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The NeverFap Deluxe Daily Podcast

Author: Julius Reade

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Allow recovered porn addict "Daddy Reade" to educate, entertain and motivate you in the best way he knows how. As he explains the basics of porn addiction recovery, covering everything from healthy coping mechanisms to meditation. He also tends to shout a lot.

46 Episodes
1. The Checkup: There's nothing gay about a grown man checking up on toi. 2. The Topic: How Would You Like To Live Your Life? 3. The Viewermail: Guns are bad. Please give all your guns to The Reade immediately for sexual refinement. Email:
1. The Checkup: Today's checkup is brought to you by a major Japanese retailer. 2. The Topic: Will You Regret Never Watching Porn Again? 3. The Viewermail: Let's all buy my 10 part guide to suicide. Email:
1. The Checkup: Have ya free checkup son! 2. The Topic: Recovery Is About Learning To Cope More Effectively 3. The Viewermail: It's Dan from the UK! Email:
1. The Checkup: There you go. 2. The Topic: When Did You First Start Watching Porn? 3. The Viewermail: It's probably a good idea not to get your mother pregnant. Email:
1. The Checkup: The Daddy is here to help. 2. The Topic: The Benefits Of Cold Showers 3. The Viewermail: It's totally okay to masturbate with steroids. Email:
1. The Checkup: Daddy Reade is ready to checkup on you. 2. The Topic: Is It Okay To Have Sex During Recovery? 3. The Viewermail: I teach a child how to use a particle accelerator on their penis. Email:
1. The Checkup: I'm The Reade is coming home bby! 2. The Topic: Deciding To Overcome Porn Addiction Doesn't Get Easier 3. The Viewermail: A dead fetus, the star of today's viewermail. Email:
#39 - How To Be Happy

#39 - How To Be Happy


1. The Checkup: ARE YOU CALM!?!!??!?!? 2. The Topic: How to be Happy. 3. The Viewermail: Apparently I masturbate to one of our lovely viewers. Email:
1. The Checkup: I'm sorry doctor, but I think he's dead. 2. The Topic: Struggling Is Not Recovering 3. The Viewermail: I teach you how you can keep the Chinese out of your kitchen. Email:
1. The Checkup: I am a checkup on you, le listener. 2. The Topic: Your Fetish Is Irrelevant 3. The Viewermail: I also like to pretend that my penis is an assortment of different things. Email:
1. The Checkup: I THINK YOU HAVE CANCER SON. 2. The Topic: There Are No Silver Bullets When It Comes To Recovery 3. The Viewermail: What should this man name his penis? Email:
1. The Checkup: It's the all-famous NeverFap Deluxe Daily Checkup! 2. The Topic: Relapses Are Not A Reflection Of You. 3. The Viewermail: The Reade helps a poor soul get a job. Email:
1. The Checkup: I think you have serious mental health issue, son. 2. The Topic: Does Prayer Count As Meditation? 3. The Viewermail: This man has a tattoo of his girlfriend's vagina on his face. Email:
1. The Checkup: Daddy Reade. Oh my, daddy! 2. The Topic: Have You Ever Paid For Porn? 3. The Viewermail: Mustufa sends in a viewermail! Email:
1. The Checkup: Yes Daddy Reade, I will have sex with you unconditionally. 2. The Topic: Behaviours Are Everything. 3. The Viewermail: Let's dream of A+ students. Email:
1. The Checkup: Oh please, take my temperature Daddy Reade!?! 2. The Topic: Why Do You Want To Recover? 3. The Viewermail: Sticking my penis into a black hole. Email:
1. The Checkup: Check down. GET IT?!?! Ah, well screw you too. 2. The Topic: Never Blame Your Circumstances 3. The Viewermail: I tried using my sister as a fleshlight. Give it a few minutes to settle in. Email:
1. The Checkup: Featuring guest checkup star Robert Pattinson. 2. The Topic: The Importance Of Meditation For An Effective Recovery 3. The Viewermail: Please don't eat your own precum. Email:
1. The Checkup: I'm currently seeing a doctor to help me do proper CHECK UP. 2. The Topic: Is Porn Bad For You? 3. The Viewermail: I mean, how does one increase their girth? Email:
1. The Checkup: The Checkup? More like, the schemckup. Yeesh. 2. The Topic: You Don't Realise You Have A Problem Until You Attempt Recovery 3. The Viewermail: I help a man with wanker's cramp. Email:
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Viewermail idea: is necrophilia ok?

Aug 6th

Beet Meet

thanks, i coomed.

Aug 1st
Reply (1)

Skylar Lassich

"Hello dirty porn addict" I wish all content creators started they're stuff with this

Aug 1st
Reply (1)

Fraidun Sidiqi

daddy julias with an A

Jul 23rd
Reply (1)

Rohan Aroskar

thanks man! I'm happy that your podcasts are helping me!

Jul 20th
Reply (1)

I Love Cats

When I hear you say "Deluxe", I get horny.

Jul 7th
Reply (2)

Beet Meet

Julius, I keep matching with asians on tinder, Is it because I'm a hairy white coloniser man? Is there some secret to getting laid with an asian girl that im just unaware of? Do i have to cook them a special dish? HELP JULIUS WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

Jun 30th

Beet Meet

dear daddy reade, what has been your experience quitting the use of soap, and how can i stop using it forever and become godlike/big dick like you?

Jun 28th
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