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Political observer Paul wells on the state of government - one he says is "risk adverse, suffering from exhaustion and a state of denial." He joins us on No Nonsense.
When the government gets to decide what you see or say online, is that a place we want to be? Michael Geist, expert on the world of the internet, says no. 
Radical left and the radical right make the road to leadership risky. Sean Speer, former advisor to Prime Minister Harper and political commentator weighs in.
The sanctions against Russia are based on the Magnitsky Act – the work of businessman turned activist Bill Browder when his lawyer was tortured and killed in prison. On this week’s No Nonsense, his unique insight on what motivates Putin.
From international rock star with The Guess Who and BTO to a Saturday night radio institution, Randy Bachman shares his amazing career and his living legacy!
What happens when global supply and demand gets out of sync? Sylvian Charlebois explains how the COVID hangover and supply chain issues create a global food security crisis.
Kyiv is successfully repelling Russian troops and embassies are reopening in Ukraine – but the gruesome human toll continues to mount. Marcus Kolga weighs in on the chances of regime change in Moscow.
What is at the core of political identity? A look through a Saskatchewan lens. Dale Eisler, a journalist for over 25 years and author of From Left to Right: Saskatchewan's Political and Economic Transformation explains.
How do you talk to kids about death - or medical assistance in dying? Author Bill Richardson explains what inspired his latest children’s book Last Week and why the truth can often ease the anxiety.
The brutal body count of both soldiers and civilians grows higher in Ukraine – so why is Russia still allowed to participate in international gatherings or use its veto  at the UN? David Perry looks at the political and military situation on No Nonsense.
In the woke age, brands suddenly need to pick sides – but sometimes  the message misses the mark. Terry O’Reilly, host of Under the Influence, explains what happens when politics and marketing clash.
The news frames our reality... and tells us what's important. But when only some voices are represented, how do we get an accurate picture? Author and journalist Bill Fox explains why media needs to reinvent and return to its roots...more listening, less preaching! 
In partnership with the Rotman School of ManagementFrom BAHM: The disruptive forces of the pandemic have created seismic shifts in how Canadians are thinking about business, the economy and their careers. Ideas that were once radical or distant possibilities (entire teams working from home, spiking inflation, sector-wide government subsidies) are now driving conversations across the country. Join a conversation with Canadian polling and public affairs expert John Wright (Executive Vice-President of Maru Public Opinion) and Canadian Senator Pamela Wallin as they unpack the trendlines in Canadian public opinion and decode what it means for leaders and managers navigating an constantly changing landscape.
Russia’s rampage across Ukraine has been met with resistance on the ground but the West has been troubling timid. On this week’s No Nonsense, three good minds consider next steps… join Mark Norman, Hugh Segal, and Marcus Kolga.
Why has Canada shifted from hone grown oil production to importing from ruthless tyrants? David Yager analyzes the energy crisis, and how it’s impacting Canadians at the pump and grocery store.
Beyond the humanitarian disaster,  Russia's invasion is permanently reshaping geo-politics. Retired Vice-Admiral Mark Norman brings 40 years of experience to the table, and joins scholar Dr. Martin Gaal. The insights are smart and frightening.
Why wasn’t NATO ready for Putin? Former Army Commander Lt. Gen. Andrew Leslie on  the crisis in Ukraine and the impact here at home.
Pandemic politics is polarizing the politicians and the public. Can we build back the bridges?  Pollster John Wright shares the latest on public opinion.
What do  Friday the Thirteenth movies and the pandemic have in common? According to Virologist Dr. Jason Kindrachuk, we’re in part 6 and waiting to see what happens next.  A pandemic update on 𝘕𝘰 𝘕𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘦.
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