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New Mexico recently decriminalized physician-assisted suicide.  Ten U. S. jurisdictions now sanction the practice, in addition to Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.  As life expectancy increases worldwide and a greater proportion of our population becomes elderly, the temptation to use death as a solution intensified.  Pastor Salemink of Lutherans For Life examines what assisted suicide is, why it's dangerous, what the alternatives are, and what we can do to protect our communities.
Birth rates declined substantially during the coronavirus anxiety.  The overall total fertility rate has sunk to half its level from the year 1950, and we've fallen beneath replacement rate in the United States.  Pastor Salemink of Lutherans For Life surveys why they've gone down, whether the planet's overpopulated, how many kids is too many, and what we can do to celebrate procreation.
In vitro fertilization has resulted in some ten million births since its first in 1978.  Well over one million embryos conceived in this way still reside in frozen storage.  Ethicists and theologians continue to debate IVF.   Pastor Salemink of Lutherans For Life ( considers how IVF works, the dangers it involves, how to regard to the children and parents it creates, and some alternatives.
We're eagerly awaiting a vaccine for COVID-19.  However, several of the frontrunners are using tissues taken from aborted babies.   Pastor Michael Salemink of Lutherans For Life ( investigates the science behind vaccines, their connection to abortions, ethical concerns, and what we can do about them.
The suicide rate in our nation has risen by 30-50% over the last twenty years.  It has driven down overall life expectancy for three years in a row.  Pastor Michael Salemink of Lutherans For Life ( explores who’s in danger, what signs to watch for, and how HOPE can help us intervene to prevent suicide. 
Chemical "pill" or "medication" abortions are increasing.  The FDA warns they come with even greater dangers than surgical abortions.  Pastor Michael Salemink of Lutherans For Life ( examines how chemical abortions work, what dangers abortion drugs bring, how to counteract them with an antidote, and what alternatives we have.
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