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How can we overcome tough times in life and still be able to thrive? Join host Alexis Bean (aka Lex) for monthly discussions with millennial women & subject experts about grief, trauma & other difficult life circumstances. Each episode we'll get real, be candid, & bravely explore the true meaning of Putting on your Big Girl Panties.
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Today’s episode is the final episode of Season 3 of Big Girl Panties Podcast! Alexis is back with Khamani Fox of 7 South Productions for Part II of their interview celebrating BGP Life’s first product, Your Love Is Alive, A Guided Memory Journal Honouring Your Loved One. During their chat, Alexis shares:What is up next for BGP during an upcoming podcast breakAn in-depth reflection of her mom’s cancer diagnosis and untimely death (4:00-21:30 minutes)How she has navigated her grief journey over the past 10+ yearsHow BGP Life has created healthy tools for personal healing and the lessons she has learned from the brandWhy she chose a memory journal as BGP Life’s first product and how it relates to her storyHeartfelt tips for others grieving the death of a loved oneTo learn more & purchase your copy of Your Love Is Alive, A Guided Memory Journal Honouring Your Loved One, please learn more and contact with 7 South Productions, please visit:Instagram - @7.southproductionsWebsite - 7southproductions.comTo stay in contact with all things Big Girl Panties between episodes, please visit:Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook - @bgplifeblogWebsite -
In the first episode of 2023, the tables have turned on Big Girl Panties Podcast! Host, Alexis Bean is in the hot seat and is interviewed by Khamani Fox from 7 South Productions. The special collaboration is celebrating the launch of BGP’s new product: Your Love Is Alive, A Guided Memory Journal Honouring Your Loved One. During this chat, we discuss:how the death of her mom impacted Alexis’ life and transition into adulthoodthe founding story behind BGP Life, and how both men and women can be inspired by the wellness brandwhy Alexis chose to create a journal for BGP Life’s first producthow people that are grieving and have experienced loss can use the memory journal how journaling helped Alexis through her own grieving processand more!To learn more & purchase your copy of Your Love Is Alive, A Guided Memory Journal Honouring Your Loved One, please learn more and contact with 7 South Productions, please visit:Instagram - @7.southproductionsWebsite - 7southproductions.comTo stay in contact with all things Big Girl Panties between episodes, please visit:Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook - @bgplifeblogWebsite -
In this episode, Alexis is joined by Dr. Aria Bean to chat all about how to best show up for ourselves and our loved ones during the holiday season. Our guest has a wealth of expertise as a Social Worker and Counselor with a focus on mental health, parenting, couples dynamics, addiction, children, and families.During the conversation, Alexis and Dr. Aria discuss:Maintaining healthy boundaries during holiday events How to juggle your time between your family, in-laws, and other commitments on Christmas and Boxing Day Managing inappropriate comments during family gatherings Families navigating the holidays after a loved one has diedLoneliness during the holidays Stay in touch with Big Girl Panties between episodes:Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook - @bgplifeblogWebsite -
October is recognized as Down Syndrome Awareness Month across the world. In today’s episode of Big Girl Panties Podcast, Alexis sits down with Eulannae Douglas to discuss Down Syndrome Awareness. Eulannae is a paraprofessional in the Bermuda public school system with a focus on working with students with Down syndrome. During this episode we will learn:How Eulannae chose to work with children with special needs as a professionWhat we should know about people with Down syndrome The challenges & successes that children with Down syndrome in her life experienceHow to create strong relationships with children with Down syndrome And more If you would like to get involved and support others with Down syndrome, and learn more information about Down syndrome Awareness, please ds-int.orgTo keep in touch with all things Big Girl Panties between episodes, please visit:Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook - @bgplifeblogWebsite -
Life changed in an instant for countless people after the deathly attacks on September 11, 2001.In today’s episode, Alexis sits down with Inez Ribustello, business owner, author, and the former Beverage Director of the world renowned restaurant Windows of the World in the World Trade Center. During this episode, we will learn about:How Inez chose a career in wine Her career progression and challenges faced as a woman Thoughts, emotions and what Inez was doing on 9/11How she coped with grief, survivors guilt, and navigating her next stepsWhat can readers expect from her memoir “Life After Windows”Present day life, her businesses, how people can connect with Inez todayStay connected with Inez here:Instagram - @inezribustello Website - Buy a copy of Life After Windows - connected with Big Girl Panties between episodes here: Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook - @bgplifeblogWebsite -
Girls just wanna have fun…And go on allergen friendly lunch dates with their friends! In this episode of Big Girl Panties Podcast, Alexis sits down with Melissa Looby to chat about navigating their health conscious food journeys in Bermuda. During this conversation, we chat about: What each of our diet choices are like Melissa’s chronic illness diagnosisWhy we choose to make more health conscious food choices Favourite International food brands in Bermuda that support healthy living Favourite Bermuda made food brands and restaurants that support healthy living  Other than our farmers and fisherman, can Bermuda brands and restaurants truly support people with food allergies and other health conscious diets?Connect with Melissa here:Instagram - @thepulsegroupWebsite - www.pulsegroup.bmWant to share your fav brands and restaurants that we can find in Bermuda? Share your feedback with us! Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook - @bgplifeblogWebsite -
Do you enjoy sweet dreams and a full night's rest every night?In this episode of Big Girl Panties Podcast, host, Alexis Bean is joined by Sleep Specialist, Dorothy Bradshaw, founder and owner of The 41st Wink. During this conversation we chat about:Why sleep is so important and why so many adults are impacted by the lack of sleepHow sleep affects our immune system, mental health, and overall physical healthThe 41st Wink and what inspired Dorothy to become a Sleep SpecialistHow our poor sleeping habits can negatively affect our childrenTips for busy people within the corporate sector, entrepreneurs, and caregiversHow we can get help with our sleeping issues  at The 41st WinkFind Out More About The 41st Wink, Access FREE Resources, and Contact Dorothy Here:Website - Connected with Big Girl Panties:Website - bgplife.comInstagram - @bgplifeFacebook - @bgplifeblog
Big Girl Panties Podcast has been awarded Best Podcast in the 2022 Best of Bermuda Awards!  In today’s episode, Alexis reflects on the  win and what it means for the podcast. She is also discussing: Podcast Anniversary Wisdom vs Imposter syndromeHow to Stay Dedicated to your GoalsWork Life Balance What it means to have a Balanced SummerAnd lastly, What lessons could you learn from your former teenage self? Stay Connected with all things Big Girl Panties between episodes:Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook- @bgplifeblog Website -
In today’s episode, Alexis sits down with J.J. Kelly, PsyD, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Emotional Intelligence Skills Expert from Oakland, California. Her company, UnorthoDocs Inc. is a punk rock alternative to traditional psychotherapy that centers around emotional intelligence skills training, peer coaching, mentorship, and community outreach. During this conversation we unpack: Dr. JJ’s Journey with Psychotherapy and how she was led to start her companyHow we can effectively support others instead of reacting from a place of fear The importance of Emotional Intelligence Skills in personal relationships, the workplace, for children and teens, and with ourselvesHow to Find your Values and maintain behaviours that align with them What’s inside ‘The Get Real Program’ for students under 18 and over 18 and how parents can support their young people with this programThe Holy Sh*t series - Dr. JJ’s 3 Books about Kids and Self-Harm, Finding happiness outside of what society says you should do, Dealing with a Narcissist in the workplace and beyondStay Connected with Dr. J.J. here:Website - Stay Connected with all things Big Girl Panties between episodes:Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook- @bgplifeblog Website -
Alexis Bean sits down with Katrina Darrell and Damika Swan, co-owners of Trimik Sports to chat about business, their entrepreneurship journey, and how to take care of your own well-being. In this episode we discuss: The inspiration behind and creation of Trimik SportsLessons learned throughout their entrepreneurship journeysThe impact of having a strong support system while running a businessHow their lives have changed  since starting Trimik SportsThe positive impact that wearing their brand has been for customersThe Trimik Mind, Body, Health Vendors Market Collaborations with other Bermudian Wellness Entrepreneurs Motherhood, Miscarriage, and Real Life WellnessBalancing  entrepreneurship, a 9 to 5, and having a personal lifeThe future of Trimik SportsStay Connected with Trimik Sports:Instagram - @trimiksportsJoin Us on May 4th 2022 for our #TamDay Memories Celebration: www.bgplife.comStay Connected with all things Big Girl Panties between episodes: Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook- @bgplifeblog Website -
What does putting on your big girl panties mean to you? In today’s episode we are taking a look back at podcast episodes to celebrate the inspiring women who have been on the show in honour of International Women’s Day. Women are strong, beautiful, intelligent, courageous and everything else. Enjoy this walk down memory lane with us and reflect on what this definition means to you. If you’re interested in sharing your own perspective, send a DM to our social media pages. And if you’re interested in joining BGP Book Club, subscribe to our newsletter on our website. Keep in touch with Big Girl Panties here: Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook- @bgplifeblog Website - 
Does love truly stand the test of time? In this episode of Big Girl Panties Podcast, I am joined by Shalisa Smith, an Educational Therapist from Bermuda who is sharing her story about her close personal relationship with Adoption. In this episode we discuss:When Shalisa found out that she was adopted What it was like meeting her birth parents for the first time Some of the challenges that she has faced over the years What relationships with her family look like today and hopes she has for the future How she views healing and wellness in her own lifeThis episode is about the love journey we have for oneself, our family, and what it can look like to grow that love for the family we never expected to gain. Watch Shalisa’s Adoption Story on YouTube here Stay Connected with Big Girl Panties: Website - Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook - @bgplifeblog
In this solo episode, Lex shares an encouraging message dedicated to  Two’s Day; a rare palindrome date occurring on 2/2/22. What is the significance of such a unique day? And why is she calling it a moment of divine timing?We discuss and explore: The meanings behind the number two, and how we can draw inspiration from them to use in our day to day lives.Why it's okay to slow down and jump out of the rat raceCelebrating ourselvesThe plans for Big Girl Panties in 2022 and a new opportunity for BGP Sisters to connect.Surprise offerings that will be available for purchase this year Do you want to keep in touch with all things Big Girl Panties? Connect with us on our website and on social media. Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook- @bgplifeblog Website -
Happy New Year BGP fam! In the first episode of Season 3 and of 2022, I am chatting with her longtime friend Karee Luna. In this episode we discuss: Our general feelings about the new year New Year’s resolutions and the soft spot that we share for this practice The end of a beautiful era: the series finale of HBO’s ‘Insecure’ What are the keys to a happy life in 2022Keep in contact with Karee here: Instagram - @ilu20thebookKeep in touch with Big Girl Panties here: Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook- @bgplifeblog Website -
Experiencing Christmas after the loss of a loved one can bring up countless emotions. In this episode, Lex breaks down a few tips that may help listeners who are missing loved ones over the holidays. We chat about:Tips for people who are experiencing one of their first Christmas holidays after a loved one has died BGP Christmas video highlights Celebrating the holidays after new people and experiences have entered our livesEarly plans for 2022Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Big Girl Panties!Stay connected between episodes:Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook- @bgplifeblog Website -
In today’s episode I am joined by Laurie Shiell-Smith, Executive Director at the Centre Against Abuse in Bermuda to learn more about Domestic Abuse Awareness. In this episode we discuss:Different types of abuseEarly signs that you or someone you know could be involved in an abusive relationship How others can support someone who is involved in an abusive situation What the Centre Against Abuse offers the community in Bermuda Special thanks to Laurie for offering her time for this episode. Please contact the Centre Against Abuse if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault: 441-297-8278Please visit the Centre Against Abuse website for further information on domestic abuse awareness and the services they offer in Bermuda: visit the below links for help and/or more information on domestic violence and domestic abuse awareness:USA - www.ncavd.org1-800-799-7233U.K. -
Do you know what it’s like to be involved in an abusive relationship? Do you understand the true definition of domestic abuse or domestic violence? In today’s episode I am chatting with a young millennial woman who is sharing her experience with being involved in a relationship that resulted in abuse. In this episode we discuss: The different ways in which Stephanie was abused by her former partnerThe process she had to endure after she pressed chargesHow she protects her health and well-being today as a wife and momPlease visit the below links for help and/or more information on domestic violence and domestic abuse awareness:USA - www.ncadv.org1-800-799-7233Bermuda with Big Girl Panties here: Instagram - @bgplifeFacebook - @bgplifeblogWebsite -
What is the true definition of a champion? In today’s episode we’re continuing our convo about the 2020/1 Tokyo Olympic Games. We’re discussing: Controversial Olympic moments and how they were portrayed in the media Standout performances by a few female OlympiansFlora Duffy (duhh!) Lessons learned and how they can apply to women everywhereWe are celebrating both the top performances from the Olympic Games and who each of these athletes are as women. Brava ladies! Stay connected with Big Girl Panties here: Email - info@bgplife.comInstagram - @bgplife Facebook - @bgplifeblogWebsite -
Welcome back BGP fam! We are back with new conversations about wellness, grief & every subject in between that impacts a millennial woman as she navigates life while putting on her Big Girl Panties. Alexis is joined by two of her university track teammates and friends to unpack key moments from the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. Michelle is a retired track athlete turned novice cyclist, and an Associate Marketing Director at Life Time Inc. Priscilla is a 2016 Olympian, radio show host for 98.7 The Coast, and podcast and YouTube host for her show 'In Our Prime'. In today’s episode we discuss:Female Olympians who were at the forefront of controversy while they prioritized their mental health despite the backlash that came from critics. The different kinds of scrutiny faced in different countries around the world The importance of protecting your mental health in all circumstances.Special thanks to Eulannae Douglas for performing in our Episode 16 skit.Get in contact with Priscilla here: Instagram - @priscilla_frederickWebsite - priscillaloomis.comKeep in touch with Big Girl Panties here: Email - info@bgplife.comInstagram - @bgplife Website -
What Happens Next?In the latest episode of Big Girl Panties Podcast, I’m opening up about what I’ve been up to over my extended break from my blog, podcast and social media pages. We’re discussing:The importance of taking time to focus on your mental healthHow we progress after finding healingHow my feelings towards Big Girl Panties have changedHow we’re moving the brand forwardWith love,LXXConnect with Big Girl Panties here: Instagram: @bgplifeFacebook: @bgplifeblogEmail: info@bgplife.comWebsite: www.bgplife.comq5KTwA60C6khNMSIaZWt
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