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THE COME UP with Nik Whitcomb provides a unique opportunity for the audience to spend some quality time with me and other working artists as we share space and take a moment to connect through stories of trial, success, pain, and victory on our artistic journeys. The viewer also gets a chance to hear and understand how our artistic work is fueled by the larger conversations happening in the world and meet the artists and humans that will be making major moves in the industry and leaving their mark on history.

Creator/Host/Editor - Nik Whitcomb
Executive Producer - L.C. Bernadine
Consulting Producers - Lanesha Marrs & Jorge Alberto Silva
Graphic Design - Dan Ryan
Theme Song - David Kornfeld
Special Thanks - Megan McNealy & Paskal Rudnicke Casting, Inc.
30 Episodes
Full Episode:  RECORDED ON JANUARY 11th, 2021. Five days after the January 6th Insurrection. Join me as I chat with internationally known race trainer Jane Elliott about her longstanding work in equity, diversity, and inclusion and what led us to the Insurrection of 2021. This is a good one, y'all! Sit back and get this lesson. "...stand up and be counted!" FOR MORE ON JANE:
Full Episode: Join me as I chat with coach and author of NO PLACE TO HIDE Opa Hysea Wise about her feeling of "otherness" as a queer black woman in the United States and how it has fueled all of her work. CHECK OUT NO PLACE TO HIDE HERE OR WHEREVER YOU FIND YOUR BOOKS! FOR MORE ON OPA:
Full Episode: Join me and multidisciplinary artist McKenzie Chinn as we chat about her mission as an artist and her latest release with Growing Concerns Poetry Collective, BIG DARK BRIGHT FUTURES. STREAM BIG DARK BRIGHT FUTURES WHEREVER YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC! VISIT: TO PURCHASE THE ALBUM! FOR MORE ON MCKENZIE:
Full Episode: Join me and guest co-host Dalia Kinsey for part one of a Body Liberation For All TAKEOVER special! On this episode we join in conversation with friend of the show Jamillah Hinson about creating successful space for black & queer bodies. FOR MORE ON DALIA: FOR MORE ON BODY LIBERATION FOR ALL:
Full Episode: Join me and 4-Time Tony Award Winning producer Ron Simons as we chat about his journey to producing, the work he like to put his name on, and what he is doing to elevate black people on and off stage. FOR MORE ON RON: CHECK OUT OUR BRAND NEW WEBSITE:
Full Episode: Join me as I chat with City Pages Minneapolis Best Actor of 2020 China Brickey about her rise in the Twin Cities, the lack of justice for Breonna Taylor, and the questions we are both asking about being an artist in this moment. FOR MORE ON CHINA:
Full Episode: Join me and fellow podcaster Tyler Meredith as we chat about her work in the theatre and joining the online content creator world with her podcast Big Disney Energy! CHECK OUT MY WALL-E BDE GUEST SPOT! FOLLOW BDE ON INSTA: FOR MORE ON TYLER:
Full Episode: Join me and historian Jade Rogers as we chat about her work to teach folks the truth about black people and the founding of The House of Afros, Capes, and Curls! JOIN US AT AFROCON: FOR MORE ON JADE: FOR MORE ON THE HOUSE:
Full Episode: ***FALL PREMIERE*** Join me and the hilarious social media duo Hashtag Booked (LaNisa Frederick & Danielle Pinnock)! This is our first show back for the fall and we are starting with a BANG! We cover the VERZUZ battle with Brandy & Monica, grad school in the UK, working as an artist in Chicago, and laugh A LOT! FOR MORE ON HASHTAG BOOKED: FOLLOW HASHTAG BOOKED ON INSTAGRAM: @HashtagBooked
Catch my Hot Takes! by listening LIVE on on Tuesday's @ 12PM CST/1PM EST or by becoming a patron at! Join me and Founder & Director of NOISE (North Omaha Information Support Everyone) Dawaune Lamont Hayes as we chat about the upcoming election, the ongoing revolution on social media, and the release of 'Black Is King' & 'B7'. Original Air Date: 8/4/2020
Full Episode: Join me as I chat with Gianna Clark & Herbert White II about how they got their start, how allies can step up in this moment, and our thoughts on the future of the theatre industry.
Full Episode: Join me as I chat with director, actor, and activist Wardell Julius Clark about his transition behind the table, why he chooses to work in Chicago, and his involvement with the #WeSeeYouWAT campaign. FOR MORE ON WARDELL:
Full Episode: Join me as I chat with Helen Hayes Award winning playwright Karen Zacarias about out mutual love of Theatre for Young Audiences, the changes we hope to see in the theatre industry, and our dreams of reality show stardom. FOR MORE ON KAREN:
Full Episode: Join me as I chat with Broadway star and Omaha native Q. Smith about her journey in Omaha theatre, originating a role in COME FROM AWAY, and her new life as a mom. FOR MORE ON Q:
Full Episode: Join me as I chat with Jen Bosworth-Ramirez about her move to LA from Chicago amidst the pandemic and the race war. This episode is just so delightful and Jen is going to change the screenwriting world forever!
Full Episode: (CW: Sexual Violence, Sexual Assault, Self Harm, & Addiction) Join me as I chat with Noelle Simone about her move to Portland from Chicago and finding a place where she can express her artistic voice at it's fullest.
Full Episode: ***IF YOU ARE FROM OMAHA THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!*** Join me as I chat and laugh with two of my dear friends and mentors Denise Chapman & Echelle Childers about creating space for black art in Omaha, NE, how things have changed over the years, and how white allies can contribute to Juneteenth celebrations. FOR MORE ON THE UNION:
Full Episode: ***THIS EPISODE HAS DIRECT ACTION YOU CAN TAKE NOW AS AN ARTS NON-PROFIT! LISTEN & LEARN!*** Join me as I chat with arts educator and administrator Olivia Jones about her work as a young black artist in large white rooms and what we need to be seeing from regional theatre to become more equitable and inclusive.
Full Episode: Join me as I chat with playwright Derek McPhatter about his black queer SciFi lens, our thoughts on how to make effective musical theatre, and the difference between telling stories about race and stories about the black experience. FOR MORE ON DEREK:
Full Episode: Join me as I chat with my friends Tia Jemison & Ernest Bentley about our summer together at the Guthrie in Minneapolis, their personal journeys in the Actor's Equity Association, and existing in black bodies. FOR MORE ON ERNEST: FOR MORE ON TIA:
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