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Author: Tara Tanksley-Stallings

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The "Lets Talk Tara Show" Tara Tanksely -Stallings MA PC, CCLC, shares life changing information with women, that are tired of just setting in life. This show deals with issues related to health ( emotional, psychological, spiritual), relationships, depression, anxiety, low self esteem... and much more. This show also features The Talk Therapy Show with Tara's Co host Coach Melody Manning of Inspired By Melody, where they share some topics to help improve the emotional and practical lifestyles for women. This Podcast share REAL, Raw and Relevant information with solutions
41 Episodes
Special guest Gailer Baity CEO Elite Eagles
You can be every women that you choose to be
Episode 39 - Talk Therapy

Episode 39 - Talk Therapy


Dating Over 40
We are continuing the the discussion on emotions; intimacy, barriers and blockers that prevent individuals from reaching their highest level of potential in every area of their life.
Emotionally Intimacy

Emotionally Intimacy


This show continues the discussions on emotions and how the directly impact your life positively or negatively
Today we talk about the impact that our emotional instability has on every area of an individual’s life. Emotional health is the beginning of living a synergistic life of total balance, which creates a life of constant increase.
Monday Midday

Monday Midday


Emotional Decision
We discuss what it means to Truly live by faith and NOT just use the slogan because not it popular
Talk Therapy Show with Co Host Melody M Manning
Love and Loyalty vs Enabling
Sharing how to identify the effects of Mental health during the holiday season
We discuss what it is to compromise in your life and how it effects you
Word of Wisdom

Word of Wisdom


Seasonal Sadness

Seasonal Sadness


We discuss what seasonal sadness is, it symptoms and how to overcome it
Tara is sharing excerpts from her book Ladies Let’s Talk Life lies Love and Relationships ( chapter Love and a Relationships Understanding why it is important to love yourself above everyone else



Discussions from Tara book Ladies Lets Talk Life Lies Love and Relationships
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