - Pickle Eye - Garum EP (Trilogy Tapes, 2022)HOLY SCUM - Everybody Takes You Just Take More - Strange Desires (Rocket, 2022)REYNOLS - Manorla Acuplemo - Tolin Asumer (Carbon, 2022)POLICE ORCHESTRA - Shellelle/Fukera - Getachew Mekuria & The Ex & Friends: Y'Anbessaw Tezeta (Terp, 2012)MUTE SERVANTS - Take A Breather - Mute Servants 7" EP (Wrong Speed, 2021)CRIME OF PASSING - Damrak - Crime of Passing (Future Shock, 2022)THE FALL - New Face In Hell (Live Queen Mary's College, London, 2/5/81)UMELA HMOTA - Brouci - Ve Sklepe 1976/77 (Guerilla, 2003)GOLPE DE ESTADO - Liquido - Liquido (Ediciones Capalanca, 2019)
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at LOOP - Fermion - Sonancy (Reactor, 2022)FREEDOM ROCK 2022EYELIDS - Fantastic Life (w/Paul Hanley) - Everything That I See You See Better (Jealous Butcher, 2022)API UIZ - Appendice - De Merdre (Le Potagers Natures, 2005)VIC BANG - Uze - Burung (cs, Moon Glyph, 2022)DUMISANI MARIARE - Tichazomuona - Dumi-Maichi-Na Chi-Maraire & Nyunga Nyunga Mbira (1980, Nyami Nyami 2022)RP BOO - Another Night To Party - Established! (Planet Mu, 2021)MARK STEWART vs. KK NULL - New Error - VS (Emergency Hearts, 2022)MADALYN MERKEY - Escape Wheel - Puzzle Music (Mana, 2022)JUNE CARTER CASH - Tiffany Anastasia Lowe - Press On (Dualtone, 2010)RALPH STANLEY - White Light White Heat - Soundtrack: Lawless (Music on Vinyl/Sony Classical, 2012)FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Dirty Linen - Glastonbury Faire, 1971THE GODZ - Soon the Moon - Godz 2 (ESP, 1967)SISTER DORA ALEXANDER - Russia, Let God's Moon Alone - V/A: The Music of New Orleans Vol. 1 (Folkways, 1959)EYES OF THE AMARYLLIS - Wysteria Pt. 2 - Sift (Horn of Plenty, 2022)LEVANDE DÖD - Under Rotvältan - Ingen Framtid (Happiest Place, 2022)MIKHAIL MINERAL - Infa - ЛОБ (BC, 2022)VISION 3D - Blv Cbd - Hypnose (Six Tonnes de Chair, 2022)VERITY SUSSMAN & MATTHEW SIMMS - It's In Our Hands (BC, 2022)PROLAPSE - Deanshanger - John Peel Session 08.04.97 (BC, 2022)BAD BREEDING - Human Capital - Human Capital (Iron Lung, 2022)BLINDING HEADACHE - X-1 Walenda - V/A: Tape #1 (cs, NL, 1980)CAMP ONE - Hatred - Revengeful Is the Mask of Darkness (1981, re Zaius Tapes 2022)SMALL CRUEL PARTY - VI, xiv, 5-7 : De re publica (Cicero) : Steve Roden in Observationæ Testimonium (Penultimate Press, 2021)EMPIRE STATE OBSERVATORIES - Summer Repeats - Beneath Truth (Obscure and Terrible, 2022)CACTUS - Feel So Good (live) - The Birth of Cactus - 1970 (Purple Pyramid, 2022)THE MELVINS - Youth Of America - Electroretard (Man's Ruin, 2001)
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at SUPREME - Intro/Wolfs Lurk Prod Zeus Elevated - Electrifying Raski (BC, 2022)PENZA PENZA - Wunder City - Beware of Penza Penza (FNR, 2020)ACID REACH - Black Sun - Mistress of the Perpetual Harvest (1989, re: Guerssen, 2022)VISUAL PURPLE - Polar Ice Caps - Visual Purple (Gingko, 2022)THE MEKONS - Where Were You - 7" (Fast Product, 1978)CITY YELPS - Now - At Home With City Yelps (Odd Box, 2014)106 - DTP Yeahhhh - 106 DTP01 (cs, BC, 2022)FUNGUS BRAINS - I Want To Contort With You (BC, 2021)TITMEN - Punched In the Head - Titmen 10" (Petty Bourgeous Broadcasts, 1997)PUSTOSTANY - Wszystko Co Stałe - V/A: Wspólna Sprawa (Kompilacja Dla Ukrainy) (Syf, 2022)CRISIS MAN - No Standing Ovation - Asleep In America (Digital Regress, 2022)PSYCHIC TV - Only Human - Live At Thee Circus (Temple, 1988)DENZEL CURRY - Walkin - Melt My Eyez See Your Future (Loma Vista, 2022)DAS DAS - Ich Bin Leer - Das Das (Detriti, 2022)LINING TIME - Here I Am - Strike (1982, re: Shadow World, 2022)LEXIE MOUNTAIN - Dogs Hot - Boys (Heresee, 2005)SAAKI - Farm - Corona (cs, Scum Yr Earth, 2022)LAURENE LAVALLIS - Key To Our Love - V/A: Key To Our Love Vol. 1 (Symphonical, 2020)KROMA - Sexy Films - 12" (Jumbo, 1984)KAVKAZKA SOUND - All Forces On the Love of Animals - V/A: Fundraiser compilation: ВОЛЯ (Muscut, 2022)JIM O'ROURKE - Pictures of Adolf Again - Sdtk: United Red Army (Solid, 2008)THE WALKABOUTS - Loom of the Land - Satisfied Mind (Sub Pop, 2003)A.R. AND THE MACHINES - Beautiful Babylon - Die Grüne Reise (Polydor, 1971)LEA RIDERS GROUP - Dom Kallar Oss Mods - V/A: Pebbles Vol. 3 (BFD, 1979)KJETIL BRANSDAL / THOR WARLAND - Stavanger 11/12.6.2021 (Drid Machine, 2022)PHILIP JECK - Above - Stoke (Touch, 2002) 
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Show archives at brianturnershow.comBRO SMITH - Bigfoot - 7" (Big Tree, 1976)BRIAN TURNER THE ACNE/VEGAN DIET GURU GETS FED GARBAGETHE GIZMOS - Human Garbage Disposal - Raw '76/'77 (Gulcher, 2022)BELASTUNGSPROBE - Alternaiv - Platzdruck 90 ATÜ (Play Loud, 1982)THE DRIN - Full Moon Natural Sickos - Engines Sing for the Pale Moon (Drunken Sailor, 2022)DÄLEK - Boycott - Precipice (Ipecac, 2022)PARK JIHA - Light Way - The Gleam (Tak:Til/Glitterbeat, 2022)VIRGIN PRUNES - Twenty Tens (I've Been Smoking All Night) - Artfuck: A Compilation of Rarities 1980-83 (New Rose, 1993)SWELL MAPS - Harmony In Your Bathroom (BBC, 1978 Peel Session, Unreleased)BÖRN - Norn - Drottningar Dauðans (Iron Lung, 2022)THE HUNTERS - Fuchs Geh' Voran - 7" (Colorit, 1975)PHARAONS - The Paedophilia From Vatican - Evil World (1989, re Supreme Echo, 2022)THE WANT - Supertoker - Acid Millenium (Mack-Daddy, 1997)NOSFERATU - War - Solution A (La Vida es en Mus, 2019)STIIP - It/In - Butter (cs, NL, 2022)CHEATING HEARTS - Miss Bad News - Cheating Hearts (Goodbye Boozy, 2006)MEOWING WOLF LIVETH' FAITH HEALERS - Moona-Ina-Joona (live on my old WFMU show, 3/26/06)FAR CORNERS - Pull To One Side - 7" (BC, 2022)VARIÉTÉ KONTRAST - Modernité - Variété Kontrast (Good Noise, 1984)BENDLE - Red Squirrel (cs, NL, 1981)CASUAL LABOURERS - A Lapse Is Due - Demo/Hent Petty Glock (cs, NL, 1982)URBAN:DENTIST - Abyss Walkers - Style of Friends (cs, Kalkatraz, 2022)JEAN-CHARLES CAPON / PHILIPPE MATÉ / LAWRENCE "BUTCH" MORRIS / SERGE RAHOERSON ‎ - Blues For Guy Labory (s/t, 1977 re Souffle Continu, 2022)KINLAW & FRANCO FRANCO - Milizie Ovunque - Mega Dopo Mega (Avon Terror Corps, 2021)MARCIA BASSETT - Auric Kaleidoscope - One Million Vibrant Astral Tints (BC, 2022)UNKNOWN - Suite De Cithare Inanga Avec Voix Chuchotée (Bujumbura) - V/A: Burundi: Musiques Traditionelles (Ocora, 1968)UNKNOWN - Akazéhé Par Deux Jeunes Filles (Kayanza) - V/A: Burundi: Musiques Traditionelles (Ocora, 1968)STAUBITZ AND WATERHOUSE - Runoff - Common Metals (Music Is the Worst, 2022)
Archives at Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at - Entertainer - Absolute Complete Unknown Demos (NL, 2022)NILS - Der Drummer Mit Dem Holzbein - 7" (Bellaphon, 1976)JEAN-JACQUES BURNEL - Freddie Laker (Concorde & Eurobus) - 7" (United Artists, 1979)BRIAN RURYK - For Maxine Chador, with Brian Turner - 12 Chairs For Chu Chu (Chocolate Monk, 2022)CHICO MAGNETIC BAND - Lot of Things - Chico Magnetic Band (Disques Vogue, 1971)RUPERT CLERVAUX - Simple Food For Our Simple Taste - Zibaldone IV of CVX (Laura Lies In, 2022)MAUVE - Nalombo - Imaginary (cs, Already Dead, 2022)SÄHKÖORKESTERI - Dark Pulses - Canned Aurora (NEN, 2022)VERA - Rosas E Garrafas - V/A: Prá Quem Sabe Das Coisas (1973, re Discos Nada, 2022)CAT SONGS ON TIKTOK 2022 HAVE THE FUTURE JUDEE SILLS STYLE LIGHT IN THE ATTIC CONTENT ELECTRIC BILL TRIO - Broken Rage - V/A: Blorp Esette 4CD Anthology (Transparency, 1999)THE CLIQUE - Superman - The Clique (White Whale, 1969)HANY MEHANNA - Mouled El-Khaleej - The Miracle of the Seven Dances (1973, re Radio Martiko, 2021)GROUNDHOGS - Music Is the Food of Thought (Live Pocono Raceway, 1972) - Roadhogs: Live From Richmond To Pocono 3LP (Fire, 2021)THE PAPERNIKS - Segment A - 7" (NL, 2022)SKIDD FREEMAN - Rock Star - More Songs CDR (NL, 1995)SORDIDE - Je N'ai Nui Pays - Les Idées Blanches (Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions, 2021)BATU - I Own Your Energy - I Own Your Energy (Timedance, 2021)WAMANI - Wayalla - Wamani (Pakapi, 2022)FEAR MERCHANTS - Fiasco - Mental (1983, re Emotional Response, 2019)RICK MYERS - Field/Obstacle (excerpt) - Obstacle #80: Indices (Cejero, 2022)ADRIANNE MUNDEN DIXON / LEO CHANG - Sixteen - Some Time (cs, Notice Recordings, 2022) 
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at btradio85@gmail.comKWELI OULD SEEYYID & KLAYHID OULD MEYLID - Wezin (Lebteyt) - V/A Wallahi Le Zein (Mississippi, 2021)IMPERIAL POMPADOURS - I Don't Want To Come Back (From the World of LSD) - Ersatz (Pompadour, 1982)SPIKE IN VAIN - Little Voice That Betrays - Jesus Was Born In a Mobile Home (cs, Scat, 1984)KILLOFF AND THE NEIGHBORS - Omićron - Buch (cs, Syf, 2022)WATER DAMAGE - Reel 5B - Repeater (12XU, 2022)RED PANTS - Lost Momentum - When We Were Dancing (Paisley Shirt, 2022)AL-MUTREB ABUL-LOUL - Sorry Habibti (Radio Edit) ft. Miramar Muhd and 1800s Internet - The Very Best and Last of Al-Mutreb (2012-2022) Retirement LP (Drowned By Locals, 2022)SISKEL VS. EBERT VS. BENJI THE HUNTEDROBERTO DE SIMONE - Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie - 12" (EMI, 1976)UNBELIEVABLE UGLIES - Research Into the Soul of Psychedelic Sound - V/A: Everything You Wanted To Know About 60's Mind Expansive Punkadelic Garage Instrumentals But Were Afraid To Ask (1967, Arf Arf 1993)A HANDFUL OF DUST - He Who Eats the Maggots of the Palm Tree - From a Soundtrack to the 'Anabase' of St-John Perse (cs, Corpus Hermeticum, 1995)FADENSONNEN - Flophouse Waltz - Mirror/Creeper (Fadensonnen, 2022)RIVERSIDE ROCKY - No Money - V/A: The Buntingford Long Playing Album (1981, re: Zaius Tapes, 2022)MEN WITH NO IQ'S - We Don't Need No Violence - Live at WC Don'sPHANTASM - Blown To Oblivion - Wreckage (1987, Deep Six, 2001)BLACK DEATH - Dirty Inner City Blues - Until We Rock: The Lost Recordings Of Black Death  (1988, Wyrd War 2020)BLACK SABBATH FAN GREETS BAND AT SIGNINGNIC FIT - Human Inane - Fuse (Upset the Rhythm, 2022)MANDY, INDIANA - Bottle Episode - EP (Fire Talk, 2021)SHIT AND SHINE - Stockwell - Everybody's A Fuckin' Expert (Editions Mego, 2015)TOMUTONTTU - Kultainen Lyyra - Seikkailun Tuoksu (Artsy, 2022)CRUDDY MURDA - Super - Super (Thirty Six Seven 2022)LORD KAYSO - Beyond Belief (ft. Chris Decastro) - Moor Chores (cs, NL, 2022)MATMOS - Flight to Sodom / Lot do Salo - Regards/Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer (Thrill Jockey, 2022)COLIN WEBSTER/ANDREW LISLE/OTTO WILLBURG - Sus - Scaffolding (Raw Tonk, 2022)TASSOS CHALKIAS - Dirminitsa (The Bride’s Dance) - Divine Reeds (Radio Martiko, 2021)
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Archives of all shows at brianturnershow.comPLAYLIST:DARK STAR - Sounds of The Sun - 7" (Dark Star, 1977)VON SUDENFED - Flooded - Live at Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, 2007MUSLIMGAUZE - Rebiana Sand Sea - Libya Tour Guide (Staalplaat, 2015)PITVA - Past - S/T (Static Age Musik, 2022)THE SHIFTERS - Work, Life, Gym etc. - Open Vault (Adagio380, 2022)WINGED WHEEL - Monsella - No Island (12XU, 2022)MUJERES PODRIDAS - Muerte en Paraíso - Muerte en Paraíso (Beach Impediment, 2021)GROINOIDS - Ain't - Lost (Necro-Tone, 2018)UNGODLY CHARIOT - UBIK - Demo IX From Outer Space (cs, Moonworshipper, 2022)𒀱𓆏 - Track 1 - 🙱🙵🝳𞤛𒌄 𒈟 𒍼 𒁎 𒀱 𒌧؁ ‱ ஹ ௸ ௵ ꧄ . ဪ ꧅ ⸻ 𒈙 𒅃 𒈓 𒍙 𒊎 𒄡 𒅌 𒁏 𒀰 𒐪 𒐩 𒈙 𒐫 (BrutalAxoPhrogSpace BC, 2022)PSYCHE NAH - Bar Wars - Psyche Nah 4 (BC, 2022)CHEB TERRO VS. DJ DIE SOON - Abdal Al Digital - Cheb Terro Vs. DJ Die Soon (Drowned By Locals, 2022)ZITO RIGHI E SEU CONJUNTO - Poema Ritmico Do Malandro - Alucinolândia (1969, re Mr. Bongo, 2022)TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN LA - The Plot That Failed - Spatters of a Royal Sperm (Hanson, 1992)TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN LA - When My Rifle Went Sour with Preposterous Headdress - The Wigmaker In 18th Century Williamsburg (Melno Park, 2002)NH METH - Unknown Gen - Unknown Gen (Karl Schmidt Verlag, 2021)TOM SMITH - BT remixes Tom's Teflon Dub CollectionTELEVISION - Hard On Love - Live on Underground Tonight TV Show, 1974ROLLING STONES - Happy - Randwick Racecourse, Australia, 1973 (shot by Deniz Tek)75 DOLLAR BILL (WITH SUE GARNER, CHERYL KINGAN, CHRIS NELSON - Black To Comm/9 To 5 - Social Music At Troost Vol. 3: (Other) People's Music (BC, 2022)PAPÉ NZIENGUI - Gho Mitsaba Na Voko - Kadi Yombo (Awesome Tapes From Africa, 2022)AKT 3 - Prince No Deserto Vermelho - Frauen-Feuer (1990, re: Discos Nada, 2022)MACHINE WOMAN - If Actress Was An Actress - Thank You Slipknot (cs, Sacred Tapes, 2015)HÉLÈNE BARBIER - La Peur - Regulus (Celluloid Lunch, 2021)REIKO AND TORI KUDO - Deep Sea Fish - Tangerine (A Colourful Storm, 2021)MARSHA FISHER - Goth Roosters - Stolen Lighters (cs, Falt, 2021)NASHENAS - Flower Had a Thorn -  Life Is a Heavy Burden: Ghazals & Poetry From Afghanistan (United Sounds of Asia, 2022)NOHE NOSHE - 222 (, 2022) for archivesOrder and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at btradio85@gmail.comMICK HARRIS - Van Gone - HeadNod Ten (BC, 2022)MAINLINER - Terra - Kamikaze (cs, La Musica, 1997, now on BC 2022)MEMPHIS ELECTRONIC - Camel Walk - One + One = One (Mono-Tone, 2021)KRUPOVIESA - Montevideo - Default (BC, 2021)THE FALL - No Bulbs - Janice Long BBC Session 9/9/84POSOPOSU OTANI - Paper Doll For a Sunny Day - Posuposu Otani 2021 (BC, 2021)NEGATIVE REACTION - Vietnam - Negative Reaction (1981, re: Zaius Tapes, 2022)CONTUMACE - Voider - Matt (Tanzprocesz, 2022)DIZZI SLICK & KEYBOARD KID - Cleats - Keys To the Trap (Underworld Dust Funk, 2021)LENA HESSELS - Crown (NL, 2022)THE EXBATS - Hey New Zealand - Now Where We (Goner, 2021)THE WEATHER PROPHETS - Lighthouse Room - Janice Long Session 10.10.85 (Precious Records of London, 2022)THE SILVER FIELD - Nomoon - split cs with Sullow (Betwixt & Between Tapes, 2022)HUBERT KOSTKIEWICZ - Untitled - Obscure Guitar Music From Eastern Europe Vol. 3 &4 (NL, 2022)DOO DOO KITTENS - Lift Me Up (I'm Weird) - V/A: Vertices de Flan (cs, Primordial Sids, 1991 now on BC)AMON DUUL II - Life - Carnival of Babylon (United Artists, 1972, CD reissue-only track, Repertoire, 1995)LUBRICATED GOAT - Nervequake - Plays the Devil's Music (Amphetamine Reptile, 1989)BJELKE-PETERSEN YOUTH - Stale Pattern Baldness - 7" (Devastation, 2002)ELECTRIC DRYWALL BAND - Locked In the Curtains - Electric Drywall Band (cs, All Gone, 2021)MEAN BIKKINI - Animal - V/A: Workers Comp (cs, All Gone, 2020)FULLY FEUDAL - Unknown Soldier - Fully Feudal (cs, NL, 2021)CENTENNIAL GARDENS - Into Beyond - Split (NL, 2021)INFERNAL MOSQUITOS - Improvviso - Antigua (Superpang, 2021)KILLICK & SAHADA - Foot Walk-In - Blimp (NL, 2022)GEO RIP - Tooni - Geo Rip EP (The Trilogy Tapes, 2022)MX-80 SOUND - Amplifier - V/A: 1981 (NL, 9CDR set)BUDGIE - Guts - Budgie (MCA, 1971)
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at btradio85@gmail.comPLAYLIST:DOPE PURPLE - Cosmic Rock Is Not Dead - Grateful End (WV Sorcerer Productions, 2021)WITCHES BROOM - Watching - Witches Broom (Cardinal Fuzz, 2022)TANK OF DANZIG - The People Are Hungry - Not Trendy (1982, re: Music à la Coque, 2013)LUCKY PIERRE - Communiqué - V/A: We Are Not Devo; US Synthpunk 79-84 (Energy Dome, 2021, orig 1988)LIQUID LUNCH - Plastic Is Good - Come Again (BC, 2021)TUPPERWARE - Big Tub - Tupperware (cs, Deluxe Bias, 2021)EMILY ROBB - Saucer - How To Moonwalk (Petty Bunco, 2021)MOHEGAN SUN/"RICK JAMES" - It's A Very Special Place - V/A: Taste What They’ve Done To My Oatmeal: The Worst Compilation Ever Made 1978-2020 (Classic Trash, 2020)MOHEGAN SUN/"THE KNACK" - Big Casino - V/A: Taste What They’ve Done To My Oatmeal: The Worst Compilation Ever Made 1978-2020 (Classic Trash, 2020)TACO BELL/"THE KNACK" - My Chalupa - V/A: Taste What They’ve Done To My Oatmeal: The Worst Compilation Ever Made 1978-2020 (Classic Trash, 2020)"THE TROGGS" - Cheesestring - V/A: Taste What They’ve Done To My Oatmeal: The Worst Compilation Ever Made 1978-2020 (Classic Trash, 2020)XL CAPRIS - Shark Horror - Where Is Hank (Axle/7, 1981)PRIVATE ANARCHY - Palm Was A Gas - Central Planning (Round Bale, 2019)BEGIN SAYS - Arbeit (Demo 1984) - Archives: First Tracks 1983-1985 (Endlesston, 2019)LEE SCOTT & SLY MOON - King of What - FDMB (Blah, 2021)ELENI POULOU/ELOPE - Excerpt - Boiling Holsten (cs, No Bounds Radio, 2021)ZBIGNEIW RYBCZYNSKI - Excerpt - Oh I Can't Stop! (1975)PETER TSCHERKASSKY - Excerpt - Outer Space (1999)PGM - Willie Nelson In Bali - Songs Everybody Knows (cs, NL, 1984)ALENA KRIVILLA - Огонёк Ларька - Encyclopedia For Boys (Post Materialization Music, 2021)ŠVENTINIS BANKUCHENAS - Baudų Baudužė - Nykstančių Liaudies Dainų Rinkinys (Dangus, 2021)ZAÏDI EL BATNI - Malik ya Malik - V/A: Maghreb K7 Club: Synth Raï, Chaoui & Staifi 1985-1997 (Bongo Joe, 2021)MINORU "HOODOO" FUSHIMI - Kenka Oyaji - Kenka Oyaji (Syntax, 1987)BLAWAN - Blika - Woke Up Right Handed (XL, 2021)AFRICAN GHOST VALLEY - HG - Hondas Goblins (Jollies, 2021)PRINCESS DIANA OF WALES - Still Beach - Princess Diana of Wales (cs, A Colourful Storm, 2021)MOHAMMED MUSTAFA HEYDARIAN - Improvisation Based on Shushtari - Songs of Horaman (cs, Radio Khiyaban, 2021)ANNE GILLIS - Rapid Eye Movement - Archives 5CD box: 1983-2005 (Art Into Life, 2015)ROKY ERICKSON ON KSAN 1978THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS - You're Gonna Miss Me (live) - You and I and Me (NL, 2020)CLIMAX - You...I - 7" (Ronnex, 1969)TELEPHONE EXCHANGE - Qué Irresponsable - Telégrafos de México (Up In Her Room, 2021)
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at MABUSES - The Gibbon Walk - The Mabuses (Shimmy Disc, 1991)CAMPFIRE WALKERS - The Modern Dance - V/A: Ubu Dance Party: A Tribute To Pere Ubu (Datapanik, 1997)BART AND JAN - De Dag Dat De Derde Wereldoorlog Ook Aan Ons Land Niet Onopgemerkt Voorbij Ging - 7" (Torso, 1981)PLASTICMAN - Old Street Tube - Forward Live: Vol 02 (Soulja/Tempa, 2005)WAMANI - Yaku - V/A: Urbanismo Primitivo (Pakapi, 2021)MARK STEWART VS LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY VS PETER HARRIS - Alpha (Adrian Sherwood Mix) - Mark Stewart VS (Emergency Hearts, 2021)RHYTHMUS RADIKAL - Jennifer - 12" (Intoleranz, 1983)VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - Door (Live at the Marquee Club, London 1978) - The Charisma Years 1970-78 20-CD Box (Virgin, 2021)CURLY CURVE - Shitkicker - Curly Curve (Brain, 1973)23 YEAR OLD BURZUMER - Rhythmic Black Metal Shitposting - Rhythmic Black Metal Shitposting (BC, 2021)CZAR - Iron Curtain - V/A: Scrap Metal Vol. 1 (Riding Easy, 2021)EMILY AND THE TOXIC BAIT - Burning Doll - Emily and the Toxic Bait (Mutant Embryo, 2020)SOPHIE AZAMBRE-LEROY - Presque Calme - Mix Tape Kaos (La Souterraine, 2021)SAADAT TÜRKÖZ / ELLIOTT SHARP - NYC - Kumuska (Intakt, 2019)J.P. SHILO - Out of Body (Hors du Corps) - Jubjoté (Heavy Machinery, 2021)OV PAIN - Excess and Expenditure - The Churning Blue of Noon (It, 2021)FHAB 4 - Dead Beatles - V/A: We Are Not Devo: US Synthpunk 79-84 (Energy Dome, 2021)ZZ TOP AT THE BEACON ON MY IPHONE 2012DIE SCHIEFE BAHN - Flammen - 6 Song Demo 7" (Emotional Response, 2021)BONDO - If - 77 (cs, Universal Freeing Object, 2021)MIAOW - When It All Comes Down - 12" (Factory, 1987)COOPER-MOORE & STEPHEN GAUCI - Improvisation 8 - Conversations Vol. 2 (577 Records, 2021)ANTELOPER - Fossil Record - Kudu (International Anthem, 2018)ONION ENGINE - Clods - Bulbs 7" (NL, 2021)ROBERT STARKS & THE GENIUSES - Space Traveling Part 2 - 7" (Big Star)SUN RA - Nidhamu (Pt. 2) (House Of Hartmut Geerken, Heliopolis 12.12.71) - Egypt 71 4CD (Strut, 2021)BUÑUEL - When God Used a Rope - Killers Like Us (Profound Lore, 2022)BLACK CILICE - Returning From Dimensions Below - Tomb Emanations 7" (Iron Bonehead, 2021)CHRIS WATSON - Hippopotami Emerging From River Mara - Outside the Circle of Fire (Touch, 1998)--
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at and archives at brianturnershow.comART HALK - Blaualgen - Bling Bling (Latenz, 2021)JOE MEAH - Dee Mmaa Pe - V/A: Essiebons Special 1973 - 1984 // Ghana Music Power House (Analog Africa, 2021)AUNT SALLY - Frank Ni - Aunt Sally (Vanity, 1979 re: Mesh-Key, 2021)MOONLOVE - Goodbye - May Never Happen (1985, re: Concentric Circles, 2021)RICHARD DAWSON and CIRCLE - Pitcher - Henki (Domino, 2021)ODWALLA 88 - Live In Olympia - Twiggy (Post Present Medium, 2021)BLURT - No Go Dada - Friday the 12th (Another Side, 1985)ORCHID SPANGIAFORA and GLANDS OF EXTERNAL SECRETION - Excerpt - QuaranTunes Series No.032 : Chronicles Of Magoo (Feeding Tube, 2021)BURNT ENVELOPE - Excerpt - I'm Immature: The Singles Vol. 2 (Salvagable Filth, 2020)DARK DEVOTION - Lost - Early Demos 2008-2011 (APOTT, 2021)MODEL HOME - Night Break - both feet en th infinite (Don Giovanni, 2021)DAVID GOREN - Excerpt - Brooklyn Pirates: Neighbourhoods in the Sky, 2014-2021 (Death Is Not the End, 2021)LEATHER RATS - Putting Danger Back on the Road (live) - No Live Til Leather '98 (Bokeh Versions, 2021)SPARKS - Missionary Position - Live on my old WFMU show October 2017 ( JOB - Die Spielsachen Des Chefs - Ohne Tanzen Planen (Arvo Disques, 2021)SEX A - Nestat Ću - Sedatives From the Pharmacy (Full Contact, 2021)THA RETAIL SIMPS  - Love Without Friction - Reverberant Scratch: 9 Shots in tha Dark (Total Punk, 2021)RAZORLEGS - The Almighty (cs, BC)AKIKO HOTAKA /TAKUA NISHIMURA/IKURO TAKAHASHI - 緑 Midori - Live (An'archives, 2021)GUDRUN GUT + MABE FRATTI - Let's Talk About the Weather II - Let's Talk About the Weather (Umor Rex, 2021)YOYOGI KOEN - 𠄌— 𠄌𠄌𠄌 𠄌𠄌𠄌𠄌 - Experimental Oriental (433 Records, 2021)PG SIX/LOUIS BOCK - Luminous Wind - All Summer Long Is Gone (cs, Feeding Tube, 2021)CZESLAW NIEMEN - Sariusz - Niemen Vol. 1 (Polskie Nagrania Muza, 1972)PETE BRANDT'S METHOD - What Are You - 7" (Fried Egg, 1980)CECILIA LOPEZ/JOE MOFFETT - Minor Ruination - Caprichos (Triptick Tapes, 2021)STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 AMATEUR SOLO ENSEMBLEKARKHANA - Al Sal3awa - Al Azraqayn (BC, 2021)
For the second half of the program today we're joined live from Dunedin, New Zealand by David and Hamish Kilgour, two thirds of The Clean! Formed in 1978, the trio of David, Hamish and Robert Scott (he of later and continued acclaim with The Bats, Magick Heads, etc.) boldly blazed the avenues of DIY-rock for their native land and its Flying Nun imprint which foisted the trio into national charts and eventual international awareness. Truly one of my favorite bands on the planet, The Clean created a color-soaked pastiche of psychedelia, post-punk, classic and futuristic moves despite their sporadic (yet ongoing) years of activity, and created a template for countless bands to follow then and now. We're spotlighting some rare and live tapes/radio and TV broadcasts today to celebrate a number of Clean-related reissues this past year, including Merge's recent reboots of the 1981 Boodle Boodle Boodle LP, Tally Ho 7", Unknown Country and Mister Pop LPs, and the extended reissue of David's Stephen project on the Yellow Electric imprint. Welcome David and Hamish and dig into a small slice of Clean history!  PLAYLIST:SERPENT - The Chase - 7" (HBL, 1978)RONNIE & NATALIE w/STUMPWATER - 6 Times - 7" (1972, re: Supreme Echo, 2016)EUGH - There's a Ghost In My House - Cassingle #2 (NL, 2021)LUGGAGE - Fear - Happiness (Husky Pants, 2021)COSTES - Smartphone Empire - Bad Trip In Petra (Drowned By Locals, 2020)FRAN ASHCROFT - A Tour of British Duck Ponds - A Tour of British Duck Ponds (BC, 2021)HORSE LORDS - Excerpt Side B - Mix Tape Vol. 1 (2012, re: Improved Sequence, 2021)TOUCH HEADS - Rise - Ah Pool (Arbitrary Signs, 2021)THE POP GROUP/DENNIS BOVELL - 3:38 - Y In Dub (Mute, 2021)BATU - I Own Your Energy - I Own Your Energy (Timedance, 2021)LENA HESSELS - Mare (NL, 2021)BONS - Diorama - Peri Bathaus (Spillage Fete, 2021)GOD SAVE THE CLEAN: Visit with David and Hamish Kilgour live from Dunedin NZBilly Two - Boodle Boodle Boodle (Flying Nun, 1981 re: Merge, 2021)Tally Ho - 7" (Flying Nun, 1981 re: Merge 2021)BT INTERVIEW WITH DAVID AND HAMISH KILGOUR Oddity - Live Rumba Bar, Auckland 5/15/82Whatever I Do - In-A-Live (Flying Nun, 1989)Middle Sized Mind - Odditties 2 (cs, Flying Nun, 1988)INTERVIEWI Wait Around (Acoustic) - Live MTV London, 5/90Getting Older - The Forum, Enger, 3/6/89DAVID KILGOUR / HAMISH KILGOUR / WILLIAM TYLER - Living in Space - Live on my old WFMU show 10/14/04Tensile - Primavera Sound, Barcelona 5/29/10In a Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul - Primavera Sound, Barcelona, 5/29/10INTERVIEWPoint That Thing Somewhere Else (w/Martin Phillips) - Sammy's, Dunedin 10/13/00 (KFJC broadcast)
THE DOOZER - The Garden - Convolescence (Feeding Tube, 2021)SIMON FINN - Jerusalem - Pass the Distance (Mushroom, 1970)JAAP BLONK & TERRIE EX - Cratchy - Thirsty Ears (Terp, 2018)A. BERTHLING - Dunno - 1000-1001 Hz - (Microwave, 1999)LAS SUCIAS - ¡Lávate 'se Culo! - ¡Salte del Medio! (cs, Ratskin, 2016)THE FALL - Victrola Time - Re-Mit (Cherry Red, 2013)with co-host Eleni Poulou:ANDREW PEKLER AND GIUSEPPI ILASI - Paros - Palimpsests (Shelter Pres, 2021)AYA METWALLI - Mathahafsh Metti - V/A: Nisf Madeena (Ma3azef, 2020)HETA BILALETDIN - Anaksa - Nauhoi (KRAAK, 2021)CIA DEBUTANTE - Decompositon Composition - Dust (Siltbreeze, 2021)MMM (ERRORSMITH & FIEDEL) - When Does Ghosting End - On the Edge (MMM)ARNOLD DREYBLATT - Escalator - Star Trap (Black Truffle, 2020)BETTER BEATLES - Eleanor Rigby - Mercy Beat (1981, Hook Or Crook 2007)ALIEN CITY - Information Overload - Alien City (Dog Star Productions, 1979)ANDRÉ VIDA/ZSOLT SŐRÉS - Breathless Excerpt (2021)ZEN-FASCHISTEN - Acid Head - 7" (Choose, 2001)KOPOLYANO KYOBE & BAND AS THE XYLOPHONE AND DRUMS ENSEMBLE (Abantamiivu) - Ssematimba ne Kikwabanga - V/A: Buganda Royal Music Revival (Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2021)ELIZABETH ARCHER & THE EQUATORS - Feel Like Making Love (Dub Version) - 7" (Lightning, 1977)K. KOSTIS -  This Summer (Τούτο Το Καλοκαιράκι) - V/A: Mortika (Mississippi/Canary, 2009)DAF - Die Lippe - Für Immer (Virgin, 1982)SWELL MAPS - Cake Shop - In "Jane From Occupied Europe" (Rough Trade, 1980)THE AXEMEN - Hey Alice - Derry Legend (Flying Nun, 1988)TABBY SENSIBILITIES - Spanner Space (NL, 2021)TERRY FOX - Excerpt - The Labyrinth Scored for the Purrs of 11 Different Cats (Het Apollohuis, 1989)
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at PLAYLIST:EUGENE CHADBOURNE & JIM McHUGH - Bad Scene - Bad Scene (Post Present Medium, 2021)BZDET - Winda - Witam (Syf, 2021)GONG - Sold To the Highest Buddha - Angel's Egg (Virgin, 1973)BERTIE MARSHALL - Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ya - Exhibit (Upset the Rhythm, 2021)GOUTOU - WET背 - Goutou (Inu Wan Wan, 2021)SKOALKANS - Nervous Breakdown - V/A: Perpendicular Jello (cs, Primordial Sid's, 1985)THOREME - Les Artisans - Les Artisans (Maple Death, 2021)ENO - Seven Deadly FInns - 7" (Island, 1974)JOHN HINCKLEY - Everything's Gonna Be Alright  (Spotify, 2021)D.O.A. - Fucked Up Ronnie - Bloodied But Unbowed (Alternative Tentacles, 1983)URIN - Plone - Afekt (Iron Lung, 2021)FOLTERAAR - Untitled - 7" (The Throat, 2014)DIAMANDA CHARLIE CALLASMALTASH - صلي على الموت - V/A: Resist To Exist (Avon Terror Corps/Exist Festival, 2021)JLIN - Embryo - Embryo (Planet Mu, 2021)UNKNOWN - Gap Choun - Dao Cham (Long Dress YAO) - V/A: MIEN (YAO) – Cannon Singing in China, Vietnam, Laos (Sublime Frequencies, 2021)PANCRACE - In the Evening - The Fluid Hammer (Penultimate Press, 2019)STEPHEN - Little Audrey - Radar of Small Dogs (Flying Nun, 1988 re: Yellow Electric, 2021)SON OF DRIBBLE - Dusty - Dusty (World of Birds, 2021)VIRGIL SHAW - Dancin Poodle - At the Time I Didn't Care (NL, 2021)LORETTE VELVETTE - Eager Boy - 7" (Singles Going Steady, 1993)THE FALL - Words of Expectation - Biel, Switzerland, 2/1/83HARVEY MATUSOW'S JEWS HARP BAND - Wetsocks/War Between Fats and Thins - War Between Fats and Thins (Head, 1969)COCHANNE - Trop - Emergency (Sorry State, 2021)GOLDBLUM - Fata Morgana - Of Feathers and Bones (KRAAK, 2021)EIJI NAKAYAMA - Far-Away Road - Aya's Samba (Johnny's Disc, 1978, re: Ultra-Vybe, 2021)GOD IS WAR - Grimey Gully Shit - Abou Knees (cs, Portrayal of Guilt, 2021)PHEW - Days Nights - New Decade (Mute, 2021)
Previous show archives: www.brianturnershow.comSONIC ARCHIVE DIVE WITH STEVE SHELLEYSONIC YOUTH - The World Looks Red - Live at the Kitchen 1982  - SY BCSONIC YOUTH - Brother James/Kill Yr Idols - Denver 7/86, SY BCSONIC YOUTH  - Ghost Bitch (live 1985) - Candle 12" (Enigma, 1989) SY BCSONIC YOUTH - Cotton Crown - Town & Country London 6/4/87, SY BCTHURSTON MOORE - Intro poem to Dave Markey's film 1991: The Year Punk BrokeSONIC YOUTH - Non Metal Dude Wearing Metal Tee - Silver Rocket 7" (Forced Exposure, 1988)SONIC YOUTH - Mary Christ - Irvine CA 11/3/90, SY BCSONIC YOUTH - Genetic - Brixton Academy 12/14/92, SY BCDISAPPEARS + STEVE SHELLEY + WHITE/LIGHT - Salem - S/T (2009, rel. Vampire Blues, 2021)CRUCIFUCKS - Similar Items - s/t (Alternative Tentacles, 1984)STRANGE FRUIT ABIKU - On Top of the Hill - 7" (Babel, 1983)SONIC YOUTH - I Wanna Be Yr Dog (live on Night Music NBC, 1989)THURSTON/KIM/MARK IBOLD/JULIE CAFRITZ- Grunge Pedal, audio excerpt from Dave Markey film, 1991 (demo of Grunge Pedal w/Thurston reading lyrics of Jeff McDonald, Jack Brewer, Ibold reading of Byron Coley's Free Kitten liners) SONIC YOUTH - Rowche Rumble - Peel Session/4 Tunna Brix 12" (Goofin, 1990) (note: Also hear Steve in Spectre Folk's all-Fall covers session w/James Canty, Peter Meehan, Pete Nolan, Aaron Mullan and Mark Ibold on my old WFMU program, 4/21/15: YOUTH - Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World/Beat On the Brat - Hold That Tiger boot, 10/14/87 Cabaret Metro, Chicago (Goofin, 1991) SY BCLEE RANALDO AND THE DUST - She Cracked - Live on my old WFMU show 1/7/14 (full set archive: YOUTH - Starpower (Acoustic '09) - Gossip Girl TV appearance, SY BCSONIC YOUTH - Schizophrenia - Battery Park 7/4/08 - WFMU 50th Anniversary broadcast (not on Matador LP Battery Park NYC, which was a single LP excerpt of that gig as a pre-sale bonus to The Eternal release)SONIC YOUTH - Skip Tracer - Live at the Orange Peel, Asheville NC 8/20/04, SY BCSONIC YOUTH - Treatise (Olympia, Paris 6/7/01, Goodbye 20th Century concert) SY BCbreakBONUS TRACK FOR THE SHOW 
Playlists and archives at and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at PLAYLIST:GREGG TURKINGTON - Introduction - V/A: 80/81 Records Presents: Free (80/81 Records, 2015)SHOP REGULARS - Mischief - Merrie Melodies #03 (cs, Merrie Melodies, 2021)ALGARA - Expulsados - Absortos En El Tedio Eterno (La Vida Es En Mus, 2021)STINGRAY - Feeding Time - Feeding Time 7" (La Vida Es En Mus, 2021)VAULT DEPROGRAMMER - Malicious Vision - split cs w/Bloated (Toilet Noise Series, 2021)BURNT SKULL - No Eyes - Sewer Birth (12XU, 2014)JUMBO ZEN - Self Contained - V/A: Fast Forward #10 (cs, Fast Forward, 1982)PYRAMIDZ - Citrus - Built For Yesterday (BC, 2021)MELENAS - Cartel de Neón - Melenas (El Nebula/Snap! Clap!/Elsa 2017, re: Trouble In Mind, 2021)LET'S ACTIVE - Mr. Fool - Every Dog Has His Day (IRS, 1988)ARMED FORCE - Popstar - 7" (AFI, 1979)SEI STILL - Extrarradio - El Refugio (Fuzz Club, 2021)LEDA - Covid Rock 2 - Covid ”Music” I Made With My Guitar (cs, Knotwilg, 2021)IDI AMIN DADA PLAYS THE ACCORDIONROBERT MILLIS - Radio Tamil Nadu Part 2 - Bats In the Temple (CDR, Fire Breathing Turtle, 2009)AYA - Emley Lights Us Moor (feat Iceboy Violet) - I'm Hole (Hyperdub, 2021)TIKKUN OLAM - World of Light - World Ov Light (The Jewel Garden, 2021)MULTA - Razorlip - Multa (Discos Carnitas, 2021)ADOLF SATAN - Point and Grunt - Adolf Satan (Bestial Onslaught Productions, 2004)CHERUBS - A Pair of Pear Tarts - SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY (Relpase, 2021)RICHARD DAWSON & CIRCLE - Lily - Henki (Domino, 2021)NÁRODNI DÍVADLO - Pravý Hák Arthura Cravana- Antropocén (cs, Stoned To Death, 2021)BLACKS' MYTHS - Northern Confederate - Blacks' Myths I & II (Atlantic Rhythms, 2021)FEEDTIME - Motorbike Girl - Suction (Rough Trade, 1989)LITTLE ANGELS - Little Angels - Demo (cs, Kill Enemy, 2021)KLEU & DEEFA - Scallywag - Scallywag EP (Serial Killaz, 2021)CAM DEAS & JUNG AN TANGEN - That (yGrid/D#) - Presentism (Diagonal, 2011)LAGER AMPULLEN - Sky- FiCABARET VOLTAIRE - The Set Up - Cabaret Voltaire (cs, Cavbolt Publications Ltd, 1978)CABARET VOLTAIRE - Walls of Jericho - 12" (Rough Trade, 1981)
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at for all archives.PLAYLIST:IGGY POP & MATT SWEENEY - European Son - V/A: I'll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute To the Velvet Underground and Nico (Verve, 2021)FANG - Enjoy the View - 7" (1981; RE: Improved Sequence, 2021)ELIZABETH ARCHER & THE EQUATORS - Feel Like Making Love (Dub) - 7" (Lightning, 1977)HELENA CELLE'S CORRESPONDENCE TABLE - Nightside of Kelvin - Glasgow Decentral (cs, Fort Evil Fruit, 2021)SCREAM + DANCE - Giacometti - In Rhythm 7" (Recreational, 1982)LSD MARCH - I Can Only Swim At Night - At Night (An'archives, 2021)DEAD C - Horror Stories - Horror Stories (Language, 2021)SMOTE - Hauberk - Drommon (Rocket, 2021)THE BUG - High Rise (w/Manga Saint Hilare) - Fire (Ninja Tune, 2021)MIDDEX - Host -  Let the Engine-Loud Apocalypse Play Havoc with your Soul (cs, Demotic Brick, 2021)SAINT ABDULLAH - Fuck That Calculus Teacher - To LIve Ala West (cs, Cassuana, 2021)CZYNSZ - Jak Wygladmy? - Czynsz EP (Syf, 2021)TINNITUSK - Blue Letter (Fleetwood Mac) - Live at Radtown (NL, 2017)URO - I Dag Dør Staten - V/A: København I Ruiner (Kick N' Punch, 2013)LOS MAURAUDERS - Live On TV - La Colère de Ramsès - La Colère de Ramsès (NL, 2010)BREN'T LEWIIS ENSEMBLE - Area 51 Is Pink - Toupée Made Of Weather (BUFMS, 2021)CDG - Audiophiles - Unconditional (Domestic Departure, 2021)PIGEON - Deny All Knowledge of Simplicity - Deny All Knowledge of SImplicity (Adagio830, 2021)THEY MUST BE RUSSIANS - Don't Try To Cure Yourself - 7" (Fresh, 1980)FULLY FEUDAL - Open Field - Fully Feudal - CDR (NL, 2021)SANTA SPREES - Fell In the Well - Fanfare For Tonsils (Muteant Sounds, 2021)LUKE STEWART - Track 4 - Works For Electric Bass Guitar (Triptick Tapes, 2021)JAMEEL MOONDOC AND DENIS CHARLES - Judy's Bounce - We Don't (1981, Eremite, 2003)MICHAEL CHAPMAN - Anniversary - Live on my old WFMU show, 6/11/12 (Free Music Archive)
Archives at Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at btradio85@gmail.comPLAYLIST:THE ROLLING STONES - Rice Krispies AdTHE ROLLING STONES - Rocks Off - Will Keith Wake Up In Time For The Afternoon Show In Perth Australia 24/2/1973?? (Bootleg)JIVESTREET REVIVAL - Shattered In Rays - 7" (Slackersound, 2021)THE HAMSTERS - Televisiontis - Stupid Songs Vol. 1 & 2 (cs, Fuzzy Warbles, 2019)NOIZUNZURI - Al - Figure and Ground (cs, Skating Pears/Stack Orientation, 1982)INFERIOR COMPLEX - Invisible - Invisible (NL, 2021)SEVEN THAT SPELLS - In - The Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: AUM (Beta-Lactam Ring, 2012)MARIE DELTA - Secousse Volcanique - Route de Nuit (La Souterraine, 2021)COMITÉ HYPNOTISÉ - Chickpea Shimmy - Dubs Pour Oh La La (Cortizona, 2021)REI COMPACT- In the Year of the Fuckup - V/A: C.I. Label Sampler #15 (Chemical Imbalance, 2021)ARBETE OCH FRITID - Gånglåt Efter Lejsme Per Larsson, Malung - Arbete Och Fritid (MNW, 1973)AURITA Y SU CONJUNTO - Chambacu - Chambacu (Mississippi, 2021)CONNIE SMITH - I'm Not Over You - The Cry of the Heart (Fat Possum, 2021)SLEEPY JOHN - River - Sleepy John (1970, re: Gear Fab 2004)POWERPLANT - Hey Mr. Dogman - People In the Sun (Erste Theke Tonträger/Dreamland Syndicate, 2019)ORGANIZED FILTH - Not Quite Dead Yet - Demo (cs, Don't Wanna Talk Records, 2019)VULGARATOR - Mamut - III (Syf, 2021)THE WE LOVE NYC CONCERT FIGHTS HURRICANE HENRI AND CNN'S ENTITLED BACKSTAGE MOOCHES RONNIE & THE RAY GUNS - Let the Pigs Run Wild - Nancy's China 7" (Broken Dish, 1982)HUMAN POTATOES - Bartolin's Scream - V/A: Back from the Canigó: Garage Punks Vs Freakbeat Mods Perpignan 1989-1999 (Staubgold, 2019)JOHNNY BLACK ET LES JOKERS - Mayi Bo Ya? - V/A: Cameroon Garage Funk (Analog Africa, 2021)BLURT - Uzi - Uzi (Blurt, 2021)HORSE LORDS - Excerpt - Mixtape Vol. 1 (2012, re: Improved Sequence, 2021)BALIGH HAMDI - Chaka Chico - Modal Instrumental Pop of 1970's Egypt (Sublime Frequencies, 2021)FUTEISHA - Nel Roseto - Attorno A Me Le Ombre (Chiærichetti Æditore Ræcordings, 2021)MAGGOTS - Ampoén - Thanks To the World (Indonesia, 2005)TROUBLE - Assassin - Psalm 9 (Metal Blade, 1984)SALMANDA - Bubble Bamboo Princess - Bubble Bamboo Princess (NL, 2021)LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY - Caveman Skank - Cloak and Dagger (Upsetter, 1972)THE FALL - Why Are People Grudgeful - Live Hallam Univ., Sheffield 4/7/93--
Archives and playlists Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at MARS - Pale Blue Eyes - Rehearsal Tapes and Alt-Takes NYC 1976-1978 (Anomia, 2021)STATIC - Punk Nation (Demo 1978) - Toothpaste and Pills: Demos and Live 1978-81 (Third Man, 2021)FEMA - Disaster Rap PSAHEAVY METAL - I Am Something - Live At the Gas Station Fighting the Devil (Total Punk, 2021)AIT MESLAYENE - El Fen - V/A: Habibi Funk 015: An Eclectic Eelection of Music From the Arab World, Part 2 (Habibi Funk, 2021)OYISSE - Pema - Olembo (Hakuna Kulala, 2021)ROADHOUSE - Shooting and Missing - Aladdin Sales (Sophomore Lounge, 2021)PLUS INSTRUMENTS - Words - Special Agreement (Plurex, 1980)BULBILS - Cherrydown Now a Tiny Cluster of Lights Bobbing On a Sea of Darkness, We Lift Into the Air - 63. River Kingdrom (BC, 2021)DRUNKS WITH GUNS - Wonderful Subdivision - Seconds Verses (Intellectual Convulsion, 1990)MARQUEE MELTDOWN (NL, 2021)BILL ORCUTT - A Mechanical Joey (excerpt) - A Mechanical Joey (Fake Estates, 2021)MUQATA'A - Quboor Mamila - Kamil Manqus كَامِل مَنْقوص (Hundebiss, 2021)POZI - Detainer Man - Typing EP (Prah, 2021)NYAH FEARTIES - Railway Beast Waltz - Desperation 'o' a Dyin' Culture -(Brockwellmuir Broadcast, 1990) THE FALL - City Hobgoblins - Live the Plaza, Glasgow 1981THE SCIENTISTS - I Wasn't Good At Picking Friends - Negativity (In the Red, 2021)MAMMAL - Karma Isn't Real - One Foot In the Fog (cs, Animal Disguise, 2021)COMPUTER - Side B (excerpt) - American Digital Prayer (Skrot Up, 2020)SPUTNIK TRIO - What the Hate - What the Hate (Raw Tonk, 2021)RAY RUSSELL - These That I Am - Secret Asylum (1974, Re: Cuneiform 2021)DEVO - Too Much Paranoia - Live France 1978VIRVON VARVON - Mind Cancer (Demo) - Mind Cancer (Girlsville, 2019)MC KONO - Il Jini Song Wapi - V/A: Sounds of Pamoja (Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2021)DENZEL CURRY - The Game - The Game (PH Recordings, 2021)CRAZY DOBERMAN - Relentless Hunger - Illusiory Expansion (Astral Spirits, 2021)AYMERIC DE TAPOL - Azote Rhythmique - Lost In the Shell (Knotwilg, 2021)GHOSTS OF THE HOLY GHOST SPERMIC BROTHERHOOD - For Donna B - For (AI Resonant, 2016)
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