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Buckle Up: The Mystery Podcast

Author: Erin and Derek

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There is a serious draw to the unknown & the fascinating. The more perplexing, the better. Buckle Up: The Mystery Podcast presents unsolved mysteries, true crime, scary stories, popular myths, and the general unknown. We go in-depth, in-detail, and straight to the point in the world of the unknown. Listen & participate as we dive into some of the world’s great and occasionally quirky mysteries looking for answers ... or why there aren't any.
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Despite what Hollywood might try and tell you, Private Investigators are a lot more than Tom Selleck in a Hawaiian shirt. But sometimes it helps if a P.I. has worked on Hollywood movies. On this episode of Buckle Up: The Mystery Podcast, Erin and Derek talk with Private Investigator Sarah Alcorn, a Harvard graduate who spent several years as a movie set decorator, to get insight on how mysteries are really solved by the people on the ground, undercover ... and sometimes in glowing green rooms surrounded by terraniums filled with reptiles. We also get Sarah's take on the the biggest art heist in American history (which you can learn all about in Buckle Up Episode 4: A New Heist - The Boston Art Theft).Also check out the podcast Sarah co-hosts called "Ivy League Murders."
Haunted houses. Things that go bump in the night. Apparitions. The after-life has fascinated humans for centuries. But are ghosts real? And can they communicate with us? On this episode of Buckle Up: The Mystery Podcast, hosts Erin and Derek welcome special guest Dr. Kristy Sumner, co-founder of Soul Sisters Paranormal. She's investigated, from a scientific perspective, some American landmarks that are believed to be bursting with paranormal activity. Dr. Sumner shares some of her research, including actual audio clips from unexplained phenomena. Needless to say her stories are ... otherworldly.To learn more about Dr. Sumner and the Soul Sisters investigations visit 
It's the most lucrative and brazen art heist in American history. In 1990 two men dressed as Boston police officers walked into a museum. Less than an hour and a half later they walked out with 13 pieces of art worth $500 million. 30 years later, the FBI still hasn't recovered any of it. In the latest Mini Mystery Monday on Buckle Up: The Mystery Podcast, hosts Erin and Derek share details of the crime and look at why nobody has offered information on the whereabouts of the stolen artwork ... then offer a compelling theory from Scotland Yard.
It's been called America's Stonehenge. Six granite stones are stacked on the roadside in rural Georgia. Etched on them, in 12 different languages, are words that have stirred up controversy for four decades. What do they mean? Nobody really knows because the man who had them built used a fake name and simply disappeared after their unveiling. In Buckle Up: The Mystery Podcast's first "Mini Mystery Monday," hosts Erin and Derek investigate the history and potential meaning of the Georgia Guidestones, and share a few of the interesting possibilities of who might have put them there.
A family of four from Germany came to the United States to see the beauty of the California coast and the glamour of Las Vegas ... and vanished in the heat of Death Valley. This is the story of how they got lost, and one person's quest to discover what really happened to them.
Erin and Derek, hosts of "Buckle Up: The Mystery Podcast," explore the unsolved case of a scuba diver who vanished without a trace and the odd series of events leading up to his disappearance.
Hosts Erin and Derek give a brief description of what Buckle Up: The Mystery Podcast is all about.
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