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The heart truly knows the way! Listen and learn all about the beauty and power of the human heart and what "living from the heart" is all about during this inspirational episode with my guest, Dawn Hayman, Co-Founder of Spring Farm CARES Animal and Nature Sanctuary. Dawn is also a Spiritual Intuitive, author and pioneer in the field of Animal Communication! During our conversation, Dawn shares the wisdom of animals, what we can learn from them and how they can help to heal us. Listeners will also learn about the unique mission of Spring Farm CARES, located in Clinton, NY.Tune into this life-changing episode today to hear this uplifting information and much more!*For further details about the information mentioned during this episode, please see the following show notes:Visit Spring Farm CARES online at more about HeartMath and Dr. Judith Orloff
Are you feeling upset about the state of our world today? You're not alone! I created this two-part episode series just for you! During it, I'll help you see the silver linings of this pandemic and show you some ways that collectively, we're all creating positive changes - although it may not seem that way!I'll also discuss how this pandemic brought about new global challenges that are paving the way for positive, lasting change - one step at a time. Tune in Today! 
People living with dementia and their caregivers are familiar with the challenges of dining out. The good news is, things are changing for the better! Join me and my guest during this episode, Dennis Dulniak, EdD, the founder of Central Florida Dementia-Friendly Dining, as we discuss the expansion of this wonderful program. In addition to discussing the details of what dementia-friendly dining means for restaurant owners and their employees, Dennis shares his journey with his beloved wife Nancy, who lived with early-onset Alzheimer's. You'll learn about Nancy's lifelong love of books and how that love impacted her life, leading her to a career as a librarian. Dennis also relays how Nancy left a legacy that led to the creation of Nana's Books Foundation in her honor. My guest also shares his personal journey with grief, describing how Nana's Books Foundation helped to transform his loss of Nancy, and how he's fueled by his mission to honor his late wife's legacy, turning his pain into a positive purpose while helping others.Listen to this inspirational episode today! *For further details about the information mentioned during this episode, please see the following show notes:Nana's Books Foundation: NanasBooks21@gmail.comFacebook: Nana's Books FoundationCentral Florida Dementia-Friendly Dining: Dennis Dulniak: cfldfd01@gmail.comFacebook:
This May, as we celebrate Older Americans Month, I’m happy to share my conversation with Joe & Bella Co-Founder Jimmy Zollo. During this episode, we discuss the heartwarming story of the creation of his company: a successful start-up focused on making the lives of older adults more comfortable with their products. Jimmy also shares this thoughts about how clothing and style are tied to a person’s identity, he relays how his grandmother changed the course of Joe & Bella, and he introduces CareZips®️ which are the first product in Joe & Bella's original line of adaptive clothing. Tune in Today!
As we head into spring and celebrate Brain Awareness Week, this month is the perfect time to discuss brain health. I’m excited to introduce the StrongerMemory curriculum to you during this episode. My guest is Robert Liebreich, President and CEO of Goodwin House, Inc., who explains the wonderful story behind the creation of StrongerMemory, and shares the benefits of this innovative, non-pharmacological approach to better brain health.Tune into this episode today for a dose of good news, and to learn how this valuable tool can enhance your brain health and the brain health of your loved ones! *For further information about the StrongerMemory curriculum and more details about the information mentioned during this episode, please see the following show notes:’s estimated that more than 6 million Americans age 65 and older are living with Alzheimer's dementia today.  Source: 2021 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures published by the Alzheimer’s AssociationCurrently, more than 55 million people live with dementia worldwide, and there are nearly 10 million new cases every year.  Source: World Health Organization 
Lost and Found

Lost and Found


We all deal with loss, in many forms, throughout our lives. It's up to us to see and embrace what's on the other side of loss. But, what happens when our challenges get in the way and we feel so lost that we can't find our way back? I share my thoughts about this difficult topic during this episode of Time-Love-Coffee-Peace. Tune in today for tips and inspiration to light your path! 
There's so much going on in our world right now. Finding comfort on a daily basis can be challenging! What do you find truly makes you comfortable these days, and how can you embrace it?This is one of the questions I explore around the BIG topic of comfort during this Time-Love-Coffee-Peace episode. Tune in today to rediscover what makes you comfortable and boosts your happiness! 
During this episode, you'll meet my guest Dr. Isabel Bertran-Hunsinger. She's a doctor on a mission to bring healing and wellness into the lives of her patients via functional medicine. Learn how she was inspired by her beloved uncle, Dr. Julio Perez, and about her life-changing work with Dr. Patch Adams, who she traveled with as a clown doctor to refugee camps to lift people's spirits using the language of laughter. In addition, Dr. Isabel shares a deeply personal pivot point in her life with listeners, and pulls back the curtain on her struggles with mental health. Her journey to understand anxiety and depression, and treat it naturally, is now a big part of her healing work with her patients. Be prepared to listen, learn, and become empowered during this wonderful episode with Dr. Isabel Bertran-Hunsinger!*For further information about Dr. Isabel and her work, please visit her website:*For additional information about the following topics mentioned in this episode, please visit:The Free Bossy Brain Solution and Private Facebook Group: End of Alzheimer's FREE Masterclass: learn more about the 30-minute Discovery Session for the Bredesen ReCode 2.0 Protocol Program:*For more information about Lewy Body Dementia, and the diagnosis of actor and comedian Robin Williams, please visit this informative article from the Parkinson's Foundation:
Meet Jack Fussell, someone with an amazing life story who is making a positive impact out in the world! After two brushes with death, one very early in his life and another decades later, Jack shares how he turned his life around, set big goals and reached them, and what motivates him to get out on his walking trails every day. In addition, Jack shares healthy aging advice during this episode and offers listeners tips on how to live life from a place of inspiration. I know you’ll be as moved by Jack’s story as I was. Listen today!
This episode features the founder of, Eric Peterson, and the organization's Vice President, Prof. Jason Powell, PhD, FCMI.Seniors4Seniors is dedicated to creating solutions to some of the most critical issues facing our society today such as ending loneliness and isolation, and bridging the generation gap. You'll be as inspired as I was by all the amazing work this organization is doing, and become motivated to find new ways to bridge the generation gap in your community. Tune in today!
A diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment hasn't slowed down Dan Jaworski; he's currently training for the 2021 Kona Ironman World Championship!  Tune in today to hear Dan's philosophy on life and how he chooses to embrace his challenges. Dan is gifted with an enormous amount of inspiration and empowerment to share with everyone, including families on the dementia journey. You will lean into the sunnier side of your own life after listening to this episode!
The Vibes of 2020

The Vibes of 2020


There's so much to say about 2020! I examine "a year like no other" in this Time-Love-Coffee-Peace episode. Tune in today to hear my thoughts on the vibes of 2020, and discover how fear and loss join hope and love!
For more than 25 years, dance instructor and choreographer Laurie Hotaling inspired and empowered her students. She decided to pivot to the positive when she received her cancer diagnosis, and embrace her "new normal" by once again teaching others. During this episode, you'll learn how Laurie continues to write the next chapter of her life by inspiring people of all ages and abilities through her new YouTube dance channel: Dancing2Heal. Tune In to This Uplifting Episode Today!  
I’m so glad to introduce Melanie Downey's inspirational story to you! During this episode, you'll hear her courageous account of healing from a traumatic brain injury and her road back to “almost normal.” You'll also discover the role that yoga played during her healing journey, and how yoga continues to heal Melanie as she continues to inspire others through her new work. 
This episode is for everyone who's thinking about finally embracing their dream job! You'll enjoy hearing the story of Deb Kolaras, who decided to take the big leap from running a digital marketing agency to running a small farm and selling her beautiful handmade, eco-friendly creations. You'll also hear about her unique business partner: Annie the Goat ~ LISTEN TODAY! 
You'll enjoy this uplifting episode with Richard Creighton, who is a full-time Alzheimer's caregiver for his wife, Kate. Listeners will discover some of the many ways that Richard chooses to embrace a positive approach to his dementia journey with Kate, and lean into the strong bond of love that they share that continues to help them both find happiness every day. Connect with Richard on Twitter: @LivingWthAlz and on his blog:
Is world peace a possibility, or just a wish? I'm hopeful that collectively, we can discover new pathways leading us to more peaceful days. During this episode, part four of my special Time-Love-Coffee-Peace series, I explore the possibility of peace on our planet. And, I'm joined by a very special guest: my beloved Crystal Kitty!
Are you a coffee lover too? If so, you'll enjoy this episode! Listen today and discover why I chose coffee for inclusion in my show’s title. I also discuss some of the reasons why I think coffee is so special in our daily lives. Tea lovers will enjoy this episode too!
Are you interested in learning more about celiac disease or the challenges of following a gluten-free diet? If so, don't miss this episode! Join me during this interesting conversation with my guest, author Ann Campanella, when she shares the story that inspired her new book: "Celiac Mom: One family’s gluten-free journey after a daughter’s diagnosis." Ann discusses details of the challenging journey she and her family traveled with their daughter that led to her diagnosis, and eventually, how their family found enhanced health and wellness by following a gluten-free diet. Visit this link: to purchase your copy of Celiac Mom.
Walking With Grief

Walking With Grief


Grief is a topic that's very difficult to discuss, but it's something that we all must face at some point during our lives. During this episode, you'll learn new ways to navigate and shift grief from intuitive healer Erika M. Schreck of Turtle Healing Energy. Erika also shares her own personal journey with grief. Listeners will discover that their connection with their departed loved ones is a bond that can never be broken. 
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