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In Season two’s 14th episode, we talk with 4 founders of The AUX: JACQUI WHITE, LORI LASER, TIFFINI HOLMES and TOSHA WILSON. Listen as we learn about their huge efforts to build a community space owned by the people - a commercial hub led by black ownership that has been envisioned by its founders to bring healing, wellness and racial equity to Evanston. We learn about the experiences that brought all of them together and the importance of The AUX’s work with connectivity and working collaboratively to create a space where all are welcome.  
Denise has overcome what for many would be roadblocks to success, but her determination at every juncture has shown her to be a formidable yet compassionate competitor. Denise’s Evanston public school education started at Dewey School. Because of forced integration, she and the rest of the black student community were then bused to Walker for 6th grade. She went on to Skiles, ETHS and finally to Northwestern University where she earned two degrees. After graduating from Northwestern, Denise worked as an administrator at ETHS. In her exemplary career she took seriously her relationship with the black community. She loves Evanston but says about it, “no bulls-eye yet, we keep shooting narrows. We got lots of arrows.”In addition to her many personal and professional accomplishments, she’s made community involvement a priority in her life as she supports and celebrates Evanston, continuing to make it a better place.
The story of the Logan family continues in this episode with GILO KWESI LOGAN. In our last episode with his father, retired police Chief Bill Logan, we spoke of his father’s contributions to our hometown. In this episode, The Beat of His Own Drum, we to talk with Gilo, who explains how his name evolved from Gary to Gilo. He shares his experiences growing up as a young black male and how his experiences abroad have shaped his life and helped define him as a human being. And as Gilo says, I am because we are. And because we are. Therefore I am. 
This episode features WILLIAM H. LOGAN, JR., also known as Bill or Chief Logan. Listen, as Chief Logan talks about his family and growing up in Evanston. You will hear about his storied career with the Evanston Police Department, which he joined in 1957 and rose through the ranks to become Evanston’s first Black Police Chief in 1984. Chief Logan’s contributions to the Evanston community as the co-founder of numerous organizations shaped much of path for access and opportunity for black youth. Chief Logan truly led the village by his example of caring for the place we call home.
The fruit clearly doesn't fall far from the tree. In this episode we speak with KIMBERLY HOLMES ROSS who is truly her mother's child. Listen, as Kim describes growing up in Evanston, attending District 65 schools and Evanston Township High School. And why she is drawn to the work she is passionate about, serving her community. Kim opens up about her family, her childhood, and why she has chosen to follow in her mother's footsteps. Kim has spent a life walking the walk and continues to give back to the community and is unapologetic about her work and her love for it.
This episode features Blaire Frett, Ilana Marder-Eppstein, Lydia Collins, and Louise Bond of the group of Talking Whiteness on Central Street.Talking Whiteness challenges the status quo on their home turf in Northwest Evanston with conversations that could be had around the dinner table. These organizers created a model that puts them face to face with their neighbors, asking pointed questions to encourage people to look at their privilege while talking about whiteness. As we say, there is no equity without action and these four people are out there making a difference. Tamika Mallory says, “we don’t need allies, we need accomplices,” And these folks are just that; we are happy to call them Evanstonians.
In this episode, we talk with RODNEY WILLIAMS, a native Evanstonianwho has risen through the ranks of corporate America in marketing at Moët Hennessy, Jackson Family Wines and Mondavi Wines to name a few, while always standing up for what is right. Rodney pays it forward and moves the needle toward a level playing field. Join us as we talk to him about living with integrity, the importance of staying connected to your roots and showing up every day and living as an unapologetically and righteous black man, doing the right thing.
This episode features PAT HUGHES, SR., who has made Evanston his home since he moved to our town in 1955. Pat attributes who he is to his upbringing, his diverse group of friends and meeting the love of his life, Brigid, while still in middle school. Pat practices an attitude of gratitude as he tells us about his large family whose family ties run deep through the community. His desire to lead a life of service and pay it forward have guided him to be a person we and the community are grateful for. Listen To Understand!
This episode features GAIL HUTCHISON, a native Evanstonian and a powerful yoga and meditation instructor. Gail gives us some insight into the benefits of self care for all people, but, in particular, black people. Gail states “We can’t pour from an empty cup”, a phrase that should encourage everyone support themselves and work on healing. As a black woman, Gail shares her valuable input about race, who gets opportunities, being honest and acknowledging and learning the past so that we can move forward. 
In this episode, we talk with GREG KLAIBER, a native Evanstonian who has paid it forward in terms of the equity and diversity that we at ER so cherish. Listen as we talk growing up in Evanston, friends, family, sports, mentors and a life of giving back. 
In this episode, we talk with the truly inspiring BEN AND MELISSA BLOUNT, who moved to Evanston less than a decade ago. Listen as we talk family, art, activism, taking chances and making a difference. 
*Before listening to this amazing episode, please be aware there is some salty language*In this episode we have an authentic conversation with BOB LAMEY. Listen as he unpacks his childhood, family and friends while growing up in Evanston. Bob doesn't pull any punches as he shares his perspective about life. His experiences drive his work ethic, success and loyal relationships.Listen To Understand!
In Part Two of our two-part episode with RON WHITMORE, we continue to discuss a range of topics including family, home, loyalty, racism, opportunities, truth and living in Evanston as an unapologetic black man.
In our 17th episode, we talk with our very own DR. RON WHITMORE. Listen as he speaks his truth and doesn’t hold back as we delve into a range of topics including family, home, loyalty, racism, education, opportunities, and living in Evanston as a father, teacher and unapologetic black man. We are proud and honored to share a piece of Ronnie’s story with all of you. Come to understand.
In our 16th episode, we talk with CEDRIC SINGLETARY, the founder of the Facebook page, “You Know You From Evanston When.” He discusses his perceptions of the duality of Evanston and how his experiences growing up in Evanston have influenced him.Being a self described underdog, Cedric tells us about the the resilience modeled by his elders and how those experiences made him who he is.
As we end a year of chaos and uncertainty, we found an opportunity to come together on Saturday, December 19, 2020, and celebrate our commonality: Evanston Township High School. We  reminisced and told old stories, but also dove into pertinent issues like Covid-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the continued brutality faced by people of color in our country.At Evanston Rules we seek to challenge our listeners to be positive agents of change through deeper understanding. Join us in our ETHS gathering to listen, and to understand.Thank you to all who joined and to those who shared a bit of their connection to Evanston.Speakers in order of appearance:- Laurice Bell, Evanston Rules- Phoebe Hoyt, Active English- Michael DeVaul- Ron Whitmore, Evanston Rules- Gail Hutchison, The Joy Mat - Kayla Henning, student American University- Chef Q, Kids with Co-workers- Gilo Kwesi Cornell Logan, Dr. Logan Speaks - Kristen Mitchell, Evanston SPACE - Carmiya Bady, ETHS senior- Lisa Degliantoni, Evanston Made - Kimberly Holmes Ross, Evanston Cradle to Career - Louise Bond, ETHS senior- Cedric Singletary, “You Know You From Evanston When”- Nancy Glick, M.D. , Sinai Infectious Disease Center- DJ Corey Bless, Corey Bless Production Dino Robinson, Shorefront Legacy Center -
In our 14th episode, we talk with ROSE JOHNSON. Listen as we learnabout Rose's journey from Tallahassee to Spelman College to Evanstonwith her family. Rose's experiences an educator, school board member,parent and community activist have been a driving force for her truth,while living in Evanston. Rose has been and continues to be involvedmaking a difference. Come to understand.
In Episode 13, BOBBY BURNS shares how the various people in his life have made a difference. He mentions our very own Ron Whitmore who was his kindergarten teacher as a character of influence. In our conversation, Bobby recounts his life choices and the lessons he learned on the way with full transparency. Time has shown him the importance of being thoughtful, wise and focused to get things done. Bobby holds respect towards the accomplishments of those before him. He articulates how his process has guided him to grow into a community leader and advocate for those who have been wrongfully excluded.Recently, Bobby announced his run for Alderman of the 5th ward of Evanston, Illinois. With his passionate desire to make Evanston a better place for all, he would be a great addition to our local government.
In episode 12, we talk to LARRY AXELROOD, a man whose thoughtfulness and love of his hometown shine through on our trip down memory lane. Larry is the guy everyone wants on their team and side. He’s an advocate and humanist whose ability to see from other people’s point of view, provided him the insight needed to be a fair and compassionate judge. Join us as we talk about Evanston, equity, love, lifelong friendships, showing up, gratitude, and a life well-lived.
In Part Two of our two-part episode with TEEL, WILLIE and ALYSON MILLER, we continue to discuss their family history, achievements, challenges and commitment to make Evanston a better place for all. Missed Part 1? Listen here.
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