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Mike and Corey find out what it takes to launch off an 80-foot waterfall as Nick Troutman takes us inside his preparation for freestyle Kayaking.
Corey Reed makes another round with COVID, while Mike, who believes he's mastered the backcountry, gets humbled on the John Muir Trail.
Corey gets the low down. In another attempt at the Mt. Whitney Summit, 14,508 Oxygen saturation levels dropped to as low as 75% as Mike and the athlete team worked to raise oxygen saturation levels. Bear encounters, Crazy Jack, Mike, John, Chad, Seth, and Jonathan all make summiting another unforgettable experience.
Endurance - The ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions. Mike and Corey wrap up with the third biomarker from their premiere online respiratory performance online course. Oxygen utilization is foundational to the mountain athlete in all endeavors.
Mike and Corey share their foundation for human performance beginning with the highest oxygen transfer possible. Oxygen powers every muscle, cell, and vital organ in the body. Simply put we can potentially raise an athlete's performance by as much as 20% with our closed balanced system.
LINK: Mountain Wellness Performance BreathworkMike and Corey are off to the GoPro Mountain Games Vail to introduce their proprietary Closed Balanced System of breathing for the first time.
Mike and Corey dive into the world of carbon dioxide to explain the vital connection to the oxygen in your system. This is a game changer!
Registration link:  Mike and Corey get the run down on the biggest race in Montana from director Bryan Haines and elite athlete coordinator Jesse Zentz. See the link in this post for registration and you can support your local montanans community June 11, 2022.
Mike and Corey with the support of a great team effort put the gas pedal to the floor to Make it to this years 2022 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail C0. Looking back Corey recognizes Mountain Wellness was born at the GoPro Mountain Games. 
Registration link:     It's time to dust of those shoes and get after it! Mike and Corey talk to John Hallsten and John Fitzgerald from the Helena Ultra Runners League (HURL). 
 Why do Sherpa's put butter in their coffee at high altitude?  Is there mold in coffee? In pursuit of raw energy, Mike and Corey dig into the complex world of coffee. 
Mike and Corey dig into the foundation of human performance.
It’s winter! Mountain athletes are knee deep in fresh pow pow! But even for the pro skier knee injuries lurk around every turn. Corey Reed founder of mountain wellness gives us the inside scoop to help bombproof the knees.
When nature calls.
Mountain Athlete Recovery

Mountain Athlete Recovery


After Mike and Corey experience COVID -19 they share their experiences of top recovery protocols. 
2022 Begins!

2022 Begins!


As Corey waits for his scent to return after a bout with COVID, Mike begins a russian protocol in his sauna.
Mike and Corey talk high performance breathwork with Dr. George Dallam PhD. George is an exercise physiologist at Colorado State University Pueblo and former US national triathlon coach of elite athletes. George and his research team have done some of the early research on the benefits of nasal breathing for athletic performance.
Heal and create the life you want with Kelly Gores. Documentary filmmaker, Author, and podcast host.
This week, we spoke with human performance coach, Emily Hightower. Emily takes an integrative science based approach with her clients combining embodied movement, yoga, nutrition, bio feedback, and what she calls, medicinal breath work. Emily is recognized as one of the top performance breathwork coaches,  working alongside founders of The Art of Breath, Brian McKenzie and Rob Orlando. Emily is especially passionate about high performers that have been exposed to trauma, teaching them Intrinsic skills to develop stress resilience. Emily is an avid skier, bow hunter, and level IV Whitewater kayak teacher and calls Baselt, CO home.
Why Intermittent Fast?

Why Intermittent Fast?


Fast track to a healthy winter. Corey breaks down the best way to eat for health and longevity. Mike worries about his food during an 8 hour feeding window.
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Grant Bronk

Corey - I know you've told me a few times about breath, but with all three of you ganging up on this podcast, you finally have my attention. please let me know when you have your offerings put together. I'm interested!

Jan 11th
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