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QB64 is a modern BASIC+OpenGL language that compiles native binaries for Windows, macOS and Linux. We'll be talking all things QB64 and then more. Get it from
12 Episodes
Coding styles

Coding styles


Fellippe, Bill (STxAxTIC), Zach (SpriggsySpriggs) and Dave (Cobalt) share their coding styles and discuss how much it matters to make your code readable - and not just compilable.This episode was recorded during a Zoom call, catch the video version at us at the talk at and also http://discord.qb64.orgSupport the show (
This is just to let you know that we usually have a YouTube video come out every now and then, and you might be interested in what we have to show ;-)Find us at the show (
In this episode, Fellippe and Luke talk about keeping track of projects. What about side projects? Do they just hold you back or is it worth it to carry on with them because of how fun they can be? What about versioning control? Is it too much for somebody writing code in BASIC?Find us at the talk at and also http://discord.qb64.orgSupport the show (
In this episode we talk to Carles Royan, from RAD Basic, a project that's decided to recreate Visual Basic 6 for modern platforms. Does that sound like a project you guys know and love? That also decided to recreate a form of BASIC for modern platforms? *wink wink*Thank you Carles for a very enjoyable interview.Find us at Carles at the show (
In this episode we talk to Marc Hoffman, from RemObjects Software. What does he and his company have to do with what we do at QB64? Listen to find out.Thank you Marc for your availability and kindness.Find us at https://www.qb64.orgFind Marc at https://www.remobjects.comSupport the show (
To wrap up the topic of game development and game cloning, Dave (aka Cobalt) walks us through his process with his games.Support the show (
Is it necessary to use a modern language to build an engaging game or can you do it with BASIC? In this episode, let's talk about game development; find out some interesting games written in QB64 and go over what it takes to be a game developer, with a suggestion on how to become more experienced with it.Relevant's Games board: Things Retro Game: The Game: Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack: the show (
In this episode you'll hear about the QB64 commands used to load and display images and also to load and play audio files.This is a hybrid episode. Here's the link to the YouTube companion video, which showcases the techniques being discussed: wiki links:'re Perfect Studio Media Assets: the show (
In this episode, Fellippe and Dave talk to Luke, one of the developers maintaining QB64, about about TCP/IP communications, how to create a simple server program and a simple client program to connect to it - both locally and over the Internet.Here are the code snippets explained in this episode:'-------------------------------'Sample 1: Simple HTTP requesth& = _OPENCLIENT("tcp/")s$ = "GET /test.txt HTTP/1.0" + CHR$(13) + CHR$(10) + CHR$(13) + CHR$(10)PUT #h&, , s$s$ = ""WHILE s$ = ""    GET #h&, , s$WENDPRINT s$CLOSE #h&'-------------------------------'Sample 2: Split request'-------------------------------h& = _OPENCLIENT("tcp/")s$ = "GET /test.tx"PUT #h&, , s$s$ = "t HTTP/1.0" + CHR$(13) + CHR$(10) + CHR$(13) + CHR$(10)PUT #h&, , s$s$ = ""WHILE s$ = ""    GET #h&, , s$WENDPRINT s$CLOSE #h&'-------------------------------'Sample 3: LONG Doubler'-------------------------------host& = _OPENHOST("tcp/ip:9991")DO    c& = _OPENCONNECTION(host&)    IF c& < 0 THEN        PRINT "Received connection"        DO            GET #c&, , value&        LOOP WHILE EOF(c&)        PRINT "Received"; value&        result& = value& * 2        PUT #c&, , result&        CLOSE #c&    END IF    _LIMIT 10LOOPCLOSE host&'-------------------------------'Sample 4: LONG Doubler Client'-------------------------------    INPUT "Enter value:", value&    h& = _OPENCLIENT("tcp/ip:9991:localhost")    PUT #h&, , value&    DO        GET #h&, , response&    LOOP WHILE EOF(h&)    PRINT "Response is"; response&    CLOSE h&Support the show (
Fellippe and Dave talk to Jared Hoffa. He wrote 486, a really cool game written in QB64 that is now available on Steam. This episode packs some goodies, make sure to check it out.486 the game: the show (
Episode 2 - SCREEN modes

Episode 2 - SCREEN modes


Fellippe, STxAxTIC and Cobalt talk about legacy SCREEN modes and how to bring them to modern coding, as well as how to make use of 32bit graphics to enhance your programs written with QB64.Support the show (



Fellippe, STxAxTIC and Cobalt discuss OPTION _EXPLICIT and how it can improve your coding experience with QB64.Support the show (
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