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Author: Functionize Health & Physical Therapy

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MADE 4 MORE is the concept that we, as humans, are the product of a wide variety of elements, many of which have nothing to do with our genetic makeup. While the undertone of our discussions is health & human body oriented, it's the human experience -- life, business, nature, hobbies, talents, trials -- that truly drives home the idea that each of us is made for more.
20 Episodes
Dr. Rachel Marynowski, ND cofounder of Kale Blossom and primary physician over the Atlanta Birth Center shares her thoughts on integrative medicine and holistic management of patients (1:30-37:54). Lauren and Jake breakdown 6 Tips for Stress Reduction (38:00-54:00).LinksWebsite Supplements Atlanta Birth Center 
Catharine Arnston CEO of ENERGYbits stops by to educate us on all the benefits of algae (1:30-43:30). Then the M4M crew discuss personal recovery habits (43:35-52:30).ENERGYbits promo code  m4menergy
Ariela M. Freedman, PhD, MPH, MAT drops by to discuss Strengths Finder and how understanding yourself yields healthier selves, relationships, business endeavors, and more (1:30-51:10). Second, the M4M crew discusses their strengths and building healthy habits for the new year (51:15-70:35).email | ariela@maventreeconsulting.comwebsite |
Dr. Ravi Patel PT, DPT, CSCS owner of IMPACT Health & Performance drops in to talk about ACL rehab: we discuss ACL injury background, progression, research, psychology, and much more (1:40-45:20). Afterward, Jake & Lauren discuss the rehab process as a whole and how to be a good clinician or a good participant (45:30-57:01).You can find Dr. Patel at:- @ravipatel.dpt (Instagram)
Gabrielle D'Auria, lifestyle coach & founder of WellScene in Atlanta GA, dropped by to discuss her journey upon receiving an autoimmune diagnosis and how she navigated that and ultimately founded WellScene. We discuss autoimmunity for the layman, lifestyle changes, and  support systems (1:30-33:30). We follow up by discussing managing pain and inflammation via sleep and exercise (33:35-47:50).Check out WellScene |
Ashley Beilstein, coach at OrangeTheory Fitness (OTF) Dunwoody stopped by to discuss the Who/What/Why of OTF and the need for group fitness, exercise intensity, safety with exercise and much more (1:40-31:40). Afterward Lauren and Jake discuss their experience in group fitness, injury prevention, and the need for good coaching and accountability (32:00-49:45).OTF Dunwoody Location |
Carrie Pagliano, PT, DPT, joins M4M to discuss women's health, pelvic floor rehab, strength training and return to sport, in addition to a little myth busting, elevating medicine, and not settling for less (1:30-49:45). Afterward the M4M crew discusses return to running postpartum (50:00-56:50). Website: https://carriepagliano.comInstagram: @carriepagliano
Lindsey Amerson, PA (anesthesiologist), discusses her journey to and through triathlons, competing at Kona, learning to suffer, and the need for strong support systems (0:01-37:00). Later, M4M crew discusses Pain Threshold & Tolerance (39:40-42:05) and personal stories of overcoming mental and physical obstacles (42:10-62:31).For training inquiries | laendurancetraining@gmail.com25% first month for new athletes50% off first month for current athlete referrals 
Made 4 More sit down with Dr. Nick Beaulieu [INTERVIEW 1:00-29:30] to discuss our current healthcare system and what the future of healthcare could look like. [SEGMENTS 30:00-51:00] we discuss reforming healthcare, more efficient models, proactive decisions. Dr. Nick Beaulieu | https://hucfm.comWhite Paper | 
Dr. Kimball Johnson, MD from iResearch discusses the latest updates about COVID-19, and most importantly "what's gone right?" (0:01-33:30). Later the M4M crew discuss prevention, comorbidities, and being solution oriented within our lane (33:35-60:54).For more information about iResearch check out their website
Oluremi Onifade, PT, DPT, M.Ed, CCVT, CCI AND DeAndrea Bullock, PT, DPT, CCI of the National Association of Black Physical Therapists (NABPT) talk about the origins of the NABPT and outline the future vision and mission of their organization (0:01-24:20). On the other end of the podcast the M4M team discuss how they are modifying their practice and innovative solutions to influence healthcare quality. (24:23-39:29).Website | | @nabpt_
Made 4 More sits down to INTERVIEW (1:00-46:20) Licensed Professional Counselor, Kalpana Murthy, to discuss 'getting unstuck' and 'finding your more' by reconciling trauma, healing pain, and actualizing potential. SEGMENTS include defining pain (47:00-50:00), highlighting the opioid epidemic (50:01-55:00), and how the eyes can help us heal (55:01-60:23).To find out more about Kalpana Murthy visit:
Made 4 More sits down to INTERVIEW (1:00-32:00) Dr. Danielle Bailey PT, DPT Physical Therapist to discuss the importance of recognizing gender and racial disparity within medicine, how she helps women with the gamut of under-recognized health issues, and how practitioners can become part of the solution. SEGMENTS include: 'whole person wellness models' (33:00-35:15), 'when college meets meningitis' (35:20-39:35), 'new city, same poorly communicated care' (39:40-43:10), and 'buffalo chicken medical mystery' (43:15-47:00).You can find out more about Dr. Danielle Bailey at | to receive 40% off your initial visit with Dr. Bailey use to promo code 'made4more360' when scheduling with her. 
M4M brings on good friend Dr. Hamid Sadri to discuss [INTERVIEW (0:30-39:35)] his journey into medicine, sports chiropractor care, checking ego, and creative medicine. [SEGMENTS] The team then discusses the balance of science and art within medicine (40:45-47:45). EDUCATION: Common Sports Injuries | ACL Tear (48:00-51:40) & Rotator Cuff Tear (51:45-57:50). TIP OF THE WEEK: be a medical explorer! (58:00-59:31)Dr. Hamid Sadri |*first 3 callers to schedule an appointment receive $100 certificate applied to their treatment -- tell them the Made 4 More Podcast sent you!
The team welcomes on Dr. Robby Bowers, DO, PhD to discuss [INTERVIEW (0:30-45:50) his journey into medicine, saving Furman Baseball, sports medicine, biologics (including stem cell and PRP therapies), and cutting through harmful medical rhetoric. This episode concludes with a little MYTH BUSTING (46:30): calorie burning myths (46:55-48:30), squat myths (48:50-51:10), 'generational arthritis' (51:20-53:56), Dry Needling-vs-Acupuncture (53:58-58:10).Dr. Robby Bowers | | robert.bowers@emory.eduInstagram | @the_dr_roboTwitter | @TheDrROBOSave Furman Baseball |
Discussion today with Allyson Balzuweit MPH, RDN, LD [INTERVIEW (0:30-50:21)] we discuss Allyson's journey, diet myths, dietary balance, positivity around food, and creating lifestyle changes. Thea team also discusses personal positive changes they have made over the past few months (51:00-58:46). Website | https://www.allysonbalzuweit.comEmail | allysonbalzuweitrd@gmail.comInstagram | @allysonbalzuweit
We changed the direction of todays episode a little more to discuss with our dear friend Jim Roberts. Jim is a passionate professor and writer who is working diligently to bring forgotten or buried significant figures and events within the black community to life through various entertainment mediums. We hope this episode adds value to the dialogue that must happen within our country, cities, and communities right now. INTERVIEW (0:30-41:40)  EDUCATION [ Bunions (44:30-49:35) | Windlass Mechanism (49:36-52:04) | Orthotics (52:05-54:50)] TIP OF THE DAY (55:03-59:56)Highland Yoga | https://www.highland-yoga.comThe Foot Collective | https://www.thefootcollective.comVivo Barefoot |
M4M welcomes on Christina Grace FNP-C from Centre Spring MD to discuss integrative medicine, healthy aging, and the gut biome - INTERVIEW (1:00-35:00). EDUCATION: "food is medicine," aging, exercise, and sleep (35:30-42:00). TIP OF THE WEEK: Whoop & Sleep (42:20-46:00). TRIVIA (46:00-56:30).Visit for information on how to schedule with Christina Grace. For discounted supplements use the code "Made4More" at checkout: check out the Whoop activity/recovery tracker check out:
Today the M4M crew talks with Dr. Liliana Warner from Lotus of Life Chiropractic to discuss how she practices holistic chiropractic care -- INTERVIEW (1:00-40:30). EDUCATION (41:00-48:00) Mobilization & Manipulation; TIP OF THE DAY (48:30-49:45); and TRIVIA (49:50-60:00).Visit and tell them M4M podcast sent you for your FREE evaluation during the month of June
Origin Stories

Origin Stories


Jake (1:20), Mary Kathleen (13:20), and Lauren (32:10) give you a little insight into who they are through stories of their past and how they arrived at where they currently are. 
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