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Mentor Coaching Skills

Author: Elle Cronin

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Teaching and Demonstrating what coaching is and sounds like for coaches and aspiring coaches. Learn "Tips and Tricks" to help you finesse your coaching skills and deepen your knowledge of the coaching core competencies set by the International Coaching Federation and truly dive in into a coaching culture.
14 Episodes
In this episode, Elle and Marilyn host dating coach Heidi Krantz and certified coach Maja Meglic, to talk about how to bring coaching conversations into the dating world. Check out Heidi's podcast at the dating coaching group at the singles group for coaches at more information on Marilyn: more information on Elle: https://www.mentorcoachingskills.comHeidi Krantz: https://www.reinventionlifecoaching.comMaja Meglic:
In this episode we discuss how the coaching core competencies might show up with executive clients versus military clients and some core values that might differ from one niche to the other. Join the helping hand program https://helpinghand4coaches.comReach out to Elle directly https://www.mentorcoachingskills.comReach out to Marilyn directly https://www.marilynrosecoaching.comJoin our Mentor Coach Program for your recertification
Join Marilyn, Elle and Paul for a discussion on confidence around building a new coaching practice while feeling confident on your skillset. As always if you are wanting to gain insights on new ways to help you identify your strength and build your confidence during your sessions, check out :
Marilyn and Elle speak about their tips and rituals to be fully present and prepared for their clients and answer some other questions that come up for new coaches.
In this episode Elle and Marilyn share their insights around what they observed last year while launching their Coaching Core Competency  Bootcamp and some other tips around coaching mindset defined by the International Coaching Federation. 
In this episode you will learn the definition and the importance of this competency as coach. A great intro or refresher for coaches. 
Evoking Awareness

Evoking Awareness


In this episode, Elle gives you an introduction of what evoking awareness as a competency is and what that might sound like in a conversation with your client.
Active Listening Intro

Active Listening Intro


In this episode, Elle gives you some insights on supporting coaches identify new ways to activate their listening skills in a session. 
Coaching Presence

Coaching Presence


In this episode, Elle introduces the definition of the 5th coaching core competency, and helps you identify the difference between mastery and practice levels. 
In this episode Elle shares the importance of building trust with our clients and being more confident in taking more risks to help them see their blind spots in a respectful way. 
In this episode, Elle gives a quick overview on the importance to be clear with each session's agreement and how this competency helps coaches become more effective in their sessions.
In this episode Elle shares some insights into what coaching mindset looks like in a session and what it sounds like for a more experienced coach. Embody the coaching mindset is the second coaching core competency according to the new ICF model to be released in 2021.
In this episode Elle covers what the coaching core competency is to embody what coaching truly is and the core belief we coaches have in order to be effective and create a professional relationship with our clients. 
In this episode Elle shares the purpose of her podcast and her mission to help coaches , leaders and aspiring coaches to develop their skills and gain awareness on how to become more effective and engaging. 
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