DiscoverThe CISO Revelation: CISOs chat with CISOs & Tech
The CISO Revelation: CISOs chat with CISOs & Tech
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The CISO Revelation: CISOs chat with CISOs & Tech

Author: Marc Crudgington

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A podcast by CISOs (Chief Information Security Officer) for CISOs as well as other cyber-security and technology enthusiast. We chat with CISOs and fellow peers in the cyber-security and technology field; occasionally we might surprise you with a guest not in the Cyber-security or Technology industries. Our main focus is on cyber-security topics ranging from CISO strategy, career pointers, attacks they are seeing, technologies they utilize, general cyber-security business, cyber-security entrepreneurship, and evangelizing the industry and technology. If it's in cyber-security and technology we may discuss it. We may also veer off into topics that are non-cyber/tech.
6 Episodes
In the episode of The CISO Revelation I discuss with James his career path that led him to the FBI and quite the journey it was.  From the Air Force to defense contractor to the FBI, James discusses all that culminated to his distinguished career in the FBI.  James then discusses his transition to the global technology firm HPE.  James and I discuss some of the recent breaches and dive into one of our passions, cyber-security for small to medium sized businesses.
In this episode, a continuation of the Women in Cybersecurity series, I speak with Stefanie Drysdale, VP Cyber at Prescient about her role at Prescient.  Stefanie and I speak about how she was able to join Prescient; her entry into the cybersecurity and global risk management industry.  Stefanie and I discuss some of her observations about the industry, pro's and cons about being a women in cyber, and the mission of Prescient.  Stefanie has some very keen parting thoughts for anyone looking to enter the cybersecurity industry.
In this episode, we get to meet with Alvin Mills, VP Information Technology and Security at Texas Bankers Association.  Alvin describes his diverse background in both Technology and Cybersecurity, the value he places on higher education, and his role in helping educate the next generation of Cybersecurity professionals. Alvin expands on the scope of Texas Bankers Association and what the Association does for banks across the great state of Texas.  Alvin touches on his role at Texas Bankers Association and the outreach programs he is involved in at Texas Bankers Association that helps coalesce Texas Banker's in IT and Cyber.
In the episode, our 2nd in our Women in Cyber-security series, we discuss Angelique's path through the cyber-security and technology world.  We discuss her interesting choices in education and how that enabled her to be successful today.  The we delve into her career in the US Air Force and how some of those assignments played a role into where she is at today.  Next we discuss her transition into civilian life that winds through various technology roles and then eventually to roles in cyber-security.  Angelique discusses challenges as a women in technology and cyber-security as well as how to overcome those challenges.  She provides valuable insight on mentor-ship and career advice to those seeking a role in technology and cyber-security.  Her parting thoughts are invaluable for those who choose to endeavor into a career in cyber.  Thank you Angelique for another great episode of The CISO Revelation.
Ann discusses her background in technology and how she got involved in cyber-security.  Ann provides insights on challenges and advantages women may experience in the cyber-security and technology fields.  She provides tips on how one can excel in the field of cyber-security from soft skills, networking, and being a life long learner.  She also provides her thoughts on characteristics of CISOs that rise above their peers.  Ann provides us some new and exciting cyber-security and technology initiatives that are helping transform Blackberry and generate synergies with the acquisition of Cylance.
In this episode of The CISO Revelation, we introduce you to The CISO Revelation podcast which is a Cybersecurity and Technology podcast by Marc Crudgington, LinkedIn - and on Twitter @WoodlandsTXMarc.  The CISO Revelation is a podcast where CISOs chat with CISOs and Tech. In this episode we discuss what The CISO Revelation podcast entails and who the podcast is for.  The podcast is all about Cybersecurity and Technology with some current events mixed in.  The introductory episode mentions the types of topics we'll discuss and the types of current events we will discuss.  We also discuss the type of guests that will be appearing on the podcast. Please do check out this quick introductory episode and the many more that will follow.
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