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The NeverFap Deluxe Daily Podcast

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1. The Checkup: There's nothing gay about a grown man checking up on toi. 2. The Topic: How Would You Like To Live Your Life? 3. The Viewermail: Guns are bad. Please give all your guns to The Reade immediately for sexual refinement. Email:
1. The Checkup: Today's checkup is brought to you by a major Japanese retailer. 2. The Topic: Will You Regret Never Watching Porn Again? 3. The Viewermail: Let's all buy my 10 part guide to suicide. Email:
1. The Checkup: Have ya free checkup son! 2. The Topic: Recovery Is About Learning To Cope More Effectively 3. The Viewermail: It's Dan from the UK! Email:
1. The Checkup: There you go. 2. The Topic: When Did You First Start Watching Porn? 3. The Viewermail: It's probably a good idea not to get your mother pregnant. Email:
1. The Checkup: The Daddy is here to help. 2. The Topic: The Benefits Of Cold Showers 3. The Viewermail: It's totally okay to masturbate with steroids. Email:
1. The Checkup: Daddy Reade is ready to checkup on you. 2. The Topic: Is It Okay To Have Sex During Recovery? 3. The Viewermail: I teach a child how to use a particle accelerator on their penis. Email:
1. The Checkup: I'm The Reade is coming home bby! 2. The Topic: Deciding To Overcome Porn Addiction Doesn't Get Easier 3. The Viewermail: A dead fetus, the star of today's viewermail. Email:
#39 - How To Be Happy

#39 - How To Be Happy


1. The Checkup: ARE YOU CALM!?!!??!?!? 2. The Topic: How to be Happy. 3. The Viewermail: Apparently I masturbate to one of our lovely viewers. Email:
1. The Checkup: I'm sorry doctor, but I think he's dead. 2. The Topic: Struggling Is Not Recovering 3. The Viewermail: I teach you how you can keep the Chinese out of your kitchen. Email:
1. The Checkup: I am a checkup on you, le listener. 2. The Topic: Your Fetish Is Irrelevant 3. The Viewermail: I also like to pretend that my penis is an assortment of different things. Email:
1. The Checkup: I THINK YOU HAVE CANCER SON. 2. The Topic: There Are No Silver Bullets When It Comes To Recovery 3. The Viewermail: What should this man name his penis? Email:
1. The Checkup: It's the all-famous NeverFap Deluxe Daily Checkup! 2. The Topic: Relapses Are Not A Reflection Of You. 3. The Viewermail: The Reade helps a poor soul get a job. Email:
1. The Checkup: I think you have serious mental health issue, son. 2. The Topic: Does Prayer Count As Meditation? 3. The Viewermail: This man has a tattoo of his girlfriend's vagina on his face. Email:
1. The Checkup: Daddy Reade. Oh my, daddy! 2. The Topic: Have You Ever Paid For Porn? 3. The Viewermail: Mustufa sends in a viewermail! Email:
1. The Checkup: Yes Daddy Reade, I will have sex with you unconditionally. 2. The Topic: Behaviours Are Everything. 3. The Viewermail: Let's dream of A+ students. Email:
1. The Checkup: Oh please, take my temperature Daddy Reade!?! 2. The Topic: Why Do You Want To Recover? 3. The Viewermail: Sticking my penis into a black hole. Email:
1. The Checkup: Check down. GET IT?!?! Ah, well screw you too. 2. The Topic: Never Blame Your Circumstances 3. The Viewermail: I tried using my sister as a fleshlight. Give it a few minutes to settle in. Email:
1. The Checkup: Featuring guest checkup star Robert Pattinson. 2. The Topic: The Importance Of Meditation For An Effective Recovery 3. The Viewermail: Please don't eat your own precum. Email:
1. The Checkup: I'm currently seeing a doctor to help me do proper CHECK UP. 2. The Topic: Is Porn Bad For You? 3. The Viewermail: I mean, how does one increase their girth? Email:
1. The Checkup: The Checkup? More like, the schemckup. Yeesh. 2. The Topic: You Don't Realise You Have A Problem Until You Attempt Recovery 3. The Viewermail: I help a man with wanker's cramp. Email:
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excellent content, but such an annoying podcaster.... the screaming, "the checkup", so it made like for 13 yr olds?

Jun 18th


Viewermail idea: is necrophilia ok?

Aug 6th

Beet Meet

thanks, i coomed.

Aug 1st
Reply (1)

Skylar Lassich

"Hello dirty porn addict" I wish all content creators started they're stuff with this

Aug 1st
Reply (1)

Fraidun Sidiqi

daddy julias with an A

Jul 23rd
Reply (1)

Rohan Aroskar

thanks man! I'm happy that your podcasts are helping me!

Jul 20th
Reply (1)

I Love Cats

When I hear you say "Deluxe", I get horny.

Jul 7th
Reply (2)

Beet Meet

Julius, I keep matching with asians on tinder, Is it because I'm a hairy white coloniser man? Is there some secret to getting laid with an asian girl that im just unaware of? Do i have to cook them a special dish? HELP JULIUS WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

Jun 30th

Beet Meet

dear daddy reade, what has been your experience quitting the use of soap, and how can i stop using it forever and become godlike/big dick like you?

Jun 28th
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