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Enjoy the messages from Trinity United Methodist Church of Loveland, CO! We are located at 801 N.Cleveland Ave., and gather every Sunday at 10am. For more information, and our complete sermon archive, please check out our website:
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Today we begin a summer long book at the Gospel of Mark. It depicts Jesus so differently than the other three. Christ is always on the move in Mark, always saving people, always being a hero. Join in the action today and see how Jesus’ actions should affect your faith. Also, Happy Mother’s Day!
The Incredible Hulk is the strongest character in the Marvel Comics Universe. The angrier he is, the stronger he becomes! But is anger the best emotion to use with strength? When we are angry and strong, bad things happen. So, is there a better way to be strong for others and praise God? Join us today as we find out!
Every superhero team has a member that doesn’t quite line up with the others. Their power is not as outwardly helpful. They can’t lift heavy objects, shoot energy beams, or do anything that might defeat a powerful foe. Yet, they power they do have can save the world. You may need one of these unlikely heroes rather than Superman! Come today and meet such a person in Luke 10 and see how you can be a hero too.
Iron Man's power comes from the state of the art battle suit he wears, but it’s powered by the glowing reactor that supports his heart. A Christian’s power comes from the same source, a burning heart! So what is powering your heart right now and how can you ignite the hero in you?
Peter Parker is a regular teenager, until he’s bitten by a radioactive spider. Afterwards, he becomes the legendary Spider-Man! In the background of his story (and many other comics) the gospel is at work. How is Christ reflected in the example of Spider-Man? Join us today as we explore what it means to wield God’s “great power with great responsibility.”
Easter is here! The Tomb is empty. Christ is Risen. Christ is Risen indeed. After the Resurrection, Jesus commissions his followers to serve the world. How do we do that in an exhausted, COVID wracked world? What do Easter people have to offer? Join us today to be uplifted and brought back to life in Jesus name.
Today we remember Christ riding into Jerusalem at the start of the last week of his life. Today, we cry “Hosanna, Hosanna, save us!” along with the crowds. Yet, we still don’t understand everything Christ is about to do. We are still amazed by the scope of forgiveness Jesus offers. Today, we end our look at Forgiveness by seeing the ultimate goal it aims at: reconciliation. Why don’t we see reconciliation more often? Join us today to find out.
Forgiveness frees us from our brokenness. As we experience it more and more, what we were fades into the distance as God’s grace takes its place. But with freedom comes the potential to fall back into old problems and situations. How do we avoid that? How does living Divine Liberation set us up for a different path?
Today as we begin the latter half of the Lenten Season. Our theme of forgiveness has required a lot of internal work so far. Now, we begin moving outward, showing our changed hearts in action for Christ. This external movement starts with one thing, repentance. Come give repentance another shot with us!
Honesty is a key virtue in Lent. Using it, we can see the truth of situations and how God calls us to forgive. It can also sustain and transform us. Join us today to learn how! 
If everyone needs God’s forgiveness, what do you need forgiveness for? Sometimes you need to search hard for the answer. You are called to look inside yourself to see instances of brokenness and need. Self-introspection is actually a more rewarding experience than it might sound. God will see just as much good in you as bad and use your joys as building blocks for a new Easter life. Join us to see how it works!
Today starts it the first Sunday in Lent. It’s a complex time for Christ’s followers. So rather than take it in as a whole, we are starting a series on one key aspect of Lent. Forgiveness is at the heart of Christ’s trek to Easter morning. Come learn more about it and see how you can apply it in your life by worshipping with us today.*Please forgive the sound quality. Pastor Bryson has to wear a face shield to preach in person!  
Divine encouragement is powerful. It inspires people to achieve the impossible! But what do you do when God feels far away? When encouraging words are few and far between? God isn’t gone. Instead, the Spirit is using other means and other people to reach you. Come hear more today!
Encouragement is rocket fuel for the soul. It sends people on to amazing new heights, especially when their motivation is from God! We all need encouragement now and then, so come receive some today and let God help you reach your dreams.
Today we end our series on the Hardest Commandment of loving enemies with a little music, a little selective editing, and a whole lot of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Anyone else thinking of Aretha Franklin right now? Join us to hear how they all relate and how respect caps off our effort to better relate to our adversaries.
Learning to love your enemies (AKA the Hardest Commandment), requires so many steps. It calls us to live out repentance, reconciliation, forgiveness and justice with our enemies. We’ve looked at forgiveness and repentance. Now, how do Justice and Reconciliation fit it? Let’s continue God’s great line em up game today!
Learning to love your enemies (AKA the Hardest Commandment), requires so many steps. Today we are trying to figure out what order to live out these elements. God calls us to repentance, reconciliation, forgiveness and justice with our enemies.  But which one comes first? Come hear a prospective order today and feel the grace of Christ with you.
It's been a hard week in America . . . again. Tensions are boiling over. Violence is happening in our nation's capital. What is our response as Christians? What can we do to help bring the peace of Christ to our world? Jesus calls us again to live out the hardest commandment. Come learn what it is and have some time of comfort and prayer. Link to the interview referenced:
Welcome to 2021! Today TUMC celebrates Epiphany, or the arrival of the Magi to meet the Baby Jesus. Like it did then, we pray today provides an “epiphany” for us all. May we see that after the hard year that was 2020, there is actually some benefit to being at rock bottom. There is no where to go but up from here on in! Join us as Lay Speaker Yvonne Clary brings us this inspiring message.
We have no sermon podcast for today. Instead, Trinity UMC would love for you to join us for a traditional Lessons and Carols Service. Please watch it by going to:
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