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Healing Generations is a podcast that addresses the question of how we transform and heal generations of trauma and inequity in our society today. As part of a larger effort of the Healing Generations Institute, co-created by the National Compadres Network and The Brotherhood of Elders, we will invite the insights of cultural wisdom keepers, healers, social advocates and visionaries as they offer the medicine that can guide us on our journey towards justice and interconnected sacredness for all.For more, visit:
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Join us as Cisco Gallardo and Mario Ozuna-Sanchez discuss the ways they have tried to change harmful patterns, the motivation they have found in parenthood, the grounding they find in Cultura, and how they approach community-building. For more on Mr. Ozuna-Sanchez's work, visit: https://www.nationalcompadresnetwork.orgInstagram:
We invite you to join Maestra Debra Camarillo, Maestra Susanna Armijo, and Lidia Doniz, as they discuss the power of gratitude, unpacking coping mechanisms, the importance of mentors and elders, and the interconnection with ancestors and all that is around us now.For more about Ms. Doniz's work, please visit: ,
Join Maestro Jerry Tello as he invites Héctor Sánchez-Flores to share his family's journey of values, traditions, community service and leadership.For more about Mr. Sánchez-Flores's work, please visit:https://www.nationalcompadresnetwork.orgInstagram:
Join us as Airam Coronado, Ariel Jimenez and Diego Sánchez-Ramos discuss the innate healing capabilities we have within us, the impact our mentors have in our healing journey, and how to balance all the different roles we carry. To learn more about MILPA  visit:  milpacollective.orgInstagram:
Join us as Cisco Gallardo, Mario Ozuna-Sanchez, and Felicia Montes discuss finding one's own path rooted in traditions, the importance of self-care, and honoring feminine energy in every circle.For more on Ms. Montes's work, visit: , Mujeres Con Palabra (Spotify), Mujeres Con Palabra (Apple)Song: "In Lak Ech Song." From the album, Mujeres Con Palabra by: In Lak Ech.Instagram:
We invite you to join Maestra Debra Camarillo, Maestra Susanna Armijo, and Angell Pérez, as they discuss recognizing wounded patterns, giving back to the community, and leading with spirit and sacred self.For more about Ms. Pérez's work, please visit: Instagram:
Join Maestro Jerry Tello in dialogue with Onaje Muid, as he shares his story of trauma, healing and transformation, and the offering of that healing to others.For more about Mr. Muid's work, please visit: , ,
Join us as Sam Elfay, Ariel Jimenez and Diego Sánchez-Ramos discuss the struggles in their neighborhoods, the impact of mentors, celebrating cultural heritage, and how creativity can be used to heal and build community.For more, please visit: https://www.nationalcompadresnetwork.orgInstagram:
Join us as Calvin Williams, Jason Seals, and Cisco Gallardo discuss the importance of doing personal internal work, the premise of African psychology, considering the journey of those around you, and how both learning from and teaching of the next generation can take place.For more on Mr. Seals's work, visit: ,
Join us as Maestro Jerry Tello and Dr. Antonia Darder discuss the deeper meanings of respect, patience, and grace; as well as the importance of understanding our history and why educators must continually learn from their students.For more about Dr. Darder's work, please visit:
We invite you to join Maestra Debra Camarillo and Maestra Susanna Armijo as they converse with Maestra CC about the two-spirit journey, walking your truth, perseverance to continue, and reaching out to others.For more, please visit: https://www.nationalcompadresnetwork.orgInstagram:
Join us as Maestro Jerry Tello and Sujatha Baliga discuss thorough healing, lessons directly from the Dalai Lama, how people are multidimensional, and how alleviating suffering and uncovering beauty are intertwined.For more about Ms. Baliga's work, please visit: , A Different Path for Confronting Sexual Assault, Vox , Have You Been Angry Long Enough?: Faith, Forgiveness & Restorative Justice, Harvard Divinity School 2017 Instagram:
Join us as Xitlali Jimenez, Ariel Jimenez and AB Ozuna discuss intention, the power of circulo, the importance of empowering the voice of youth, and learning to notice the ways that family members show love.For more, please visit: https://www.nationalcompadresnetwork.orgInstagram:
We invite you to join Maestra Debra Camarillo and Maestra Susanna Armijo as they converse with Patty Cárdenas about turning grief into passion, forgiveness, connection to cultura, and the importance of surrendering to creator. For more, please visit: https://www.nationalcompadresnetwork.orgInstagram:
Join us as Cisco Gallardo and Calvin Williams discuss what it means to be a "yelder," the necessity of each person’s role in their community, finding beauty in every culture, and the importance of yelders for the youth around them.For more, visit: , https://brotherhoodofelders.netInstagram: Williams:@calvinwilliams3@wakandadreamlab@brotherhoodofeldersnetworkCisco Gallardo:@ciscogallardo
Join us as Maestro Jerry Tello and Carol Bebelle discuss unity, radical hope, and culture making on the cultural continuum.For more about Ms. Bebelle's work, please visit: , , , Instagram: Bebelle Bio:New Orleans native, Co-founder and Executive Director of Ashé Cultural Arts Center, Bebelle is a constant voice and advocate for the primal role of culture in establishing equity, justice and compassion in American society. This learning and insight was derived from her first career in human service planning that spanned two decades. Her day-to-day laboratory for this work for 21 years has been the Ashé Cultural Arts Center where the day to day was created by the intersection of culture, community and art. Her new platform is AKUA Productions NOLA where her artist self is more present in her efforts.
Join us as Ariel Jimenez leads a discussion with the next generation, AB Ozuna and Diego Sanchez Ramos about healing, strengthening community, and feeling sacred just as you are.For more, please visit: https://www.nationalcompadresnetwork.orgInstagram:
In this episode, Dr. Kweli Tutashinda and Maestro Jerry Tello discuss science, medicine, healing, and vaccines, such as COVID-19 vaccines, within  communities of color. For more about Dr. Tutashinda's work, please visit: Infectious Disease, Natural Immunity and Vaccines: Debunking Myths by Dr. K. Tutashinda, D.C. ,Somatics, Radical Politics and the Future by Dr. K. Tutashinda, D.C. , The Roots of Anti-Blackness and the African Presence in Mesoamerica - Dr. K. Tutashinda, D.C. , The Trauma of Anti Blackness in America: A Look at the 19th Century - Dr. K. Tutashinda D.C.Instagram: This episode is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard here.
Join us in this discussion with Monica Haslip about patience, intention, and the importance of empowering and listening to the children in our communities.For more about Ms. Haslip's work, please visit: https://www.blackpearl.orgInstagram:
We invite you to join Maestra Debra Camarillo, Maestra Susanna Armijo, and Maestro Jerry Tello as they discuss how they find creativity in chaos, hope in dark times, and learn to do "just a little better" each day.For more, please visit: National Compadres Network, National Comadres NetworkInstagram:
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