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This is an important epidsode to share with the men in your life. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. How does it start? How does it grow? And who’s at risk? The prostate is the walnut-sized gland in men, located just below the bladder. Prostate cancer is marked by an uncontrolled (malignant) growth of cells in the prostate gland. Hartford HealthCare’s Jocelyn Maminta talks with Dr. David Ahlborn, a urologist with Tallwood Urology and Kidney Institute at St. Vincent's Medical Center. They discuss the risks and causes of prostate cancer and the latest advances on screening and treatment, including a recently launched multidisciplinary virtual visit program where patients can meet with all of their doctors together.Watch the Facebook Live interview here and follow our page.Share the health!Check out our recent episodes here and don't forget to follow and share the health!More about a prostate cancer diagnosisLearn more about prostate cancer and the new virtual visit options for prostate cancer patients. Join a FREE webinarYou can join a number of free webinars offered by Hartford HealthCare about prostate cancer, in English and Spanish, and on a wide range of other topics. Related articlesThe Care Gap Between Black and White Men With Prostate CancerProstate Cancer and Robotic Surgery: 20 Years, and 5,000 Surgeries, Later
The most recent statistics show as many as 400 reported deaths by suicide of physicians in just one year - and that was before the pandemic. In this special episode, Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates explores the topic of wellness amongst healthcare workers during an extraordinary time. Steve’s guests are:Dr. John Santopietro, Physician-in-Chief at the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health NetworkDr. Faiqa Cheema, Director of Transplant Infectious  & Assistant Director of General Infectious Disease at Hartford HospitalDr. Listy Thomas, an Emergency Medicine Specialist, at St. Vincent’s Medical Center National Suicide Prevention LifelineIf you or someone you know needs someone to reach out to call 800.273.8255, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800.273.TALK (8255), or 911 immediately.Hartford HealthCare's Behavioral Health Network is a national leader in the Zero Suicide Initiative. 
Sarah Najamy is a certified nurse midwife with Circle of Life Midwifery in Shelton, Connecticut, and helped to design the one-of-a-kind midwifery birthing program at Hartford HealthCare’s St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Related links:Read or listen! Protect Breastfeeding: A Shared ResponsibilityWatch! Meet Sarah Najamy and tour the midwifery suites at St. Vincent's Medical Center
Dr. Stirling Craig, a plastic surgeon and micro-vascular surgeon with the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, explores a recent phenomenon of sorts - post-lockdown cosmetic surgery. What’s behind the Zoom Boom, and what to avoid if you’re considering a surgical procedure for yourself. Learn more about cosmetic surgery at St. Vincent's Medical Dr. Craig on WTNH News 8Surgeon Explains Why More People May Be Undergoing Plastic Surgery 
Dr. Eglis Bogdanovics, a Hartford Healthcare Medical Group  endocrinologist with the Diabetes Center at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, discusses the different paths taken with managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes, some alarming risks of not treating diabetes and the all important access to care. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms discussed in this episode, be sure to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Find a Doctor that's right for you and your family.Learn more about Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at
It’s World Breastfeeding Week and in this episode features two experts on the topic. Kara Giroux, a Lactation Consultant and Community Education Coordinator with Hartford HealthCare at Backus Hospital in Willimantic, CT,  and Sarah Quadrato a Nurse Educator with Women’s Health Services at Hartford HospitalWorld Breastfeeding Week Event at Hartford HospitalWednesday, August 4: 11:30am-1pmOutdoor event | Open to publicMore information: kara.giroux@hhchealth.orgImportant links:Hartford HealthCare & Connecticut Children’s AllianceE-learning and childbirth educationHartford HealthCare Facebook Breastfeeding Support GroupArticle: What’s a Baby-Friendly Hospital? Ask a Breastfeeding MotherNew AHA Study: Breastfeeding in the First Days of Life Is Associated With Lower Blood Pressure at 3 Years of Age
Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates talks with Dr. David Bendor, Clinical Coordinator of the Young Adult Medical Track at Hartford HealthCare’s Institute of Living.They discuss the challenges faced by youth with a dual diagnosis of behavioral and physical health conditions, and the most effective strategies to manage this unique situation - for both the patient and their families. The Young Adult Medical Track is taking referrals at 860.545.7008. To learn more and to meet the team, go to Related topic: When Medical Illness Causes Mental Health Problems in Youths
Dr. Anthony Alessi and his daughter, Dr. Stephanie Alessi-LaRosa are both part of the Sports Neurology Program at Hartford HealthCare’s Ayer Neuroscience Institute. This father daughter team share a passion for boxing and MMA  – that is - the fight to make these sports safer and protect the fighters from serious brain injury. They’ll take you ringside and describe what they are looking for in the fighters that might compel them to end the fight. Check the links below for more compelling stories about the risk of traumatic brain injury in fighters and what is being done to better protect them. More links:Podcast: MMA Guidance from a Black Belt PhysicianArticle: Boxing Study Shows The Bigger They Are, The Harder It Is On The Brain
A Robotic Evolution

A Robotic Evolution


Steve Coates welcomes Dr. Joseph Wagner, Chief of Urology and Director of Robotic Surgery at Hartford Hospital. This month marks the 20th anniversary of FDA approval for robotic prostatectomy and Dr. Wagner was one of the first in the nation to perform this groundbreaking procedure. He’ll take us back to what that was like for him and for the patient – and he’ll also describe how this technology has changed over the past two decades.Learn more about Robotic Surgery at Hartford HealthCare's Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute
Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates talks to Dr. Bharat Narapareddy, a neuropsychiatrist at the Institute of Living, part of the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network. He’s also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Dr. Narapareddy is part of a collaborative research team who recently published a study on brain changes in professional fighters based on weight class. He helps us better understand the effect repeated blows to the head have on brain structure and function over time.
Steve Coates talks Hartford HealthCare’s Bone & Joint Institute’s Stefanie Bourassa, Director of Physical Therapy, and Nicole LaVette, a Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery APRN with the Institute’s Women’s Sports Health Program.  They discuss REDS, or Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome, which is the result of insufficient caloric intake associated with excessive energy expenditure. Consequences of this low-energy condition can have many physical and psychological impacts that affect performance. The BJI women’s sports health program is on the leading edge of identifying and treating REDs with a holistic approach. The phone number for musculoskeletal health triage is 860.972.5945. To learn more about Hartford HealthCare’s Bone & Joint Institute, go to
Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates talks Dr. Amy Sanders, Director of Hartford HealthCare’s Memory Care Center. They explore the affects the COVID era may be having on our brains and topics most of us can relate to including brain fog, stress-related memory loss, and what we can all be doing to stave off age-related memory loss. Here’s Steve Coates.If you would like to learn more about services offered at Hartford HealthCare’s Memory Care Center, go to  
Dr. Vijay Yanamadala, a neurosurgeon with the Ayer Neuroscience Institute’s Spine Wellness Center in Westport, Connecticut, joins us to discuss spine deformities such as scoliosis, advances in spine surgery, and how taking a non-surgical or holistic approach is benefiting so many who are living with a spine deformity or suffering from back or neck pain. Join one of Dr. Yanamadala’s FREE webinars:Webinar: Understanding Your Neck and Back PainWebinar: Understanding Scoliosis and Spinal Deformity
Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates talks with Dr. Jeffrey Nestler, Hartford Hospital Chief of Gastroenterology and Medical Co-Director of the Digestive Health Center. They discuss new colonoscopy recommendations, advances made in preventing, detecting and treating colon cancer, the pros and cons of home test kits – and even dreaded colonoscopy prep. Here’s Steve Coates.For more information or to schedule your screening, go to and choose Digestive Health.
Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates talks with Sarah Lewis, Vice President of Health Equity at Hartford HealthCare, and Dr. John Santopietro, Physician-in-Chief of the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network, to discuss the urgency of addressing health equity, why it’s important, particularly within our Black and Hispanic communities, vaccine hesitancy, and efforts underway to ensure diversity and inclusion within Hartford HealthCare and the communities it serves.For more information and resources about health equity and the vaccine, go to
Hartford HealthCare's Steve Coates talks to Dr. Subramani Seetharama, medical director of the Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network. They will explore what’s being called “long hauler syndrome” which finds many COVID-19 patients struggling with various symptoms - long after the virus itself clears, and how Hartford HealthCare’s COVID Recovery Center and Rehabilitation Network can help. Learn more about COVID-19 testing, vaccines, resources and moreSubscribe, rate and share the Hartford HealthCare podcast
Keith Grant, Senior System Director of Infection Prevention at Hartford HealthCare, talks about some positive trends we are seeing right now in the state of Connecticut, which include lower COVID and flu numbers overall and fewer cases of cluster spreading. He also provides some encouraging data about vaccine efficacy against new COVID variants, and vaccine brand options we should all consider. More resources and links:For those who are eligible for the COVID vaccineView current COVID stats and resourcesSubscribe to the Hartford HealthCare podcast
Featured guest: LeaAnn Blanchard, a social worker and executive director at Hartford HealthCare's The Orchards at Southington, a residential and assisted living community for senior citizens in Southington, Connecticut.Isolation in the midst of a pandemic touches every one of us in one way or another. Learn about those most at risk and how we can help each other to connect and ease loneliness.Additional Hartford HealthCare support services and links discussed in this episode:The Center for Healthy AgingVirtual Dementia Caregivers Support GroupVaccine information and resourcesHHC Independence at HomeCommunity Care Center hotline 1.833.621.0600
In this episode, Hartford HealthCare’s Steve Coates talks with Dr. Kelly McGonigle, an OBGYN, Resident at Hartford Hospital, Dr. Stephanie Bakaysa, an attending OBGYN at Hartford Hospital, and Dr. Adam Borgida, Chief of OBGYN at Hartford Hospital. They discuss COVID-19 vaccine options for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Dr. McGonigle is 24 weeks pregnant and Dr. Bakaysa is breastfeeding. Both have received the vaccine. For more resources and vaccine information, go to
Hartford HealthCare’s Jocelyn Maminta talks with Dr. Jurate Ivanaviciene, an infectious disease specialist at Hartford HealthCare’s St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They discuss current COVID facts and figures, the new strain, and the vaccine: Who should get it and who should not? Potential side effects - and some of the myths circulating about vaccines currently be administered in the U.S.For more vaccine information and resources, go to
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