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This episode, we list and discuss bands' uses of alliteration!We learn about what alliteration is, and list bands and/or songs that use it.We also try Iron Maiden's sake lager, an AC/DC ale, some sours, some seltzers, and talk about a distillery and brewery we visited.Cheers!Spotify playlist for Episode 63:
Ep. 62 - Moms In Music

Ep. 62 - Moms In Music


This episode, we discuss moms in music as a topic for our belated Mother's Day show!We talk moms in bands, songs about moms, bands named after moms (?), Danzig, chicken on a stick, and death metal music released by a tea company. Happy Belated Mother's Day!Cheers, Mamas!Spotify playlist for Episode 62:
This episode, we list and discuss bands who have multiple vocalists that contribute lead vocals.We also introduce a new segment to the show, Go Home, You're Drunk, talk a little about Earth Day, makeup, try beer flavored snacks (including jellybeans; coincidently for National Jelly Bean Day), which adds some ASMR for you sound freaks out there. And, of course, we try some beers.Cheers!Spotify playlist for Episode 61:
This episode, we list and discuss bands who appeared in TV and film and had cameos, as themselves, and performed in their scenes. We also talk Kittie's tea collab, try Pantera's lager, Iron Maiden's IPA, Troy Aikman's (not music related) beer, and the Girl Scouts'... beer collab? Yep.Cheers!Spotify playlist for Episode 60:
This episode, we list and discuss band names, songs, and album titles, that are based on books/literature. Cheers!Spotify playlist for Episode 59:
This episode, as fans, we dedicate to Taylor Hawkins.We discuss bands with singing drummers; bands with drummers who played and sang simultaneously, or bands with drummers who could sing and swapped duties when needed.We also talk some rock and beer news.RIP Taylor.Spotify playlist for Episode 58:
This episode, for our St. Patrick's Day topic, we list and discuss drinking songs, and get into the history of St. Patrick's Day. We also drink our 500th beer, sing "Tubthumping," and talk Jimmy Buffett,  all while trying some more craft beers and hard seltzers.Also, Bag Of Donuts!Cheers!*Note: As soon as we finished recording this episode, we did, in fact, head out to see Bag Of Donuts. More on this in Episode 58, next week!Spotify playlist for Episode 57: 30 - Irish Bands/Musicians (available everywhere you listen to podcasts):
Ep. 56 - Siblings In Music

Ep. 56 - Siblings In Music


This episode, we rate one movie, rate one book, rate two bags of chips, and rate more craft beers, all while listing and discussing siblings in music. Cheers!P.S. Dave Grohl, please be on our show. Spotify playlist for Episode 56:
Ep. 55 - Couples In Music

Ep. 55 - Couples In Music


This episode, we list and discuss couples in music, for a belated Valentine's Day episode/topic!Lots of Dave Grohl related discussion comes up, as we also try some more craft beers for the first time! Cheers!Spotify playlist for Episode 55:
This episode, we list and discuss overplayed songs that have appeared in numerous movies, TV shows, and commercials, while trying some craft beers and a special Valentine's Day wine. Cheers!Spotify playlist for Episode 54:
This episode, we celebrate Mario's birthday,  as we list and discuss bands/artists who got banned for various reasons. We also rate more craft beers,  and get into discussions about censorship. Cheers!CORRECTION: Early in the episode, I mention that Lita Ford and Joan Jett were not lead vocalists in The Runaways, when in fact they were indeed guitarists AND lead vocalists. This was another band who had multiple lead vocalists. -MarioSpotify playlist for Episode 53:
This episode, we celebrate Britt's birthday,  as we list and discuss artists/vocalist who went solo after being in a band. We also rate more craft beers,  including the infamous Rojo beer, again! And, for a moment, the episode turns into a segment about Sheri Moon Zombie. Cheers!Mario's metal project, God Of Moons: playlist for Episode 52:
The first episode of 2022, and the first episode after 50!This episode, we discuss bands, artists, and songs that incorporate Space themes, including the Space Rock genre itself, and the Six Degrees of Tom DeLonge? We also drink and rate "leftover" Holiday/Christmas craft beers. Cheers!Spotify playlist for Episode 51:
This episode, we celebrate us hitting episode 50, by once again playing our drinking game, where we try to each name a band, moving down the alphabet, while trying and rating cheap beers, and then ranking them at the end. Cheers!Spotify playlist for Episode 50:
This episode, we list and discuss bands named after modes of transportation!We also share our thoughts and opinions on mosh pit/crowd etiquette, in response to the recent news (see link below for article mentioned in show for useful info).And of course, we also try, discuss, and rate some more craft beers, this time, expanding outside of Texas breweries. Cheers! Spotify playlist for Episode 49: article:
Ep. 48 - The 2010's

Ep. 48 - The 2010's


This episode, we discuss the music of the 2010's. What exactly happened in music in the 2010's, specifically rock and metal? Nothing. Well, we dig in to what DID happen, and we'll let you be the judge.Also, Mario gives apologies to Islla St Brewing and Fred Durst, on previous episode's comments, as well as reviewing Limp Bizkit's new album, Still Sucks (that's the name of the album).And, of course, we try some more craft beers. Cheers!*Let me know on our social media pages if you want me to continue our Spotify playlists; let me know if you listen and enjoy.
Ep. 47 - The 2000's

Ep. 47 - The 2000's


This episode, we discuss the music of the 2000's! We talk about the popular and emerging genres on the 2000's,  as well as the popular bands/artists, fashions/styles, Ozzfest, Warped Tour, and more!We also try Dunkin' Donuts beers. Yep, you read that correctly. Dunkin's Donuts collaborated with a brewery to do a Limited Release of 4 different beers, and we try them all and rate them.Cheers! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!*See Chapter Markers for each of our 2000's segments!Spotify playlist for Episode 47:
This episode, we talk "witchy women" and backmasking.This episode was originally to be titled The Occult In Music, but I feel we mainly focused on two subjects.Here, we talk "witchy women," horror movie stuff (we got sidetracked), and the history and practice of backmasking.We also try "Halloween themed" craft beers.Cheers! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!Spotify playlist for Episode 46:
Ep. 45 - The 1990's

Ep. 45 - The 1990's


This episode, we discuss the music of the 1990's! We talk about the popular and emerging genres on the 1990's,  as well as the popular bands/artists, and fashion/styles of the 90's per genre: grunge, pop, nu-metal, and more, along with all the nostalgia.Cheers!See Chapter Markers for topics!Spotify playlist for Episode 45:
Ep. 44 - The 1980's

Ep. 44 - The 1980's


This episode, we discuss the music of the 1980's! We talk about the popular and emerging rock/metal genres on the 1980's,  as well as the popular bands/artists of the 80's per genre.And... Happy Birthday, Frank! Cheers!See Chapter Markers for genres!Spotify playlist for Episode 44:
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