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In this edition, we hear how the life of an internationally-known Australian has taken on a very new direction after a life-changing incident.Former Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, wants to boost community awareness of AEDs, that can be the difference between life and death for some who experiences a cardiac arrest.Orange City Council plans to work with Greg Page's charity 'Heart of the Nation' to save lives in Orange.
This week, community discussion stepped up about proposals to upgrade Lords Place South. And for the first time, instead of waiting for the community to come to the Council, the Council is taking the message about Lords Place, out to Lords place by opening up a pop-up shop in Lords Place. And, we take a deep-dive into the biggest expansion ever in Orange when it comes to public transport.  There are hundred of new bus routes all equipped with an app to make the journey even slicker, but will that all be enough to make Orange residents take their first bus trip since school? 
The project to build Orange's new sports precinct is facing extra costs, but the mayor believes it's not the only big project to face the same problems.Also, new research shows Orange has more live music venues than any other central west centre.A new industry forum this week brought venues and performers together to find solutions to the obstacles that prevents more live music happening locally.
In this episode, we hear about the the ideas behind the proposed upgrade of Lords Place South. Council CEO David Waddell tells how governments use grants to get local Councils to deliver on their decisions. We find out how you can arrange a gust speaker for your next community group meeting.And we meet new Council member Mel McDonell, and find out about her hopes and dreams for this Council term.
If you’ve driven past Robertson Park in recent days and seen tents and enclosure being assembled, its the first signs of  the Orange Winter Fire Festival in the park getting ready.In this program, we take Orange 360’s Caddie Marshall and Mayor Jason Hamling down to the park to find out why you should venture out this Winter.And, we’ll hear about some new attempts to revitalise our local live music industry. The Winter Fire Festival is on from the 6th to the 14th of August. For more, go to to the Orange City Council and Orange 360 websites.
In the spotlight this week, a government announcement of some more funding for a new conservatorium that will let music come out of from being hidden in the back streets, to a prime spot at the centre of our community’s civic life. In this episode of the Orange podcast, what difference the construction of a new building will make to the people of Orange?We hear from the NSW Arts Minister, the Mayor and two leaders of our music community.
Back in 2020, artist John Olsen visited the Orange Regional Gallery to view the construction site for the new five million dollar extension. He also took the opportunity to view the Gallery’s permanent collection. Mr Olsen was so impressed by what he saw, he spontaneously offered a major painting, a bronze sculpture and four works on paper to the Gallery, works worth hundreds of thousand of dollars.During a recent visit he spoke to reporters  about why people from regional centres need to see their town represented by art.Also this week, local residents urged say what they want to happen with the Orange Function Centre.And we hear from a blacksmith who's working on repairs at the Orange cemetery. He was back recently 
The director of the Gallery of NSW was in Orange this week for a big state government announcement:  The Arts Minister had news of three quarters of a million of dollars to put more touring exhibitions on the road in regional areas.Where do they come for a big announcement? The recently-expanded Orange Regional Gallery that has a great track record of delivering big shows.And why a man who work in logistics in the mining industry, decided to stand for Orange City Council.
This week on the program, a wrap of key decision at this week's council meeting.We also meet a local pharmacist who decided to run for council.And find out about the Orange-born mountain climber who held a altitude record for 30 years before Mt Everest was topped.
One of the new faces on Orange City Council is a doctor and a quadriplegic. This week we meet Cr Steve Peterson.And we also catch up with Council CEO David Waddell to  find out more about the latest  list of what the Orange community wants the Council to be working on.
Heritage architect David Scobie helps local residents who want to restore their house, navigate the minefield of design, finding suppliers and grants. This week on the Orange Podcast, how some early advice can head off a major kerfuffle.And, Orange City Council's youngest new member reveals how much he's enjoying his new role.
Orange City Council started releasing more than four megalitres of water from Suma park dam this week. We find out why it's happening.We meet one of the new batch of council members and discover why a new place for mums and bubs to gather in winter is on the cards.And we discover why the Council has bought a new high-tech, remote-control camera that can travel 300 metres along an underground pipe. 
When Gerald Power isn't being Orange's new deputy mayor, he's running a tourism business which aims to give visitors from near and far a taste of 50,000 years of indigenous culture. And how Orange’s latest piece of public art, a mural in Anson Street looks very different, depending on how fast you walk by, and how much light there is. 
The mayor was delighted with the 'big-picture' approval this week for the proposed new sports precinct.Meanwhile, residents brought their questions along to find out if Orange will have enough water to provide for an even larger population.And we find out about local efforts to protect a rare and endangered plant.
if you happen to take a stroll around the inner city laneways of Orange in the next few days you might be surprised by  the sight of doors and windows that weren't there before. It’s the work of an artist , Catherine O’Donnell, the latest step in the FutureCity upgrade of Orange's CBD. And, it could be sometime before the final approvals are granted to build a new sports precinct and parklands alongside  Sir Jack Brabham Park.But that hasn’t stopped the local little athletics crew starting to get excited . They’re also exploring the technicalities of what could be built there one day. We’ll find out about how an underground installation in the track could deliver lap times automatically.
This week a new strategy was unveiled to help guide the future development of housing in Orange for the next 20years.Among its wide-ranging findings, there’s evidence about the biggest sector of home buyers in Orange, and why the market just isn’t building what would suit them the best.And, we find out about a new solution to the very real problem of how a brand new business gets a start when the main street shopfront rents are so high. Coming up this week, how to get a start in a converted container.
An Orange business, Badlands Brewery, is the latest to take up the opportunity offered by Orange City Council's decision to change zoning regulations to let niche food & drink makers move into inner-city retail areas. And when a council office burnt down in a fire two years ago, the staff who are about to move in didn't know that the replacement building would set new standards for technology and energy saving.
Orange's newest set of festoon lights, hung over over a car park, are being tested on Friday night (17 Sept) for the first time.The McNamara Street upgrade project is the first stage of Orange's FutureCity program.And we’ll hear from the director of Orange’s regional gallery Brad Hammond to discover why the new gallery extension has him so excited.
This week we find out an engineer keeps local business operators onside as he digs up the footpath and roads outside their stores: An update on the upgrade of Lord Place and Byng St.And, last year’s 'Retail Recovery' campaign that gave away a thousand fifty-dollar EFTPOS cards is coming back this year for a second round of much-needed retail therapy, but this time you can also go out of orange to go shopping.
Despite some popular outdoor locations being out-of-bounds during the lockdown, Orange residents are discovering how many other parks and open spaces are there to be enjoyed.  This week how warmer Springtime temperatures are keeping the Orange City Council's parks & gardens crew busy. And why the Orange Regional Museum is making it's next Mondays at the Museum event for children available by video conferencing.
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