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Author: Ita Udoh

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This podcast will seek to provide biblical teachings and answers on multiple issues that cause sincere seekers to stumble due to ignorant teaching and false prophecy. We all are ignorant as touching some topics and sometimes misrepresent God in our interpretation of revelation, so no self exaltation is intended here. We will never claim to know it all, but we have learnt a few things by sitting at the Lord’s feet.
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Stewarding Abundance in the Last Days (Wed 29 05 2024)
Did you know that the Bible is the largest collection of prophecies? Find out why prophecies will be greatly needed in these last days. What are the things that compete with the love for Jesus in our hearts? Lawlessness is a disqualifier from the kingdom of God! Can a Christian be oppressed by the spirit of witchcraft? Find out how sin opens the door for demonic oppressions in your life. Three things to avoid in the last days: Dissipation, Drunkenness and Worries of life. Those who go after signs and wonders will be deceived by the Lawless One. Find out how. Ever heard of the seal of the Lord? Did you know that the seal of the Lord will preserve you from the dangers coming on the earth? In this message, you will learn about the consequences of sin and how to get the seal of the Lord!
Did you know that government authorities are servants of God? Find out how this is possible. Did you know that your obedience to civil authority will have effect on your spiritual life? Did you know that you are opposing God when you disobey civil authority? Character of the noble: searching things out. Lessons from the Berean Christians Why does God speak in parables? The Test of True discipleship: Leaving everything to follow Did you know that disciples must go through suffering? In this message you will learn the cost of discipleship and why you should submit to civil authorities!
What makes a person a son of God? Stages of Christian growth and how they work. Did you know that the sons of God can only be manifested in the coming age? Qualifications for those who will be rulers in the age to come Fruits vs Gifts: What will the Lord judge by when He comes? Are you easily swayed by signs and wonders? You will follow the Anti-Christ. Find out how. How to remain stable no matter the circumstances around you. The three battlegrounds to conquer: Yourself, the church and the world. Lessons from the book of Judges: How to prepare for the coming of the Lord. Unpack strategies for the battles of the last days and the coming kingdom as you listen to this message!
Did you know that the opposite of 'holy' is common and not filthy. What does it mean to be holy as God is holy? Can a person be righteous on this Earth? What does 1 Jn. 3:7 mean? The fear of the Lord keeps men from evil. What does living in the fear of God look like? What principles will God judge by? What calamity befalls those who follow erring men of God? Holiness: How to escape the coming disasters on the Earth Learn the fear of God and the practical way to walk in holiness as you listen to this message today.
Did you know that there is more being a believer of Christ? Learn about the five stages of Christian growth What must you do to become a disciple of Christ? There are three major yeasts talked about in the Bible. What do they mean? Get to know how to avoid the yeasts of Herod and the Pharisees. The primary beneficiaries of the Word of God - your spirit and soul. What to do in tough times to stay in faith. Prophesy: One of the ways the Lord saves His people from trouble What to do with knowledge: When to seek more and when ro refrain from doing so The Fish and bread Gospel and why you must avoid it. How does righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost make the kingdom of God? Learn how to be a true disciple of Christ as you listen to this message today!
What are the things that hinder many from hearing God? How to know when the Holy Spirit is speaking to you Are you carrying a yoke put on you by a human, thinking it is from the Lord? Find out how to get rid of man-made religious burdens What is the significance of the altar of incense to us today? Want to know why the Lord doesn't reveal everything about our lives to us? How to offer up acceptable incense to the Lord Those that are led by the Holy Spirit are usually not set in their ways. Get to know how to be like powder in God’s hands. In this message, you will learn how the Holy Spirit speaks and how to offer up incense to the Lord!
Understanding the roles of priests: Lessons from the book of Leviticus. What does it mean to speak as an Oracle of God? 1 Pet. 4:11 How does God use the weak things of this world to shame the wise? Find out how your weakness qualifies you for God's use. How to become a disciple of Christ Did you know that whatever you lose for God's sake will be restored a hundredfold? When will this be? How to be a faithful steward! Did you know that God demands that you repay your parents? Find out how. The voice of the Holy Spirit vs Demonic voices. Join Pastor Ita Udoh as he gives an exposition on how to prepare to be faithful in this age in preparation for the age to come.
Fulfilling Destiny in the Face of Fear (Fri 10 05 2024)
Cleansing from Bitterness (Wed 08 05 2024)
How to offer a proper sacrifice of thanksgiving to God For everything you are ungrateful for, someone else is wishing to have. Find out how to offer sacrifices of praise from your lips. Ever wondered why you have annoying siblings, roommates, or colleagues? Is it possible that God is using these people to train you for what is ahead? Debunking marital myths: How to prepare mentally for marriage. Three stages of purification: The individual, the church, and the world. Did you know that the lake of fire is how God purifies the world? Understanding the fear of the Lord and how impurities stop you from seeing the Lord as He is. In this message, you will learn the importance of gratitude and how to live a pure life.
Did you know that singing is a form of prayer? Did you also know that prayer is incense and there is a required amount of incense needed for the last days? Addressing misconceptions on 'Satan being under your feet!' Find out how the devil subtly deceives Christians into disobeying God. Lessons from Proverbs 7: How Christians fall into the snares of mystery Babylon. God expects us to bear fruits after repentance. Find out how. In this message, you will learn how to overcome the enticement of Babylon and live according to God's laws.
What is the role of the church in the well-being and safety of christians? What does spiritual warfare look like today? Spiritual growth is possible. Find out how to. Importance of paying attention to spiritual guidance and the dangers of false doctrines. Did you know that suffering plays a vital role in building character? Practical steps for effective time management and handling responsibilities. Why do many Christians face never-ending afflictions? Gain understanding on the principles of spiritual warfare as you listen to this message today!
The Fiery Distinction -Wheat & Tares (FRI 05 03 2021)ALN-S2
Leprosy - Examination & Cleansing (FRI 05 03 2021)ALN-S1
Discerning Truth and Resisting Falsehoods (Sun 28 02 2021)S4
Keys to Spiritual Maturity: Humility & True Repentance (Sat 27 02 2021)S3
The Spirit of Truth vs Babylon’s Bondage (Sat 27 02 2021)S2
Preparation for the Coming King (Fri 26 02 2021)
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