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I recently received some viewer mail from a person trying to make a decision on whether to keep going with a decision or call it a dead-end. It's not always easy to know if you're in a temporary dip or at a full-on impasse. Key topics:✔️ With my own real estate quest, I realized, "This is nucking futs. But the market will change." FOMO is not your friend, generally speaking.✔️ Treating anything like it's the last lifeboat off the Titanic is usually a bad omen. Whether it's a relationship, job, house, etc. ✔️ Strategic quitting doesn't always mean you totally quit and walk away forever. Sometimes it can mean that you put your own best interests in first place and you wait for a more favorable situation to arise. Waiting is not always a dirty word!✔️ A rejection or a delay is sometimes a form of protection. "Not right now" can be a means of keeping you from jumping off a cliff without a parachute. Links I discuss in this episode: (His commentary on Gen X is found in Chapter 2.) Need more? Email me:
Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting


What is quiet quitting? And why do I think we will see more of it in the coming months...Key topics:✔️ Quiet quitting ≠ ghosting. They sound similar but are different things.✔️ If layoffs and hiring freezes continue and we start to see a recession taking shape, I believe we will see more quiet quitting essentially out of financial necessity.✔️ Sometimes in life, we have to do what the crisis demands. And that's OK.Need more? Email me:
Sadly, this seems to be a topic that multiplies rather than goes away.Key topics:✔️ The WSJ recently published an  exposé about TikTok. It was a very disturbing read.✔️ 85 hours of meetings per week?!? What in the actual F is that all about??✔️ It's important to remember that high arousal techniques and working you to exhaustion are tactics used by cults. ✔️ Eating a lot of dirt because you're hoping for a golden parachute one day is playing an iffy and dangerous game. What if that ship never comes in? Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
Throughout The Great Resignation, the market has rewarded job hoppers more than job stayers. While that may be lucrative, you still need to look before you leap.Key topics:✔️ Do some research. That new job with the flashy paycheck? Yeah, it might be a toxic cesspool.✔️ Unless it's a newly created position, someone left the role you're about to step into. It's worthwhile to question why they vacated. ✔️ Being super thirsty for a job while someone else is still in it is kinda bad karma IMHO. This story of John and Amanda (not their real names) shows you why. Need more? Email me:
"It's a big club and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club." -George CarlinOh boy. If you're still not convinced that Workplace Feudalism is real, buckle up. The internet recently raged against a leaked email that speaks volumes about the conversations that happen behind closed doors. Key topics:✔️ Will Corporate America keep wages high to help you cope with the coming recession? 😆 Hell no.✔️ For every icky conversation we learn about, I bet there's hundreds more we don't hear. And that should scare you.✔️ In many companies, the so-called "culture" is a veneer. It may be bandied about to get you in the door, but it's important to find a place that practices what they preach. ✔️As with cults, poo poo companies and poo poo managers don't always roll out a neon sign that says, "Hey there! This is a bad friggin' place to be. You wanna come in?" Caveat emptor.  Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
Last week, I talked about Strategic Quitting & Radical Acceptance. So what do we do with these moments in the business world?Key topics:✔️ Recently, my friend Joe felt incredibly burned out and had to decide if it was temporary or permanent. ✔️ Taking a break can be so important to both mental and physical health. We were not meant to work constantly. Or to worry about work constantly.✔️ Don't make huge, sweeping life decisions in a HALT moment: hungry, angry/anxious, lonely, tired. Something that may seem like a good choice when you are exhausted may feel totally different after a two week vacation.✔️Whether you are B2B or B2C, you will face your own set of challenges. This is reality.  Need more? Email me:
Facing an impasse? Wondering if it's a temporary roadblock or a total dead-end? It's important to know when to quit or when to persevere. Key topics:✔️ Seth Godin talks about strategic quitting in The Dip. But how do we know if we are in a dip or we are at a dead-end?✔️ Sometimes, waiting for market conditions to change while you try something else is a smart move. You don't have to give up on your dreams - you just wait for more advantageous circumstances.✔️ It pays to be honest with yourself and have those "at what point" discussions. At what point do I change? At what point would I go broke? At what point would this just not be worth it? Be real with yourself. ✔️Radical acceptance is not the same thing as saying you approve of bad behavior or that you aren't willing to stand up for yourself.  Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
No one wants to work anymore.We run ad after ad but get no applicants.These younger generations have no work ethic.If your hiring managers are wallowing in self-pity and making these excuses, they are cutting their own throats.Key topics:✔️ I recently had a conversation with a person who shared with me that, after applying at many different retail stores, only one actually called her. But yet, I bet the hiring managers at the companies that ghosted her whine and moan that they can't find anybody.✔️ How often do you check your own ATS or the ads you have posted? Do you really, truly have no applicants at all or are you being so insanely picky that no one meets your criteria?✔️ What is your hiring process like? Does it take five different interviews over two months to get a verbal offer? Do you require some ghastly one-way video interview or force the applicants to take an unpaid skills assessment first? Don't be afraid to question your sacred cows.Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
Feeling like your email or InMail campaigns are going almost nowhere? You're not alone. Key topics:✔️ Most sales & marketing jobs (staffing & recruiting definitely included) will attract people who want to pose and posture: "Oh, my business is great! Every sales email I send out gets a response." Bull 💩. ✔️ We are still very much in a candidate-driven market and you may have to send out more messages than usual to get enough potential applicants in your hiring funnel. This is reality.✔️ This is a good time to test and beta test. You can't get stuck on the way things worked pre-Covid or pre-Great Resignation. Links I discuss in this episode:,marketers%20are%20having%20more%20success. more? Email me:
Is the Great Resignation fading away? Not that I've seen. In fact, according to a recent survey, more people  are considering resigning in 2022 than in 2021! Key topics:✔️ Job descriptions or corporate propaganda trying to convince you that the Big Quit is ebbing = not the case. ✔️ Gen Zers and Millennials might be leading the charge, but they are not the only ones participating in The Great Resignation. ✔️ People are also not keen on RTO. Most workers who have been working remotely want to continue doing so. Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
In last week's episode, I asked if the old school two weeks notice is dead. Is there a happy medium somewhere between resigning on the spot versus offering a full two weeks notice?Key topics:✔️ One option is to make the resignation process transparent and easy. No need for a knot in the stomach or fear of reprisals. ✔️ An open transition plan acknowledges that an employee's time at the company does not have to last until retirement... and that's OK.✔️ As with many things, an open transition plan only works if the company promotes honesty and dignity. Sadly, there are still a lot of companies that don't. Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
No More Notice?

No More Notice?


Is the old school two weeks notice dead? Are more people saying, "See ya later, bye" instead of tendering a resignation?Key topics:✔️ Open, honest communication only works if employees do not feel threatened. Can you truly say that your company can accept criticism or feedback without retaliation?✔️ Now that so many people are WFH, the furtive cloak-and-dagger of faking dental appointments and car trouble aren't necessary anymore. People can easily attend a phone interview at lunch or before/after work. ✔️ Employment is more transitory now than it has been for several decades. There's no 30 year career at one place with a gold watch and pension at the end. So why is there still a stigma about resigning?Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
Second Chance Hiring

Second Chance Hiring


Finally, some companies are reevaluating their hiring processes and trying to eliminate needless steps in order to find people amidst The Great Resignation. 🙌 So what is second chance hiring?Key topics:✔️ Is that the same thing as "boomerang hiring" and inviting a former employee to come back? No. Second chance hiring refers to hiring people with some type of criminal record.✔️ Does your hiring process have tests that don't make any sense? Be relentless about improvement. ✔️ Are you asking a candidate with 10 years of accounting experience to take an Accounting 101 test as "proof" they know their stuff? Doesn't that seem condescending and unnecessary?Links I mention in this episode: more? Email me:
Two or three weeks ago, a social media post about salary lowballing went viral and, well, the interwebs blew up.Key topics:✔️ It's way past time for salary transparency. Many cities or states have outlawed the practice of asking a candidate what their current salary is. Others are requiring employers to post a range in each job description. ✔️ It used to be common practice for employers to make a subpar offer and see if the candidate accepted it or haggled. This is a bygone practice from a bygone era. It wasn't fair then and it isn't good now.✔️ Just as the phrase "caveat emptor" applies to buyers, it truly is important to know your own value. Whether you are a freelancer bidding on gigs or you are a W2 employee looking for a salaried role, know your own worth. ✔️ In the same way that you might research a company on Indeed or Glassdoor, don't be afraid to do market research on current salary ranges as well. Need more? Email me:
Do you understand the difference between someone who freelances or works on a 1099 basis as an independent contractor versus an employee? If you're rolling your eyes like, "Well, yeah, duh. It seems self-evident," I get it. Yet you might be surprised how many people don't actually understand the difference. Key topics:✔️ Someone who works freelance or as an independent contractor is not an employee of your company. Periodt. Expecting them to function as an employee even though they cover their own benefits and taxes is dirty pool. ✔️ If you are an HR professional, it is important to explain to your hiring managers that someone freelancing for your company is not an internal, W2 employee. The onus is on you to educate the team.✔️ If you are freelancing and find that you are attracting clients who expect you take their equipment, camp out on Slack channels, be butt in seat from 8 to 5, and that is not what you want, you have to speak up for yourself. You are not obligated to function as an employee when you freelance!✔️ Your time is valuable as a freelancer and you have every right to run your desk as you see fit. It's OK to acknowledge that some companies don't deserve your skills. ✔️ I would humbly suggest that if you feel that you need someone to "plug in" and "integrate into the team" on a temporary basis, find a temporary employee through a staffing agency. You will probably have to pay a mark-up, but you may have a better chance of finding someone who is willing to give you the temporary employee experience. Links I discuss in this episode:,gaps%20in%20a%20company's%20workforce. more? Email me:
In this bonus episode, I'll answer viewer mail I received from Debbie. (Not her real name.) Debbie escaped Corporate America and utilized a freelancing site that she now wants to eliminate. And with good reason. But... how do we do that?Key topics:✔️ Not every potential client on a freelancing site is garbage just as not every potential client who enters your funnel some other way is pure gold. But it definitely seems like freelancing sites are the Wild West of 1099 work and are rife with bad behavior. Everything from ghosting to terrible pay to biased scoring systems. ✔️ As with Debbie's situation, companies pushing employees to "come on back to the office now" are facing quite a bit of backlash. If you are considering a way out, getting some fast cash and proof of concept from a freelancing site is not a terrible idea. It just may not be the way to build your business for the long term. ✔️ I advocate for planning your exit strategy in advance rather than ripping off the band-aid. You may decide to keep a presence on a site as an "in case of emergency, break glass" plan. Or you may decide to transition away from those sites over the course of six months. If you are risk averse, do not delete all of your profiles at once and then regret it five minutes later. Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
Are you still cyberstalking your prospects? Sending out 10,000 follow up emails? Recording cheesy "personalized" videos for people? If you hate doing these things and you aren't making enough money, it's time to stop using outdated techniques. Key topics:✔️ The number 1 thing on my list is anything involving a bait and switch or fraud. Don't, just don't.✔️ Creating a "personalized" video for someone does not have the cool factor it did several years ago. In fact, it feels like you are intruding on my time and trying to give me one more task on my to-do list for the day. So how likely am I to watch your video? 0. ✔️ It's important to understand your Customer Acquisition Cost. Doing a lot of high touch, major time-suck activities = you staying broke. Likewise, sending 1000 follow up emails to someone who is not interested = you staying broke. ✔️ Things like newsletters, blogs, and yes, even podcasts, are not the right avenues for everyone. If you hate blogging or you've been podcasting and the only people listening are your mom & dad and grandma at the nursing home, is that really worth your time? Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
Last April, I recorded an episode called Ghosting, Reconsidered where I asked the question: is ghosting always a negative thing?  As you know, I'm not afraid of making bold statements or bold predictions. And for my money, I'd rather hear nothing than receive an email that's rude, weird, or cringe. ✔️ Several years ago, job seekers were very vocal about, "Tell us anything, even if it's just a form letter. But for the love of all that's good and holy, don't ghost us." Is that still accurate now in the midst of The Great Resignation? 🤔 People get so many emails and calls from recruiters and an active job seeker will probably have applied to dozens if not hundreds  of roles so... is that form letter still necessary?✔️ A rude, tacky response will alienate good candidates. And probably show up on social media for everyone to lampoon. ✔️ Just as some people like to play games in romantic relationships, some people want to play games in the business world, too. That doesn't mean we need to participate. ✔️ A boilerplate email like this:"Thank you for your interest in X. While your skills and background impressed us, we have decided to proceed with other applicants who more closely fit our needs at this time. We appreciate your time and effort. We encourage you to apply for other positions at X in the future."seems out-of-date, impersonal, and silly to me. Again, maybe it's just me, but I'd honestly rather hear nothing than receive something I find condescending.  Links I discuss in this episode: more? Email me:
Introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts who actually hate forced socialization and fakey-fake team building activities make up more of the population than people who want to mandate togetherness and silly kindergarten style party games. So why are we still allowing those types to create job descriptions? Key topics:✔️ If your job description is getting little or no traction out in the marketplace, you need to take an honest appraisal of why that is. Rather than blaming the entire workforce, the economy, and/or whole generations of people, look inward.✔️ Why on earth would you require your staff to be filmed on Zoom every single day? WHY?!?!✔️ If a company feels the need to drive a pin with a sledgehammer on togetherness and how "tight knit" they all are, ask yourself, "Does this sound like cult-speak in Corporate America to me?"  Need more? Email me:
Over the past month, LinkedIn has posted several articles questioning how working from home impacts everything from developing a company culture to making new "friends" at work to whether a right to disconnect will ever come to the US. Key topics:✔️ If the only way in your life to potentially meet new people and make some new pals is by being butt-in-seat at an office, you need to take a hard look at why that is. I understand that Covid has impaired the ability for people to go out and about; with that said, there are still a plethora of ways to connect with new people that don't involve forcing social activities on your colleagues. ✔️ Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. If you're working, then work. And after work, step away from the laptop. Turn off that Slack channel. Do not tell clients that you're available 24/7.✔️Who are the people pushing so hard for a return to the office? Who are the ones bleating the loudest that the company won't have a culture anymore if everyone stays remote? Well, typically, it's micromanagers and lonely extroverts who want to corral everyone back to the office whether it's actually safe to do so or not.Need more? Email me:
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