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Author: Joshua Toomey

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In the world of music podcasting, there are basically two categories - podcasts by fans, and podcasts by famed musicians that have reached the pinnacle of success. Somewhere in the middle of that is the Talk Toomey podcast. Hosted by Joshua Toomey, who previously was a member of national recording artists Primer 55, Talk Toomey avoids the pitfalls of fandom and the backslapping glad handing that comes from successful bands shamelessly talking to each other. Instead, you get focused, powerful and real looks into “the inner circle” of being a hard rock/heavy metal band, complete with questions most are too afraid to ask because their experience doesn’t meet or exceed the level needed to ask and relate. Talk Toomey has been regularly hailed as a top show since the onset, being highlighted on sites like Blabbermouth, Brave Words, etc. Talk Toomey is released for music fans free every Thursday!
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David Ellefson of Megadeth joins Drag The Waters. Dave is on to discuss the time Dimebag was offered the gig in Megadeth, how Vinnie Paul suggested they open with Hangar 18 and the origins of the Black Tooth. Dave also talks about his new book Rock Star Hitman and lets us know how the recent Ellefson live shows went. David is one of the best interviews out there and this one does not disappoint.Matt Byrne of Hatebreed also pops on to talk about the time Dimebag jumped up with them to play a song and how Vinnie Paul influenced his drumming. Support the show (
Matt Byrne of Hatebreed joins the podcast this week. Matt is on to discuss the latest Hatebreed album "Weight of the False Self". Matt and I also talk about our lawn equipment, how being off tour has been and his history in Hatebreed.  Support the show (
Buck Dharma joins Toomey and Wadzilla to discuss the latest BOC record, touring with KISS and what took them so long to record a new record. This is the final episode of Diabolus In Podcastica. Thank you to everyone that checked out an episode.Support the show (
DTW - Patrick King

DTW - Patrick King


Patrick King is Vinnie Paul's longtime HELLYEAH drum tech. Patrick has great stories about becoming Vinnie's tech, touring with the band throughout the years and partying with Vin. Patrick also grew up in Dallas where he saw the band in their pre-Cowboys formation and running into Dime at the clubs. Things do get a somber tone when Patrick recounts learning of Vinnie's passing and working with the crew for Vinnie's video memorial.Support the show (
Mark Eglinton

Mark Eglinton


Mark Eglinton is the co-writer of the Rex Brown book "Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story of Pantera". Mark joins the show and sets the record straight on some of the comments made by Rex around the time of the release of the book. Mark discusses the writing process and traveling with Rex while Rex was a member of Down. We also talk about how the members of Down treated him while he was out with the band, his thoughts on Pantera and more.Support the show (
Robb Rivera returns to the Talk Toomey Podcast to discuss the upcoming Nonpoint LiveStream. On Oct 10th you can see them perform Statement in it's entirety. The live event is entitled "20 Years Of Making A Statement" and more info can be found at We talk about the making of Statement, the tours and everything surrounding the record. We also go over what he has been up to these last few months and the future of Nonpoint. Support the show (
Terry Glaze

Terry Glaze


This is a preview of the new podcast from Joshua Toomey. The show is all about Pantera!! Go Subscribe to Drag The Waters for future episodes.The debut episode of Drag The Waters brings us Terry Glaze. Terry was the original vocalist of Pantera and appeared on the first three independent releases, Terry is on to discuss the early days of the band, hanging with Metallica at Darrell's house and his post Pantera career.Support the show (
Joe Cotela of Ded joins the Talk Toomey Podcast this week to discuss the latest news in DED. We discuss working with Kevin Churko, postponed tours and beards. Joe is always great to catch up with. Support the show (
Ep. 267 Burton C Bell

Ep. 267 Burton C Bell


Welcome to the 5 year anniversary episode of Talk Toomey. I could not have asked for a better guest to have on the show. Burton C Bell of Fear Factory and Ascension of the Watchers makes his Talk Toomey debut. Burton is on the show to discuss the upcoming Ascension of the Watchers album, some Fear Factory talk and internet haters. Thanks to Bakko and LC from the Cobras and Fire Podcast for the great call in. Thanks to everyone that has ever listened to an episode and enjoyed their time. Support the show (
Cristian Machado joins the Talk Toomey Podcast to discuss his latest release "Hollywood Y Sycamore". We discuss the process of writing and recording the album, plans for shows and if a heavy record will follow. Make sure to also catch this interview in video form on YouTube.Support the show (
Mike Spreitzer of DevilDriver recently joined Joshua Toomey and The Talk Toomey Livestream. Mike discussed the upcoming DevilDriver album "Dealing with Demons". He also talked about the country covers album, touring with Static-X and playing Coal Chamber songs in the set.  Support the show (
Jam packed episode this week. First up we have David Silveria and Richard Nguyen of Breaking In A Sequence. They are on the program to discuss the latest in all things BIAS. This was taken from the Talk Toomey Live show that streamed on YouTube and Facebook. Lots of good fan questions and comments throughout the interview. David talks drums, influence and reflects on some Korn history.Next up is Brittney Slayes of Unleash The Archers. Unleash The Archers are an amazing power metal band from Canada and have a new album coming out entitled "ABYSS". Brittney talks about everything they are doing around the release of the new album, a streamed concert and even a D&D game with lucky winners.Support the show (
Mark Hunter joined the live show on Facebook and YouTube to continue the Chimaira album breakdowns. Mark is on this week to discuss "The Impossibility of Reason". We take a dive into each track of the record. We discuss tours with Spineshank, Ill Nino and also OzzFest 2003. Dreadlocks, Bjork and member changes also abound!! Support the show (
Ep. 264 Dee Snider

Ep. 264 Dee Snider


The Legend himself, Dee Snider, graces the Talk Toomey Podcast with his presence. Dee is on to talk about his latest live album, FOR THE LOVE OF METAL LIVE. Dee also talks about the process of writing and recording the original For The Love Of Metal Album with Jamey Jasta, Howard Jones, Mark Morton and more. Dee discusses how podcasts have changed the landscape and how corporate rock radio made us start podcasts. We also get into his generations of fans and he tells a great Gene Simmons story. To start this episode out we bring in Randy McStine of McStine and Minnemann. You may not know that name but they are a great proggy band that was suggested to me by friend of the show, Fred Coury. Randy brought it as a guest and will definitely be back on for his own long form interview in the future.Rate, Review and Subscribe to Talk Toomey. Tell your friends!!Support the show (
Jeremy Spencer joins the Talk Toomey Podcast this week to discuss his latest band, Psychosexual. Their album, Torch The Faith, will be released July 31st through 6ex Records. Jeremy and I also discuss the Eastland Mall, getting into KISS at a young age and forming Five Finger Death Punch. Jeremey also talks about his back surgery and becoming a reserve Police Officer. To start off the episode we bring in Josh Vargas. Josh has a movie in Drive Ins and Theaters now entitled "Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre". Josh tells us all about the movie, the cameos from Tom Araya, David Vincent and more. Support Josh in all that he is doing.Make sure to subscribe, rate and review Talk ToomeySupport the show (
Jon Drake of The Nerfherder Council and Ro Kohli of War Machine Marketing joined Talk Toomey Live this week. The conversation went from custom action figures to Star Wars to your ultimate super group and back to Star Wars. Jon and Ro never disappoint. Download now or head over to YouTube to watch the video.Support the show (
Tony Campos returns to Talk Toomey after a 4 year absence. Tony is here to discuss the latest Static-X release, the 20th Anniversary Tour for Wisconsin Death Trip and more. Tony was a great guest as always.Support the show (
Here is the audio from the latest episode of Talk Toomey Live. Chris Czynszak of the Decibel Geek podcast and Matt Naas of the Roach Koach podcast joined me for a spirited talk about favorite concerts, Wayne County Lyfe and lip syncing. Make sure to tune into Talk Toomey Live on Tuesday Nights at 9p ET on the official Talk Toomey Facebook Page or the Talk Toomey YouTube channel. You can watch and comment along with the stream. Support the show (
Connie Burton is the older sister of the great Cliff Burton. Connie joins the show this week to discuss all things Cliff!! We go over his upbringing and when he was headbanging as a baby. Connie and I also discuss his time in Trauma, joining Metallica and his distain of fame and fortune. Connie lets us in on her thoughts about the circumstances that surrounded Cliff's passing and was it something bigger than just drawing an unlucky card? Connie was open and honest about her time with Cliff and was a great guest for the podcast. Since this is a special episode, I brought in a fellow bass player and Cliff enthusiast, Jake Massanari of Them Evils. Jake and I talk about our different ways in discovering Cliff and what he meant to us growing up . We debate the greatness of Metallica and even give Rob some love. Jake also let's us in on what's new with Them Evils. Support the show (
This is audio from the live stream featuring Chris Akin from The Classic Metal Show and Jason T Smith of Thrifty Business. These two are from Cleveland and the Cleveland stories are plentiful. We also discuss their run ins with reality TV, Lollapalooza at Blossom and Mushroomhead. It was a blast getting these two together. Sit back and enjoy.Support the show (
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Bob Shindorf

love Josh Todd great phone in interview

Nov 19th
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