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Trinity United Methodist Church of Loveland, CO - Sermon Podcast

Trinity United Methodist Church of Loveland, CO - Sermon Podcast

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Enjoy the messages from Trinity United Methodist Church of Loveland, CO! We are located at 801 N.Cleveland Ave., and gather every Sunday at 10am. For more information, and our complete sermon archive, please check out our website:
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Stewardship Season is when the church looks toward the future and sees what resources it has to bring God's dream into reality. We've talked about the past and the present, so what does the future hold for us as a church and people? It's not clear, but if we keep living the lessons and values of our past now, we will find God guiding us a grace filled destination! Let's see where the Spirit is going today and how we can follow as we worship.
Stewardship Season is when the church looks toward the future and sees what resources it has to bring God's dream into reality. So what do we have in our current state? Trinity has taken many hits in the COVID-19 era, but we still have much in reserve. Yet, there are more storm clouds ahead. Our starship (you'll have to listen to see why we use this term :) ) is rocking, but Christ calls us to go on. How do we stay stable and keep going "for good"? 
Stewardship Season is when the church looks toward the future and sees what resources it has to bring God's dream into reality. So why are we looking at TUMC's past today to start the process? What does history teach us about living in the past and present? Join us to find out and please, feel free to consider giving to TUMC. Help us be "Here for Good" for another 150 years!
All Saints Sunday is the commemoration of the church members we've lost in the last 12 months. We grieve, we remember their impact, and we seek to live their legacy! Join us as we do this sacred work today. We will hear about how God lived and loved in 9 TUMC saints, as well as the people you bring up in worship. Help us keep their memory evergreen on TUMC's family tree, and may God be blessed for the gift of our Saints!
Today we finish our "In Control" Sermon Series by looking at the final element we can control in life: our emotions. Not so sure you agree? It is hard to keep our feelings in check, especially in the midst of tough times! Yet, God provides us several tools to use. Some of which might be more accessible than you think! Join us today to learn more!
As we heard last time, words are the most powerful things people can control. So what happens when we use them for positive ends? When we seek to use our speech for Godly means? If words can create, and we let God speak through us . . . can you imagine how much good is possible? We can become fountains of grace by aligning what we say to Chris. Join us today as we learn how to speak well!
Perhaps the most important thing we can control is our words. Language has the divinely originated power to create life . . . and to take it away. How do we control such an unpredictable force? By listening to Jesus Christ through the Apostle James. Join us as we ponder God's lesson today.
Would you consider yourself a grateful person?  Would you say being thankful is in your control? It is! Today learn about the benefits of gratefulness. Jesus encourages us to share thanks with others and be healed as we do. Join us today as we continue our "In Control" Sermon Series,
Everything right now is upside down, inside out and out of whack. We have so little power over things. Yet, that doesn't stop us from stressing ourselves out trying to control the uncontrollable. We do have the ability to control some thigns, thankfully. What are they? What can we control amidst the uncontrollable?
Today is an end, and a beginning, literally! This is end of our Harvesting Hope sermon series on the first Sunday in six months we've been publicly open for worship! So what better way to celebrate than by looking at the Book of Revelation. Don't worry, it has more hope than any other section of the Bible. Join us to see why! 
Today we harvest hope in Paul's Letters. What do these pieces of correspondence and their author show us about a better possible future in Christ? Through Paul's words we learn how to be grounded through adversity. Join us if you need that in your life right now!
Happy Labor Day Weekend! Today we enter the gospels as we search for God's hope. Once there, we experience Divine hope is a very unexpected way . . . in person! What does this teach us? How can we harvest it? Join us and see!
Our pursuit of hope takes us into the next major section of the Bible, the prophets! How do we find hope in the message of men who were notoriously prickly and hard to get along with? And how do we hear the prophets around us today? Join us to find out!
Today we start another new series on hope! It may not feel like it, but God's hope is all around us right now. COVID can't stop it. Scripture shows us how to unlock hope. Join us as we start with how hope appears in the songs of the Psalms!
Today we conclude our Rebuilding Series with a birdseye look at Ezra and Nehemiah. What do we learn from the examples of Zerubabbel, Ezra and Nehemiah? What success do they have? What mistakes do they make? The pattern we see will encourage us to "Draw the Circle Wide" Join us! 
When a project is almost done it's normal for our energy to boost. You feel great and want to celebrate. Churches have a special word for this, we call it a "REVIVAL!" Join us today to be revived by the Spirit as apart of our Rebuilding sermon series.
Walls build great structures, but they are also great impediments. How does the Bible teach us to use them? As we rebuild our lives from COVID-19, creating good walls with God will be essential. Join us today as we see how Nehemiah handles his part of the Divine project!
Today we continue our Rebuilding series, exploring how God can reconstruct our lives during the COVID pandemic. Sometimes, how we rebuild is in how we see the problem. Is is a threat? Or an opportunity?
Join us for the first message in this new series on Ezra and Nehemiah. It's our first Sunday back worshiping in our sanctuary (albeit via livestream). There are all sorts of emotions present, which can be hard to sort out. The Jews rebuilding their temple felt the same. What can they teach us? What is the power of lament? 
Trinity UMC is entering a unique season of life. We are hoping to relaunch physical worship. We are looking to resume many of our ministries and adapt them to the Pandemic. It's a hard prospect, but God, as the Prophet Jeremiah tells us, calls us to put down roots and settle in to difficult times and places.
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