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Author: Andria Ryder

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Aiming to bridge the gap between Western and Holistic Medicine through the help of international industry experts. They will bring with them their own perspectives and facts, whilst also debunking misconceptions within their niche. Tune in for greater insight straight from the experts.
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Meet Jillian Rifkind, an acupuncturist and Eastern Asia bodyworker who specializes in nutritional therapy using traditional foods and supplements, healing musculoskeletal pain through meridian balancing and gentle movements, and improving mental health and vitality.In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Jillian about visceral manipulation therapy and how organs can create physiological pain in other parts of our bodies. She explains the need to listen to your body and address the underlying problem instead of taking drugs that only take away the pain.Listen in to learn the benefits of not eating inflammatory foods for your overall organ health. You will also learn about sound healing which is using a body’s vibrations to tell it to transmit things better.  “Looking inward and listening to our body and finding things to balance and harmonize can be really important.”- Jillian [27:37] What you will learn:·       [1:36] Jillian explains her background in visceral manipulation, acupuncture, and how to use the body from a functional perspective.·       [3:49] The stress we create in our organs that create physiological pain and why movement can be helpful.·       [5:47] The importance of taking inflammatory foods off your diet for your organ health.·       [9:48] How fixations in the internal organs system create discomfort or pain in other body parts.·       [13:38] She explains the method she uses to analyze patient’s conditions which might include therapy or listening techniques.·       [16:10] Sound healing definition, benefits, and the sessions that Jillian does with her patients which range from one to many depending on individual problems.·       [27:06] The importance of listening to your body and looking for things to balance in the inside plus addressing the underlying problem, not relying on painkillers.·       [23:32] She talks about her current read which is Breathless by James Nestor and its discussion on the health benefits of mouth taping.·       [31:16] The nutritional benefits of eating meat which helps fuel the body in ways that plant-based meals can’t and how climatic conditions affects what our bodies need. Relevant Links:Website: LinkedIn: 
Meet Dr. Alice Kerby, a doctor of Physical Therapy and Somatic Trauma practitioner. She’s passionate about restoring movement in her patients and sees profound results and success with a wide range of ages and conditions. In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Dr. Alice about chronic traumatic stress and how it affects the body. She describes certain practices that you can apply when in stressful situations to allow the stress to settle and avoid going into chronic stress.Listen in to learn the importance of building a resilient nervous system to help get rid of past chronic trauma patterns that stop you from feeling more yourself. “If we’re able to build resiliency in the nervous system it means we’re building resiliency up for chronic stress and being able to respond better when stuff happens that’s out of our control.”- Dr. Alice [12:39]What you will learn:·       [0:55] Dr. Alice explains how the body is designed to respond to stressful situations and how that transforms into chronic stress which is a major problem. ·       [5:00] The techniques you need to practice to allow stress response to settle to avoid chronic stress.·       [6:48] Somatic experiencing- allowing a person to feel what’s happening to their body when they undergo traumatic situations.·       [11:54] How to build resilience in the nervous system by clearing out past chronic trauma patterns to feel more yourself. ·       [15:48] Learning to be aware of what your conscious mind is doing and what is happening to your body around that.·       [16:47] The importance of changing your language to something motivational that allows you to work and take rest when the need comes.·       [23:24] Dr. Alice takes us through an exercise to allow us to feel our whole body by engaging all of our five senses.·       [29:18] She talks about the best compliment she’s received recently and the book she’s been reading. Relevant Links:Website: LinkedIn: 
Meet Dr. Ji Woon, a Canadian licensed naturopathic doctor specializing in women’s health. She treats the whole person by focusing on the body’s innate intelligence to heal using clinical nutrition, lifestyle medicine, strategic supplementation of nutraceuticals, botanical medicine, and homeopathy to restore balance.In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Dr.  Ji Woon about fertility and infertility in both women and men. She explains the importance of a regular menstrual cycle in determining egg health and eventually treating infertility.Listen in to learn the steps you need to take to protect your fertility health for both men and women. You will also learn how to increase progesterone levels in your body- the hormone responsible for maintaining a pregnancy. “To achieve optimal fertility, we need to have a regular cycle, if the period is irregular and we cannot expect when to have sex to have a baby, then that is going to be a problem.”- Dr.  Ji Woon [10:42]What you will learn:·       [1:19] Dr.  Ji Woon describes the thorough menstrual cycle assessment she conducts on women as part of the first step of treatment.·       [3:38] How taking basic health steps during her pregnancy drove her to her path of healing ITP completely.·       [7:56] How PCOS and hyperthyroidism  and other conditions that affect fertility levels in women. ·       [11:49] How basal body temperature guides the doctor with more targeted fertility treatments. ·       [14:22] She describes the two phases of the menstrual cycle- follicular and luteal phase and how they determine the health of the egg.·       [15:37] The importance of progesterone-making nutrients like magnesium B6 which will in turn help you get pregnant.  ·       [17:52] Why you should take the FSH, LH, and estrogen blood tests to test for fertility levels and when they should be done.·       [20:45] Why the 5-MTHF folate is better than folic acid when it comes to improving fertility health.·       [23:39] Understanding where a woman’s cramps are triggered from- improper diet and other health issues.·       [25:51] Dr.  Ji Woon explains why she’s not a fan of birth control pills due to their long-term negative effects on bodies.·       [28:37] How naturopathic medicine helps your body work smarter and better for you.·       [30:10] The importance of men getting tested for fertility because 50% of all cases of infertility is male infertility.·       [32:55] The little small steps you need to take to protect your fertility for both men and women.·       [34:50] The health benefits of having sexual intercourse regularly that you probably didn’t know about. Relevant Links:Website:
Meet Dr. Karen Jones, a retired Ob/ Gyn doctor, energy healer, and transformational facilitator.  She helps people transform their lives from struggle and strive to thriving, to increase health, vitality, and joy. In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Dr. Karen about her transition from an Ob/ Gyn to an energy healer and how that changed her view on medicine and healing in general. She explains how she began to think of what could make her patients and her healthy instead of what makes them sick after attending an energy healing school. Listen in to learn the benefits of holistic medicine over western medicine and how they both can be integrated. “We see each other as competition instead of collaborator coming directly from that belief in lack.”- Karen [17:09] What you will learn:·       [1:03] Karen narrates how she ended up in medicine working as an Ob/ Gyn doctor.·       [3:50] The second chakra emotional development- how she began to think around what helps us to be healthy rather than what’s making us sick.·       [7:02] How she was living all in her head not wanting to deal with uncomfortable feelings and how going to energy healing school helped her balance her mind and body together and then bring it to her patients.·       [9:41] She explains how she integrated energy healing to her Ob/ Gyn job while showing support to her team before retiring. ·       [13:20] How she helps women transform their lives one-on-one basis and is looking to help many more in group settings.·       [14:43] Learning how to be aware of unhealthy fear tendencies that lead us, women, not to support each other.·       [21:38] The importance of integrating and embracing holistic medicine into western medicine. ·       [27:36] How holistic medicine allows patients to be self-responsible for their health. ·       [33:12] The relationship of energy healing with physics and how it impacts the mental, physical, and emotional body fields. FB - - Karen Jones, MD & Mentor (@karenjonesmdthrive) • Instagram photos and videosI invite women to join my free FB group - Driven Women Ready to Unleash Their Luscious Life! - gift - an 8 minute guided audio to help you to connect with your power and your resourceful self!  Link to signup page - Free Be In Your Body guided audio
Aria Celestial is an energy healer, hypnotherapist, and a coach who helps people live beyond their dreams. In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Aria shares how she combines hypnotherapy and energy healing to better understand her clients’ problems from an unconscious level. She explains the in-depth meaning of energy, the existing types of energy, and how even you can tap into it through meditation and your imagination. Listen in to learn how you can heal generational emotional baggage by developing available tools. You will also learn why there’s a need for people to understand the similarities and differences between spirituality and psychology and use the knowledge for the good.“We all have the ability to develop our intuition, to listen to our intuition, and to feel energy.”-Aria Celestial [34:38]   What you will learn:·       [0:32] Intro·       [1:25] She explains how her own frustrations with talking therapy led her to take the hypnotherapy road and how she got into energy healing.·       [8:41] Some grounding techniques you can do with meditation to tap into your energy.·       [15:33] How she works with energy healing and hypnotherapy- what her first client sessions and what it looks like to work w/ her.·       [19:24] Learning to develop an awareness of why you have body pain and resources to help you. ·       [23:42] She shares a story of how she got diagnosed with a life-altering illness during quarantine and is now healing holistically.·       [31:33] The huge correlation between energy and psychology.·       [34:26] The importance of learning and teaching people the similarities between psychology and spirituality.·       [38:46] How to learn to move through what you believe and use available tools to eliminate generational emotional baggage.Relevant Links:Website: 
Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a pharmacist turned natural wellness educator, a certified yoga instructor, and emotional release educator. She’s taught in 40 countries and 4 continents with the intent to put the soul back to pharmacy and western healthcare. In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Dr. Lindsey shares her journey from a pharmacist to a natural wellness educator who advocates for essential oil healing as well. She also shares how she’s living her best life by combining her passion for acting with science to create a career she loves.Listen in to understand why you’re the only person that can fight for what you want and get to live a life of happiness. You will learn the benefits of essential oils and what type to use and for both emotional and physical healing.“Don’t be afraid that you’re not good enough, be afraid that you’re actually scared to live your best life.”- Dr. Lindsey [27:53]What you will learn:·       [0:31] Intro·       [1:29] She describes the events that opened her eyes to essential oils, learning more about it, making it a business strategy, and now teaching it to other pharmacists. ·       [8:46] The impact of mindfulness and wellness for medical practitioners to eliminate empathy fatigue for them to honor the humanity of their patients.·       [15:48] The misleading beliefs of chiropractic care. The need for courage from chiropractors to continue doing the good work amid all the negativity. ·       [22:06] How to think of this very moment as a way to reduce stress even if it’s just for a few minutes.·       [25:36] The power of being yourself and fighting to live your best life.·       [29:17] How Dr. Lindsey has combined her passion for acting with science which is her field of study to make a happy life for herself. ·       [34:48] When women get to advocate for themselves, accept who they fully are, and surround themselves with people who support them.·       [38:37] The enneagram test and how it will help you get to know your personality and of those around you.·       [42:22] The types of essential oils and their benefits in your overall physical and emotional impact.·       [50:49] Her trusted recommendation list of supplements and vitamin companies.·       [54:35] The magical taste of a tomato sandwich according to Dr. Lindsey.·       [59:09] Some of her interesting books recommendation. Relevant Links:Website:
How to Protect and Heal Your Energy for Holistic Health.Julie E , MPH, RD is a holistic health expert, registered dietitian, and functional medicine practitioner with 30+ years of experience. She has a passion for helping people improve their health with her infinite tool chest of natural remedies. Her international practice includes parents, kids, pets, and celebrity athletes. In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Julie about energy healing and the problems with the current medical industry. She explains how we’re tricked into believing negativity about the holistic health approach which is not true.Listen in to learn more about biofields and how minerals like ocean saltwater can be used to keep them strong. You will also learn the importance of trying something new in holistic health care.“Your sleep, your emotional body, your physical body, your nutrition; all of those create who you are. So, you really do need to look at the whole picture and that is technically the definition of holistic health and holistic medicine” - Julie E [12:46]What you will learn:·       [1:13] She explains why energy healing is the future of medicine. ·       [6:23] How the pandemic is pointing out the corrupt ways of the current healthcare industry.·       [14:27] Why Julie uses the non-traditional labs where she pays for her tests out of her pocket. ·       [17:53] The difference between what is quality and what is not and how we’re brainwashed into believing doctors know it all.·       [20:41] How we’re getting tricked into believing that the holistic nontraditional things can harm us.·       [28:35] The power of trying something new- trying one holistic modality.·       [30:44] Biofeedback and biofield explained. How to keep your biofields strong using minerals and electrolytes.  The negative impacts of 5G and how to heal yourself from it.·       [41:55] How to strengthen your body and environment to block 5G energy and heal from it.·       [43:01] The best time for lymph and organ detox and a toxic-free program that helps clean and remove toxins off your body.·       [50:03] Learn to try something new and discover your healing. Relevant Links:Website:
Dr. Elizabeth Hughes is a Stanford-trained physician with more than 25 years of clinicalexperience, , a certified yoga instructor, and an advanced PSYCH-K facilitator. For most of her career she believed that conventional medicine was the only effective method of treating illness and injury. Her perspective was radically changed after a patient was cured of a chronic, “incurable” condition with a simple change in belief.In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Dr. Elizabeth shares how she helps her patients change their beliefs towards their health and transform their bodies. She talks about how stress affects different body organs in different people but is usually first noticed by patient when skin issues develop. Listen in to learn how you can align your emotions with your thoughts to be at the best of your health. You will also hear about all the resources that Dr. Elizabeth utilized when bridging from conventional medicine and how you can too. “If we’re going to make people truly well, we need to embrace something different to eliminate those conditions rather than manage them.”- Elizabeth Hughes [33:32]What you will learn:·         [0:31] Intro·         [1:13] Dr. Elizabeth narrates the story of the nonhealing wound of her patient and how that changed her view on medicine.  ·         [6:48] How your thoughts affect the functioning of your body and health in general. ·         [9:28] How cortisol levels affect the immune system and how it might be caused by fear.·         [14:03] She describes the process she takes her patients through in their first visit which includes the beliefs about their health. ·         [19:09] She explains the energy modality of PSYCH-K which is the method of belief changing and her first-hand experience with it.·         [23:38] How stress affects our entire body but is most commonly seen on the skin.·         [24:48] The different organ ‘alarm systems’ of how stress affects different people and how to use pain as a signal. ·         [27:56] She talks about the resources that helped her in bridging from conventional medicine to how thoughts affect people’s health.·         [31:27] How her colleagues react to her way of treating patients. How she believes doctors should be different.·         [37:33] Learning how to align your emotions and feelings with your thoughts to be healthy. ·         [41:06] Why she believes wellness means that you believe you’re healthy to your very core. Get in Touch with Dr. Hughes on:Business Facebook page: Facebook page: guide: Outside-the-Box Self-Healing Secrets -- available on her website Books Mentioned: ·         Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin, MD·         The Biology of Belief by Bruce Liption, PhD·         The Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert, PhD·         Your Survival Instinct is Killing You by Marc Schoen, PhD·         When th
Amber Fokken is the creator of ADO fitness, ADO band, Protea,  a certified personal trainer, and the author of Hippie Eats. She is passionate about leading an authentically healthy lifestyle after experiencing extreme nutrition and fitness advice early on in her career.In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks to Amber as she shares about her passion for helping people heal from fitness extremes. She also shares her journey from a extreme bodybuilder to a holistic fitness trainer and how that changed her perspective on fitness for the better.Listen in to learn the importance of undertaking in-depth research before committing to any diet no matter how healthy it is deemed. You will also learn how to heal internally with what you eat.“I try to offer this better way because I want most girls who are vulnerable, who are just getting into the fitness journey to not fall into the hands of a coach that gives them years of trouble because of what they did.”- Amber Fokken [4:47] What you will learn:·       [0:31] Intro·       [1:41] She talks about her social media authenticity journey.·       [3:07] Why she decided to share about reverse dieting when following a fitness journey or competition. ·       [5:51] How she learned to heal herself from fitness extremes and became passionate about helping others heal too.·       [7:09] She explains in detail why she doesn’t identify as either a vegan or vegetarian and believes that people shouldn’t put restraints in their diets.·       [9:32] Why you should conduct due research before embarking on any type of diet including the healthy plant-based diet. ·       [11:02] Why she believes that plant-based diet is becoming more popular together with ethical protein consumption.·       [13:28] She explains the resources she utilized to educate herself on better health and fitness methods.·       [17:02] How she allowed her body to heal especially after her pregnancy which was of great help on her journey.·       [21:04] How her fitness idol inspired her to not only be physically healthy but take control of her life.·       [26:31] Why a mental compliment over a physical compliment was the best she ever received.·       [29:01] Understanding that internal health is from what you put in your mouth- think of the importance of micro nutrients in your body.Relevant Links:Website: doggie guests Luna & Alpha Fokken w/ Kobe Robertson.
Julie E. , MPH, RD is a holistic health expert, registered dietitian, and functional medicine practitioner with 30+ years of experience. She has a passion for helping people improve their health with her infinite tool chest of natural remedies. Her international practice includes parents, kids, pets, and celebrity athletes. In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Julie about the importance of nutrition in your body. She talks about the benefits of supplements in a diet plus all the hidden facts that you need to know before purchasing any supplements from the market.Listen in to learn about the anti-aging process that Julie takes her clients through and your contribution that makes it successful. You will also learn about body stress and trauma that prevents it from healing.“A lot of people are 50 or 60 years old and have never cleansed their organs akin to giving themselves an oil change. The more times you do that, you run better and you can handle more pollution, more smog, more food dye, and more food pollution if they’re in your food.”- Julie E [17:33]What you will learn:·         [0:30] Intro·         [1:34] She explains the importance of taking a diet that works for your body while still taking the healthiest diet in general across the board.·         [6:46] How supplements are designed to supplement your diet with nutrients that you might be missing in your food.·         [8:36] The problems with supplements brands- the scamming that is going on in that industry that you need to be cautious about.·         [13:16] Julie mentions some of the clean supplements brands and how she uses the QRA to determine if products are good or bad.·         [16:33] How to anti-age your body by keeping your main detox organs optimized at all times and what Julie uses in her anti-aging treatment.·         [19:36] Why you need to keep in mind that healing and anti-aging is a process and not a one-day event. ·         [22:51] The systemic positive changes that your body will experience when you treat one part. ·         [26:02] She explains in detail the unseen body trauma that prevents healing. ·         [29:17] The stress that your electronic devices cause to your body.·         [32:44] She mentions where to get the EMS stickers to put on your device to protect you from radiation and body stress. Relevant Links:Website:
Nicole Matthiesen is a Wellness and Ayurvedic Health Counselor. She previously owned a litigation practice where she began experiencing serious health issues. Learn today how she experienced dramatic health changes with Ayurvedic Medicine.In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria sits with Nicole as she narrates her story from law to Ayurvedic health. She shares the dramatic changes she witnessed in her life after incorporating elevated medicine. Listen in to learn the benefits of lifestyle changes that come with Ayurvedic medicine. You will also learn the personalized process of treatment that distinguishes Ayurvedic medicine from western medicine.“When we’re in balance we have more access to ourselves and when we have more access to ourselves, we can realize more of our own potential.”- Nicole Matheson [32:33]What you will learn:·       [0:06] Intro ·       [0:39] She shares her IBS diagnoses story, discovering Ayurvedic medicine, and how it completely changed her life.·       [4:44] The difference between an Ayurvedic practitioner and an Ayurvedic counselor. ·       [5:57] Learning to lead a healthy lifestyle that contains healthy eating and a proper mental routine. ·       [7:31] She explains the holistic process of the Ayurvedic treatment approach.·       [10:44] How Ayurvedic medicine approaches each patient differently by understanding their constitution of the three doshas elements. ·       [13:28] The time it takes to completely heal from Ayurvedic medicine. ·       [14:59] Why she believes that sleeping late is a conditioned belief that can be unlearned. ·       [16:52] The history of Ayurvedic medicine and its advantages over western medicine.·       [19:23] The contribution of your environment in your healing process. ·       [22:23] The three types of doshas, their constitution, and the role of each in the body. ·       [26:26] The importance of trusting your Ayurvedic practitioners. ·       [29:27] How to be open-minded to rules and guidelines of Ayurvedic medicine.·       [30:45] How Nicole has learned to be the best version of herself in order to help others.·       [31:40] How to be in balance and in value to be in access to all of yourself. IG: @nmyogawellnessLinkedin:
Meet Dr. Craig Mortensen, a functional medicine doctor operating out of Orange county. He graduated from Southern California University of health sciences. He is certified from the Institute of functional medicine and functional medicine university and also has certification as a QME, an EMT, and an NRCME.In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks to Dr. Mortensen as he shares how an injury came as a blessing in disguise that finally pushed him to pursue functional medicine. He explains what sets functional medicine apart from naturopathic medicine and the process of treatment he uses with his patients.Listen in to learn what functional medicine really means and if it’s a method of treatment you would consider for yourself."Health is a state of complete physical and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."What you will learn:• [0:31] Intro• [1:21] He explains the difference between the natural path medicine and functional medicine and how you should look for the distinction between the two. • [3:23] How a shoulder injury and disability, led him to transition from just a chiropractic to a functional medicine doctor.• [4:31] How functional medicine was used to treat his shoulder injury from the mental aspect of things.• [6:14] He explains the process that a patient goes through during their first visit and how long the whole treatment takes.• [10:23] How long has functional medicine been around?• [11:09] How other branches of alternative medicine are working together with functional medicine.• [12:13] Dr. Mortensen explains how different visits look like for a patient.• [13:21] How he personalizes a diet plan to every patient and incorporates probiotics where necessary.• [15:35] The misconception of immediate gratification. Why you need to be persistent and consistent when using functional medicine. • [17:32] He talks about other aspects of the health sector that he’s looking into. • [18:16] What does brain health mean from the functional medicine aspect?• [21:04] The obstacles that exist in the functional medicine sector.• [22:29] He describes what wellness looks to him and how the adrenal fatigue relates to stress. • [24:02] The different types of stress and how your body reacts to it in the same way as emotional stress.• [29:04] What type of patients should go see him as a functional medicine doctor?• [30:57] What to look for in a functional doctor and what the price ranges to expect. • [32:38] He explains the approach administer with supplements. The importance of Vitamin D testing.• [34:48] He talks about the software program that he and his brother are creating to lessen the burden of the initial lengthy process a patient takes before treatment and the costs that come with it.Relevant Links: Books:• The Second Brain• The End of Alzheimer’s  
Meet Dr. Brendan Armm, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Herbalist and Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. He has a Doctorate in Orthopedics, Pain Management, and Integrative Medicine Primary Care. He is also the Founder and Director of Lotus Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica, and a Professor at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in both their Masters Degree and Doctoral Degree Programs. In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Dr. Armm on his journey from a firm western medicine believer to a practicing acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist. He shares the process of diagnosis he uses to find a personalized method of treatment for each of his patients.Listen in to learn the difference between Western and Chinese medicine, where they’re both rich and both lacking. “It’s best to dig your well before you're thirsty”What you will learn:·       [0:33] Intro·       [2:06] He talks about his education and his interest in acupuncture and integrative medicine.·       [8:06] He explains the difference between western medicine and Chinese herbal medicine.·       [13:13] He explains the process he uses to start with a first-time patient.·       [21:30] How they use tongue fur/ coating for diagnosis as part of Chinese medicine.·       [26:31] Why you should not be afraid of the needles used in acupuncture- the points vs needles.  ·       [30:45] The advantages and disadvantages of both western and Chinese medicine and how they can work together when integrated.·       [35:58] How to find a local acupuncturist even in the era of telemedicine.·       [37:35] The importance of meditation and the healing of nature as part of your general health.·       [40:53] He explains how he uses sound and aromatherapy personally and to incorporate it into his method of treatment.·       [43:06] Why it is easier to have a health partner to help support your journey. Relevant Links:Website: @lotuseastwestYouTube Channel: Brendan Armm's Online Supplement Store: Brendan Armm's BackInBand for Lower Back Pain: Where to find acupuncturists near you: 
Meet Dr. Lisel Lewis, a doctor of chiropractic and an experienced birth doula of over 20 natural births. She found a love for chiropractic when it was used on her to heal her tennis injury pains that occurred from competitive tennis playing. She describes chiropractic as a way she gets adjusted regularly to keep her happy and healthy in a natural way. In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Dr. Lewis as she talks about the importance of chiro care while pregnant. She also shares the role she plays as both a doula and chiropractic to adjust pregnant women through the necessary phases and help with safe natural births.Listen in to understand the role and importance of a chiropractor for your overall health.What you will learn:·         [0:30] Intro·         [1:01] She explains how she first got interested in chiropractic and being a doula and fell in love with it.·         [3:51] The process of the pelvis expansion that happens during pregnancy which may or may not come back to normal after birth.·         [4:48] The importance of chiro care while pregnant. And the difference between a pregnancy and non-pregnancy adjustments.·         [7:04] Dr. Lewis describes the three-phase adjustment process she uses on pregnant women- the scar tissue phase, the posture phase, and the strengthening phase. ·         [9:00] What to expect on your first visit with the chiropractor.·         [11:35] Why you need to know and try other alternatives to prescription medicine. ·         [13:00] She names the fields of medicine that work together with chiropractic.·         [14:42] Things that people misunderstand about the chiropractic profession.·         [16:36] How are wellness professionals going to incorporate what they do to show patients the need for all of them as a team?·         [20:41] How the cold laser therapy stimulates the mitochondria to regrow damaged tissue like removing pain from varicose veins.  ·         [24:37] The importance of asking your chiropractor why they’re doing certain adjustments on you. ·         [28:14] She defines what wellness means to her and how to achieve it. Relevant Links:Website: @dr_lisel_weapon
Meet Jeremy Stillman, a certified hypnotist, and integrated life coach. He is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. He was also voted the best life coach in L.A. by and best of yelp for a 5-star rating. In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria sits with Jeremy as he shares how he first got seriously interested in hypnotherapy. He also shares how he approaches the process of hypnosis with his clients to ensure they get the best results.Listen to hear hypnotherapy demystified and whether you need it or not.  What you will learn:·       [0:30] Intro·       [1:30] He speaks of a powerful encounter with a London-based hypnotist who helped him address deep underlying pain in one session and how that changed him. ·       [4:10] How long his hypnosis sessions last and how he conducts them online. ·       [5:29] He explains how he approaches the process of hypnotherapy with his clients.·       [10:17] He describes his typical clientele- the people that seek his services.·       [11:18] Why other people are harder to hypnotize than others.·       [12:57] He explains how he handles the physical pain as opposed to psychological pain.·       [14:04] How he integrates many disciplines including NLP and hypnotherapy.·       [15:50] How to separate your feelings from politics and the division they bring with them.·       [17:40] How to reevaluate yourself when you’re feeling stagnant in life or a job.·       [18:42] How he deals with clients by placing them in the trance-like state during hypnosis sessions. A state of heightened awareness that focuses on the mind while relaxing the body. ·       [22:55] Why you need to get out there and let people know what you do.·       [24:18] He explains why it is hard to quantify hypnotherapy and separate the more effective treatments from the less effective ones when it comes to western medicine integration.·       [26:39] He explains why he is motivated by helping people understand themselves better.·       [28:00] How many sessions do a client need?·       [30:00] How not to get caught up in just learning but instead implement on what you learn. Relevant Links:Website: @jeremystillman
The Awake and Thriving Podcast- Western Medicine and Holistic Health Care.In this premiere episode of The Awake and Thriving Podcast, get to know your host Andria Ryder and the purpose of this podcast. What you will learn:·         Who is Andria Ryder?·         How being in western medicine, neurosurgery, and organ donation opened her eyes to society’s sciolism about Holistic Medicine.·         How people are uneducated about holistic medicine. ·         What is the purpose of this podcast?·         Some of the questions that’ll be answered by industry experts who will be featured in this podcast.·         The importance of western medicine and holistic wellness
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