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Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or a small business owner? The Causey Consulting Podcast is designed especially for you! Our episodes are guaranteed to ALWAYS give you valuable insights that you can use in your life and your business immediately. You'll never walk away from an episode without learning something new. Your host, Sara Causey, is a life & mindset coach for solopreneurs and small business owners and a business consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Sometimes Sara flies solo with her own insights and experiences, and other times she interviews a fantastic, bad-a$$ guest with expertise in topics like work/life balance, financial freedom, marketing, social media management, business communication, etc. Connect with Sara on LinkedIn and visit her website at for more. Like our theme music? It's "Rainbow" by Scandinavianz. Show them some love at: Need music of your own? Check out
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Earlier this year, I recorded an episode about the 7 Deadly Sins of Money Mindset. One of those deadly sins is listening to cynics, naysayers, and frenemies who put you down and trash-talk any idea you have on bettering your life or business. I received some emails and DMs about that topic and in this episode, I will expound on the question: what even is a frenemy? How would I know if I have one?✔️ Pay attention to how you feel after you've had an interaction with someone. If you felt sunny and happy before, but they sucked all the joy out of you, that's not a good sign.✔️ Social media, catfishing, and digital "friendships" have made it difficult to know just how authentic someone new in your life actually is, especially if you haven't been able to ever connect with them in person.✔️ Frenemies don't give it to you straight. They make passive-aggressive comments and snide little remarks, and they gossip about you behind your back.✔️ If your friend always seems to speak unkindly of other friends and family members and enjoys sh*t-talking them in front of you, here's your sign. You can safely assume they do that when you are not around.✔️ True friends who are down for you will be supportive and kind. They will comfort you when you are sad and they will applaud your victories. You won't have to wonder where you stand with them-- you'll know.Special intro music: "You Get What You Give" by New Radicals. ("Frenemies, who when you're down ain't your friends...")Need more? Email me:
Special Saturday broadcast. 🛰️ On Thursday, the NY Times published an op-ed about critical thinking and internet disinformation. In this special episode, I discuss my thoughts. ✔️ Con artists, grifters, liars, manipulators, etc., have ALWAYS existed and they always will. I hate to be the bearer of bad news on that.✔️ In September of 2020, I recorded an episode called "Self-Sufficiency & Critical Thinking." I realize now that episode was more prescient than I thought before. You should not outsource your critical thinking to someone else!✔️ Catfishing schemes are an excellent example here. If someone connects with you on Facebook claiming to be a prince trapped in a bunker and he says he's in love with you and needs $1000 to be released, does that seem rational? ✔️ More critical thinking not less is what we need. We also need to be taking breaks from all the digital vomit in the world. Pet your dog. Walk in the woods. Meditate. Don't stay attached to a screen 24/7.  Need more? Email me:
Results are King 👑

Results are King 👑


People who are out there selling based on a process are typically not making the kind of money they want to make. Do your clients care about your process or getting bogged down in minutia or having you explain every tiny detail to them? No. They care about whether or not you can solve their problems. ✔️ If John Doe is consistently failing to hit his sales metrics even though he's "got a lot of try," he can still be fired. Why? Because results matter.✔️ Sometimes in life, we need to decide: do you want to fight to be right or do you want to be happy? Do you want to stay stuck in your old ways or do you want to innovate? ✔️ In the words of a former manager: "Some people like control more than they like money." Sadly, that is true. If you are running a business to make money, avoid the control freaks. ✔️ Beware of hope-ium and optimism porn! Do not let people convince you that changing directions or giving up on a business idea that's gone absolutely nowhere makes you a failure or a bad person.✔️ The importance of the end results is not Machiavellian. It's not "win at all costs and screw the world." It's about not getting bogged down in irrelevant details and not getting so set in your ways that you refuse to make necessary changes. Need more? Email me:
*Insert the old David Letterman "Viewer Mail" song here*  I received an email from a listener of last week's episode and, with her permission, I am reading an excerpt of it in this episode. ✔️ How do you weed out 💩 clients when it feels like there's so much competition out there? Is there really enough business to go around?✔️ When it's your business or your name is on the door, how do you keep everything from feeling so personal? ✔️ You can, unfortunately, recreate the worst elements of Corporate America for yourself when you start your own business or you begin freelancing. You must preserve your own sanity and work in the way that you see fit. Don't let other people run over you.✔️ Is the customer always right? Nope. If the customer knew everything that you know, why would they hire you? ✔️ Fewer clients at a higher quality level and higher price point = a happier freelancer. Need more? Email me:
January was a crazy month for me. My plans of just half-hibernating through the month went to the wayside and I had a couple of bizarre experiences. I am sharing them here (highly sanitized, of course) so that perhaps you can benefit from my missteps. ✔️ There is plenty of business out there. You do not have to engage with clients who behave like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. It will waste a lot of your time and energy and you may never be able to make them happy.✔️ It's OK to be tired sometimes and it's OK to take a break. If you feel yourself wearing down, you don't have to push past the exhaustion. ✔️ Beware of clients who think they need to be the exception to all of your rules. If you set down the rules of engagement and they want to ignore them, you need to call them out on it. ✔️ If you are self-employed, a business owner, or solopreneur: you get to decide the ways and means you work in. Periodt.✔️ Ensure you can hit the escape hatch. Be cautious about what you sign or what length of time you agree to work with someone. Need more? Email me:
The other day, I read a post on social media where some poor (and probably well-meaning) guy was writing the same ole, same ole attempt at differentiation marketing in staffing & recruiting. You know the drill: "All the other agencies suck. Let me tell you why we're different." 🥱 Big yawns. Key topics:✔️ Is differentiation marketing dead? If not totally dead, it's on life support. So many businesses have very similar if not identical offerings. Sorry, but that's reality. Trying to clinch your fists at the sky and tell the world you're different is probably not making you the kind of money you want. ✔️ It reminds me of Wes Mantooth in Anchorman. Your clients are not gonna change your diapers and tell you that your hiney is special and different from everyone else's. ✔️ Your clients care about results. Can you solve their problems? Can you relieve their pain? Can you make/save time or money for them? Running down your competitors or trying to tout how f**king "disruptive" you are = staying broke. ✔️ Make sure the people you're interacting with are legit, ideal prospects for your business. Trying to market to the wrong folks is not gonna lead you anywhere good. ✔️ Tooting your own horn and making "how great we art" posts on social media might make you feel good in the moment and it may garner you some likes, comments, and shares... while leaving your bank account empty. You can have popular posts, a lot of followers, and even viral videos and still have an empty wallet. Need more? Email me:
In July of last year, I predicted that censorship was the wave of the future. Now here we are. So if you didn't heed my warnings last year, cockadoodledoo. 🐓 Here's your wake up call. Key topics:✔️ I'll say it again: if most or all of your livelihood is based on a platform you do not own or control, you are playing a very dangerous game.✔️ What would you do if your platform of choice disappeared suddenly? Or what if you were banned or shadow banned? (It's not relegated only to the world of politics and/or religion these days.)✔️ The human touch still matters. Build relationships offline, too. ✔️ Back up and manage your own data! Do not leave all of your clients' contact info on an email management platform or in a CRM. Back up your data offline and keep hard copies if needed. ✔️ Websites are cheap and easy to maintain. If you don't have one, get one. Need more? Email me:
If even the mention of the term "sales call" gives you heartburn, you're not alone. Especially if you had some hard-driving manager who monitored your phone time or gave you a call sheet every day to robo-dial people.  🙄Key topics:✔️ If you're shaming people, you're doing it wrong.✔️ If most of the calls you're getting on are with the wrong types of prospects, there are 3 key things you need to check. ✔️ Being the Rolls Royce of your industry is cool. But getting on the phone with people who are looking to buy a bicycle is a waste of everyone's time.✔️ When is "I can't afford it" a candid statement versus a blow-off excuse? And how do you handle it either way?Need more? Email me:
If you're hearing this broadcast, congrats: you made it out of 2020 and into 2021. Unfortunately, I don't know that 2021 is going to be any better for us than last year was and it will be even more imperative that you have your mind right about money and finances.Key topics:✔️ You hafta hafta hafta know you can survive.✔️ Just because news runs 24/7 does not mean you need to watch it 24/7.✔️ Beware of frenemies. People who say they care about you, but put you down and naysay anything you try.✔️ There are only so many hours in the day; make sure your money is working for you and not just you working for your money.Need more? Email me:
Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and downloaded episodes regularly and people who've dipped in occasionally on Stitcher or Spotify to interact with an episode that was meaningful to them.  I am truly grateful! Key topics:✔️ I'm taking a break for the holiday season. New episodes will resume on Thursday, January 7th. ✔️ As we have gotten more disconnected from the seasons, we have forgotten how to properly hibernate. Nature is resting now... shouldn't we? ✔️ To me, part of Dolce Far Niente (the sweetness of doing nothing) is the relaxation of being your authentic self and doing whatever YOU WANT to do simply because you want to.✔️ If ever there was a year to pray for or meditate on peace and joy, this is it. Need more? Email me:
One important component in getting what you want in life is to focus on what you want rather than dwelling on what you don't want. Sounds so simple and easy... yet for many people, it's a struggle.Key topics:✔️ If someone asks you, "What do you want?" do you find yourself launching into a list of things you don't want instead?✔️ Repeatedly thinking about worst case scenarios and nightmares come true is like putting a beacon out for those situations. Don't do it!✔️ To paraphrase Wayne Dyer: if we realized how important our thoughts were and how much they impacted our daily life, we'd get much more careful of what we allow to go on in our heads all the time.✔️ At a crossroads? Not sure what you want? Go general. Distill things down to the barest element and work from there. Need more? Email me:
Recently, I watched the STARZ docuseries Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult. I learned many things about how NXIVM operated that I hadn't heard before. Fair warning: due to the nature of this discussion, this episode has an explicit warning and is not suitable for children. Also, if you believe any of it could be triggering for you, please skip this episode. Key topics:✔️ The profile of "Vanguard Week" reminded me so much of Corporate America that it hurt. Relay races, tug-of-war, volleyball games, songs and dances and tributes to the owner... yuck. But it's all being done to tire you out so that you don't ask questions about what's actually going on. ✔️ NXIVM operated a business/self-improvement course called Executive Success Program as a gateway to the rest of it. Sounds awfully benign and harmless, doesn't it? We can't afford to be naïve about the business world and the way it operates any longer. ✔️ Why did the leaders of NXIVM use the self-help world? Well, let's face it: if most of these self-help and self-improvement programs worked, people would be happier, more successful, and they wouldn't keep buying more and more of the products. ✔️ Always trust your gut. If you feel unsafe, don't try to talk yourself out of your own gut instincts or sixth sense. Always use caveat emptor. Do your own research and homework. Think for yourself and don't follow the herd just to conform.  Need more? Email me:
In one of my recent Tuesday Tips emails, I mentioned I have a friend who is getting job catfished. I received numerous responses, which included some people asking me what to look out for. What are some of the signs that I might be getting job catfished? Ask and ye shall receive!Key topics:✔️ Special intro music "We Close Our Eyes" by Go West. "We close our eyes, we never lose a game... imagination never lets us take the blame..." So true, isn't it? One of the most important things you can do is listen to your own gut instincts. If something feels amiss or you feel like you are being deceived, LISTEN. Don't close your eyes to signs of trouble.✔️ One of the worst things you can do is treat something-- a friendship, a romantic relationship, a job, a business proposal, etc.-- like it is the last lifeboat off the Titanic. ✔️ The scarcity mentality is destructive for a plethora of reasons, not the least of which is when it causes you to stay trapped in an unfulfilling or even dangerous situation. ✔️ Special outro from Angel Heart. If you've never watched it, it is (IMHO) both a great example of 1980s neo-noir filmmaking and an interesting take on the Faust legend. The quote itself comes to us from Sophocles: "Alas, how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the man that's wise!" Need more? Email me:
Feeling remorse because of something wrong or hurtful is normal. Constantly feeling bad about things you cannot control or a desire to be perfect is not. These tendencies often get magnified during the holiday season, perhaps more so now that Covid lockdowns are back on the horizon. Key topics:✔️ What is justified guilt versus unjustified or fake guilt?✔️ How do these emotions cause damage to us?✔️ As Wayne Dyer noted: guilt is living in the past and worry is living in the future. Neither one is helpful and both rob you of the present moment.✔️ There's always an opportunity for change. You can always say, "I don't have to do that again," and move on with your life.Need more? Email me:
The holiday season with its cakes, cookies, and pies is upon us. Are you already planning a food binge followed by a January of "paying for your sins" and working out like crazy? If so, I highly recommend Sandra Aamodt's book, Why Diets Make Us Fat. Key topics:✔️ My own experiences with bulking and cutting... and how it gets harder as you get older.✔️ Some people have been on diets or eating plans for their entire adult lives. This cannot be sound for mental or physical health.✔️ The items in the supermarket may have changed over the last few decades, but basic human biology has not.✔️ I go back to the Buddhist idea of the The Middle Path or The Middle Way. No extreme behaviors or wild benders with food. Likewise no starving yourself either.Need more? Email me:
In this episode, I share two pieces of advice that not only changed how I do business, but also changed my life.Key topics:✔️ Do you find you often have more month than money? And is your automatic response to tighten your belt and cut costs?✔️ Don't confuse a resource with a Source. There is a huge difference. ✔️ You have to have faith and confidence in yourself. It's hard to instill those sentiments in others if you don't feel them yourself.✔️ If one resource goes away, another resource will appear. Resources are like tools in a toolbox-- useful but they don't dictate your life.Need more? Email me:
Saturday is Halloween... a full moon... and a blue moon. There's no way there won't be ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night.  🎃If you like a good ghost story or have an interest in the paranormal, this is the episode for you!  👻 Special nods to:House on Haunted Hill, 1959The Wolf Man, 1941Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992 
Thinning of the Veil

Thinning of the Veil


If you've thought about starting a family tree-- or maybe you have one that needs to be fleshed out more-- this is an auspicious time of the year to do it!Key topics:✔️ So many people had to couple up and survive harsh conditions for you to be sitting here right now, interacting with this podcast.✔️ Enjoy the cultures. Cook recipes. Learn some of the languages. Listen to its music.✔️ By Celtic tradition, the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world gets thin this time of the year. Who knows... could it be true?✔️ Exploring the connections that helped to create you also helps you understand yourself better.Need more? Email me:
The Ides of October

The Ides of October


The month is halfway over. If you have been using this time to fret over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's... STOP. Enjoy this time for its own sake. The rest of the year will fly by. Once we are firmly in the dead of winter and craving Vitamin D from the sun, you'll be glad you celebrated October. Key topics:✔️ Autumn is its own season for a reason. Enjoy it and stop trying to rush headlong into who's gonna go where for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You'll have plenty of time to deal with that in the coming weeks.✔️ Engage all five of your senses in the season.✔️ As the old-timers say, "Don't wish your life away." If you have a job that makes you hate your life Monday through Friday, find a different line of work.✔️ Special lead-in music "Early Autumn" by The Four Freshmen. Special outro music "A Sort of Homecoming" by U2.Need more? Email me:
Creating Your Future

Creating Your Future


Lots of people advocate journaling. If you don't like writing or you don't want it to be a rehash of your daily activities, how do you actually use it to deliberately create your own future?Key topics:✔️ If you skipped your shadow work last week, DO IT.✔️ The gremlins always find their way out, in one form or another.✔️ If you focus on what is, you get more of what already is.✔️ Instead of "hoping" for the best, create it for yourself.Need more? Email me:
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