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Agency Success GPS Podcast - Featuring Lee Goff - Your Marketing Agency Coach
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Agency Success GPS Podcast - Featuring Lee Goff - Your Marketing Agency Coach

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Hi My Name is Lee Goff And I Have Been In Your Shoes. I Starting My Agency In My Upstairs Bedroom In 2003 (That I  Built Into A Multi-Million Dollar Agency)Then Retired From (Worked 2 Hours A Week) In 2014 And Successfully Exited In 2016. While At The Helm Of That Agency We Won Dozens Of Awards, To Name A Few; Entrepreneur Magazine Top Company Culture, Elite Business Of The Year Finalist In 2015 And Partner Of The Year For Several Years. After Successfully Exiting My Agency In 2016, I Suffered A Heart Attack And Took Some Time Off To Be With My Family And Build My Strength Back Up. As Soon As I Was Ready, I Dove Headfirst Into Creating The World's Most Comprehensive Agency Coaching Program That Focuses On The Business Side, Not The Technical Side Of The Agency. Although Having Amazing Technical And Creative Knowledge Helps; It Is Not What You Need To Build A 7 Or 8 Figure Agency That's Profitable And Does Not Consume All Of Your Personal Time. In Most Cases The Technical And Creative Skills Have A Tendency To Hold Your Growth Back, The Sooner You Can Evolve Your Skills To Master Sales, Driving Leads, Kpi's, Project Management And Critical Business Systems And Processes The Sooner You Can Work 2 - 4 Hours A Week While Running Your Agency By The Numbers Like As Did Mine.  Nothing About Building A Successful Agency That You Can Be Proud Of And Support The Quality Of Life You Dream Of Is Easy, But With The Right Tools, Tactics And Strategic Guidance, We Can Cut Years Not Months Off Of Your Agency's Success Journey.
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Today I'm talking to Dan Fitzpatrick, Head of Agency Success at SPP, he helps agencies scale and productizes their business. He and Chris Williams are the founders of SPP and they have a passion for helping agencies tackle those accounting and project management issues. SPP is a software platform that basically takes care of all of your accounting from beginning to end. It is a very advanced system that is actually simple to use. It works with agencies from just getting started all the way up to a multi seven to eight-figure agency. This platform is amazing.Takeaways From This Episode:How Does SPP Help An Agency Get Started?How Does It Help More Established Agencies?What Are The Top 2 Things SPP Can Help Them Improve?Explain How SPP Platform Has The Ability To Standardize Your Product Line And Deploy Across Multiple Clients.Dan starts off with what he thinks is the most important thing when you're thinking about getting started. And, that is you probably want to concentrate on getting some sales first, to actually getting your business up and running. So often he has businesses who come to him, especially new business owners wanting to sign up but they are just not ready. They haven't really built a solid foundation of a business yet. He and I talk about getting your business going and then when they're ready give SPP a call. Dan is very honest and tells it like it is. He wants to see agencies succeed.If you want to scale a business, then you need to think about scaling the client base. That's really where I think a new business and where SPP can come in. Once that client base is established, and the sales are actually rolling in, then it becomes more apparent that you need a system in place to help you.To summarize what I heard there from Dan, if you're just getting started, get a few clients, get some money coming in the door, get some deals first, then at that point, as soon as you get those few clients it is time to start looking at systems to replicate yourself. I think it becomes pretty clear when you need these systems. It gets so complicated so quickly and that’s where something like SPP makes sense. It’s all consolidated, everything's in one place, and you're not having to deal with all of these different systems. It's all about getting that business up and running first before you start thinking about what systems you might need in place. In so many cases there’s a lot of time wasted on what we call the “non-revenue” generating work. SPP comes in and takes care of those time-wasting activities so you can spend time delivering work for your customers. And, if you are ready and wanting to build a scalable business or agency then you take my productization model and apply it to the SPP platform. Hear how putting all of this together is critical to understanding your profit margins, understanding scope creep, and keeping your clients happy and billables. It really is that simple.Dan talks about what he finds really interesting and that is the number of agencies they come across that are actually already offering a kind of a productized service. But they don't actually realize it. Having a solution like SPP’s platform helps agencies define what and how to productize their service. Now from making that initial sale to collecting information from the customer, delivering the work, reporting upselling, all of this stuff, once you start putting this into a system, it kind of takes you out of your normal, day-to-day working bubble. If you're interested in checking out SPP, they offer a 14-day free trial. They do not take in any payment details, they won't ask you for your credit card. So head over to to check out the trial and feel free to reach out to them at any time.
In This Episode, I Am Talking With Rob Warner, A Numbers Man Turned Marketing Geek. One Of The Hardest Things For Agencies Out There Is To Find Really Reliable, White Label Providers That Are Not Price Gouging And Just Not Delivering Any Value And Actually Hurting Your Brand. Joe Wanted To Fix That.Joe Went From Learning The Fundamentals Of Google Advertising To Now Being A Google Certified Adwords Expert With A Team Managing Over $24 Million Dollars Of Advertising Spend A Year. You Need To  Hear His Story And How InvisiblePPC Has Designed Everything In Their Service To Work For Both Agency And The End Client With A Simple Mantra “Make Sure That The Agency Never Look Stupid”. He Makes Sure There Is No Price Gouging And He Is Delivering Great Value.Takeaways From This Episode:Learning About Smart Niches And The Benefits.At The End Of The Day - Remember - You Are The ExpertIndustries That Are Seeing Success With Google Ads Today.The Number One Challenge Faced By Agencies Today.What Should An Agency Be Doing Today To Protect The Growth Tomorrow?The first topic we discussed, those smart niches, and what that means. Rob talks about working on their smart portfolio of products for about 12 months. Because of their scale, and because of their experience, they know what a good account in a niche looks like. They take all those markets where they know they say with a 90% plus degree of certainty, that if they build a campaign a certain way, with the right kind of landing pages in place with the right kind of offer in place, they know it's going to work. They call it a smart niche.One thing I know about our industry is it is saturated with people who give a damn. They care. I mean, if anything, we care too much as an industry, we are servers. We want to go out and serve people and we take a lot of pride in that. I love that about our industry, but there's a double edge to that meaning that due to the fact you care so much, you almost let people kind of run over you a little bit. That is what I mean by bringing the pain. I have what's called the Pavlov document and it's how you train your clients. Hear all about that document and learn to bring a little pain for a better relationship with clients. At the end of the day - remember - you are the expert. They hired you so step into the role, do your job, future pace, expectations, future pace communication, always leave the client with what's coming next. So they know what to expect and when to expect it.Rob and I dive into three questions, the first question is, what industries are seeing success with Google Ads today? I'm interested in hearing what industries are seeing success in Google Ads today as we all come out of this thing coming out of Covid-19 Demand has never been higher than right now. Tons and tons of opportunity and surprisingly lower prices -BUT- Google is not making it easy. They are actually the biggest challenge. They're removing some of the data from the other half and removing some of the data from the interface. So, agencies are having a harder time doing their job. Suddenly, our ability to manage our client standards just got about a third more difficult. It is time to add value and deliver value in advance to start signing people up, even if they're not ready now. One of the hardest things for agencies out there is to find really reliable, white label providers that are, you know, price gouging alone or just not delivering any value and actually hurting your brand. There's so much that goes on out there right now, it seems like everybody wants to be a white label provider right now. Let me tell you Invisible PPC is really doing it the right way. They have built the infrastructure and have been building the infrastructure for a while now.
Do You Want To Learn How To Increase Cash Flow And Convert More Prospects? Well, Ryan Chapman Is The Guy! In This Episode, I Am Talking With Ryan Chapman. I've Known Ryan For A While. He Has Been In The Infusionsoft And The Marketing Automation Space For Some Time And His Passion Is Helping Business Owners Improve Profits And Create Greater Autonomy Through Communication Centered Technology. He Is The Author Of Three Business Books, With His Most Recent Being The Messaging Connection. This Book Will Teach You How To More Effectively Convert Prospects To Customers. We Talk About This Book And Many Other Tips To Increase Your Cash Flow By Converting More Leads.Takeaways From This Episode:Learn Marketing Automation And Direct Response Marketing.Beware - Marketing Automation Can Be A Trap. How To Tighten Up The Sales Cycle And How You Can Stay Engaged In A Conversation Texting Automation And Learn “Marketing Rule Number 19”The "OCD Rule" To Get More Phone NumbersLearn Marketing Automation And Direct Response MarketingIn 2006, he had the good fortune of being introduced to two things that totally changed his life. Those two things were marketing automation and direct response marketing. Having these two concepts introduced to him simultaneously was one of the biggest changes in his life. Literally, six months after he had those things introduced to him, his brother and he started a business that would go from having to put $37 on his credit card because he didn't have any money to 1.3 million in sales! It was a phenomenal experience and that is when he created a new business, which is Fix Your Funnel. They are 100 percent focused on helping people to better communicate with prospects so they can convert into customers. He is taking what he learned and truly helping others.One of the biggest reason businesses fail is because they mess up cash flow and you do not get a second shot. Marketing Automation helps with cash flow. Hear about a trap that you can easily fall into and how to afford these traps. Learn automation and also keep the personal touch. Learn how automation can actually enhance the humanity of a sale.Another tip Ryan talks about, is if you want to accelerate sales cycles, you don't make people jump through 30 hoops before they can finally talk to you. You may have some filtering that weeds out the tire kickers. But as soon as somebody gives the indication, based on their action, you jump on it and that's the beautiful thing about marketing automation. Ryan talks about his “Marketing Rule Number 19”. We have already determined sales happen through conversations. Knowing that you are going to capture a lead you should also know how you are going to sell to that lead. Meaning you should know how to communicate effectively.Ryan talks about his “OCD method” and how it works so unbelievably well. A for sure way to get the audience to give you their number. Ryan wrote this book, The Messaging Connection because he wants to give people a foundation to know how to use messaging to accelerate the growth of their business, and particularly their cash flow. If you text the word “LEARN” to  949-835-5300 he will give you the audio version as well as the PDF version of his book. It is a must-read and I highly recommend it. To really understand how you can shorten up the sales cycles, create these relationships with customers faster and have the cash flow game so you can survive long enough to learn what it takes to really make your business.Follow/Connect With Lee Here:
GoWP provides white label services to help WordPress agencies grow. Agencies that partner with GoWP are able to focus on the low-touch, high-value work because GoWP takes care of the high-touch, low-value work that disrupts their day.Learn the importance of leveraging white-label services so that your agency can grow and scale. GoWP Page Builds is the newest service that offers a dedicated WordPress developer to build out your designs in a page builder.“What the hell does GoWP do specifically and how can you help other people?” I asked him to specifically talk about the white label program because that is what my audience is going to be really interested in. The way he set up his white label profile, is designed to save time and effort for agencies. They literally handle all the small details for you so you have more time to focus on what you love doing. Brad explains how hard it is to try to do new projects and manage existing sites especially those little support tasks, those tasks that come in where your whole team's committed on this one big project.Basically, they built a business to take all of the “little stuff” off of the plate of agencies such as: “My emails are not working, the SSL is not configured properly, the login credentials aren't working”. The basic stuff that has a tendency to consume hours of every single week is what they do. In a nutshell, the things that bog down a lot of agencies, GoWP takes care. Like content edits, and changes and tweaks and install this plugin and configure this plugin and those little things on the site that need to be done. They take care of all the details that need to be done but it is difficult to dedicate a full-time developer on these tasks. Let the developers work on more what they love to do and is more lucrative and higher-value work.It's not glamorous, but you have to do maintenance, you have to do content edits. So what GoWP has done is design a tool for agency owners who are being consumed by repetitive tasks. On the maintenance side, GoWP has a plugin - not a tool like WP or any of the tools to update things - It's kind of a combined tool that they have built. It is the service of proactively taking care of things that the difference there would be managed by WP. Hear all about how their tool is different. The white label support that GoWP offers gives you the team you need. If one of your clients submits a request update ...add this blog post to my website … install this plugin and add this tag...this change comes in the email to the agency's support address and then your GoWP support team takes over. They log in, complete the task, and then reply back to the client that it's been done. That white label is an email workflow. So we have the branding that you can do on the maintenance plugin and the email workflow on the content edits. And so the forward-facing stuff is branded with them. GoWP does not think of themselves as a maintenance and support service, they think of themselves as a company that takes low value work important, but low value work off the plate of an agency owner, so you can focus on the higher-value work. Need help building out pages? GoWp can help you with that. You can do a ton with their service. Before you hire someone, hear how you can leverage their service. See how you can give them your designs, they take those designs and build it out in the page builder.Follow/Connect With Lee Here;Website: Podcast: With Brad Here:Website:
Sell Futures, Not FeaturesHow To Build Marketing Funnels For Your Customers And Charge Good Money For It. We Motivate Marketing Agencies To Sell More Marketing Funnel Services To Their Clients, Increase Their Prices And Create Multiple Scalable Income Streams.Mike Killen Is The Founder Of Sell Your Service. He Gives Marketing Funnel Agencies The Confidence To Create Multiple Scalable Streams Of Income, To Free Them From The Crushing Constraints Of The Traditional Out-Dated Agency Model. Mike Is The Best Selling Author Of From Single To Scale, Universe Fuel, And Five Figure Funnels. Takeaways From This Episode:What A Basic Funnel Is And How It Delivers Value To Your Base.The First Rule Of Selling Marketing Funnels - Is Don't Call It A Marketing Funnel.Understanding The Differences Between Advertising And Marketing.What Should We Charge For Marketing Funnel?So, How Does A Funnel Benefit My Customers Business?Finding Those Emotional Triggers.Michael talks about the little pitch that he gives about marketing funnels. It doesn't matter if it's websites, email, social media or none of that - forget about the tools - all we're trying to do is find a bunch of people that don't know that you exist, and pull them through and turn them into happy, profitable, repeat customers who refer you to their friends.You can Consume 30 40 50% of an employee and when you automate that the human error aspect goes down. Everything gets better.Little secret - you don't sell marketing funnels. The first rule of selling marketing funnels is don't call them marketing funnels. We talk about what most marketing businesses if they employ automation, or even just sales, general marketing, and sales, they do it correctly. They're in the business of operations and productivity. There are some massive companies that have tons and tons of leads coming in but 90% of them are garbage. They are wasting time and money.Lot of people do not fully understand the difference between advertising and marketing. If you don't understand that, then you're going to be super confused by the whole marketing funnel. Everything you send is actually marketing. That's why successful companies invest so heavily in marketing. They can control the outcome and they understand what called the "time to close".So, the number one thing Michael talks about is selling futures, not features. That means selling marketing funnels all based around benefits. The key to understanding a benefit is really just understanding the future that the customer wants? What are they wanting? In fact, on this show, we mention two or three benefits, all dealing with - productivity operations -Time-saving and Money making.What we are talking about are human triggers. It is called emotional hooks or psychological hurdles. If we understanding the emotion behind decision making, we can understand the prospect's pain and help them where they need help. Sophisticated marketing minds will tell you 100% of the time, it boils down to an unbelievably rudimentary simple emotion.  They might try to check off the boxes logically to validate the emotion - but make no mistake about it - bring it back to that emotion every time and you'll win the sales game.
Let’s Talk About The Five-Part Framework. We All Know We Have To Produce Content But Did You Know There Is A Framework To Production?  It Can Take Forever To Create Good Content, But It Does Not Have To!In today's episode, I am talking with Say Gabriel, she owns a content creation agency and has developed a five-part content framework for agencies that will blow your mind! This framework helps you create content for your agency that's going to drive quality valuable leads without spending a ton of time doing it. I have learned a lot from Say and I think you will as well in this episode.Takeaways From This Episode:Five-Part Content Framework For Agencies.Having A Higher Purpose In Life.Reference Material That Literally Every Single Agency Or Every Single Small Business Should Have.A Channel Is Your Medium. The Rhythm Is The Rate Of Release.A Single Channel Can Become Many Channels Without Growing The Work.  Let’s talk about the five-part framework. We all know we have to produce content but did you know there is a framework for production?  It can take forever to create good content, but it does not have to.The Five-Part Framework:Have your reference material readyPick an anchor channel and a bass rhythmThat’s your workLeverage your teamRepurpose content across multiple platformsSay guarantees if you follow these five steps, you will be able to write and produce value content for your audience!Reference Material That Literally Every Single Agency Or Every Single Small Business Should Have.There are some basic pieces of reference material that literally every single agency or every single small business should have. The first one is an avatar or a persona. The second one is what we call our marketing engine. This is a path that tells you to run with that piece of content. Pick An Anchor Channel And A Bass RhythmThat takes us to number two, picking anchor channel and bass rhythm. Now, what are an anchor channel and bass rhythm? A channel is basically your medium. The rhythm is basically the rate of release. That’s Your WorkNumber three is, batch your work. Meaning set up how you use your channels. Lee and Say both use podcasts. Lee does all of his podcast in one day, Say spreads hers out. Listen to how they set up their batches differently but they both work.Leverage Your TeamNumber four is, Leverage your team - if you have a team - definitely leverage their skills first because this is their field of expertise. The hundred percent of what they are doing is definitely a hell of a lot better than the 20% you are doing.Repurpose Content Across Multiple PlatformsNumber five is to repurpose content across multiple platforms. Whatever your anchor channel is - it can almost certainly be repurposed. A single channel can become many channels without doubling or tripling or exponentially growing the work.Connect With Lee:  - Website - Facebook Group - Twitter - Youtube -&
Bolt-On Marketing Creates Mailbox Money For Your Agency! Who Doesn't Want Mailbox Money? Listen To Joe And Learn How To Build Relationships, Community And Bring In The Money. Joe Fier, The Co-Founder Of Evergreen Profits, Is A Seasoned Marketer And Applies Most Of His Experience Helping Business Owners Grow Through Fan-Building And Creative Ways To Monetize.In this episode, find out how agency owners can use podcasting to bring in their best client talent all the way across the board. How do they share? How can an agency best use podcasting to make their lives better?In a podcast, it is just you and them.Learning how to get the most out of a Podcast.Don’t be afraid of affiliate revenue - use it!Grow a community of fans If you don't have a Facebook group, get one.Things are changing and community is as important as ever.When someone's listening to your podcast, it's just you and them; it is you and the earbuds, air pods, or whatever way they are listening to you. People are not typically sitting around with 10 other people in a room listening to a podcast - so it is kind of like you are having a one on one conversation with your listener. They start to feel like they know you personally which can build trust and more followers. The more episodes, the more they learn who you are and what you are about.Another bonus is ...a podcast can allow you to schedule one day a month to record six podcasts, like I did this day, and then you have a month-long content all buttoned up, ready to rock and roll search engines. Learn how to use YouTube, Vimeo, transcriptions, blogs, and much more! Podcasts Are One Of The Most Valuable Tools But You Have To Use It Wisely. You will need a promo calendar to map out the content. With affiliates and the referral partners, you do not have to stress over content! It takes a lot of the weight off. That's right, I don’t create content! They do! Why would I, I mean it would take me hours to come up with custom content all the time. Use your affiliates and referral partners. It is a win-win-win for you, them and your base. Listen to how it is done!Joe talks about the bulk of their business, about 80%, comes from affiliate revenue. Many agency owners that Joe has chatted with have not even thought about affiliate marketing and most are not even open to the concept. They are afraid to think about the bolt-ons to their existing offers. Grow A Community Of Fans.Everyone has heard about Facebook groups. Well, if you don't have a Facebook group, get one. You want to build a community. Emails, YouTube, Podcast all work together to help you build a community -- it is all about the community! And one of the funny things about Facebook is people will opt in to give you their personal info more easily. Emails I can get a 3.4% opt-in but with Facebook, I can get 50-60% opt-in!! Facebook offers Livestream - people love that! So many options and ideas with a Facebook group. Hear why and how to build your community:)Shameless Plug MomentThe Hustle and Flowchart Podcast and Facebook Group are amazing communities! Listen to shows twice a week for an hour-long. It's a doozie and they are the crazy kind of people bringing on right now. The world's changed as you know; it's always gonna be different from this point on in some fashion, but I know community ain't going away. More than ever community and engaging with people like human podcasting is huge. Grow that community! Listen to Joe and Lee to see how branding and relationships are going to pay off!Click Here for the full transcriptWebsite:
Mike Zeller Is Passionate About Helping Entrepreneurs Predominantly Make The Transition From The Entrepreneur Into The CEO Role. He Helps High Achievers Align Their Purpose With Both The Business They Want To Build And The Life They Want To Live While Getting Unstuck And Shaking Off Limiting Beliefs.In This Episode, I Am Honored And Privileged To Have A Good Friend Of Mine, Mike Zeller, Talk About His Journey From Entrepreneur To CEO And How He Had A Second Chance Or Was Twice Born. He's Known As One Of The Top Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Business Architects For Small Businesses. He Just Released His New Book Called Twice Born, How A Crisis Can Remake You. He Talks About  How It Really Is About The Journey And You Need To Understand And Appreciate The Journey.Takeaways From This Episode:Transition From The  Entrepreneur Into The CEO Role.Top Three Things An Entrepreneur Needs To Do To Become A CEOGoing From Business Operator To Business Owner.Not Asking For Help Soon Enough.Don't Hire Someone That's Like You.Going Through A Divine Storm In Your Life And Knowing How To Navigate That Divine Storm.Mike talks about losing over $1 million in bad business breaks, poor decisions, and investments that just didn’t turn out the way he expected.In one year, three of his businesses lost more than $100,000.  Each. There are patterns of when we get enslaved to the operations, and one of Mike's favorite quotes says, "Great operators get tired. Great business owners get rich".What An Entrepreneur Thinks Compared To A CEO The first one that comes to mind, and I think it's the most important distinction is the business operator gets up thinking about, "What do I need to get done?" but the business owner wakes up thinking "What decisions do I need to make today?" Not Asking For Help Soon Enough.Mike talks about one of the biggest mistake that he sees in business owners and the fact - they don't ask for help soon enough. Having a coach or a mentor to help you as you make decisions, can be a lifesaver for so many business owners. Taking care of yourself and having masterminds get involved can accelerate your mind-shift. It is shocking how asking for help or slowing down can actually get you to your goal faster. Investing in yourself and your time away from work, pays series dividends and these massive dividends helps you shift from the operator to owner.I had to learn this the hard way and I talk about the moment I had to start removing myself from my agency and start asking for help. Game-changer.Don't Hire Someone That's Like You.At the top of the list of things to think about and learn is, don't hire someone that is like you. First of all, you are already really good at being you. Why would you hire someone that's like you? Second, focus on finding somebody to complement you. There's no such thing as finding someone to replace you because you are the entrepreneur. It is your vision.As entrepreneurs, we are the risk-takers. the progress and success depend on us because we have that entrepreneurial spirit and this is our company. Remember, Ideally you want the whole organization to have elements of that spirit but it can not replace that spirit.A Divine Storm In Your Life And Knowing How To Navigate That Divine Storm.Mikes says, "I was frustrated, confused and exhausted. ‍I knew I had to make a change." See what Mike did to change.Follow/Connect With Lee Here:Website: Follow/Connect With Mike Here:Website:
Jeff Bullas, one of the top influencers on the planet talks about his journey and the top three things he would advise agency owners they must do. Not only is he ranked as one of the top 20 influences, but he is also a wealth of knowledge according to Forbes and many other major publications. I highly advise you to go check out Jeff after listening to this podcast and check out just some of his amazing resources. I actually love the topic we talk about in this episode. We discuss personal hygiene like shaving every day and do you brush your teeth. Trust me, you are going to love hearing Jeff’s journey, from his failures to successes.Jeff talks about the Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia. This syndrome is very real and it is where they do not talk about themselves very much because.  In Australia, if you talk about yourself too much it's called bragging - but in the United States - It's called marketing.  Jeff talks about himself and his journey through stories and real-life experiences - the Australia way:) Shortly after Jeff turned 50 he started to figure out what his purpose was. It took him a long time to discover why he was on this planet. In the middle of a divorce, he lost his family home, had to close down his business, and essentially was homeless. He had to move in with his brother and that was when his eyes were opened to how he needed to change his life.You don't learn from comfort. You learn from discomfort.In 2008, during his phase of discomfort - he found his passion - the digital world. When social media was the Wild West, he first joined Twitter and in time started working at a digital agency helping build online stores. He would wake up at 4:30 in the morning and write content and realized he was really good at it. Hear his story about the traffic starting to grow and within a few years, he reached 5 million visitors a year and had nearly 600,000 followers on Twitter! He has mastered content creation to attract an audience.Jeff was doing all the writing, doing all the work and so he needed a way to actually scale it and put in place systems and processes so he could create content at scale. That's what he and his team are doing now. He realized his passionate purpose is to actually try and help people get their voice out to the world. What he loves about social media is it allows you to bypass the gatekeepers, the media moguls.Then hear his top three things regarding social media.Learn to use digital advertising that's paid, don't expect it to be organic. Test different platforms. Don't assume that what you are running is going to work for you. He says sometimes they test up to 72 different formats of an ad. And, do not just test the ads also test the platformsDone is better than perfect.I asked Jeff if anyone is looking to start at the end of the content world, what are a couple pointers on creating content at scale would you give them? He gave advice coming from someone who's been doing it for a long time, at a very, very high level. It is good stuff starting with how he decided to get other people to write for him and how you have the ability to take content and turn it into a variety of media. Don't over complicate things. The Jeff Bullas show is an evolution of his blog and website, taking it to a whole new level. They interview some of the most fascinating entrepreneurs from all around the world, especially those that are focusing on the digital space.
Knowing The Value Of An Agency Coach And Finding The Right Is Priceless - Learn Why! - The Third Digital Gold Rush.I Had The Honor Of Interviewing A Wonderful Brother From Another Mother, Lee Jackson. He Is An Agency Coach And Runs A Couple Of Agencies In His Spare Time.  In this episode, Lee and I talk about... Dropping The Stigma and Pride And Asking For Help...Knowing the value a coach brings into one's life and discrediting the idea of being weak if asking for advice. Something that I have found is there seems to be a little bit of stigma when asking for guidance. It's almost like if reach out to a coach - you're asking for help - and that is a bad thing. We both talk about having these moments in our careers that made us second guess what we were doing and realize we may not know everything! Hear our stories and the amazing outcomes!Embrace Being An Entrepreneur But Get Rid Of The AttitudeAt The End Of The Day, Running A Business Is Running A Business You Need More Than A Passion, You Need A Solid FoundationEntrepreneurs When Held Accountable - Performance SkyrocketsTop 3 Things To Look For When Looking For A CoachLet's Let's Talk About - The Digital RenaissanceEmbrace Being An Entrepreneur But Get Rid of The Attitude.As entrepreneurs, we have this Spirit in us that just is there and we will move mountains, there is no stopping us. If you are a true pure entrepreneur, you don't care how many brick walls there are. It's just a matter of running through them. BUT, sometimes that attitude can be a stumbling block and we have to recognize it.At The End Of The Day, Running A Business Is Running A Business  You can be really successful based on your talents and based on the personal brand and the energy that you give off. You are running a business that is ridiculously inefficient! Lee talks about his foundation and how it is absolutely a must when running a business. Learn about accountability rhythms of a company.Entrepreneurs Need To Be Held Accountable!For the most part, entrepreneurs do not like people holding them accountable - But when they do have someone holding them accountable -  their performance skyrockets. Top 3 Things To Look For When Looking For A CoachBasically, you need a coach for the entrepreneur side of you, for the manager side of you and the employee side of you.  Make sure that all those three people inside of me are being coached.  Let's Talk - The Digital RenaissanceBusinesses have now realized that the internet is the single most important way of communicating and connecting as a way of doing business. The bricks and mortar finally realize they need to get online agencies in the best space possible. I talk about the Gold Rush. I'm calling it the third digital Gold Rush. There's not a CEO worth their salt on this planet right now that's not using this downtime to dramatically plan out a beef-up of their digital infrastructureHear Lee Jackson talk about the 1000-year-old Pub in his home town making the digital transformation! They have been in business for 1000 years for a reason!! Now is the time for agency owners to shine. Listen and Learn how.Click Here for the full TranscriptFollow/Connect With Lee Here:Website: Facebook Group: 
Learn How To Turn YouTube Into A Lead Generating Machine For Your Agency. YouTube Directly Affects All Of Your Social Media - See How To Master It!Liz Germain is a rock star when it comes to YouTube! In this episode, Liz and I talk about how to turn YouTube into a lead generating machine for your agency. Using YouTube directly affects all of your social media! Liz Germain helps grow and monetize YouTube specifically for online businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs and agencies.The Three Core Elements Of Her YouTube Mastery ProgramYouTube is A Search Engine - Owned By GoogleVideo Marketing Strategy Converts On Average 49% MoreTwo Case Studies Create A Habit To Turn Viewers Or Subscribers Into BuyersCreating The Three Channel PillarsTop Three Techniques To Get Subscribed QualifiedYouTube Growth CourseLiz Germain, founder of Vidfluence LLC, helps online businesses grow and monetize YouTube using video marketing automation and YouTube SEO. She is a leading expert in YouTube organic strategy. Liz has generated over 100 million organic YouTube views and tens of thousands of leads for Vidfluence clients across industries. Realizing you can do the work once and just have it live there and have it generate leads forever!  It is all about working smarter, not necessarily harder.YouTube is A Search Engine - Owned By GoogleLiz teaches people how to really master YouTube SEO, and the keyword strategy to pull in targeted organic leads to your business and into your sales funnel. If you do a Google search now you will find like three to four different videos right there at the top. Right. Yeah, it's very challenging to actually rank on the first page on Google, especially for agency-related search terms. But the thing is, YouTube gives you a competitive edge.Video Marketing Strategy Converts On Average 49% MorePeople who use video in their marketing strategy convert on average 49% more than people who do not and 80% of online consumer traffic is Video Traffic.YouTube is your video platform of choice, video in general is one of the best ways to market and promote your business. Turn Viewers Or Subscribers Into Buyers!Liz breaks down the top four things she would recommend to everyone on how to monetize your YouTube videos.Number One - Selling your own programs, services, products, etc.Number Two  -  Affiliate marketing.Number Three  - Brand deals and sponsorship. Number Four - Adsense revenueCreating The Three Channel PillarsPillar One - It's really, really critical in the first two seconds of someone landing on your channel that they understand this channel is going to be covering around three different topics.Pillar Two - One of the biggest mistakes is using YouTube for marketing purposes, by putting every single social platformPillar Three - Always giving a verbal call to action at the end of the video, because if somebody watched the entire video, they are clearly interested!YouTube Growth Course Start with “help” content first, and then do the keyword research process in their  YouTube Growth Course. It will literally take you step by step through the process and show you how to use the different YouTube plugins like VidIQ. It walks you through the process so even if you have no idea what you're doing, You got this! It gives you the templates and spreadsheets that make it easy.Liz gives a few wisdom nuggets and a shameless plug on how she can help you.Click Here for full transcript 
Are You Truly Taking Advantage Of Your KPI Dashboard? Do You Want Residual Income?In today’s episode, I am talking with Allie Quigley and she is one of the founders of a company called Impravado. What they do is help you aggregate in real-time all the KPIs. There's a lot of benefits from all the KPIs - She breaks down those benefits. I wanted to get her on my podcast because who does not want to increase your residual income, right? True Ability To Be Able To Validate Your Hard Effort. Automate that entire process for you, you connect in, they pull in all the data for you.Real-time KPI dashboard is an absolute game-changer.Don't even need a technical background - they do it for you!Have six or seven campaigns going at once.Watch an actual demo of Impravado!True Ability To Be Able To Validate Your Hard Effort.Ali shows you how a platform like Impravado can allow you to aggregate whether it be from Google Analytics, Facebook insight, you name it, you can pretty much pull all that stuff into a centralized real-time KPI dashboard. The reason why this is so important is because often times marketing teams are spending entirely too much time on the wrong tasks.Automate The Entire Process, You Connect In, They Pull In All The Data For You!Right now you might spend 50 hours a month pulling all this data from these sources, then you spend 300 hours on the actual cleanup. From there, it takes you 10 hours just to put the report together. With Impravado, they automate that entire process for you, you connect in and then they pull in all the data for you. The impacts of this can be huge - Your ability to make decisions much more quickly, your campaigns become much more efficient, because you have more time to spend on the actual optimization. Don’t Even Need A Technical Background - They Do It For You!Having a real-time KPI is an absolute game-changer for sure!! It is unbelievable to see your average hourly rate, your billable hours, your profit margin ...everything at a glance! And, you don't have to have any sort of technical knowledge or background to be able to get your hands on this data! So, hypothetically, if you're running a campaign, a brand awareness campaign in Facebook, a closed campaign after being pix-elated in Facebook and Google - you have six or seven different campaigns across all the different things. With Impravado, you can pull all of that into one centralized platform and give a true aggregate number of return on ad spend across all platforms for that one campaign! WHAT!!  I mean, the value in that alone!Watch An Actual Demonstration Of The Process!Ali goes through and breaks down the process, answers questions and explains how the system actually works! She describes how Impravado is for all types and sizes of agencies and why it has been so successful!Question And Answer Time!Lee and Ali go through and answer the questions that come up and reply to comments regarding Impravado. If you are serious about saving time and bringing in more residual income, this is a must-see episode! Learn how your KPI dashboard works and use it to your advantage.Click Here for the full transcriptFollow/Connect with Lee Here:Website: Facebook Group: Twitter:
What If Google Sheets Had A Baby With Hootsuite? HeyOrca Is The Result!  Now It Is One Of The Dominant Platforms Out There For Social Media Management. Joe Teo Founded And Started A Company Called HeyOrca.Com. It Is One Of The Dominant Platforms Out There For Social Media Management. ​In This Episode, We Are Talking About How To Productize...Content Approval, Remote And Multiple Team Members Reporting And Validating, And Client Management.Work Backwards In Building Software.Content Approval!HeyOrca Handles Remote and Multiple Team Members?What Kind Of Reporting Do You Have?Client Management. HeyOrca - A Social Media Management Platform Built For Marketing Agencies To Save Time And Build Client Trust. More Than 400 Marketing Agencies Around The World Use HeyOrca To Save Time And Stay Organized. They Know That If Your Clients Are Happy, The Agency Is Happy.Joe,“The Chief Executive Orca” Says They Work Backwards In Building Software.Joe explains how they work backwards in building that software. It is built from the ground up for an agency to come in and manage hundreds of their clients and provide all of the tools they need in a single interface.Content Approval, The 800 Pound Gorilla In The Room.We started with content approval. This is by far the number one thing I hear from my clients who manage social media. How do they get the content approved quicker!HeyOrca Helps To Streamline And Set Up Editorial Guidelines While Remote.One of the biggest values you can add to your clients, is actually your expertise and your relationship. That's what you should focus on as an agency owner, along with the tactical stuff, right? What Kind Of Reporting Does Orca Have To Help Clients?The way HeyOrca does its reporting is from the client’s standpoint. Such as, What are some of the things that the clients need to know to be able to make a decision on whether you did a good job or a bad job?Client Management?HeyOrca has some really awesome tools when it comes to client management! Talk about audit trails? The more time you can spend with your clients, the better because at the end of the day, you're building trust. HeyOrca helps you build trust while productizing.Agency spotlight every couple weeks so if you want to be featured email Here for Full TranscriptConnect Lee Here: Website: Podcast: Group: YouTube: Joe Here:Website: Group:
Perfect SEO Implementation Strategies Proven To Rank The Most Competitive Keywords Anywhere In The World. Chris'cutting edge digital marketing solutions are sought after by presidents of the United States, senators, congressmen, pretty much every damn body! In Today’s Episode, Chris Demonstrates His Expertise And Shows How Time And Time Again He Competes With Big Names. Listen And Learn - What An Incredible Story!Google??Hard Business Decisions Even When They May Not Make Sense.Social Media Is An Old Dog.Use Social Media To Get More Clients?Socialoxygen.ioGoogle, Nike, Virgin...and more! With decades of experience in software program, web development, direct sales, SEO, basically global domination, perfecting SEO implementation strategies, and has proven to rank the most competitive keywords you can find out there pretty much anywhere in the world.Chris Gets A Call From A Company Called Google!Chris gets this call from this company called Google. He specifically remembers putting his hand over the phone and asking his business partner, "Hey, have you ever heard of a company called Google? Chris tells everything they learned from Google and how that plays into what he is doing now. Being in the beginning of Google starting up has huge benefits.Making The Hard Business Decisions Even When They May Not Make Sense At The Time!Chris talks about his company making a massive shift. They had to make a tough decision but from this difficult decision, they came up with Social Oxygen Software. Social Media Is An Old Dog But Necessary.Social Media doesn't necessarily bring in sales the way we think, but people love it! People need social media.It is old school and is the relationship starter. Tips And Tricks For Agents And Socialoxygen.ioChris's latest venture is into the social media world with his platform called This platform is built from the ground up for agencies to become more profitable, more stable, and most importantly, help you get as many clients as you can handle without going broke or spending a fortune doing it.How Can Agencies Out There Use Social Media To Get More Clients For Themselves?What does is use social media as a foot in the door strategy, because now that it's so inexpensive, literally, it can cost you like, around $50 -$75 a month!  and they write all your content for you. AMAZING GUY WITH AN AMAZING STORY AND COMPANY! ENJOY!Click Here for the full transcript Follow/Connect With Lee Here:Website: Podcast: Group: YouTube: With ChrisHere:Website: http://www.socialoxygen.ioFacebook:​​​​YouTube:
How To Get Your First Clients When You're Starting An Agency Or Dramatically Increase The Growth Of Your Business. In this episode, I am talking with a good friend of mine, Craig Jacobson. He's built multiple businesses and he is the one I call when I am needing any type of marketing advice because he knows what works! He Is By Far One Of The Most Brilliant Marketers I Have Ever Run Across. We Talk About A Few Subjects That Are On Everybody's Mind. Where Do You Go to Get Your First ClientsDesign A Client Path - Lead Them To The Next LevelHow Long Does It Take To Define Your Product? What You Should Have Known Then? Blue Pill vs Red Pill Marketing -- What!!Where Do You Go to Get Your First Clients?They are going to go through the process. Like understanding they have a problem, then they are going to look into their options - different vendors. Design A Client Path - Lead Them To The Next LevelIt looks like it's $500 a month to start with, then they add another thing and another thing and another thing, and pretty soon, it's tasty. I call it “a client path” You Have To Have A Third Eye ViewIn addition to that, while you're looking at your product line and the journey, you have to have this third eye view on it. Which means looking at your business model and what are you willing to spend to get a customer? How Long Does It Take To Define Your Product? You know, to get it really optimized and looking sharp? Craig and I talk about the process and about how to define your product - to get it really optimized and looking sharp. Do You Actually Like Your Customers?I've frequently found myself in the position that there are a bunch of people that want something that I can do for them - But I don't actually want a relationship with those people. You have A Niche But You Are Still Talking In Generic Marketing Terms. No No No!STOP! If you have a Niche, that means you are an expert in that field so act like it! Use their language, use their terminology show them you know what you are talking about. What You Should Have Known Then That You Know Now?One big thing Craig wished he would have known when he was first getting started, was the fact that you should be able to turn every vendor into an advocate for you. Everyone that you spend money with should become a big advocate. Blue Pill vs Red Pill Marketing -- What!!You may remember in the movie The Matrix when, Laurence Fishburne, offers them the option of wanting to go back and see the world the way it was? Or wanting to see the world as it is? Full Article Click HereLearn About & Connect With Our Amazing Speakers/GuestFollow/Connect With Lee Goff:Website: Podcast: Group: YouTube: With Craig Jacobson:Website: Group:
Have You Noticed? There Has Been A Major Sociological Shift Around Digital! It Is Now Being Seen As The Solution To Keeping Businesses Open! Learn How To Ride This Shift! Get Ready For The Next Big Movement!Clate Mask, CEO And Founder Of Infusionsoft, Has Been Educating And Inspiring Entrepreneurs For Over A Decade, And Is Recognized By The Small Business Community As A Visionary Leader. His Passion For Small Business Success Stems From His Personal Experience Taking Infusionsoft From A Struggling Startup To An Eight-Time Inc. 500/5000 Winner. As CEO, Clate Is Leading Infusionsoft On Its Mission To Simplify Growth For Millions Of Small Businesses Worldwide. He Is A Must Listen Too Kind Of Guy!!In this episode, Clate and I discuss this major shift and how you can leverage this to become the business hero for your clients and create raving fans with extremely high profit margins, utilizing automation and of course, my productization pricing model.Takeaways From This Episode:Limiting Beliefs - We Discussed Fear Around AutomationChange Begins At The End Of Your Comfort ZoneHow To Leverage Automation And ProductizationBuild It Once And Sell It A Thousand TimesThe Third Phase That's About To Happen!Trying To Build A Successful Business And Have A Life
What Is Holding You Back From Going To The Next Level! What You Don’t Know Could Seriously Be Hurting You. In All Honesty, You Have To Get Out Of Your Own Way!! I Learned The Hard Way That The Majority Of The Time When Something Wasn’t Working In My Agency It Was My Fault!! Brennen And I Had Some Of The Same Similarities And He Had To Learn To Get Out Of His Own Way Of Succeeding. Hearing His Story Will For Sure Inspire, Encourage And Help You Grow Your Agency!!In Today’s Episode, I Am Talking With Brennen Bliss, Owner Of Pixel Cut Lab. Brennen Is Seriously One Of My Most Favorite And Most Successful Agency Stories! People Literally Tell Me,“I Want To Be Like Brennen Or How Do I Grow Like Brennen Did?”Takeaways From This Episode:Isolating The Three Things That Impact Exploding Growth!  By Slowing Down You Actually Speed UpFresh Minds Equals Fresh Ideas - How To Release The PressureBy Selling Honestly, You Actually Close A Higher Percentage.Find Your Tribe And Your Passion!Getting Your Service Department To Actually Drive RevenueBrennen’s Agency name, Pixel Cut Labs, was chosen by him when he was 14 year old! That is right, 14!! He is now 21 and rocking it! His agency, essentially - does just one thing and one thing only - Search Engine Optimization. They have a couple of very specialized SEO services and span to three different categories of SEOs. Brennon found his “Niche”, learned how to get out of his own way and grew his agency to where he is now! You are going to love his story and advice.Isolating The Three Things That Impact Exploding Growth!During Brennen and my first few sessions, we had to find his three pain points. The top three things that were holding him back. First, was his service framework (or lack of). Second, we had to dial in his offerings! Honestly, he was doing the same thing we all have done - We start with the money....For the Full Article/Notes, Click HereFollow/Connect With Me Here:Website: Podcast: Group: Twitter:
Are You Lined Up With The Right Referral Partners? Are You Ready To Charge More Per Hour For Your Services And Get That Extra “Mailbox Money”?Having The Right Partners, Especially Referral Partners Can Be A Serious Game-Changer For Most Agency Owners!! The Sooner You Have The Right Partners, The Sooner You Have Steady Cash Flow!In Today’s Episode, I Am Talking With Cory Snyder, Director Over Channel At Active Campaign, He Basically Owns The Entire Channel Organization For Partnerships For Active Campaign. Cory And I Have Known Each Other For Many Many Years And Trust Me When It Comes To Partnerships, Cory Is An Expert! There Really Is No One On The Planet Who Understands The Value Of Having Some Trusted Partners In Your Corner More Than The Man I Am Interviewing Today, Cory Snyder!Takeaways From This Episode:The Power Of Referrals And How To Tap Into That PowerThe Difference Between An Affiliate And A Strategic Referral PartnerCertified Partner Channels Can Bring In 40% 50% 60% More RevenueYour Relationship With Referral Partners Is A Two Way StreetDon't Always Try To Be Right, You're Gonna Be Wrong SometimesFind Out How To Charge $200 An Hour And Up For Your ServicesSadly, you do not hear about referral partners out there as much as I feel like you should, which is why I asked Cory to be one of my first round of episodes to be recorded. I built my agency on the back of referral partners and in this interview we talk about the power of referrals and how to tap into that power! Strategic referral partners are vital -  they can be difficult to get in play sometimes but when you get them, dude, they may bank you for a decade!How To Explode Your Agency With Partners, Specifically Referral PartnersThe win-win goal is finding the right type of person and/or the right products to recommend, building great relationships that you can help make stupid amounts of money not only for them but also for you. This way you both look really, really good #win-winFor Full Transcript Click Here:Follow/Connect With Lee Here:Website: Podcast: Group: Twitter:
Are Mentally Prepared, Aggressively Growing, And Have The Infrastructure That Will Future Proof Your Agency From Any Recession?Mark Khoder Is One Of My Students And You Have To Hear His Success Story! He Lost 65 To 70% Of His Total Revenue In A Matter Of  Three To Five Days After The Pandemic Hit Australia. Hear What He Did And His Advice On How To Overcome This Obstacle.Mark Khoder, An Agency Owner Out Of Melbourne, Australia. He Owns A Restaurant Digital Agency. In Other Words, He Does Specifically Social Media For Restaurants - Talk About Getting Hit Hard During Covid-19! Mark And I Rolled Our Sleeves Up And We Got To Work And The Results Are Amazing. This Episode Is Power-Packed With The Tactics That Work For Any Agency!Takeaways From This Episode:You should look into a downside (not just in your business)Lead Magnets and having the right system in placeChange begins at the end of your comfort zoneDon't feel sorry for yourselfB-I-T-E for your businessThe importance of having a coach in your businessYou Should Look Into In A Downside (Not Just In Your Business)The number one thing as a business owner is you should look into a downside. A downsize in your business and your life. Have the capacity and resources to sit there and downsize everything. Downsize your life, then go in and aggressively get business. Hear how Mark reLoaded and did what he had to to survive.Lead Magnets And Having The Right System In PlaceA lot of restaurant owners had never even thought about takeout orders or curbside delivery. So many of Mark’s clients did not have a system or any strategy and how to get business or how to put themselves out there. Things completely changed for the restaurant business and Mark jumped on that opportunity and it really paid off for him and for his clients.For the Full Article, click hereFollow/Connect With Me Here:Website: Podcast: Group: Twitter:
You Should Not Be Stressing - You Should Be ReLoading. Are You Ready For The Next Digital Gold Rush? Now Is The Time To Get Ready And GrowRecommendation At The Moment Is To Identify The 20% Off Your Activities That Move 80% Of The Value For Your Clients, And Therefore 80% Of The Profit For Your Business And Just Focus On That.In this Episode, Troy Dean and I talk about not stressing out during this time but actually ReLoading and thriving during this time! Troy with Mavericks Club has an amazing knack for helping creative entrepreneurs build awesome online empires!  Now is the time to grow and get ready for the next digital gold rush!Takeaways From This Episode:Three Things - Cut the fat - Identify Your Sweet Spot - Identify Growth Opportunities Repositioning and Repackaging What You're Already Doing (Story of Click Funnels)Signature Systems Shine The Light On The Skeletons Your ClosetAutomation - The Pros and Cons!Do Not Fester In Fear! Get Rid Of The Negative ThoughtsFocus on Identifying the 20% of your activities that move 80% of the value for your clients, and therefore 80% of the profit for your business. Stop doing everything else! Not shrinking your business, but shrinking your activities. Think of it as, instead of trying to bake half a dozen blueberry pies at once, just bake one really good pie, become the best in the world at it. Helping your clients get through this weird period that we are all living through at the moment and coming out the other side leaner and stronger. Cut The Fat - Identify Your Sweet Spot - Identify Growth Opportunities.Troy goes through the process of cutting the fat, identifying your sweet spot, and identifying growth opportunities! There's a lot of waste in agencies in all businesses. There's a lot of half-started projects, there are a lot of spinning the wheels, people being very busy doing lots of activity thinking... Full Article/Show Notes: Follow/Connect With Me Here:Website: Podcast: Group: Twitter:
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