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Author: Sasha Karabut

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Entrepreneurship podcast focused around direct and tangible strategies that can provide you with takeaways and immediately implementable pieces of wisdom so that you can level up your life and business.
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The High Cost of Blind Trust: Why You Need to Verify and Hold Accountable.
if you lack confidence and the ability to execute on the things that you say that you are going to do, this episode is for you. The uncharacteristic things that you do or don't do on a daily/weekly basis can underpin the success in all endeavours that you are currently pursuing.Try:waking up at the same time everydaystop eating sugar and processes foodsexercise everyday for 30 minsquit watching Netflix or porn and replace with business bookssleep for 8 hours a dayConsistency in these areas for extended periods of time brings and builds incredible evidence, which build confidence, which builds the type of mindset that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to
Hindsight is 2020 clear while the future is always challenging and difficult to navigate.
the difference between people that build themselves a high paying job and the ones that build themselves a real empire is the ability to realise this skill and implement!
Signing a 300k plus contract for a Australia wide tour with The Wolf of Wallstreet with a track record of only having only organised a birthday party with 12 people was my real life example of this...Listen into this episode if you feel "too dumb" - "too young" "not smart enough" to start.This is for you!
Your life right now is temporary, the amount of agency and control you have over  everything... everything in your life can be changed, moved, shifted and transformed.You and your "life thats been beat by the ugly stick till black and blue" is only yours by choice.You ultimately have the ultimate control over the direction of your life and the outcomes that you generate.This episode is designed to empower that version of you that yearns for more, and knows that you deserve more.Listen close and lean into the voice of God.
The one skill that can be learned, mastered and created a ripple effect that compounds tremendously. 
Is 2023 shaping up the way you want it to?If not and the little honeymoon period has worn off where you though that "this is my year"Then listen close to this, in Weakness Wednesday this week we look at the demons, the devil and the darkness that you need to face in order to transform 2023 into a year that is unlike any other.Its not going to be easy, but its worth it. Lets roll!
Learning, skillset acquisition and the allocation of your attention for the most advantageous outcomes
Today, let's talk about fear and how to uncover, destroy, move through, and build a specific system to experience less fear, feel more confident, and have more courage in your life.The fears you have in your life are areas you do not understand yet.And what you can do with the right focused attention is to turn those fears or uncertainties into strengths.I want you to understand that fear is the sign that you've got to move towards the thing you're fearful of. The fear is the unknown, and once you can shine the light of knowledge into an area of darkness and uncover what's underneath, you will be more powerful to take charge of your life and know how you can get to where you want to go. To live in fear is to live in scarcity and lack. That's why if you're in a situation where you're not feeling confident, courageous and sure about yourself, it means you've got to close the knowledge gap in areas you are fearful about.In this episode, I will teach you how you can do that through targeted information and learning. I will share how to develop a new skill set outside of something you are repeatedly doing, day in and day out. Listen and ask yourself, what are the things that cause you the most fear right now?
The reality you must face this Thursday is that we all have our dark sides or shadows.And a lot of the time, people don't like to face those things. People want to live in the delusional land of just feeling like everything's okay. And just existing with butterflies and rainbows and just living in this absolute fantasy land, which does nothing and no good to no one. So in this episode of Thursday Truth,  I will give three talking points to wake you up. One is about a new supplement that I've been using. Two is an observation about a particular occurrence, a phenomenon that's happening right now that I think you will not be able to unsee once you see. And three is going to be an exercise and a tangible takeaway that you can do immediately from this. Hopefully, it will help you become more enlightened about some truths in and around your life that you need to focus on to improve, despite living a little bit in delusion right now because we all do it.
Are you ready to face your weaknesses this Wednesday?How do you handle yourself in times of high stress or anxiety?Do you run? Do you fight? Do you clam up and do absolutely nothing about it?I know it’s easy to just be weak and act like a loser in the face of adversity. But that’s the path of least resistance. And that’s the path where no growth happens. In this episode of Wednesday Weakness, I will teach you how to battle the pressure of the uncertain and remain calm and powerful with this one weakness busting tool (do not miss this)
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