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A podcast highlighting various entrepreneurs and business professionals roadmap for success and growth.
30 Episodes
On this episode of the podcast, we speak with Nathaniel Wilkens, CEO of the Ageless workout. Nathaniel Wilkins spent 27 years as a park and recreation administrator and decided to manage fitness programs at hotels and spas. He now devotes his career to making health, wellness, and healing to be something that is achievable for everyone. According to Nate, "Wisdom is a valuable virtue and the ability to tap that will give you the most optimal approach among the available evidence and research in order to choose the best training method". He discusses the importance of commitment, building the right tribe, and the push to be the best one can be. He also highlights the importance of doing the small things to achieve optimal health.Learn more about Nate Wilkins at agelessworkout.comVisit our website: yourcompanyhealth.comPlease write us a review on Apple: us on Facebook: to Our Youtube Channel:
In this episode of the podcast, Ann-Marie and Andre Wright assessed the digital marketing landscape and reviewed key areas highlighted in the visibility book. It is even more evident now that organizations must employ a solid digital strategy to effectively attain their goals. Get Andre's new book at HERE  or write us a review on Apple: us on Facebook: to Our Youtube Channel:
When it comes to Youth leadership and development, there is no other than Dean Fusto to discuss the topic. In this episode of the podcast, we speak with Dean Fusto of Brandon Hall. Dean is a 2020 recipient of the Klingenstein Fellowship at Teachers College, Columbia University and the President and Head of Brandon Hall,  an international boarding and day school serving students in grades 6-12. Dean is also the Founder of the Center of Youth Leadership at the school. His career spans nearly three decades as an educational leader.Dean spoke about the importance of fostering the right environment for students to thrive and also highlighted the effective programs at his school. These programs he highlighted were strategically designed to help students developed their " Why" and nurture their inner abilities. Dean and the team at Brandon Hall have developed a very effective program over the years that has resulted in enormous success.Learn more about Dean at or brandonhall.orgPlease write us a review on Apple: us on Facebook: to Our Youtube Channel:
Recently we had James Washington on the podcast. James is a healthcare consultant with US HEALTH ADVISORS. When you have questions he has Answers! James has been helping families for many years and is very active in the community. He speaks about effective strategies to secure great benefits. To learn more about James and his company, please reach out at:, for more on the podcast, visit yourcompanyhealth.comFollow the podcast @yourcompanyhealth on - Instagram- LinkedIn- YouTube- Facebook- Twitter
In our latest episode of the podcast, we speak with Dr. Susan Hooper Williams of Sweet Life Chiropractic about the importance of chiropractic care today.  She highlights the effectiveness of the Blair Technique and the many patients who benefit from the specific adjustments under her care.Listen Now!Learn more about  Dr. Williams at sweetlifechiro.comAlso, for more on the podcast, visit yourcompanyhealth.comFollow the podcast  @yourcompanyhealth on - Instagram- LinkedIn- YouTube- Facebook- Twitter
What is the current state of our healthcare system? Is the system broken? Listen to the fascinating conversation with Hal Schlenger of Great South Benefits.We touched on a wide range of issues including healthcare plans, telemedicine, and the pandemic.Learn more about  Hal at greatsouthbenefits.comAlso, for more on the podcast, visit yourcompanyhealth.comFollow the podcast @yourcompanyhealth on - Instagram- LinkedIn- YouTube- Facebook- Twitter
Earlier we had a great chat with Jonathan Sparks the Founder of Sparks Law. Jonathan and his team work as in-house counsel for small to medium-sized businesses. His bi-monthly blog deals specifically with legal issues that Georgia businesses face. Before forming Sparks Law, Jonathan worked at the United States Department of Justice, the United States Senate Office, the Attorney General’s office for the District of Columbia, and as an attorney at King & Spalding here in Atlanta, Georgia. We covered a wide range of issues including the changes in business law today, the current business environment, and also his music. Take a listen to this fascinating conversation.Learn more about Jonathan at sparkslawpractice.comAlso, for more on the podcast, visit yourcompanyhealth.comFollow the podcast @yourcompanyhealth on - Instagram- LinkedIn- YouTube- Facebook- Twitter
A healthy lifestyle is all about the right mindset. In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with executive wellness, fitness, and weight loss coach Lisa Goldenthal or Lisa G.Lisa has been producing great results for clients for over 20 years using a holistic approach to good health. In this talk, she speaks about the importance of your "Why" and the effectiveness of taking baby steps to achieve your fitness goals. She further discusses how the current pandemic ignited a drive for more success. Learn more about Lisa at LisaGfitness.comAlso, for more on the podcast, visit yourcompanyhealth.comFollow the podcast @yourcompanyhealth on - Instagram- LinkedIn- YouTube- Facebook- Twitter
Fake followers? Imposters? These are some of the things we discussed with our guest on the podcast. With extensive experience as a strategist, author, analyst, keynote speaker, and podcaster. Jason Falls has been analyzing the digital landscape for a very long time. He has been called one of the more engaging digital marketing keynote speakers available by conference and event organizers he's worked with. He has been honored to grace the dais at events like SXSW, BlogWorld (now New Media Expo), iStrategy, The Conference Board, SEMA, SOMESSO (London) and many more. Jason has spoken on three continents and in seven countries. Influencer marketing or, as he discussed in his new book, influence marketing, is the practice of leveraging relationships with those who have audiences of their own to communicate your message to their audience. In this episode, Jason spoke about this and also addressed several other topics as to how business owners and professionals can win in digital today.Learn more about Jason at jasonfalls.comAlso, for more on the podcast, visit yourcompanyhealth.comFollow the podcast @yourcompanyhealth - Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube & FB
In this episode, we speak with Ted Ryoski of Sandler Training. He discusses the blended learning approach to maximize the impact and results of sales training. This he highlights, will help reap the rewards of both the time invested in learning and the money you invested. Further, he pointed out that we should not sell on features & benefits but on identifying the pain points of customers then address them. To learn more about Ted and Sandler Training, please visit them hereLearn more by visiting our website at
Awesome conversation with Dr. Kerith Powell about holistic care! Dr. Powell is a local chiropractor serving Georgia and surrounding areas with excellence for many years. He spoke about the important factors in chiropractic care to your overall health. In addition, we had a chance to speak about his work in Haiti as a philanthropist and the impact this is having on the country. Learn more about Dr. Kerith Powell here: drchrisnaturalremedies.comPlease write us a review on Apple: us on Facebook: to Our Youtube Channel:
The heart is the life force within each of us. It’s the organ that keeps youalive with every contraction and pulse. Leaders are the life force of everyteam. Just as the heart pulses our nutrient-rich blood to each organ in thebody, leaders push out encouragement, direction, correction, energy,growth, and influence to the team. And just like the automatic beat of the heart, leaders can make these pulses of leadership second-nature if they learn to recognize and choosethem. According to our guest, now more than ever, how leaders handle each pulse can empower or weaken leadership, engage or disengage teams, and positively or negatively impact an entire organization. In, this episode of the podcast we speak with Dawn kirk, Leadership & Executive Coach. Dawn has been serving the community with excellence for many years. Listen nowReach out to Dawn at:bestu4life.comNew Book: heartbeatleadershipbook.comConnect with us on:Facebook:
When it comes to personal finance, the rules may have changed, but the time-tested principles of sound personal financial management haven't. Those starting out on their paths to financial security just need to learn them better and apply them earlier. In, this episode of the podcast we speak with Rodney Hill, Financial Advisor with Thrivent. Rodney has been serving the community with excellence for many years. Listen now!Reach out to Rodney with us on:Facebook:
In this episode, we speak with Treva Martinez, Owner of Zion Christian Academy. She discusses a wide range of issues to cover COVID-19 including effective measures her staff is employing to protect students. As we know, several school districts across the nation are dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks and it’s forcing some to close schools and quarantine students. However, Treva and her team have been very successful in managing the environment and keeping children and families safe.To learn more about Treva and her school, visit them at zionchristianacademyga.comTake a listen to this fascinating conversation.
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Wes Bailey of Perimeter North Medical Associates and also Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute Sports Medicine. In this conversation, we discussed fitness as it relates to a healthy lifestyle and why it is even important now more than ever as it relates to COVID 19. Dr. Bailey gives practical tips that individuals can utilize to get a fitness program in place, and also the adverse effects that come along with being unhealthy. Listen Now!About Dr. Wes Bailey:Medical School: Duke University School of MedicineResidency: Family Medicine, Emory University School of MedicineFellowship: Primary Care Sports Medicine, Moses Cone Health SystemTo schedule, an appointment with Dr. Bailey call our appointments line at (770) 395-1130 or to call his office directly dial (770) 623-1331.
In this episode, we speak with Psychiatrist, Dr. Maloa Affuembey. She discussed her journey and gave a roadmap to improve one's mental health. She is passionate about preserving the unique nature of every individual's story as they navigate towards their expressed mental health goals, meaning:-Your treatment shouldn't change the core of your personality-Successful outcomes after treatment are the result of your hard work, not just the effects of your medication-Choosing a lifestyle of mental wellness is an ongoing process, not to be prioritized only when you have a crisisDr. Affuembey works with children, adolescents, and adults to attain and maintain mental wellness. She has experience working in diverse treatment environments including outpatient clinics, hospitals, and residential and community health centers. Dr. Affuembey embraces medicine as an art, using current scientific evidence in treating a variety of psychiatric disorders. She has deep experience in Eating Disorder Treatment of children and adolescents with other areas of interest, including perinatal and cultural psychiatry.Please reach out to her at
In this episode, we speak with Evan Knox the CEO & Founder of Caffeine Marketing, & CaffeineLabs. Evan helps small businesses nail their marketing and achieve incredible growth. Evan walks us through his journey of how he got started in marketing and also how he is helping companies scale today.Not only is this episode packed with Evan's compelling story, but you'll also hear practical advice you can apply to your life and business. Prepare for a value-packed episode.Evan's Official Bio:Evan Knox is the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and CaffeineLabs. Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies. CaffeineLabs is the education arm of the Caffeine family and gives entrepreneurs the exact blueprint to run and grow the company they've been dreaming of.Connect with Evan on and caffeine. marketingFollow Evan on Instagram @evanbknox and @caffiene.marketingFollow the podcast @yourcompanyhealth - Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube & FB
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Charles Weiss of Holcomb Bridge chiropractic on issues surrounding the current pandemic. Dr. Weiss's education and experience give him a unique approach to patient care in the Atlanta area. In order to provide the best possible results, Dr. Weiss has also developed working relationships with medical doctors, diagnostic centers, and other health care professionals He is currently part of a program working in conjunction with North Fulton Hospital and DeKalb Medical Center.To learn more about Dr. Weiss and his practice, please visit their website at:
#insurance #covid19In this episode, we speak with Greg Albright of The Albright Agency about insurance in the current pandemic. His process is straightforward and personalized to make customers smarter about insurance. Having been in the insurance industry for many years he has the knowledge and experience to help better understand coverages and pricing options--whether that's auto, home, renters, umbrella, life, business insurance, and more.To learn more about Greg & his team, give them a call at (770) 212-9089 they will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Sinclair Grey III, an inspirational speaker, motivator, author, organizer and “liberator of persons from all intellectual, social and cultural walks of life”, Dr.Grey is a committed advocate for communal change. As a strong proponent of gathering the masses through grassroots efforts, Dr. Grey has dedicated much of his life to mobilizing and inspiring others to achieve their true potential.To learn more about Dr. Sinclair Grey, please reach out at
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