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Author: Josh Meeder

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My mission is to help people discover the best versions of themselves, improve their business or career, and build a community of passionate, self-aware, & conscientious individuals that make a difference in their communities and the world.Traveling the country and the world to do this work. Meeting people where they are at and sharing their stories. That’s my calling in life.
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Shane Stoehr is an avid traveler, outdoor enthusiast and product designer.    The Journeyman Hammock Camp and Adventure Kit are the result of tens of thousands of miles traveled, countless nights in nature and years of development.    The Journeyman Hammock Camp is a complete and fully integrated camping solution that is perfect for anyone that travels, camps or just is tired of sleeping on the hard ground.  In this episode, Shane and I discuss the evolution of the JHC system from an idea born out of necessity to a camping solution available to all.  This is also a personal story.   Shane and his partner, Kim, are dear friends.   We meet several years ago and instantly connected.   Kim is also a major part of my company, Great Things LLC.  Kim is an incredibly talented writer, yogi, coach, researcher and marketing wizard.   I was introduced to the Journeyman Hammock two years ago at the Great Rhythm Revival at the Heron Farm and Events Center in Sherman New York.  Shane was hosting his “Hanger’s Grove” workshop where he educated people on the hammock camping lifestyle.   I bought my hammock that day and have never slept in the ground since!   It has fundamentally changed how I camp and travel.    The Hammock is comfortable, versatile and sets up in under 5 minutes.    With a 360° bug net, thermal under quilt, infinitely adjustable anchor straps and a canopy that closes, it is an all season, all weather camping godsend.   I’ve slept in the hammock from 85° to freezing night and been very content. will be launched very soon.    The website was built by Kim and I.  We are both very proud of that and I am ecstatic to be a part of this revolutionary product and company.   Check out the website and learn more.    This is a must of any outdoorsmen, traveler, nature lover or recreation seeker.
Mark Sotomayor is changing the literally changing the landscape of Haiti, one bottle of tea at a time.  In this podcast, Mark shares his incredible journey from a college sophomore to an environmental minded Entrepreneur.  Since Mark and his Mother founded Treecup Tea in October 2017, the company has planted 18,000 trees in Haiti. Like many young entrepreneurs, Mark had an unconventional inspiration and path.   He was enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Program at Grove City College, of which we are both alumnae. During an unexpected break, Mark and his Mother, Vitalia, came up with the idea over a pitcher of his Grandmother's Peruvian Chi Tea.  That was the moment had sparked the idea that is making both a local and global impact. Businesses unfold and grow, sometimes taking their own path.   Mark wanted to make an impact with his business and integrate a social cause with his business.   Ultimately, Mark partnered with Haiti Friends, a Pittsburgh Based non profit.   You can learn more about Haiti Friends at    The slogan  "Buy a Tea, Plant a Tree"  was born.   For every bottle of tea sold, one tree is planted for a local haitian farmer in the Artibonite Valley.     Those early days were exciting and growth was happening.   Then, a major set back hit.   Mark's share how he had to reassess the future of the company and ultimately completely rebrand.   That rebranding is the Treecup Tea that exists today.   The company continues to grow and expand its commitment to the environmental stewardship.   Treecup Tea is not sold in reusable, recyclable glass bottles.  TREECUP TEA MISSION STATEMENT:Treecup seeks to provide a unique, healthy, and above all – philanthropic experience to tea drinkers. We exist to positively impact the environment and human lives through planting trees in Haiti.TREECUP TEA CURRENT OFFERINGSPeruvian Chai - This is the founder's grandmother's recipe. It is a spicy black tea with cinnamon, cloves, and anise. Regions all over the world like Asia and South America drink their own versions of chai. The Peruvian Chai is a simpler blend of chai, which aims to highlight the high quality flavors from the spices, which are fair-trade and ethically sourced. Some people like to mix this tea with milk to create a delicious creamy chai! No preservatives.Ginsyin & Yang - This tea is named as a play on words with "ginseng" and "Yin & Yang". This tea is inspired by oriental flavors like gunpowder green tea, ginseng, lemon, and spearmint.  People like to sometimes try this unsweetened tea with a dash of honey for a mix of different savory flavors, or umami. No preservatives.Lumberjack Black - When people finally taste lumberjack black, they can know why it's called that.  It has a woody taste with earthy after-notes of flavor. The base for this delicious concoction is an organic Nilgiri black tea. This tea promotes heart health with the brewed-in properties of the North American Juniper and Cedar trees. Avid black tea drinkers will love this tea.  No preservatives.Berry Jasmine - Our best seller! With the delicious properties from four different types of berries and rose petals, this tea is wildly refreshing! This tea is only served sweetened, with six grams of organic cane sugar to softly elevate the notes from other ingredients. Mark has a new Kickstarter project to raise capital to increase production and expand his operations.   You can support Treecup Tea and the Haitian people by purchasing his teas or supporting the Kickstarter campaign.
Mandi Freger shares her story, history and passion for Counseling/Psychology, using a combination of traditional ABA, CBT counseling and integrating energy therapy techniques.    Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) have been the clinically studied and approved treatment approaches for many mental health conditions, including Autism.   Energy Therapy Techniques is a broad term for supplemental approaches to traditionally mental health programs.  Mandi trained and managed programs under some the pioneers in the field.The use of Energy Therapy Techniques are not limited to Autism.  Mandi helps athlete's, professionals, people and kids how to utilize these techniques for peak performance and generalize mental health. Mandi's upcoming book "From Exhausted to Energized:  The Autism Spectrum Disorder Caregiver's Guide" is under in process and should be available in the next year.   The tools and techniques are geared for parents to care for themselves, as well as those they love.  Find out more or contact Mandi Freger at
Noreen Campbell has had decades of success in the grocery and service industry.  She shares her story of working in, building and ultimately closing a family business.   And that is only the beginning.  The transition out of the stress and pressure of small business is where her story picks up.   Noreen's coaching services guides people through various life transitions and changes.   She found support and help in the Avatar course.  With an extensive set of tool for self discovery, growth and awareness, Noreen uses her experience and knowledge to assist people in evolving into the next best version of themselves.   If you would like more information, contact her with the information below. East Coast Zoom ReSurfacing® Course. Friday, Sat, Sun, June 5, 6, 7Friday and Saturday 9-3 with an hour for lunchSunday 9-1Cost $295.00 + course books (immediate download available or order hard copies) Download for immediate delivery here:https://avatarbookstore.comOrder these 4 books for the workshop1) Resurfacing Workbook. 9.992) Living Deliberately 9.993)The Avatar Path: The Way We Came 9.994.)The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons 9.99Hard copies - Powerup Pack. 49.95 + 1 cent shipping in US register or for more information call or text Noreen Campbell 412-860-7874.or email Avatar®, ReSurfacing® are registered trademarks of Star's Edge, Inc.
Glenn Hairston shares his philosophy on the art, history, application and practice of Tai Chi Chuan.  He has services in various governmental, law enforcement and civil positions and has used he marital tai chi as a part of those jobs.  At the age of four Sifu Glenn Hairston began learning Martial Arts. In the 1970’s, he started his Tai Chi Training under the instruction of Master Yung-Ko-Chou from Manchuria. It was under Master Chou’s guidance that Glenn Hairston learned the Yang Style Long Form, Push Hands and Free Hand Fighting Skill (Tai Chi Sparring). It was also Master Chou who introduced Glenn Hairston to Ba Gua Zhang a Sister art of Tai Chi Chuan. Master Chou was a disciple of Master Chang Shih-Jung of Mainland China and his teacher was Master Cheng Huai-Hsien of Hopei. Glenn Hairston also studied Tai Chi Chuan with Master George Ling Hu of Chung King China who taught him the Sacred Yang Form as well as introducing him to Shuai Jaio (the art of Chinese Wrestling) and Hsing-I Chuan (mind body Boxing) another sister art of Tai Chi Chuan. Master George Ling Hu studied Tai Chi Chuan under Master Wang Yen-Nein of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province and Master Shih Ming in Beijing. Glenn continued his studies of the Yang and Wu Styles of Tai Chi Chuan with Master Lu Ping Zhang of Mainland China. He also received instruction in the Wu Style of Tai Chi from Master Alfred
Heidi Bortel founded Zing Astrology and started her Astro-Coaching program recently.   She has had successful career in leading women’s initiatives, Non-Profits, Community Development Committees and other business.   However, her passion for the study of Astrology took hold early in life.   In this Episode, Heidi and I discuss the emerging field of Astro-Coaching.   Astro-Coaching is the integration of life coaching and Astrological indications.   Through the use of Natal Charts, in-depth coaching, goal setting and accountability, Heidi help people see a truer reflection of themselves to make more intentional and informed life choices. 
For the last 20 years, Wendy Sue Wahl has been consulting and teaching the Akashic Records.  Wendy has been a friend and confidant for for the last 8 years.   We share our mutual story and have a few laughs along the way.You can find out more and contact Wendy at 
In this inaugural episode of the Great Things LLC podcast, I talk with my personal business Coach,  Robin Lee Kennedy.     Robin and I have worked together over the last 2 years and it seemed appropriate to have her as the first guest.  She helped my refine my message, rebrand and challenged me to rethink a lot of past patterns.  Robin has been helping people for over 20 years.   If you’d like to contact her, you can reach her online at or   I can tell you that is the best investment you can make. Thanks for listening and come back for more episodes in the future. Josh MeederGreatThingsLLC.comdream. collaborate. create. 
A prayer for Self Love

A prayer for Self Love


A reading of a beautiful message on self love, from "The Mastery of Love" by DON MIGUEL RUIZthis prayer was shared with me during a time of struggle and challenge. It’s beauty in simplicity spoke to me. I hope you find meaning and inspiration in it as well. 
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