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Author: Barry J. Maguire

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An unflinching look at Boston's criminal underbelly. The host Barry Maguire, a twenty year veteran private investigator, will take you on a compelling journey through some of Boston's most infamous crimes! Barry was born and raised in South Boston and brings a unique Bostonian perspective to the true crime genre.
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Two parolees one jailed more than seventeen times, the other committed more than twenty burglaries and was freed from an ankle monitor three days prior. The Petit family was set for a relaxing Sunday dinner and a needed family night. Things would never be the same. The murderers stated they just wanted money, the evidence suggests they wanted to commit robbery, rape and murder. They were sentenced to death, but politics, quickly halted the jury's lawful sentence.This episode is sponsored by Podcorn, a marketplace for podcasters and advertisers. Thank you to Podcorn!!
A  quintessential  Boston story, a group of robbers, on Boston's north shore, all with colorful lives, plan a major heist that would soon take on a life of its own and, go down in history.  Listen to this episode to find out what a majority of the gang did for straight jobs? You won't believe it "trust" me! Feel free to contact us at 
Conrad Roy, was a young man in crisis. He had previously attempted suicide, but appeared to be making progress with counseling and medication. He then crossed paths with Michelle Carter, she was suffering from her own mental health struggles. Conrad committed suicide in 2014, a routine examination of his cell phone, revealed dozens of dark and suicidal text messages between the couple. In fact, Michelle, had ordered Conrad back into the truck (as it filled carbon monoxide) when he expressed doubts about killing himself. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts found Michelle's text messages to be evidence of manslaughter and a completely depraved heart. She was charged with involuntary manslaughter. The legal question was, can words alone be the direct cause of a suicide? Michelle was more than thirty miles away, was she guilty? was she evil? Tune in to find out. Please share our podcast! Feel free to leave a review on Apple, it really helps!If you are even considering suicide please contact; Carter's text messages Love you now die-HBO
Jennifer Fay, a beautiful 16yr old disappeared from hardscrabble Brockton, Massachusetts in November 1989. She attended a series of parties in her neighborhood, she never returned. The police lost precious time treating the case as a runaway. The Fay's were told the police were coming to the house with a trained police dog and an evidence collection team. They NEVER came. Jennifer was last seen talking to what is described as an older man, who was sitting in a brown pick up truck. The truck disappeared when Jennifer did, it has never been re-registered, never been sold, never been listed as destroyed. The police won't release the truck owners name. The Fay family believes that Jennifer's friends know what likely happened to her, but refuse to cooperate with police. If you have any information on this case please call the Brockton Police at  508-941-0200.The Jennifer Fay's Facebook page
Louise Woodard was wholly unqualified to care for an infant and a toddler. The eighteen year old nanny was in over her head caring for two active children. She was reprimanded for coming home late and not being able to get up with the children she was supervising, Louise resented this correction and the situation was about to come to a head. On the fateful day in 1997, Matthew Eappen was cranky, Louise admitted to "getting rough" with the child in the bathtub, she also, admitted to plopping the baby on the bathroom floor. Matthew's injuries told a different story. There was a two inch wide skull fracture, brain damage and injuries to his neck and spinal cord. There was also a broken arm and wrist. These injuries were not present, when the parents left for work in the morning, by mid afternoon Matthew Eappen would be dead of shaken baby syndrome. The trial is still considered one of the worst miscarriages of justice in Massachusetts history. Don't miss this episode!Sponsors for this episode Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: you to our new sponsor; Military True Crime Addict Podcast
A group of high school sophomores all hung around together. Matthew Borges age 15, thought his girlfriend was cheating on him, she wasn't. But  that did not stop Matthew in enlisting other members of the crew to rob the victim. The plan was Matthew would take his friend Lee Paulino to the nearby river to smoke and talk through their damaged friendship. Instead Matthew stabbed Lee in excess of seventy-five times. He also decapitated him and cut his hands off.  A chilling reminder of what kids can do to each other. Matthew will be up for parole in less than thirty years, as he was convicted as a juvenile. Welcome to Massachusetts!This episode is sponsored by True Ghost Stories of First Responders a new book by Author Eve S. Evans. If you like true crime and ghost stories check this book out! Here is the link;
Woburn Massachusetts, Police officer Jack Maguire answered a radio call for an armed robbery at Kohl's the day after Christmas 2010.  Jack was forced to engage an armed robber. He heroically did what was necessary, however Jack was struck four times in the chest and succumbed to his wounds a short time later. The career felon was removed from the earth as a result of his idiotic choices. Patrolman Maguire had served for 34 years and was set to retire in six months. An investigation revealed the lifetime thief was on parole. He received parole despite being sentenced to three life sentences. He had escaped from prison twice and shot at least one person during a robbery, while free. How was a violent career criminal, with two escapes on his record, eligible for parole? Because...MassachusettsPlease share our podcast !
Deanna Cremin was 17yrs old and had an entire life in front of her. 1995 was a year of firsts for the beautiful Somerville, Massachusetts teen.  She got her driver's license and a job at a local market.  She also had a boyfriend. On the night of March 30, 1995 she was walked halfway home by her boyfriend. Her body was found by school children the next day, 475 feet from where her boyfriend said he'd left her. Typically, the couple had a routine, he'd walk her all the way home and then he'd call her when he returned to his house. Why the deviation from routine? There are two other known suspects in this case, but don't forget there is DNA and other physical evidence in this murder, if those two suspects had been present for the murder, wouldn't their DNA betray them? There remains a $70,000 reward in this case! If you have information on this homicide please call  617-544-7167. There are so many questions in this case, you don't want to miss this episode!
In the second half of our series on the Falmouth Fox, we cover the disappearance another young man, Paul Alwardt. He was set to testify against Melvin Reine. The cops put the kid on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard, he never got off the boat. Paul was never seen again. We also cover the attempted murder of Falmouth police officer, John Busby. Officer Busby was shot in the face with a shot gun on his way to work. Busby identified Melvin Reine as the man who shot him, why was Melvin never arrested? This is the craziest story you never heard of! Check out Michele McPhee's book on the subject; When Evil Rules; Vengence and Murder on Cape Cod. Killed Shirley Reine?
This may be the strangest story you've never heard of.  Melvin Reine was suspected in three homicides on scenic Cape Cod. He was also the local arsonist. He served 18 months in Walpole State Prison for a string of arsons in the late 60's. He vowed to never go back. The police were terrified of this guy, maybe because he lit the police chief's cruiser on fire and laughed in his face about it. Despite all of this Reine was granted lucrative trash hauling contracts for the Town of Falmouth.  Melvin's first wife disappeared under very mysterious circumstances, then a teenager interested in his 17yr old girlfriend. Then a witness set to testify against him. The story doesn't end there either.  Tune into the first part, of this crazy tale. Check out Michele McPhee's book on this story of murder arson and corruption: When Evil Rules; A true story of vengeance and murder on Cape Cod
Jeremiah age 5, went missing in September 2013, his mother NEVER reported him missing. One of his siblings did, she told school authorities that all of her siblings were being abused at home, the abuse was so horrific one child had lost a portion of a finger. This brave girl also told officials that she hadn't seen her brother Jeremiah, in weeks. The mother and live in boyfriend were ultimately arrested for kidnapping and a host of other charges. In April 2014, Jeremiah's body was discovered in a suitcase on the highway, still his mother and live in boyfriend refused to say what happened to him. This homicide remains UNSOLVED as all charges relating to the murder were dropped. The department of child services had fraudulently constructed a paper trail, that the family was receiving assistance, it was all a lie. Check out this episode and subscribe on Apple or Spotify. Please share our podcast! Check out our website at http://www.bostonconfidential.netIf you have any information on this unsolved homicide of an innocent five year old boy please call the Worcester County District Attorney's Office at (508) 755-8601
The McDonough family was sweltering in the summer heat, the air conditioner was broken. Sleeping was difficult, that turned out to be a fortuitous break. They awoke in the early morning hours, to muffled sounds of a struggle. The parents get to their daughter's room and see a 255 lbs beast wearing all black straddling their 15year old daughter, holding a fifteen inch hunting knife . The parents jump into action and refuse to be further victimized. The investigation revealed that, Adam Lane was on a murderous rampage on the east coast.  It was destined to end at the McDonough residence in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
One of the prime suspects in this case is believed to have made a fraudulent phone call, stating he discovered a body on the highway. A short time later the local criminal walked into the police station asking if it was Theresa's body on the highway. The police had barely arrived at the scene, how would he have that information? The dispatcher stated that the caller sounded just like the local man standing in the police lobby. He walked out without being interviewed, his vehicle and home were not immediately searched. By the time the police searched his vehicle the interior of the van had been stripped.Theresa reported to a good samaritan that she had been raped, semen was eventually found on her jeans, did the police search this crime scene? that information is unclear, however it appears a search of the apartment never occurred. It may be less time consuming to ask what went right in this case.  Justice was denied in this case, was it intentional? If you have ANY information on this case please call the Mass State Police at 781-830-4990Please visit for more information.
In 1978 Theresa Corley 19, attended a party for a girlfriend.  After an argument Theresa stormed off into the winter night.  She was picked up by "friends" and ended up suffering though a rape, she escaped and almost made it home, but was ultimately killed and left naked on the highway. The police have physical evidence tying members of the group to the rape, however the police and prosecutors let the statute of limitations expire on the rape charge. Today, 42 years later no one has been charged with the rape or murder of Theresa Corley.If you have any information on this case please contact the Norfolk County D.A. at 781-830-4990 no tidbit of information is too small to pass along.Bob Ward fox 25 on Theresa Corley's case check out the Justice for Theresa Corley Facebook Page at
One of New England's most heart wrenching homicides. Bella's mother already had two children taken by child services due to severe abuse and neglect, how did the Commonwealth conclude that she was fit to care for another baby? Bella's mother was a lifelong hard core drug addict and petty criminal, her live in boyfriend was worse,  if that is even possible. A great article on the Bond tragedy by Beverly Beckham of the Boston Globe (linked below)This is what haunts me. That Bella Bond's horrific murder was not a single act of violence, an aberration in an up-to-then perfect, storybook life. But that this little girl suffered every day.Conceived in a drug-induced haze in an Occupy Boston tent, she never met her father. Prosecutors say she was murdered on a mattress on a cluttered floor, allegedly by her mother's boyfriend, stuffed in a trash bag, shoved in a refrigerator, thrown into a duffel bag with a couple of weights so she wouldn't float up, then tossed into the sea.This is what we know about Bella Bond. And what we know is sickening.But what we don't know may be even worse.
Phillip Markoff was a second year medical student, his beautiful fiancé was scheduled to begin medical school. Why would he throw it all away, during a murderous crime spree?
The Petit family was attacked by two men who should never have been released on parole. Surely, after multiple rapes and the triple homicide the two heartless parolees would face the death penalty, that they richly deserved, correct? No! after the hellacious attack the state legislature worked to ensure that the two perpetrators would NEVER face the ultimate punishment. Please be advised that this episode contains explicit violence.Please share this episode with a friend! 
In 1989 Chuck Stuart went from making four dollars an hour to over one hundred thousand annually in the space of a few years. His beautiful wife, carrying his first son.  A suburban Boston home, what more could any man desire? Apparently, he wanted to open a restaurant and he murdered his wife and baby for the insurance money.  He forged an elaborate lie that sent race relations in Boston back fifty years. Who else was involved and would justice ever be served in this case?
In 1986 Daniel Laplante, became obsessed with a local teenage girl.  She didn't like Daniel and he reacted by breaking into her home and living in her basement secretly, tormenting the family. He was caught and as a juvenile avoided punishment -treatment. The following year he committed one of the most heinous family massacres in Massachusetts history. In this episode British author Joe Turner, provides a glimpse of the book he is working on about Daniel Laplante. This is a fascinating interview and Mr. Turner dispels some of the myths surrounding the case, he also provides the frightening truth about this case. Please be advised this episode contains extremely graphic content.Thank you to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Podcorn is a marketplace for podcasters and advertisers. Its super easy to use!Please check out author Joe Turner's  work! He is an amazing writer I love! Check out this pod I've been listening to, its fascinating.
Eddie was described as a gentle giant, an alter boy, grandson of a police chief.  He was in reality a troubled soul, obsessed with his best friends mom.  He committed one of the most heinous murders in Massachusetts history.This episode was sponsored by Podcorn, a marketplace for podcasters and
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