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Reels & Heels Podcast where we'll discuss Movies, TV and Pro Wrestling!!
58 Episodes
Today we celebrate our quirkiness, and let our Geek Flag Fly by talking about our unique hobbies that others would consider too be too nerdy for the "Cool Kids"Reels & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
Willow takes the helm once again, Brian & Nicole are spending Quality Time with the family for the holiday weekend. She is joined by Will Peden, Co-Creator of Heel Turn. A comic about a Luchador Serial killer.
Reels & Heels Episode #57: The Totally Rad Power Rangers Episode: It's MORPHIN TIME!! On this weeks Totally Rad episode we'll be talking about all things Power Rangers and how it's lasted 28 years and counting!! We'll be joined by returning Reels & Heels favorites Darius McDaniels and Ryan Permison!! Also joined by special guest David J. Fielding (Zordon MMPR), Edgar Pasten (Saban Entertainment) and Jim E. Noble (Totally Rad Comics).
On this episode we have a great roundtable of comic creators that will share their creative journey. We're going to be joined by Brian Rodman (Memoirs of an Angel, The Nebulizer) , Wendy Steen Shaner (Naughty Faeries Stripper Assassins), Grant Lankard (Monarch Publishing, Beowulf), Chuck Pineau (To Much to list LOL), Terry Mayo (Buddy), Ozzy Fernandez (TMNT, Mangus Robot Fighter, Street Fighter, TMNT x Ghostbusters) and Jeni Gregory (DreamWalker, Underdog, Casper & Wendy, Funny Man). Join us as we talk to these wonderful creators about the world of comics and how they got involved, as well as where they think the industry is going.
Today we're joined by radio host & musician Rebekah Lawson, convention booking agent/business owner Sarah Douthat, comic writers Garrett Gunn and Dustin Brunell. This will be a very fun episode as we hear about their creative journeys and so much more!!Reels & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
Today we're joined by Buzz Dixon, the writer of so many great comics and cartoons including G.I. Joe, Transformers, Thundarr The Barbarian, Jem, Tiny Toons Adventures and much more!! Come join us as we walk down memory lane and hear all the stories about how certain episodes came to be!!
Today we're joined by Daniel Pesina who's returning almost a year after his first appearance on the show!! We'll ask him for his thoughts on the new Mortal Kombat film, Scorpion's Revenge and MK11. We'll see what he's been up to over the last year and a whole bunch more shenanigan's!! Daniel is an American martial arts expert and a former freelance employee of Midway.Pesina started his work as an extra in martial arts films, appearing as one of Shredder's foot soldiers in the 1991 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.A lifelong friend of designer John Tobias, Pesina was brought by him to work in a fighting game featuring digitized characters, 1992's Mortal Kombat, where he played Johnny Cage and ninja characters Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Reptile, and served as a martial arts coordinator for the game. Then in Mortal Kombat II he reprised his roles from the previous game, also playing the roles of Smoke, and Noob Saibot.
Today we discuss A&E's new WWE series Most Wanted Treasures, which shows WWE looking around the world for lost memorabilia to showcase in their HOF collection. We'll find out what Nicole thought about the reboot Mortal Kombat film and discuss Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale!!
Reels & Heels Co-Host Willow Skylor takes over the show for a completely random show, she doesn’t even know who will show up. There is no plan, just get in and enjoy the ride.Reels & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
Today, Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Jobin will be showing off our mail call as Nicole and Brian got cool packages and we'll also be talking about Chris Jericho being on Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the topic that we didn't get to last week movie theaters opening back up.
Today, Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Jobin, Co-host Willow Skylor and guest Hennesy Williams from the Kountry & Henny Show will be discussing WWE moving to the NBCU streaming service Peacock, WrestleMania 37, NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver, Movie Theater's opening back up in New York & Los Angeles and we might even do a surprise Funko giveaway!! What are your thoughts on WWE moving to Peacock? Are you excited that movie theaters are opening back up?
Today, Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Jobin & Co-Host Willow Skylor, along with panelists Ryan Permison from Nerd Culture and Fantasy Author Rose Marie Rose of Saturday Morning Cartoons, discuss everything Funko from our own collections to what makes Funko so popular with collectors around the world. Do you guys have a favorite Funko item? Reels & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
Today's episode, Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Jobin will be joined by Adam Gagnon and Mike Virgilio creators of the comic Social Studies. We'll learn about them and how this book came about. We'll also be announcing our new monthly giveaway!! We'll also be talking about WandaVision and the upcoming Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney+
Brian & Nicole have left Willow in control of the Reels & Heels Studio. She’s invited some friends to play music and chat with.Reels & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
Today, Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Jobin are about all things magic as they discuss movies, tv show and comic characters that deal with magic. They'll be joined by Nerd Culture's Travis Troller and long time Magician Erick Olson and he'll be performing a couple tricks for us as we're diving into this great topic!! What are some of your favorite magic related movies or TV shows? Reels & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
Today, Reels & Heels Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Jobin are joined by MBL Entertainment's Marc B Lee and Greg Lavance Jr as they delve into Black History Month. Reels & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
Today, Reels & Heels Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Marie have assembled a team of guests, including co-host Willow Skylor, MBL Entertainment's Saturday Morning Cartoons co-host Jerome Conner, Paranormal Author Mark Muncy of Eerie Florida, John B. Pyka and more, to discuss how the #MCU became to be and all the challenges they faced along the way. Before Marvel Studios became the juggernaut it is today the landscape of the Marvel universe was very different in Hollywood. How would a newly formed studio under the guidance of film producer Kevin Feige even succeed without key characters like Fantastic Four, X-Men and Spider-Man?Reels & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
Today, Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Jobin with Co-Host Willow Skylor are joined by Saturday Morning Cartoons' own Jerome Conner & Dave Adams of Unrelated Birth to discuss a war like no other in the entertainment industry...The Streaming Wars!! With so many streaming services from Netflix to HBO Max to Disney+, how do you know what to choose? Well with our roundtable of guest including Jerome Connor from Saturday Morning Cartoons and Dave Adams from The Unrelated At Birth podcast we'll go over the history, where streaming is at now and where streaming is going!!
Today, Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Jobin, along with Co-Host Willow Skylor will be talking about their love for Pro Wrestling, everything from favorite promos, matches, wrestlers and more!! They'll also be talking about the 2021 Royal Rumble and recent WrestleMania announcements!! Come watch as they're joined by returning guest John B. Pyka.Reels & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
Today, Reels & Heels Hosts Brian Wenzloff & Nicole Jobin, Co-Host Willow Skylor and panelist Omar Rios are joined by special guest former MMA fighter turned comic creator Nathan Quarry!! He was on The Ultimate Fighter and fought in the UFC Octagon with a 12-4-0 record. He also co-host an MMA podcast called MMA Uncensored Live He is the creator of Zombie Cage Fighter which is on Kickstarter and we are backers!! We'll be talking about his career in MMA, his podcast, comic cons and more!!!Kickstarter For Zombie Cage Fighter: & Heels On The Web:Facebook: Podcasts:
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