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Elisa is not only one of my closest friends but one of the hardest working and most resilient people I know with an extensive career.She has worked in over 30 countries, across 5 continents. Covering challenging environments, from the Rabaa massacre in Cairo to domestic violence within Iraqi refugee camps, which fueled her work with social consciousness. Her latest project is the Spiral of Containment: Rape's Aftermath.In this episode we discuss:The importance of defining yourselfHow to cultivate resilienceHow to strengthen boundariesFind Elisa:Website:
Kate Gray's life story of how she went from homeless and struggling with drug addiction to building multiple seven-figure businesses. She is considered one of the top Visionary Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Australia. Her work has been embraced by entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and thought leaders from the USA, UK, Europe and AustraliaIn this episode we dive into:- Kate's journey towards herself- Moving through fear- Building Your DreamAnd so much moreFind Kate:Website:
Mike Fannin is the founder of Carrick Wealth, one of Africa's fastest-growing financial advisory firms.  He has also been in the financial services industry for over twenty yearsIn this episode Mike delves into:-His success habits-A mindset that can improve your quality of life-The moment that changed the course of his life-What he advises everyone to do to set themselves up for retirementAnd so much more, this episode had so many tweetable moments that I knew I would need to do a part two with MikeFind Mike Fannin:Website: the show:Podcast:
Alison Armstrong is the world's leading authority on "Understanding Men" she has dedicated over thirty years to the psychology of men “To find out how I was bringing out the worst in them. And hopefully, how to bring out the best.” Her success in understanding men naturally led to studying women’s behavior and making vital connections between the two.In this conversation, Alison and I delve into how men think, value systems, and how to date effectively during covid.I loved every minute of this interview be sure to find Alison and her work below:Alison's Website:'s Instagram: the show:Podcast:
This week on #CoffeeWithCandice I speak to Nadiya Shah who has been named the top 12 astrologers in the world by French Vanity Fair, a three-time author, youtube superstar, and founder of Synchronicity UniversityThis conversation is filled with wisdom as we discuss:-Growing while in isolation-Self Forgiveness-The next few years as it is written in the starsI am a huge fan of astrology and the insights it can provide however I am certain that even skeptics will love this insightful conversation with NadiyaFind Nadiya:Website: Click HereInstagram:
Trigger warning: this podcast has themes of child abuse however I think it is so incredibly important to listen to Nathan's powerful story of overcoming sexual abuse and going on to be a child sexual abuse activist mobilizing protests around the world Child trafficking is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and Nathan shares that with us as well as talking about his book Toy Cars.We cover:-How Nathan overcame his past -How he is using his past to help others-Things he does to remain groundedNathan is also a actor, filmmaker ad public speaker
Candice Horbacz better known by her Adult Entertainment name Eva Lovia. Is one of the biggest adult entertainers in the world, she runs a successful business and holds her Bachelors in Psychology.This conversation is sure to challenge your thinking as we discuss:- The good, the bad and the ugly about the industry- Her journey to. spirituality-The mindset needed to live a fulfilled life-How to deal with negativityAnd so much more this episode will be sure to entertain you and hopefully inspire a different viewpoint in your own lifeCheck out Candice's Podcast: Chatting with Candice
Chen Lizra is a phenomenal embodiment of empowered feminity, she is a Somatic intelligence coach, a Tedx speaker with nearly 10 million views, an award-winning social entrepreneur and best selling author. Chen tells us how she overcame ten years of trauma and pain to become the woman she is today"They say with trauma, the mind may forget but the body never forgets" Chen and I speak about how and why our body holds onto trauma, how somatic intelligence allows us to live an empowered and healed lifeIn this episode Chen breaks down:Emerging from rock bottomWhat sabrosura is and how we can use it to healHow we can come home to ourselvesChen has graciously given us some beautiful gifts to get our healing journey started:Facebook Group: Gift: Website: 
Colin Coleman is a man who needs no introduction, he is the former CEO of Goldman Sachs in Sub Saharan Africa and is currently serving as a  Senior Fellow and Lecturer at Yale University and penning his upcoming book.Colin has an incredibly fascinating life story with some incredible twists and turns having been involved in South Africa's constitutional transition and narrowly pivoting from going into politics and winding up in the private financial sector insteadWe touch on: How architecture shapes Colin's thinkingHis passion for AfricaThe outlook that has shaped him into who he is todayWhat advice he would give his 18-year-old selfLink to Colin's UCT Lecture:
Carley Page Summers is a world-renowned Interior photographer and stylist who has been featured in Architectural Digest but what captured me the most is her heart and authenticity. This is one of the few interviews that forced me to fight back the tears and rendered me speechless on more than one occasion throughout our conversation. We laughed, we cried and I learnt the beauty of the human spiritFollow Carley:Instagram:
“It is important to always back yourself”This week on #CoffeeWithCandice I speak to Maps Maponyane who is a South African television presenter, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and Unicef Advocate. Maps is one of those people that defies ordinary in every sense of the wordHe is authentic to who he is and shares of himself with so much grace and consciousness that one cannot help but feel inspiredIn this episode, we speak about how Maps lives his life with intention, why Human Rights activism isn’t something he does but who he is, and how he has reached such incredible peaks in his life
This week on #CoffeeWithCandice I speak to Andrew Gabelic he is the founder of the numerology app that is modernizing spirituality #Teledipity which as described by Andrew is Serendipity: A happy accident. Finding something of immense value through an astonishingly beautiful circumstance of “randomness”.Teledipity: Inserting that strange and powerful magic into your smartphone so it can touch you every day.In this conversation, we dive into what exactly numerology is and how it can help you find your path, living authentically, and finding the good in a crisisDownload Teledipity: click here
This week I speak to the incomparable Mr Jay Manuel who has recently added author to his extensive resumeI first came to know Mr Jay on #ANTM as I’m sure many of us did and followed his journey as a creative directorIn this episode, we discuss how "The Wig, The Bitch and The Meltdown" cleverly looks at the journey of self-discovery through the lens of his complex characters and how he managed to entertain while educatingMostly what stands out to me in this interview with Mr Jay is his incredible wisdom and how graciously he shares it with usIt was an honor getting to know and learn from this remarkable and multitalented human beingBe sure to get your copy of "The Wig, The Bitch and The Meltdown"  link:
This week on #CoffeeWithCandice I speak to Dr Drew Mikhail about Beirut and how we can as global citizens continue to show up and be good alliesHe has been very vocal about the struggles Lebanon is facing and I want to speak to him about how the global community can mobilize to be of better assistance to the Lebanon community at largeBeing in activism I know too well how quickly the news cycle spins and how easy it is to get lost in the fogThis episode will allow us to know how to continue to support even when crisis stops being reported on
Monroe France is the Associate Vice President for Global Engagement and Inclusive Leadership at New York UniversityI loved speaking to Monroe about #BLM and navigating the tricky terrain of activism and most importantly looking into the difference between performative support as opposed to real allyshipThis is a conversation I have wanted to have and I am happy to bring it to you for my Birthday edition
This week on #CoffeeWithCandice I speak to world-renowned clinical psychologist Dr RamaniTo say I am a fan of hers is an understatement her teachings on dealing with, dating and growing up with narcissistic people has helped me so much in my own journey towards healingHer scope of knowledge is massive and it’s no wonder she’s every top talk shows go to guestWe covered:-Who narcissists prey on?-The best way to cope with narcissists during a lockdown?-How to heal after narcissistic abuse-How to identify narcissistic people
We return with a bang speaking to the phenomenal and vibrant Claire Byrne also know as the heartbreak coach as seen on Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh about her road to becoming a “heartbreak coach” and how she transforms women’s lives through her holistic coachingI was drawn to Claire’s compassionate yet truthful advice and I cannot wait for you to hear from this inspiring womanDuring COVID navigating relationships is a challenge and I wanted to bring you an expert who could either heal your broken heart, help you find true love or improve your current relationship.We touched on everything including "Nice Guys" finishing last and what the root of attracting "unavailable men" is
Justin Shaifer is fearlessly redefining the world of Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics. As Forbes magazine so aptly wrote “Step aside Bill Nye & Neil deGrasse Tyson. Justin Shaifer is the STEM personality we need to hear”Justin is charging ahead with steering more young people to the world of STEM whilst also giving infinite wisdom on personal brand building and words to live byPlease note this podcast's sound quality was impacted by bad wifi - I thought the content was too impactful to not share. Apologies and hope you still enjoy the episode
Kendell Geers is a highly successful international contemporary artist and vocal activist.I am so honored to have the opportunity to talk to Kendell not only about his phenomenal achievements in the art space but his bold choice to stand against apartheid and reclaim his identity by changing his nameIn a time when many are confused or conflicted about how to be an ally, I watch Kendell do it with ease and in this podcast we discuss:-Importance of Identity-Healing-Effective ActivismAnd so much more Kendell is a well of knowledge and inspiration 
Evy Poumpouras is a one-woman force of nature unlike any other. The first thing that strikes you immediately is her graciousness to share invaluable information she learned during her time in the secret serviceIn our conversation, Evy shares with us the power of giving, being resilient, and becoming bulletproof. This is such a deeply informative episode and it was my greatest honor that Evy took the time to speak to me.Evy is a medal of valor recipient, best selling author, Judge on Spy Games and a former secret service agent who has protected four sitting presidents
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