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Tim was a past guest on the podcast. Tim is the creator behind Black Flag Leather Goods. Aaron and Tim catch up, drink whisky and discuss their background and current events. Connect with Black Flag Leather Goods on YouTube: Listen on Spotify:  Listen on Apple Podcasts:  Listen on Google Podcasts:
Ilia Poznak is an organizational psychologist, consultant, hiker, Jiu-Jitsu martial artist, photographer and mindset coach. Ilia and Aaron dive into the importance of mental toughness, how psychology can help people learn about themselves, the importance of facing physical adversity, and finding meaning in your life. Ilia also talks about his work helping support people in reaching their full potential, and the reasons he chooses to hike steep mountain ranges. Follow Ilia on Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  Listen on Spotify:  Listen on Apple Podcasts:  Listen on Google Podcasts: Chapters: 0:00:00 Family Fleeing the Former USSR 0:12:28 How to Think 0:17:03 Being OBESE 0:32:12 Is Happiness a Good Goal? 0:47:25 Is Family in the Blood? 1:05:44 Is it Hard to Change your Mindset? 1:19:30 What is the Placebo Effect REALLY? 1:25:43 Seeking HELP 1:57:48 Why Do Values MATTER? 2:26:51 What Should You Sacrifice?  2:51:29 Being a Good Partner 3:07:55 Connecting with Ilia
Aaron and Grace talk about her role with the Fraser Valley Current, and the stories she has written over the past year. The two also discuss journalism, municipal politics, community and so much more.  Grace Kennedy is a mother and reporter with the Fraser Valley Current. Grace grew up in Langley and has been focused on journalism since she was a teen, when she helped start Langley Fine Arts School’s first online newspaper. After graduating from University of King’s College journalism program, Grace returned to the Fraser Valley and began working in community newspapers. She has been nominated for three BC Yukon Community Newspaper Association awards, and was named New Journalist of the Year in 2019. Grace started at The Current in April 2021, and has continued to focus on community news that makes local reporting so exciting and important. She also is heavily involved in editing The Current and its stories. Listen on Spotify:  Listen on Apple Podcasts:  Listen on Google Podcasts: Chapters: 0:00:00 The Fraser Valley Current 0:38:59 What You Learn as a Journalist 1:15:43 Politics in Canada 1:42:32 Reporting on the Fraser Valley Floods & Shootings 2:14:19 Municipal Politics in the Valley  2:31:55 Important Stories of 2021/22
Aaron Pete & Joel Bakan discuss the role corporations play in western society and his recent movie The New Corporation. The two also discuss Mr. Bakan's recent lawsuit against twitter.  Joel Bakan is an author, filmmaker, musician, podcast host, and a professor of law at the University of British Columbia. His work examines the social, economic, and political dimensions of law, and he has published in leading legal and social science journals as well as in the popular press. Mr. Bakan recently released the film The New Corporation.  Bakan has won numerous awards for his scholarship and teaching, worked on landmark legal cases and government policy, and served frequently as a media commentator. He is currently suing twitter.  Learn more about Joel Bakan on his website: Chapters: 0:00:00 Personal Background 0:04:35 Attending Harvard Law School 0:11:18 Corporations & Inequality 0:13:55 The Charter of Rights & Freedoms 0:24:31 S.1 of the Charter & the Oakes Test 0:46:56 What Do You Learn in Law School? 0:56:51 Family & Music 1:05:24 Are Corporations Psychopaths? 1:26:31 The World Economic Forum 1:29:08 Interviewing Klaus Schwab 1:39:40 Is Democracy Disappearing? 1:46:21 Suing TWITTER
Henry Braun is a Canadian politician and businessman. He is the current mayor of Abbotsford, British Columbia. In this interview, Aaron Pete and Henry Braun discuss his family, entrepreneurship, culture, faith, and education. The two also talk about Mayor Braun's work during the 2022 Fraser Valley floods. Braun was born in Paraguay. His parents were Russian Mennonite refugees from the Mennonite colonies of southern Ukraine who fled to Paraguay during World War II. Before entering politics, Braun was a rancher and the CEO Pacific Northern Rail Contractors Corp. Listen on Spotify:   Listen on Apple Podcasts:   Listen on Google Podcasts: Chapters: 0:00:00 Family Background & Introduction 0:12:12: Are Credentials Important? 0:20:12 Faith & Values 0:36:52 Poverty & Adversity 1:02:22 Advice for Entrepreneurs 1:23:45 Canadian Politics 1:41:54 Municipal Policing Vs. RCMP 1:48:20 Differences Between Mayor & Councillor 1:51:19 Fraser Valley Floods 2:09:35 What Does Real Leadership Look Like? 2:15:50 Integrity Explained 2:21:28 Reaching Your Full Potential
Á'a:Líya Warbus is a writer, director, actress, hip hop artist, mother, paddler, pow-wow dancer, activist and business owner. She owns Salish Legends Media, an Indigenous film and media team. In this conversation, Aaron Pete and Á’a:líya talk about Indigenous values and how to share them through mediums like music, film and podcasts. The two also discuss the importance of identity, finding your passion, lifting up your community and the benefits of canoe races.  Á’a:líya Warbus is a First Nations filmmaker from the Stó:lō Nation and a graduate of the University of British Columbia Film Production Program. Á’a:líya is a very active member in her culture and community, balanced by a healthy lifestyle in sports and fitness. She is an loving wife and mother of 3. Learn more about Salish Legends Media: Listen on Spotify:   Listen on Apple Podcasts:   Listen on Google Podcasts: Chapters:  0:00:00 Introduction  0:17:57 Finding Your Passion  0:33:00 Overcoming Adversity  0:49:43 Hip-Hop Artist 0:58:45  Most Meaningful Songs 1:05:41 Advice for Creators  1:10:21 How to Stop Hobbies from Becoming Jobs  1:39:45 Becoming a Filmmaker   2:06:34 What Can People Learn from Indigenous Culture?  2:30:14 Creating Podcasts & Comics 2:52:47 Benefits of Canoe Racing  3:08:57 Connecting with Á’a:líya
Farhan Mohamed is the Co-founder & CEO of Overstory Media Group (OMG), the former Editor in Chief of of the Daily Hive, an Ismaili Muslim and father. In this interview, Aaron Pete and Farhan Mohamed discuss journalism, entrepreneurship, Bill C-18 and making a difference in the community.  Farhan Mohamed attended Simon Fraser University and Capilano University. He has worked with Pacific Newspaper Group. From there, he became the editor-in-chief and partner of the Daily Hive. Today, he is the Co-founder and CEO of Overstory Media Group. Through OMG, he aims to reimagine local journalism and reconnect community members. OMG media controls local media organizations like The Coast, Capital Daily, Vancouver Tech Journal, Fraser Valley Current, Burnaby Beacon, Calgary Citizen, New West Anchor, Tasting Victoria, Oak Bay Local, The Westshore, and more.    Learn more about Overstory Media Group:  Listen on Spotify:  Listen on Apple Podcasts:  Listen on Google Podcasts: Chapters: 0:00:00 Introduction 0:15:39 The News Industry  0:30:45 Entrepreneurship 0:34:40 Stress of Running a Business 0:40:44 Starting Overstory Media Group 0:51:19 Local Online Journalism through a Email Newsletter  0:57:44 Trust in Journalism 1:07:15 Celebrating Successes 1:11:28 The Sacrifices of Entrepreneurs  1:23:43 Bill C-18 Online News Act 1:34:49 Supporting OMG
Aaron Pete and Nikos Harris discuss criminal law, justice, mandatory minimum sentencing, Peter A. Allard School of Law, and education.  Nikos Harris is an award-winning professor who also has extensive experience as appellate counsel. He has authored numerous articles on issues in criminal law and evidence, and his writing has been cited in a number of trial and appellate judgments. Nikos has served as a guest speaker for a number of organizations including Continuing Legal Education, the Trial Lawyers Association, and Crown Counsel of British Columbia. He is also is an advocacy advisor for the Supreme Court Advocacy Institute which assists counsel in preparing submissions for the Supreme Court of Canada. Nikos served as a judicial clerk at the British Columbia Court of Appeal and was a Raymond Herbert Award recipient. Watch on YouTube: Listen on Spotify:   Listen on Apple Podcasts:   Listen on Google Podcasts: Subscribe to the Newsletter: Chapters: 0:00:00 Choosing Law as a Career 0:24:37 Sharing Your Passion 0:30:33 The Canadian Criminal Justice System 0:58:44 What is Justice? 1:17:25 Judges 1:45:43 White Collar Crimes 2:08:30 Inspiring Students
Shayla Raine is a Cree author from Maskwacis, Alberta. Her book, The Way Creator Sees You, is about a Plains Cree boy who struggles to accept his Indigenous features after facing adversity at school.  In this conversation, Shayla shares her experiences growing up, and her journey into writing and publishing The Way Creator Sees You. Her book has been highlighted by Indiginews, the Toronto Star, APTN News and CBC. Aaron Pete asks about her childhood, experiences in the Canadian military, the journey of writing her first book, and the documentary series she is working on that releases in 2022. Shayla Raine used writing as a creative outlet growing up, and now uses writing as a form of healing. Shayla self-published “The Way Creator Sees You” on Amazon in January 2022. The poem was a creative side-project Shayla did while editing her manuscript, Mimikwas. Shayla is currently finishing the editing stage of her fiction novel which is about a Cree girl that uses physical activity as a form of healing from trauma. Shayla is currently working on a documentary called Decolonizing Wellness with her partner, Ryan Oliverius. The docuseries can be watched on Telus Optik near the end of July 2022. Buy her Book: Listen on Spotify:  Listen on Apple Podcasts:  Listen on Google Podcasts: Chapters: 0:00:00 Personal Background 0:28:52 Making Comic Books 0:39:28 Entering the Canadian Military 0:53:53 Reaching Your Full Potential 1:59:36 Mimikwas (Upcoming Book) 2:03:12 Upcoming Indigenous Documentary
Clint Hames and Aaron Pete sit down to discuss the importance of community, the impact of leadership, and the role of politics. The two also discuss Clint's appearances on Chill TV, his band Judy Tuesday, and his involvement with the Chilliwack Players Guild.  Over the past 40 years Clint has amassed a comprehensive resume including work in the non-profit, private and public sector.  He worked for 17 years in executive positions within a large non-profit and founded and ran a private sector, human service organization for 25 years.  During that time, he also served his community as an elected City Councillor for 9 years, the city's Mayor for 9 years and spent 18 years representing his community on the Regional District Board (equivalent to a County Board in other jurisdictions) including 3 years as Chair.  Upon retiring as Mayor in 2008, Clint was appointed by an Order in Council (Canada) to serve on the Board of the Canada Lands Company, a non-agent Crown Corporation involved in the development of surplus federal properties.  During this term he served as the Chair of the Human Resources, Governance and Investment Committees as well as Board Vice Chair.  He retired from this position in 2018. Listen on Spotify:   Listen on Apple Podcasts:   Listen on Google Podcasts: Chapters: 0:00:00 Introduction 0:01:39 Personal Background & Community 0:24:25 US & Canadian Politics 0:27:11 Does Your Vote Matter? 0:37:45 Does Politics Matter?  0:59:42 Canadian Federal Politics 1:14:16 BC Provincial Politics 1:29:29 Municipal Politics 1:49:46 Politics & Social Media 2:03:24 How to Interview Politicians 2:27:09 Chill TV  2:30:19 Judy Tuesday 
Darryl Plecas and Aaron Pete discuss the role of education, the importance of encouragement, criminology, criminal justice, safe injection sites, the defund the police movement, BC politics, the Legislature, corruption, and the responsibilities of journalists.    The Honourable Darryl Plecas was first elected for MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) Abbotsford South in 2013, and was re-elected with even greater support in 2017. Mr. Plecas courageously faced many controversies and challenges during his time as MLA. Aaron and Darryl discuss many of these challenges during the interview.   Previously, Dr. Plecas was the RCMP Senior University Research Chair and Director for the Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). Darryl has worked with UFV for 34 years. He is the author or co-author of more than 200 books, international journal articles, and research reports addressing a broad range of public safety issues. Darryl also co-authored a book in his role as professor emeritus at UFV, focuses on how government professionals can make better decisions.   Dr. Plecas has proudly volunteered with many organizations, including the Salvation Army, the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), the Justice Institute of BC, the United Way, the Abbotsford Police Department (APD), the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre, and the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse. He is also the recipient of numerous recognitions including the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Award for Public Safety, the CCSA Award of Excellence, the University of the Fraser Valley's Teaching Excellent Award, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, and the Order of Abbotsford.  Listen on Spotify:  Listen on Apple Podcasts:  Listen on Google Podcasts:  Join our newsletter:   Chapters:  0:00:00 Introduction  0:14:19 Are People Good?   0:24:18 Finding Your Passion  0:39:52 Safe Injection Sites?   1:09:47 Reaching Your Full Potential  1:38:10 The Role of Universities  1:50:34 Defund the Police?  2:16:57 Entering BC Politics  2:24:42 BC Liberal MLA  2:37:47 Standing Up to Christy Clark 2:42:54 Role of Politicians  2:47:25 Corruption in BC Politics  3:09:01 Investigative Journalism
Aaron Pete sits down with Dr. Peter Ross to learn about ocean pollution, plastics, and chemicals. He discovered the region’s killer whales to be the most ‘contaminated marine mammals in the world’ in a groundbreaking study, and reported on the widespread distribution of microplastics in the NE Pacific and Arctic oceans. In this interview, Dr. Ross explains the causes of ocean pollution, what is being done to address this growing global problem and what individuals can do to help.  Dr. Peter S. Ross is an internationally recognized ocean pollution expert working as a senior scientist with Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia as well as the University of Victoria. Dr. Ross is a Science Manager and ocean pollution scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the academic, government and private sectors. Skilled in conservation research, Public Engagement, Media interactions, Scientific Publishing, Report Writing, Policy Analysis. Strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and MSc from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.  He recently served as the Vice-President of Research at Ocean Wise, where he founded the Ocean Pollution Research Program, launched PollutionTracker and the Plastics Lab. He served for 16 years as a federal Research Scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. His work with priority pollutants and microplastics has led to numerous invitations to advise industry, government, the G7, the European Union, and the OECD. His work has been featured prominently in national and international media. Dr Ross is now Senior Scientist at Raincoast Conservation Foundation, where he is developing a new community-oriented Healthy Waters Program. Peter Ross LinkedIn: Peter Ross Twitter: Donate to Raincoast Conservation: Listen on Spotify:   Listen on Apple Podcasts:   Listen on Google Podcasts: Watch on YouTube: Chapters: 0:00:00 Introduction 0:05:25 Serving in the Canadian Military 0:10:50 Becoming an Ocean Pollution Expert 0:37:49 Killer Whales in BC are the most CONTAMINATED marine mammals 0:49:59 Indigenous Principles & Conservation 1:07:40 Ocean Garbage Patches & Boyan Slat 1:23:34 Polyester, Plastics & Ocean Pollution 1:51:35 Saving the Ocean 2:20:49 Are Aquariums Good or Bad? 2:39:12 How Can Listeners Help Save the Ocean?
Aaron sits down with Dr. Shelley Canning to learn about careers in nursing, the challenges health care professionals face, and what improvements can be made. Dr. Canning highlights her research on quality of life, perceptions of seniors, the Gero Nurses podcast, and agism. Dr. Shelley Canning is an Associate Professor in Nursing at the University of the Fraser Valley. She is the coordinator of the University of the Fraser Valley's (UFV) Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA), and a research associate with the Health & Social Innovation Hub (CHASI). Shelley completed her doctoral studies in the School of Nursing at UBC where her dissertation research explores issues of engagement, meaning, and quality of life for older adults with advanced dementia. Shelley obtained her BSN (hons) and MSN from UBC, and prior to this completed a BSc and secondary school teaching certificate at the University of Victoria. Her nursing practice background includes palliative oncology and community health. Dr. Canning has been a faculty member at UFV since 2006 primarily teaching gerontology content. Shelley has been involved in a variety of departmental and institutional committees. She is currently a member of the Board of Governors, Senate and the Senate Research Committee. Additionally, Shelley is the director of the Gerontological Nurses Association. Her teaching is geared towards developing professionalism and supporting best practice with a focus on care for older persons; she also strives to integrate an understanding of the importance of research in supporting evidence informed practice through teaching students in Directed Studies. Connect with Shelley Canning on LinkedIn: Connect with Shelley Canning on Twitter:  Listen on Spotify:  Listen on Apple Podcasts:  Listen on Google Podcasts: Chapters:  0:00:00 Introduction  0:01:57 Nursing During a Pandemic  0:19:12 Achieving Good Health  0:40:11 Nursing Shortage  0:56:00 Fixing Health Care  1:13:21 Improving Hospitals & Care Homes  1:24:10 The Importance of Seniors/Elders  1:53:15 Agism & Aging EXPLAINED  2:09:33 Art Exhibit on Children's Perceptions of Seniors  2:22:59 Anti-Aging?
Aaron Pete and Dean Werk sit down to talk about the fishing adventures Dean and his team provides through Great River Fishing, and the glamorous camping experiences he provides through Fraser Canyon Riverside Domes. The two also talk about the work that goes into becoming a fisherman, the different types of fish, conservation and fishing tour guides.  “The journey never ends when you share the passion” – Dean Werk Born and raised in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Dean has been fishing British Columbia’s lakes and rivers for over 50 years. He became involved in the sport-fishing industry 34 years ago and has been dedicated to the preservation of the White Sturgeon ever since. Dean is heavily involved in the fishing community and sits on the Board of Directors for the Fraser Valley Salmon Society and the Technical and Community working groups for the Recovery of White Sturgeon. Dean actively shares his passion and works with children teaching them to fish and respect the importance of conservation. Dean is very connected to the river and all the people who share it. He has established solid relationships with many First Nations Bands, including the Yale First Nations who settle along the shores of our rivers. Dean’s true passion is Sturgeon and he lives for the anticipation of not knowing how big the next fish could be or how many times it will jump. Dean also enjoys Spey casting double hand fly rods for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout. He likes finding a private piece of river and trying to cast near perfect loops and capturing everything in his surroundings. Dean loves to share days on the rivers with new guests and friends sharing his knowledge about conservation and all our fish species. Ensuring that this resource is here for us to share with our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for many generations is the key to feeling fulfilled. Learn more about fishing adventures: Learn more about glamorous camping experiences: Listen on Spotify: Listen on Apple Podcasts: Watch on YouTube: Chapters:  0:00:00 Introduction  0:18:11 Learning to Fish  0:40:01 The Importance of Rivers  0:50:53 Types of Fish  1:20:54 Destroying Fish Habitats  2:05:02 Starting Great Fishing Adventures  2:38:30 Glamping with Fraser Canyon Riverside Domes  3:05:09 Booking a Fishing Trip or Glamping Experience
Aaron Pete and Bud Mercer sit down and talk about Bud’s service as an RCMP officer, working as the Chief Operating Officer for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games Integrated Security Unit, and becoming a City Council member in 2018.   Bud Mercer is an elected City Councillor for the City of Chilliwack, British Columbia. Prior to being elected to this role in 2019, Bud was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Plenary Properties LTAP which is an affiliate company of Plenary Group Canada. Plenary Group, formed in 2005, is Canada’s leading Public Private Partnership (PPP) Developer employing people across Canada with offices in Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver and most recently Ottawa.   Prior to Bud taking on his responsibilities as the CEO of Plenary Properties LTAP on the 1st of December 2010, Bud was a member of Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Bud joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1976. His career spanned 34 plus years and throughout those years he served Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the far north and points between. He has extensive policing experience at the City (municipal), Provincial, Federal and International levels. In Bud’s last 10 years with the RCMP he served at Command and Executive levels within these business lines. In these various capacities, Bud represented the RCMP while working in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.   In October 2007, then Assistant Commissioner Bud Mercer assumed responsibilities as the Chief Operating Officer for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games Integrated Security Unit. In this role, Assistant Commissioner Bud Mercer was responsible for all aspects of security planning for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Assistant Commissioner Mercer commanded approximately 15,000 personnel and had responsibility for a budget in excess of 550 million dollars.  In 2009 Mercer received the Order of Merit from the Governor General of Canada in recognition of his 30+ years of service to the citizens of Canada and in 2011 the Meritorious Service Award from the Province of British Columbia in recognition of his leadership and professionalism in leading the planning and execution of security requirements  for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games.  Bud is married, has four children, 7 grandchildren and lives in Chilliwack in the Province of British Columbia.   Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Google Podcasts Chapters:  0:00:00 Introduction  0:05:14 Joining the RCMP  0:22:59 Love & Hate of the Police  0:44:23 Problems with Shiftwork   1:01:28 Becoming a Leader  1:20:50  Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Integrated Security Unit  1:52:51 Family Life  1:59:34 Running for Council in 2018  2:10:12 What Would Bud Have Done Differently?  2:17:21 Community Safety in Chilliwack  2:29:48 Parks & Trails in Chilliwack  2:36:08 Mayor’s Task Force for Inclusivity, Diversity & Accessibility  2:44:06 Politics & Social Media 2:46:00 Trutch Avenue   2:53:43 Search & Rescue 2:58:43 Affordable Housing  3:05:02 Chilliwack City Council  3:07:58 2022 Municipal Elections
Caroline Phelps is the Artist In Residence Program Coordinator, Cultural Liaison Lead at the Skwachàys Lodge Aboriginal Hotel & Gallery in Vancouver, BC. Caroline Phelps is from both Nuu Chah Nulth; Sto:Lo Territories and of Hawaiian descendent. Ancestral Name is QwAACWA which comes from Ahousaht BC.  Caroline promotes and will always love the summer traditional Tribal Canoe Journeys, where they support their youth in guiding them in a good way using our culture protocol, also welcoming every culture to this wonderful celebration and keeping our traditions alive. Caroline has been working with textiles for over 24+ years now, whether it’s a star-blanket or a block quilt or working with cedar bark. The blankets that are custom made are for many different reasons such as new born baby: life’s achievements and or in time of memorial to honour peoples loved ones.   Aaron Pete and Caroline Phelps talk about the Skwachàys Lodge Aboriginal Hotel & Gallery, how it came about, what guests can expect to learn, and supporting Indigenous artists. The two also discuss the Tribal Canoe Journeys, Hereditary Chiefs, different First Nation communities, Indian Day School and so much more.    Listen on Spotify. Listen on Apple Podcasts. Listen on Google Podcasts. Watch on YouTube. Chapters:  0:00:00 The Skwachàys Lodge Aboriginal Hotel & Gallery  0:37:18 Tribal Canoe Journeys   0:52:26 Learning Indigenous Traditions  1:07:23 Indian Day School  1:24:56 Artist In Residence Program Coordinator  1:35:21 Upcoming Events
Aaron asks Kris Cu about moving from the Philippines to Canada, finding his passion for nature, researching bugs, and photographing birds throughout British Columbia. In this conversation, Kris and Aaron go through the amazing photos Kris has taken of owls, birds, ducks and other animals. More specifically, Kris shares his tools, techniques and ethics around his nature photography. Kris identifies himself as a birder, and shares the apps he uses to identify birds and hear their calls, camera equipment and tools he uses to capture photographs of various birds. Kris Cu is a biological sciences alumnus from SFU and the Conservation Engagement and Outreach worker for Birds Canada. He is passionate about biodiversity conservation, sustainability and science communication. In his spare time, he enjoys capturing images of wildlife, landscapes and outdoor portraits. Visit Kris Cu's Nature Photography Website:  Listen on Spotify:  Listen on Apple Podcasts:  Listen on Google Podcasts:  0:00:00 Passion for Nature 0:14:33 Learning About Your Passion 0:37:15 Why are Insects Interesting? 0:46:55 Citizen Scientists & Conservation 0:53:44 Why Do Birds Migrate? 1:01:37 Types of Birds 1:33:34 Do We Need Mosquitos? 1:36:10 The Search for the American Bittern 1:49:17 Ethical Bird-watching 1:56:56 Why Owls Turn Their Heads 1:57:33 Kris Cu’s Nature Photography 2:05:31 Great Horned Owls 2:11:42 DUCKS 2:19:18 Northern Harrier, Barred Owl & Robins 2:25:55 Largest Wingspan of a Bird 2:33:04 Red Breasted Sapsucker 2:41:35 Black Bears 2:43:00 Hummingbirds 2:47:48 Trevor the Mandarin Duck 2:52:44 Yellow Rumped Warbler 2:55:20 Spotted Towhee 3:12:13 Connect with Kris on Social Media
Tim Srigley is the craftsman behind Black Flag Leather Goods a great leather-working YouTube channel.    Tim Srigley lives in Chilliwack, BC, with his wife and 3 year old daughter. He started leather working in July of 2020. He was on a 3 month paternity leave from work and looking for a hobby to do while his daughter napped each day. That hobby turned into a business and he was suddenly selling a good amount of small goods (wallets, belts, camera straps, etc). It quickly got out of hand and that was all he was doing in his free time. Tim decided to try his hand at making YouTube videos on leather craft and began growing an audience. He decided to close his books and devote his time to YouTube. As of right now he has 4705 subscribers and the channel has turned into just as much of a hobby as the leather craft itself. In his videos he talks about how to get started in leather work, things to avoid, and great tools to use. He shares templates and tutorials on how to make things like leather cup holders, wallets, card holders, as well as tips and tricks.    In this conversation, Aaron and Tim drink whisky and talk about starting YouTube channels, society, family, choosing a hobby, and sharing your passion with others. More specifically, Tim shares his experience working with leather, the journey of starting the Black Flag Leather Goods YouTube channel, his recommendations when starting a YouTube channel, how to make money on YouTube, as well as tips and ticks to make a successful channel.    Watch on YouTube: Chapters:  0:00:00 Introduction  0:05:39 Getting Started with Leather  0:18:04 Starting a YouTube Channel  0:26:09 Starting a Podcast  0:33:55 Monetizing a YouTube Channel  0:40:22 Tips & Tricks for YouTube  0:47:36 Tim SUPRISES Aaron   0:51:23 How Does Leather Work?  1:01:16 Small Businesses & Corporations   1:31:33 Selling Leather Products  1:44:58 Becoming a Creator  2:15:22 Tim Finding Love, Cancer Diagnosis & Having a Kid  2:38:51 UFC Talk  2:46:00 Making Bread, Mayo, a Podcast & A Leather Course  3:04:47 Black Flag Leather Goods  
Pepita Elena McKee shares how she overcame adversity, makes a difference in her career, and how she became the CEO of Impact Resolutions. Aaron and Pepita talk about mediating between corporations and Indigenous communities regarding developments, her personal background, attending university and founding Impact Resolutions.   Pepita Elena McKee is the CEO of Impact Resolutions, an award–winning researcher, engagement specialist, and social strategist. Pepita attended Langara College for Aboriginal Studies, Simon Fraser University for a bachelors and masters degree in sociology and anthropology. She has worked as a social and health consultant, socio-economic analyst, and now acts as a human environment regulatory and monitoring and evaluation specialist with Impact Resolutions. She  acts as a director for the Enrichment League, a Community Liaison with the First Nation Education Foundation and works on a sub-committee with Women in Mining BC. Pepita is the Co-Chair for the Technical Advisory Committee of the Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects.  Chapters:  0:00:00 Introduction  0:02:14 Mediating Between Corporations & Indigenous Communities   0:24:58 First Nations Economic Development  0:33:52 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People  1:01:08 Overcoming Adversity  1:53:20 Starting Impact Resolutions  2:08:51 Reconciliation in BC  2:18:56 Working with Impact Resolutions
Keith Thor Carlson is a father, husband, professor of History at the University of the Fraser Valley, Tier One Canada Research Chair in Indigenous and Community-Engaged History, and ethnohistorian.  Professor Carlson’s scholarship is designed and conducted in partnership with communities and aspires to answer questions that are of relevance to those communities. His interests include: Indigenous history, Indigenous historical consciousness, and the history of settler colonialism — especially in western Canada and north western USA. The approach he takes is to invert the classic scholarly gaze and to forefront the perspective of Indigenous partners. “So what intrigues me most is not the history of Indigenous people in Canadian or American history, but the history of Canadian and American society within Indigenous histories,” offers Carlson. His focus is on the history of the Coast Salish of British Columbia and Washington and has worked extensively with Hukbalahap veterans in the Philippines. Visit his website: Grab his book: A Stó:lõ Coast Salish Historical Atlas Listen on YouTube: Chapters:  0:00:00 Introduction  0:01:41 Religion, Faith & Spirituality  0:13:49 European Contact with Indigenous People  0:23:23 First Nations People & Arranged Marriages  0:36:07 Richard Moody, Joseph Trutch & James Douglas  0:56:44 Why Ban Potlatches?   1:04:55 Indian Residential Schools  1:26:32 Catholicism & Indigenous Beliefs  1:34:08 Books Authored By Keith Carlson
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