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In this episode, Dr. Martha Montero-Sieburth and Domiziana Turcatti revisit the most salient work and legacy of Brazilian educator and Philosopher, Paulo Freire. "The eminent Brazilian educator Paulo Freire has influenced and motivated generations of scholars. A profound philosopher and critical thinker, he has had a particular impact on my academic career which I share by way of this podcast. Having read Freire during my undergraduate studies, I was delighted to meet him personally, first as a budding scholar at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, during the mid 1980's and as a more-seasoned professor at the University of Massachusetts-Boston a decade later. Not only did his vision influence my teaching, writing and research, his keen theoretical and methodological insights inspired me to focus on community ethnography, which has become my lifelong passion. Now, 50 years after the publication of his Pedagogy of the Oppressed and 23 years after his death, we need to revisit his teachings and actualize his dream of hope in perpetuating his ideals for “democratic education.”" - Dr. Martha Montero-Sieburth 
In this Episode, Siobhán Hyde, Guillem Fernández Villà and Tatiana Espinosa Castro speak about the topic "Intercultural Relationships". They present an overview covering the topics: emotions, language differences and social support among intercultural couples. The conversations also entwine the personal experience of the speakers, as each of them is in an intercultural relationship. This, together with the most interesting points of their studies, highlight the fascinating reality of intercultural relationships: diversity in a couple can be a challenge, but with the right tools, it can be a very enriching experience.  "With being in an intercultural relationship I expand myself and who I am - It is kind of travelling but in a much more deeper way". * The data and content of the three studies belongs to the University of Amsterdam.
Diese Episode erzählt die Geschichten zweier Freunde. Rashid aus Somalia und Aaron aus Österreich lernten sich durchs Basketballspielen kennen. Sie diskutieren, wie schnell kulturelle Missverständnisse insbesondere in Bezug auf nationale Traditionen auftreten können. Während Rashid über seine Erwartungen gegenüber Österreich spricht, erzählt Aaron von seiner Motivation für seinen Job. 
Welcome to part two of our special episode on World Refugee Day 2020. Listen to the second part of the conversation between Aya and Mohammed, two friends from Syria reunited in Germany. In the second part of the episode the two talk about how their journey has changed them, of being homesick and breaking stereotypes.
Mohammad is an open, passionate man from Syria who wants to live every day to the fullest. He arrived in Germany in 2016, during the refugee crisis, and has slowly built up a new life in Germany. Aya only arrived half a year ago. She is independent, hard-working, and wants to use her full potential to create a positive change in her new community. The two know each other from Syria where they bonded over their mutual interest for different cultures.  
Dino macht gerade seine Ausbildung zum Augenoptiker, tanzt gerne, ist ehrlich und humorvoll. Nicole ist Sozialpädagogin, neugierig lacht viel und liebt das Reisen. Die beiden trafen sich vor einigen Jahren auf einer Party und verliebten sich. Er kommt aus Syrien sie aus Deutschland. Nun haben sie einen kleinen Jungen zusammen. Wie war die Reaktion der Familie und Freunde? Welche Rolle spielen kulturelle Unterschiede in ihrer Beziehung? Und was für Herausforderung sind den Zweien begegnet?
#2 You Make Me Proud

#2 You Make Me Proud


After being apart for 15 years Dauda and his daughter Mariama are finally reunited. Originally from Sierra Leone, they now live in the US where Dauda leads an organization that fights for the rights of refugees and immigrants. Mariama is finishing her high school education to fulfil her dream of becoming a lawyer. In this episode, they talk about their relationship to one another, their hopes for the future and the challenges they encountered.
In this Episode, Rahaf and Tamim take you on a journey, starting with how their love story is different from others, and sharing their personal thoughts about what characterises their home. The conversation highlights the importance of remaining open-minded and the need to persevere and not give up when attempting to fulfil one’s dreams. Grinningly, they tell the listeners about a memorable encounter with a non-Muslim Dutch lady who shared a special moment with them – Ramadan.
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