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Trinity United Methodist Church of Loveland, CO - Sermon Podcast

Trinity United Methodist Church of Loveland, CO - Sermon Podcast

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Enjoy the messages from Trinity United Methodist Church of Loveland, CO! We are located at 801 N.Cleveland Ave., and gather every Sunday at 10am. For more information, and our complete sermon archive, please check out our website:
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Join us for Pentecost 2023! Get reattuned with God and welcome the Spirit.
To wrap up this sermon series, we take on the question of questions. Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Is God behind them? Is something else at work? Join us today as we wrestle with this one together.
Ever wonder why you should bother to get up and go to church? The answer might seem obvious until you realize that the church is far broader than you might think. As the old Sunday School tune puts it: "The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple, the church is not a resting place, the church is the people!" Join us to see what that means and why it should encourage you to go to church.
One of the biggest modern questions about faith is about the Bible. Does a 2000+ year old library of books still speak to people today. It does! Join us today to hear why.
Faith is a confusing, messy thing. Unfortunately, sometimes the church makes it hard to ask questions. Not in our congregation, however! In this new sermon series, we throw open the doors and process some hard questions. Today topic: Who is God? Join us!
Lay Speaker Gretta Brinson preaches on spiritual gifts, the church in act, and hearing what God wants us to say!
First UMC Director of Student Ministries Matthew Utley joins us today! 
Happy Easter! Today we conclude our "On the Water" series by talking about tears and crying. Easter is not a day we usually associate with tears. Yet, there are present in the scripture and they teach us so much about what this day means! Join us! HE IS RISEN!
Palm Sunday leads to Holy Week. In the Holy Week story, two basins (bowls used for washing) make an appearance. Join us today to hear how they embody a critical choice we are called to make leading to Easter. 
Ever feel like you are in a place you don't want to be in, but you can leave? What do you do when you are stuck? Jesus shows us some ways to become unstuck today. Join us as we see God's Living Water at work.
There are times you need to brave the storm to get the experience you desire. And there will be moments Jesus will lead you into a storm in your faith. How do you survive? Find Christ at the center of your boat and make sure he is in command.
Anyone thirsty for something they can't name? Jesus can help with that.   Link to Study referenced in sermon:,their%20bodies%20made%20of%20water.
When it comes to water and Christianity, there is no more pure expression than that of baptism. Today we hear about three aspects of baptism that further guide us into the Lenten Season. 
A very unlikely trait is the best way for us to participate and grow in God's grace. You don't need love, you don't need faith. For a miracle, a sure way to experience it is through obedience. 
Luke 16:1-9 is one of, if not the most confusing passage in the Bible. Does Jesus condone stealing in it? Are we supposed to ruthlessly take advantage of God's grace? Or is there another interpretation of it? Join us today to find out.
The Parable of the Unjust Judge and the Widow is a powerful testament about prayer. Once you dig through some of the confusion around it that is! 
Today we begin a new series on Jesus' parables. They are a deceptively complex teaching format. On the outside, they are short simple stories. But reflect on them a bit. Ask the questions Jesus wants you to ask, and they come alive. Even four sentences about a treasure hunt can be extremely deep. Join us today to hear all about it!
Today we complete our Wesley's Three Rule series with an intriguing question: Have you ever thought of yourself as a power strip? You will after today's message. And you'll be convinced you need to "Stay in Love with God" to remain energized! 
The second of John Wesley's rules demands action. But so much good needs to be done in the world, it's hard to know where to start! Check out Pastor Bryson's advice in today's message. And bring a garden trowel. . .  
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