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This week, Allan Varghese Meloottu joins the Big Brown Army. A PhD scholar from Asbury Theological Seminary, Allan was right in the middle of the Outpouring at Asbury University which started on February 8. He shares a few more details on what happened and answers larger questions about what it means for our culture.  Allan's Twitter. Allan's paper on Dalit Pentecostals in India. Contact us at
DeCruz and Jordi are back with balloons. Just for you! Episode Title brought to you by Jordi!
Jordi and DeCruz return to talk about another singular topic. State Dinners, what are they and why does Jordi hate them so much? 
DeCruz and Jordi start off the year with a breakdown of the George Santos saga. George Santos is a freshman Republican Congressman with a very dubious origin story. 
Jordi and DeCruz return to talk about their interesting lives off of the podcast and really really unsatisfying election results for the Republicans in 2022. Also, the Return of Trump. 
Jordi and DeCruz return for more Midterm Election nonsense. And Elon Musk takes over Twitter. Will DeCruz finally get unblocked by major journalists? 
DeCruz's friend, Josh Kilen, joins the podcast to talk about the evolution of his political thought and to share parts of his amazing life story. Email us with comments, questions, suggestions at 
DeCruz and Jordi are back with another roundup of stories around the world. What does the short-lived reign of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss have to do with a head (ball) of lettuce? Show notes:1. Kshama Sawant feces story with pictures of the suspect.2. Common Sense article on Jane’s Revenge’s reign of terror. 3. Jane’s Revenge website4. AQI-Cigarette Calculator 
The last episode wasn't enough so Jordi and DeCruz are back to opine more on what's been happening in these United States. Tune in to hear about their thoughts on the Mid-Terms and Immigration. 
This Week: We’re Back!

This Week: We’re Back!


Jordi and DeCruz are back for another episode for This Week! They cover a lot of politics and culture that happened during the hiatus. Unfortunately, DeCruz doesn't have access to his regular microphone so the audio quality isn't the best this week. Apologies! 
Jordi and DeCruz discuss all the news that's fit to print... or something like that. 
Jordi and DeCruz are back to take on this week's news updates. Also, stay listen for DeCruz's rant on what's happening in China. 
Jordi and DeCruz are back with another weekly update as they recap Russia's dismal foray into Ukraine and Hunter Biden's laptop story that just won't go away. How much did you pay to fill up your gas tank this week?
After the Hiatus

After the Hiatus


DeCruz and Ray are back. DeCruz shares an update on his Dad and all that's happened in his life recently. Also discussed: The Slap Heard Around the World. Apologies for the technical difficulties in this episode. 
Jordi and DeCruz meet again as the World turns. Could Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's retirement mean there's a significant change for the Biden administration? Is Joe Biden Putin's lapdog? Hear answers to these questions and more. 
A Da-Hey to Remember

A Da-Hey to Remember


Ray and DeCruz are back giving you the best navel-gazing nonsense on culture and politics. 
DeCruz and Jordi kick off the New Year with a Week in Review-- as is tradition. Here's to another year of pointing out the absurdity in mainstream culture and politics. 
Jordi and DeCruz finish out the year with a quick run-down of the top stories of 2021. 
Ray and DeCruz come back to explain what's been going on at Big Brown Army during the prolonged absence and discuss movies, family, etc. 
DeCruz and Jordi return after another long break to discuss the Week in Review. Important tidbits: DeCruz finally got the 'Rona, Jordi's kids hate wearing Halloween costumes, and some other unimportant things. 
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