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Episode 106 - Derry Rocks the Boat We are a world record breaking City !  And we did it with style - courtesy of Micky Doherty, diplomacy - courtesy of the Nobel Institute and a total lack of grace - courtesy of the Talking Derry Girls. The Mayor and her chosen charities were in attendance, bravo to Foyle Hospice and The Ryan McBride Foundation for all their important and valued work.  The representatives of the Norwegian Nobel Institute were in town and were able to witness the Legacy of John Hume’s Peace Prize first hand…Did former SDLP leader Mark Durkan really sit them amongst a crowd of Derry Wans on Shipquay Street? What did they make of Rock the Boat and could Micky Doherty be in line for a Nobel Prize? Pauline celebrates her big Birthday, Marie-louise introduces her eldest daughter to the perils of Rock the Boat and Jeanie discovers that she and Mark Durkan introduced same sex marriage to Derry by both marrying the same person…this is Derry …all together “…Rock the Boat, Don’t Rock the Boat…’’!! NOTES:  Rock the Boat (Derry world record) - Mayor’s Charities - ROCK THE BOAT CHALLENGE - for Mayor Patrica Logue’s charities (Foyle Hospice and Ryan McBride Foundation). Foyle Hospice - Ryan McBride Foundation - Mayor Patricia Logue swimming challenge - Mark Durkan - Norwegian Nobel Institute John Hume’s medals - Derry Girls Exhibition - Referendums and Good Friday Agreement - TDGs Ep 42 Finale - Good Friday Agreement  TDGs Ep 100 chat with Lisa McGee about that Finale Episode. 
WARNING DOES CONTAIN SOME MILD SPOILERS FOR EP 3 BLUE LIGHTS.  The Derry Girls - Blue Lights connections are well and truly there if you dig deep. The TDGs are joined by Derry Girl Louise Gallagher who had the original idea for Blue Lights. She also has a feature film under her belt:  ‘A Bump along the Way’ and an award winning short film ‘Rough’. As well as having her own production company, Louise works for Hat Trick (who made Derry Girls) developing new NI drama and comedy writing talent. Without giving away any major spoilers we talk about Blue Lights, Derry Girls, kissing slurping noises in films and whether you go up, down or over the town!  Notes:  Louise Gallagher - A Bump Along the Way - Tess McGowan - Bronagh Gallagher - The Commitment in Derry Girls - TIFF - Rough (award winning short film IFTA) - KIN - Derek Thompson aka Robin Graham - Summary of Blue Lights Ep 3 - Love Knows Black Mountain - Bronagh Taggart (writer of Ep 3 Blue Lights and also in Derry Girls) - Jonathan Harden aka Jonty - Madam last discovery - Dea Matrona Band (who feature in Blue Lights Ep6) WAVE (Trauma Counselling) - Colin Davidson NI artist Silent Testimony - Dearbháile McKinney aka Aisling and wee Aunt Sarah in Reunion Episode - Hannah McClean aka Jen Robinson - The Land of Saints and Sinners - (Starring Liam Neeson and few actors from Blue Lights and Derry Girls)  Hat Trick - Roma Downey - A Bump Along the Way - Rough - Jazz Festival - ROCK THE BOAT CHALLENGE - for Mayor Patrica Logue’s charities (Foyle Hospice and Ryan McBride Foundation). EP 3 - Jeanie’s dog Duke and the army  EP 81 and 82 Shirt Tales part 1&2 Factory Girls mouthwashers 
The Blue Lights obsession continues. WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR EP 2 BLUE LIGHTS.  Never record a podcast on an empty stomach! The Talking Derry Girls sausage roll fondness returns, what even is a capsicum and chilli jam? It's a long way from avocado on toast we were reared. Maybe the girls need to re-evaluate their breakfast menu options as they discuss the possibility of running their own B & B in Derry City centre. Maybe they'd be better buying the Blue Lights pub -The Loyal - currently for sale in Belfast. POA (Price on Application)...what is it with POA? Do you want us to buy the place or not…? Coach parties welcome. Breakfast not included - POA! NOTES:  Blue Lights - Ep2 Iceberg Lundy - Ferry Clever - UV Arts (creators of the Derry Girls mural) - IFTA - Richard Dormer aka Gerry Cliff - Curran (half way between Belfast and Derry) -,_County_Londonderry Ponderosa (the highest pub in Ireland) - The Loyal Pub for sale - Frank Blake aka Shane Bradley - Kenneth Brannagh - 1987 Public Enemy - Late 80s Look Back in Anger - Hope Street - Tara Lynne O’Neil joining BBC’s Hope Street as an inspector - Claire Allan writer - The Affair - Desmond Eastwood aka Murray Canning - Martin McCann aka Stevie Neil - Lambeg Drum - Battle of the Somme (Thiepval) - Hamilton Flute Band - Rock the Boat (The world attempt 4th May 1130) Mayor’s charities - Foyle Hospice and Ryan McBride Foundation get registered -  or email  for more details. Mayor Patricia Logue’s charities - Stephen Lawrence Inquiry - The Met Police has agreed, dormant inquiry to be reopened. Latest news on Bloody Sunday - EP 57 - Porn star Martinis featured in this TDGs episode about the Legenderry Food Festival and the Derry Girls foodie tour  EP 101 - Episode featuring Rock the Boat 
Declan Lawn talks Series 2 of everyone's favourite cop show. Spoiler alert, you may want to watch Episode 1 of the new series before listening as the girls do discuss it . All other eps are safe as co writer/ co creator Declan has promised to return once the whole series has aired…there are so many questions yet to ask. Series 2 launches in Australia on Thursday 18th April, American audiences will have to wait another 6 weeks, date as yet tbc. With lots of questions the Girls couldn't ask - spoilers - they still managed to put the thumbscrews on Declan to discuss how much URST will be in series 2 and if any of it becomes RST (that's unresolved sexual tension for anyone who hasn't heard Episode 67 where the girls talk to him about Series 1) Not sure if the topics are connected but there is also a lively discussion about the contents of Stevie’s lunchbox. All the big questions are answered here … Notes: IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA TO WATCH EP 1 OF BLUE LIGHTS BEFORE LISTENING.  Blue Lights - Ep1 Series 3; This too shall pass Blue Lights series two promises 'absolute chaos' URST - unresolved sexual tension RST - resolved sexual tension!  Seamus O’Hara aka Lee Thompson - Frank Blake aka Constable Shane Bradley - President Bill Clinton’s speech in Derry Rev Ian Paisley - Historic cases in Northern Ireland - Culture Cafe (Marie-Louise’s programme) BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle/Sounds - guest this week was Eoin O’Callaghan who created the music for Blue Lights - Catherine Grimes - music supervisor Louise Gallagher - Soak - Derry song writer - Ferry Clever - Stephen Walker - Historic cases in Northern Ireland - WAVE - We discussed Series 1 Blue Lights in Eps 66 and 67 of TDGs. Declan Lawn was our guest in Ep 67. 
The Talking Derry Girls are in a book! And not just any old book but an academic one about teaching history in America. Of course it’s not just us - Derry Girls and The Cranberries are in there too, in the same chapter. Pauline and Jeanie muse on this fact, and wonder if academic stalking is OK in the name of research. And if they could now, like Lisa McGee get an honorary degree! Maybe a lecture tour across the states. Pauline talks to Dr Starlynn Nance - Professor of Education at the university of Central Missouri. Starlynn became an instant fan of Derry Girls and could see the potential in using the TV programme to teach hard history!  NOTES:  Dr Starlynn Nance’s book - Hollywood or History - An inquiry-based strategy for using television shows to teach issue-centred curriculum. It was published in 2022. University of Central Missouri Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe An inquiry-based strategy for using television shows to teach issue-centred curriculum. It was published in 2022. Zombie by The Cranberries - Lyra McKee - Easter Rising 1916 - Episodes of Talking Derry Girls about Blue Lights  Ep66 and Ep67 
Are you sitting comfortably? Then we probably shouldn't invite you to Derry on Saturday 4th May where you can sit on a very steep street with, hopefully, several thousand others in a bid to win a Guinness World Record. The Talking Derry Girls will be there supporting the Mayor of Derry's official charities - The Ryan McBride Foundation and Foyle Hospice. Details of how you can register and take part in Rock the Boat are in the notes (it’s an inclusive event so arrangements are in place for everyone to take part - you have no excuse!) Sitting on your backside on a city street rocking with several thousand strangers sounds like a winner to us. No, this is not a late April Fool, though the girls have a few words on that subject too.  Spring is in the air so no better time to put your feet up with a box set . Louisa Harland is currently blowing our minds in Disney's “Renegade Nell” while Nicola Coughlan is extraordinary as the lead in Channel 4’s new comedy “Big Mood” They’re both a long way from Derry Girls. Superstars both. Altogether now “Rock the Boat, don’t Rock the Boat Baby …” See you there! NOTES  Whistle through the Shamrocks - Foyle hospice website - Big Mood - Nicola Coughlan Big Mood interview - Whistle through the Shamrocks - Renegade Nell - Louisa Harland Sally Wainwright - Beyond Paradise - Dylan Llewellyn Big Boys - Craig Parkinson - Foyle hospice website - Mayor Patricia Logue - Mayor’s charities and learning to swim - Jazz Festival weekend -  Record breaking number of Santa’s in Derry (2007) but it has since been broken by India (2014) Brides on the Peace Bridge -
The Talking Derry Girls are amazed to have reached their milestone episode and there's only one person to blame. Here to defend herself is Derry Girls creator and writer Lisa McGee. They talk about that multiple award winning finale episode and there are many, many questions and answers.  Just how funny is Liam Neeson? Who put in the call to Chelsea Clinton and did David Ireland really channel Kevin McAleer in his Uncle Colm audition tape? Lisa has tales of location filming in her beloved Derry, burning a car under Craigavon bridge and how Orla, and her dance routine, was the perfect opening for the grand finale. Who knows what the future holds for the TDGs? but Lisa needs extras for her new show and maybe there is a Literary Monkeys party that needs planning. Congratulations and Celebrations all round. NOTES:  How to get to Heaven from Belfast - Derry Girls Experience - Derry Girls series 3 wins an Emmy - Previous episodes mentioned in this episode  Ep 42 - Season 3: Finale: The Agreement Ep 80 - How to get to heaven from Belfast (chat with Lisa about her new TV programme) Ep 13 - Talking Derry Girls with Lisa McGee Ep 14 - It’s Lisa McGee (Oh yes it is)  Ep 97 - David Ireland episode  Ep 36 - Series 3: Episode 1 - The Night Before… (the one with Uncle Colm and Liam Neeson
One recording away from the big 100 and the TDGs are still in different timezones. Not sure what the lead balloons are in this week's episode…the definition of a lead balloon is -”something that you say or show to people that they do not like…something which fails miserably and is utterly unsuccessful” So it most definitely isn’t anything to do with Lisa McGee and her continued award winning successes. This week accepting the Christopher Ewart Biggs award for promoting peace and reconciliation in Ireland. Pauline hosts a Factory Girls event, when she isn’t hunting Brad Pitt, Marie-Louise talks Holywood glamour and how it became connected to one of Derry’s impoverished communities and Jeanie has her underwear swabbed for explosives…Bombshells aplenty…poteen anyone? NOTES: Friends of the Factories - Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council learning to swim Maeve McLaughlin - Manager Bloody Sunday Trust Madeline McCully Storyteller - William Deery - William Deery’s play Factory Girls and Rock and Roll Springtown Camp Springtown Camp march - MEMORIAL 2019 WILLIE CAMPAIGNED FOR IT FOR 60 YEARS.  Marie-Louise’s Radio Documentary - Jane Russell and the Springtown Mother. Jane Russell Obituary by Mark Cousins - Jane Russell in conversation with Mark Cousins (May 1999) Osceola Island Trail - Brad Pitt and fly fishing in East Tennessee (Pauline wasn’t making it up) Lisa’s latest award - Some past winners:  Robert Kee - Ireland a television History (1980) Lost Lives - The stories of the men, women and children who died as a result of the Northern Ireland troubles: Brian Friel for his play Translations - Frank McGuinness - Julieann Campbell - book; On Bloody Sunday Poteen - Talking Derry Girls episodes referred to:  Ep 52 and Ep55 - chat with Madam Mayor Sandra Duffy  Ep 31 - Derry Ghost Stories (stories and chat with Madeline McCully)  Ep 89 - ‘Stolen’ with Margo Harkin  Ep61 - Pick me up - International Womens Day (2023)  Ep 62 - Shirt Tales part 1 Ep 81 - Shirt Tales part 2 Ep 82 - Shirt Tales part 3  Ep 42 - Season 3 finale - The Good Friday Agreement (Lisa won her latest award for this episode of Derry Girls) 
Where are we? What are we doing? In this week's episode of podcasting for the bewildered, the Talking Derry Girls are jumping timezones and continents and may just be oversharing. Marie-Louise has a close encounter with Uncle Colm; poor man was only looking for the toilet. Pauline discovers there's more to Amsterdam than the infamous Red light district. And Jeanie fears that she is lost for words. Add in some axe throwing, toenail clipping and a big shop and your cup too shall be overflowing. Notes:  Yotel - Air Yotel - Bristol Tennessee/Virginia - Uncle Colm aka Kevin McAleer - Radio Foyle interview - Andrea Baker - BBC Radio 4 documentary about Frederick Douglass in Scotland presented by Andrea Baker produced by Pauline (2015)  Howard Moody - Mother Chuckers - Upgraded with Saoirse-Monica Jackson - Oppenheimer - Emma. - Johnny Flynn - from David Ireland’s TV series The Lovers which we discussed in Ep 97 (also David Ireland is alive and well it was his character Sean Devlin who died - for those confused on social media) Lisfannon Beach: Donegal Blue Lights with another 2 series commissioned - East Belfast - West Belfast - The Falls -,_Belfast The Shankill - Belfast Peace Wall - The Fountain Ep xx TDGs - On the Buses - Pennyburn Bridge -
Not all the Talking Derry Girls listeners are aware that Pauline, Marie-Louise and Jeanie have appeared in Derry Girls. They try not to talk about it …much! They attended the funeral of Sean Devlin (Clare's Da ). Now the Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes have settled, the tears have dried and Clare has run off after some rich Lord in Bridgerton, the TDGs thought maybe it was safe to talk about their starring roles again. David Ireland was summoned , we're not sure if Carlos Santini brought him from beyond the grave, but he was coming through loud and clear. He talks about acting in Derry Girls, gives budding actors some audition tips and tells how his writing for stage and now screen has maybe eclipsed his love for performing.  Buckle up and put hot drinks aside, snorting hot beverages is a major possibility while listening to this one… David Ireland aka Sean Devlin (Clare’s Da) - David Ireland’s routine (he got Jeanie’d on this one) Cyprus Avenue - play be David Ireland. (on soon in Glasgow) It might be available as a screener! Liz Lewin (exec producer Derry Girls and commissioned The Lovers by David Ireland. Kevin McAleer (retiring) The Lovers - David Ireland Sky Johnny Flynn Roisin Gallagher So I said Yes - play by David Ireland. Paul Mallon aka Dennis is in this.. we’ve talked about it before on the podcast and how it shocked Marie-Louise. Ulster American - play by David Ireland. Woody Harrelson’s film - Lost in London; Louisa Harland The Fifth Step - play by David Ireland. Renegade Nell - Derry Girls Exhibition extended for another year - Episodes referenced from Talking Derry Girls Podcast  Ep 1 - Dear Diary  Ep 40 - The Reunion  Ep 41 - Halloween 
Back in November ‘23 the TDGs chatted with award winning photographic artist Deirdre Brennan. (Ep.88). Deirdre was working on her latest piece “Looking for Brigid” in honour of Ireland's female patron Saint Brigid. Deirdre set up her camera in Derry's Playhouse and welcomed Brigids, Bridies, Brids and all variations thereof to tell their stories and pose . Did she find Brigid? Was she a Saint or a Goddess? Or maybe that ethereal celestial creature …a Derry Girl.  The TDG’s are back and they are channelling their inner Brigid.  NOTES:  Deirdre Brennan - Looking for Brigid - Talking Derry Girls episodes: Ep56 - All about St Brigid and the campaign to have a public holiday on 1st Feb in Ireland.  Ep88 - Deirdre Brennan tells us about her photography project to capture modern day Brigids.  
When 3 becomes 2: Pauline and Jeanie are left feeling a bit like Take That after “Robie” left. Marie-Louise is sick and the girls are left pondering on past glories, or should that be, stories? A three year old advent calendar provides inspiration as well as some timely festive advice. What is the perfect sausage roll recipe? How to deal with a real life Uncle Colm and do not, whatever you do, take a Christmas pudding through airport security. Marie - Louise reminisces about how she was once in a panto trio with Lisa McGee and Nadine Coyle and the girls discuss how they are getting David Ireland (aka Clare's Da) for Christmas. Cue the sleighbells. NOTES:  Indecent Proposal Ulster American - NOTES ON TALKING DERRY GIRLS CLIPS..  1/ EP14 - It’s Lisa McGee (oh yes it is) TDGs Christmas special Dec 2020 2/ EP1 - DEAR DIARY - Bronagh Gallagher (The Commitment)  3/ EP3 - WEEPING STATUES & WEE DEAD DOGS - Exam prep TDGs style!  4/ EP9 - THIS ’N THAT - the fake news polar bear.  5/ EP9 - THIS ’N THAT - The Blue Nile concert with a ‘date’. 6/ EP9 - THIS ’N THAT - Brian Kennedy  7/ EP3 - WEEPING STATUES & WEE DEAD DOGS - The Wee Dog part 1 (you have to listen to complete episode for Part 2 of the story.  8/ EP5 - HOLIDAYS & STOWAWAYS - The Christmas Cake and security.  9/ EP? - MYSTERY CLIP - we can’t remember for the life of us which TDGs episode this was in!  10/ EP4 - IT’S A LOAD OF WALLS - Marie-Louise in Cork  11/ EP8 - DON’T LOSE THE HEAD - The child of Prague  12/ EP11 - BALLGOWNS AND LETDOWNS - nude sunbathing in Donegal 13/ EP12 - WE’RE ALL DERRY GIRLS NOW, HI - Marie-Louise, her Dad and the President of USA  14/ EP 12 - WE’RE ALL DERRY GIRLS NOW, HI - filming the Clinton scene 15/ EP2 - WHAT’S YOURS? - Colm at Christmas
We are “in the mouth of Christmas” as they say in Derry, and the Talking Derry Girls still aren't convinced by the festive cheer. Jeanie worries that she peaked too soon and Marie-Louise is afraid that too much time around Pauline has turned her inner Grinch outward. Does anyone ever actually drink mulled wine? In what can only be described as an ambush, Marie-Louise and Jeanie meet up with some very well travelled listeners. Erik and Greta have spread the word of our podcast as far afield as Vietnam…. After all that they deserved to be treated better than this! The visitors embrace the full on Derry experience, with the longest of goodbyes, an introduction to everybody knows everybody and some helpful guidance on the best selfie spot for the Derry Girls Mural. There is much to discuss, from the cultural nuances of the Podcast to the comforting voices of the hosts. But first can the ‘E’ for explicit rating - we sometimes merit - be due in any small way to Marie-Louise's fluffy Muff… NOTES:  Radio Foyle - Derry’s Yanks Ferry Clever - Bishopsgate Hotel - Visit Derry - Everglades Hotel - Charlene McCrossan and Derry City Tours - References to previous episodes. (Go and have a listen if you haven’t already)  Ep 45 - There really is NO Tape  Ep 46 - For the Tape - Ma Mary 
Are the Talking Derry Girls ready to spread some Christmas joy? Maybe a chat with Charlene can get their jingles jangling. A lot has happened since we last chatted with the UK's youngest ‘Blue Badge’ accredited tour guide. She has been spreading the Derry word around the world and tourism in the City has continued to grow from strength to strength. Not sure where Charlene stands on gratuitous use of sleigh bells but the TDG's need all the help they can get to conjure up their festive sparkle. Is if even Christmas if you aren't wrestling pine needles out of your nethers? Ho Ho Ho release those bells… NOTES:  Charlene McCrossan: Derry Walking Tours Walter the Skeleton on the City’s coat of arms EP15 - Staycation; going way back to August 2020 when we first met Charlene and did a walk round as pretend tourists in the rain!   City of Derry International choir festival film of Derry Girls Big Sing Liam Neeson auditioning to be Santa
The Talking Derry Girls knew there was no way to beat Lisa McGee's latest exceptional win, but that didn't stop them heading to Dublin for the Irish Podcast Awards. Double nominees, the girls had a title to defend, Arts and Culture Gold Award winners of 2022, plus they were also nominated in the Best Interview category. Sparkles were donned, eyeliner was winged AND smudged as the Talking Derry Girls took over a posh hotel rest room, emerging resplendent in their red carpet ready tee shirts. The great and the wonderful of the Irish Podcast world were waiting for a night of glamour that would end in a waterlogged motorway truckstop toilet. That’s showbiz … NOTES  Derry Girls series 3 wins Internation Emmy in NYC - The Irish Podcast Awards - The Cine Mile - Best Arts and Culture Podcast 2023 The Troubles - Best History Podcast 2023 AND Best overall podcast 2023 (Oisin Feeney) Where is my Mind - Best interview podcast 2023 with Niall Breslin
“A teenage dream’s so hard to beat" …” Lyrics from “Teenage Kicks”, the punk anthem from Derry’s own The Undertones. 45 years after the release of the song, the band has been immortalised on a wall overlooking THE historic City walls. Who better to create the new artwork than the man behind the Derry Girls mural, Karl Porter from UV Arts? The Talking Derry Girls caught up with Karl beside the new mural. He explains how the artwork was created and tells the girls that they really need to talk to the solicitors who commissioned the tribute. Greg McCartney explains his thinking and how the mural has been dedicated to well known local punk Micky Griffiths. 45 years may be a long time to wait for the Derry Boys’ tribute but maybe the band’s sell out gigs in Derry, Belfast and Dublin this weekend could explain why they are worthy subjects. What do bemused international tourists make of it all …? Notes  Series 3 - Derry Girls nominated for an International Emmy Award -   (Spoiler They won! As you’ll hear in Ep92)  Undertones - John Peel - John Peel’s grave,_Great_Finborough, Larry Doherty Journal Derry - Micky Griffiths - Karl Porter UV arts - who created the Undertones Mural as well as the now world famous Derry Girls Mural.  Derry based Photographer, James Whorriskey - Storyteller of the street -  (and great friend of the TDGs podcast).
It is, unfortunately, not that often that the Talking Derry Girls find themselves on home soil together. Even then getting the three of them in the same place can prove to be an epic task. This visit Pauline and Jeanie went rogue on the Streets searching out some “old friends" of the Podcast. Christopher Ferry was first in their sights this week, his Derry Girls competition runs until mid December and it’s a belter. We promise not to sulk if we don’t win. On a more serious note Pauline caught up with Morgan Young from the Downpatrick and County Down Railway Museum. Their site and exhibits have been hit by catastrophic flooding and they are in desperate need of assistance both physical and financial. Any help at all could help get the Derry Girls train back on the tracks. Extra Extra, Blue Lights Extras. No spoilers here but Jeanie and Pauline were ready for their close-ups and Declan Lawn kept his word and they received “THE” call. Nothing else can be revealed - there really was “no tape” and anyway they are having too much fun keeping Marie-Louise in the dark about their adventure. Cue the music and fade to black… Notes:  Ralph McTell - Blue Lights - Ep 66 and 67 of TDGs  Christopher Ferry - Derry Girls train (which we visited in Ep78 of TDGs) has been badly damaged by floods along with all the other stock at Downpatrick & County Down Railway
Derry Born and based, the formidable documentary filmmaker tells the Talking Derry Girls about her latest film. Currently showing at selected cinemas across the UK and Ireland, "Stolen" captures the anguish, anger and the horrors surrounding Ireland’s Mother and Baby Institutions.  A true Derry Girl Margo has a back catalogue of work which carries social injustice, particularly the rights of women, at its core. The scandal that surrounded these "homes'' which has only come to light in recent years has sent ripples and shockwaves around the world. Babies separated from their mothers and sent for adoption, trafficked and sold into servitude. The unimaginable cruelty has been the subject of a Government enquiry with much of the horror still left untold or recognised.  In one mother's words "She took him off me, turned her back and walked away" is just one of the babies taken for adoption without his mother's consent. Just one of thousands of stories which may never be told. "Stolen" gives a voice to some of those lost children and their mothers. Pregnancy in Catholic Ireland was the theme of Margo's 1990 film "Hush a Bye Baby". Set in 1980's Derry it showed the harsh realities of teenage pregnancy. How a baby conceived in the innocence of young love was feared more than a cancer diagnosis. The film itself has glimpses of what we all grew to know and love in "Derry Girls", though as she readily admits herself "not as many laughs". Margo's priest is very reminiscent of Father Peter…but then Father Peter is very like a lot of priests… Margo has a tale or two to tell about how Sinead O'Connor came to appear in the film - "there wasn't a lot of call for bald headed schoolgirls in Derry at the time". There is also the secret to the perfect sausage roll and did they dare ask about clitoris allsorts… Margo Harkin  Besom Productions  Aosdana Hush a bye Baby (1990) Stolen (2023) review in Guardian Derry Film and Video workshop Field Day Theatre Company  Brian Friel  Fear of Gods - Derry band, Jim Curran who worked with Margo Harkin suggested a young up and coming singer/songwriter to do the music for Margo’s film Hush a bye Baby. (1989) Bronagh Gallagher - The Commitment from the Finale of Derry Girls. We also had a chat about Bronagh who turned up at Marie-Louise’s Mother’s doorstep as a child wanting to learn how to be an actor!  Ep 1 Talking Derry Girls  Ann Lovett's death came just four months after the outcome of a divisive abortion referendum in which a two-thirds majority voted to enshrine the right to life of the unborn in the constitution, creating confusion over where that left the rights of the mother. Jan 31 1984 co Longford Abortion referendum in Ireland 1983 The Mother and Baby Institution in Tuam The Letter Mural picture from Derry of the past photos - Poems referred to for both Stolen and Hush a Bye Baby
Award winning photographic artist Deirdre Brennan is on the look out for interesting Brigids. She tells the Talking Derry Girls how and why her latest project came about and how any would be subjects can get in touch. She is in Derry this week and has a spot or two still available. The artist is no stranger to the City having created an audio visual exhibition in Derry which marked the 51st Anniversay of Bloody Sunday. Her portraits of the Bloody Sunday families were exhibited in Derry's Playhouse and were warmly received. An accompanying podcast - My Bloody Sunday was created Deirdre says ," almost by accident". It is a moving, personal, vibrant account of the day and its aftermath. It’s an important, historic piece.  All Bridgets, Bridies, Brids, Biddys and all other variations thereof who are ready for their close ups Deirdre's details are in the notes below. Smiling not essential. NOTES  If your name is Brigid, Bridget, Brid, Bridey or any other spelling and you want to contact Deirdre about being photographed and you are in Derry email her at Our Guest - Deirdre Brennan - Looking for Bridget - Barry Connolly Is the name Brigid making a come back? Bad Bridget - book Bad Bridget exhibition at Ulster American Folk Park - My Bloody Sunday Podcast Bloody Sunday Trust Archive information on Bloody Sunday Talking Derry Girls Episode 56 - Happy St Brigid’s Day  (It was the first one ever in 2022) Next year marks the 1500th anniversary of her death.  Dr Niamh Wycherley - Couple of articles by Niamh on St Brigid  Saint Brigid -
From Seamus Heaney to Fat Boy Slim, via the Cranberries, and Michelle Mallon inspiration, Shauna Bray. There was something in the Derry air last week and Talking Derry Girl’s Marie-Louise was in the thick of it. Discovering the truth about Derry Time, proving that Derry really is a City of singers and, yes, we really are all Derry Girls who know all the lyrics to “Dreams” by The Cranberries. Prepare to have your spine tingled. In true Ma Mary fashion M-L packs her mother, two daughters and a big clock for her Seamus Heaney outside broadcast - and in true Heaney style "hope and history" did indeed "rhyme" in Derry last weekend as Fat Boy Slim made the Derry Girls' dreams come true by finally…and for real this time…playing to a sold out Derry crowd. Lisa McGee's school chum, bestie and keeper of secrets - OK so the last bit may not be entirely true - Shauna Bray takes us from selfie etiquette Derry style all the way to a Vegas guest list via a blow up Aiden Turner …buckle up for the Derry Girl who makes her alter ego Michelle look very understated. Notes:  City of Derry International Choir Festival - The Big Sing at Guildhall Square - Seamus Heaney HomePlace Culture Cafe with Marie-Louise on BBC Radio Ulster/Radio Foyle/BBC Sounds available for 30 days from 22nd October: live from Seamus Heaney HomePlace Fat Boy Slim in Derry The Cranberries - Dreams lyrics BBC Antiques Roadshow in Derry -  It’s also available in USA on PBS but called Antiques Roadshow UK. Also available in other countries if you have a search.  BBC Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip - Ways to find BBC programmes worldwide Derry Journal article on President Clinton’s visit at the end of Derry Girls - President Bill Clinton’s speech at the Guildhall Square on his visit which brings us full circle back to Seamus Heaney who he quotes in the speech 30th November 1995