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Author: Rod Taylor and Peter Vogel

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A weekly podcast co-hosted by Rod Taylor, National Leader of CHP Canada (Christian Heritage Party of Canada) and Peter Vogel Deputy Leader of CHP Canada. Rod and Peter discuss current events—often with a guest—and present a biblical perspective on Canada's political issues.
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We are joined today by two stalwarts of the pro-life movement, both from the Ottawa office of CLC (Campaign Life Coalition). Debbie Duval is the National Capital Organizer and Hanna Kepka is in charge of Government Relations for CLC. They and their team worked with many others to organize the recent 2021 National March for Life in Ottawa. Rod and Peter discuss with them the state of pro-life politics and some of the bills currently before Parliament.
Rod and Peter are joined by Ontario President Jim Enos and Acacia Group lawyer John Sikkema to discuss developments in the judicial review case between the City of Guelph and Guelph Right to Life. CHP Canada has intervenor status in this case based on our previous judicial victory in the City of Hamilton. In both cases, the cities attempted to eliminate ads placed in transit system ad spaces that convey policy opinions contrary to those held by the cities. CHP won its case in Hamilton and hopes that the Guelph decision will also be in favour of free speech.
CHP TALKS: Media Bias

CHP TALKS: Media Bias


Ron Gray—former National Leader of CHP Canada—speaks with Rod Taylor and Peter Vogel on the oppressive media bias which seeks to restrict political thought and expression. Commentary covers, existing mainstream media and new developments in social media bias—the ‘cancel culture’.
Ron Gray—former National Leader of CHP Canada—speaks with Rod Taylor and Peter Vogel on the chilling and evil impacts of government censorship of the internet, regarding political thought and expression. He specifically addresses Government Bill C-10, a bill put forward by Minister for Canadian Heritage, Steven Guilbeault, and currently being debated in the House.
Prison chaplain Richard Vander Vaart speaks with Rod and Peter about the desperate need for chaplaincy / pastoral care for those behind bars and the men and women dedicated to preserving public safety and the rule of law.Richard is a retired police chaplain and now works for Redemption Prison Ministry in the Atlantic region, ministering to prisoners. Beyond the skills needed to communicate well with those going through stress, Richard emphasizes the need for prayer and the blessing of communicating even by letters with those cut off from society. 
Mattea Merta, Global Policy and Advocacy Advisor and United Nations Representative with Campaign Life Coalition, speaks with Rod and Peter in the second of a 2-part series on the UN. Mattea weighs in on Agenda 2030, the influence of the World Health Organization, and what we can do to change Canada’s influence on UN social policies.
Mattea Merta, Global Policy and Advocacy Advisor and United Nations Representative with Campaign Life Coalition, speaks with Rod and Peter in the first of a 2-part series on the UN. Mattea works with life and family advocates from around the world to slow down the destructive anti-life agenda of the UN and the ‘progressive’ lobbyist / bureaucrats being sent in by ‘woke’ countries like Canada. 
Cathay Wagantall, MP for Yorkton-Melville (Saskatchewan) speaks with Rod Taylor and Peter Vogel about her Private Member’s Bill C-233, The Sex-Selective Abortion Act, which would make it illegal to abort a baby simply because of its sex. Cathay’s Bill is scheduled for Second Reading and debate on April 14. Viewers are encouraged to visit her site: to learn more and to sign online—before April 9—the Parliamentary Petition (e-3161) calling for Parliament to prohibit sex-selective abortion.   
Rod and Peter speak with Ruth Lobo, Executive Director of National Campus Life Network about the work of NCLN on 16 college campuses across Canada, the impact they are having and the growth of pro-life activities and commitment among Canada’s young adults, college-aged and younger. Ruth also talks about the renewed emphasis on political involvement by passionate young Canadians who want to promote a culture of life.
Rod and Peter speak with CLC’s National President, Jeff Gunnarson, about the struggle to restore a pro-life, pro-family focus to Canadian politics. He reviews with them the CLC’s successful efforts to elect a higher percentage of social conservatives to the CPC National Council as well as the disappointment of having two pro-life policy resolutions excluded from the plenary sessions. They also touch on the gap between the CPC’s pro-abortion leader, Erin O’Toole, and some of the stronger socially-conservative MPs in his caucus. 
Rod and Peter speak with one of Canada’s leading conservative voices, Mr. Joseph Ben-Ami. Their discussion range over the Line 5 Pipeline dispute, the ongoing saga of the WE Charity and its implications for the PM, the internal struggles of the CPC and the likelihood of a Spring Election.
Rod and Peter speak with Chilliwack School Board Trustee, Barry Neufeld, on the need for Christians to engage in politics—both as voters and as candidates—especially in local school boards. Barry addresses the ‘conversion therapy’ bans, the abusive nature of SOGI-123 and the gap in understanding between responsible voters who hold traditional moral views and so-called ‘progressives.’
Rod and Peter speak with Dr. Charles Lugosi, lawyer for defendant Mary Wagner. Mary has spent over 6 years in jail for peacefully attempting to save lives at abortion clinics. On Feb. 18, the SCoC rejected her case  . . . which began in 2012. By refusing to hear the evidence, the Court sided with the abortion industry.
Rhys Williams, CHP’s Foreign Affairs Critic, speaks with Rod and Peter about Canada’s interactions with China’s Communist Party. They discuss the massive trade imbalance, our export of raw resources to a country with such low environmental standards and the persecution faced by religious and ethnic minorities in the Peoples’ Republic. Rhys is an ESL online tutor, a CHP candidate and a part of CHP’s Election Readiness Team.
Angelina Ireland, President of the Delta Hospice Society, discusses with Rod Taylor and Peter Vogel the imminent expropriation of the Irene Thomas Hospice. She explains that the BC Government has declared war on every palliative care provider unless they agree to have MAiD (euthanasia / assisted suicide) performed in their facilities. She connects these developments with Bill C-7, the federal bill expanding access to assisted suicide across the 
Kris Sims, BC Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) speaks with Rod and Peter about the disastrous impacts of Trudeau’s ‘Great Reset’ orientation and his fixation on crushing Canada’s energy sector with unbearable carbon taxes. Kris explores the loss of resource-based jobs and breaks out Canada’s trillion-dollar debt and the burden being created for generations of taxpayers to come.
Natalie Sonnen brings us up to date on Bill C-7, the Government move to extend euthanasia and assisted suicide to more groups of vulnerable people in Canada; if passed by the Senate, C-7 will remove the few safeguards which were included in Canada’s first MAiD legislation less than five years ago. It does nothing to promote palliative care or protect conscience rights for doctors. Natalie also discusses the unique educational role of Life Canada among Canada’s many pro-life organizations. 
Leading Influence’s Founder and National Director Tim Schindel joins Rod Taylor and Peter Vogel to talk about the stresses and strains common to elected Members of Parliament and Provincial Legislators and how he and his team minister to elected officials in non-partisan recognition of the deep spiritual needs of all people, including those in places of influence and power. 
CHP’s National Leader and Deputy Leader review the recent decision by Erin O’Toole to kick former leadership contender Derek Sloan out of the Conservative caucus in the House. A flimsy excuse to purge a courageous social conservative seems likely to damage the CPC brand and shrink the Big Blue Tent. 
Jim Enos (CHP Ontario President, CEO of CHP Hamilton Mountain and Pres. of the Hamilton-Wentworth Family Action Council) speaks with Rod Taylor and Peter Vogel on the attempted censorship by the City of Guelph of three messages scheduled to be displayed by Guelph and Area Right to Life society on city buses. CHP Canada is seeking intervenor status in this judicial review and is currently accepting pledges to cover our legal costs. To make a pledge, contact us at:
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