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After having fallen off the wagon for quite some time, what is needed to get back on? First it begins with acknowledging that it is indeed possible to start where you left off. Yes, it might be embarrassing, a matter of pride but being honest is a great first step. Realizing that we are not alone in having fallen is empowering. We are human and we are not alone in facing this issue. Why we face it might be very different but how we can recover is the same. Just start. Remember that time is racing and leaving things till tomorrow might be the biggest part of the problem. Tomorrow never comes and very quickly it becomes a matter of many many tomorrows have passed.That's what happened to me. Now I begin anew.Listen in as I share my viewpoint today. I invite you to hold me accountable. If you want me to do the same, just let me know.
My guest Lori Lococo is a current Niagara Falls City Councilor and is running for re-election this fall.  When I first met Lori she was an office administrator for a legal firm and was one of the top district leaders in Toastmasters. Listen in as Lori tells how her experiences allowed her to develop key skills for being a team player, for understanding he need for due diligence in decision making and how to be servant leader to her community. Find out how Lori assessed her skills and used them create a new direction for her life.
Many ask the question about what's life going to be like after they retire. What can they do? What do they want to do? Cindy Pavella retired from her career job dealing with group insurance and employee benefits. After a short hiatus to reset, she settled into an entirely different industry as customer representative for a museum and planetarium.In this interview, Cindy tells us how she came about making a new life for herself and also about the joy she finds in her volunteering. Listen as she tells of her experiences and how her next chapter has opened up a whole new world.
More than likely the day will come when the memories you hold in your memory bank will be of more value that the money you have deposited in your bank account. At that time, you might be limited in what you can and can't do, can go and can't go but with your memories you are free to redo what you've done and revisit places you've been.Realize now while you can that those memories will be priceless to you in your golden years so make them now while you can.  Become conscious of the passing of time. Make every day one worth remembering. Uplift your spirits or perhaps uplift someone else's.Invest in the bank that will reward you for years to come.
Now is the time of year when we become more engaged in self reflection.  We know that a brand new year is imminent and we give a thought or two to new year's resolutions.  Even if we don't believe in them, we can't help but let them cross our minds if only to scoff at them.Many days in the year go by with nary  a thought to how our lives are shaping up. And yet when we see the all too familiar marker of time marching past, we pause to reflect.Or at least I hope we do.Ask some elderly folks who have become experts at looking back on their lives and they will often tell you that they don't regret the things they did, but rather the things they didn't do.If only they had used their time in reflection to create plans for a new direction.Is this you? Listen as I share some strategies that have worked for me. Then dare to live the life you are meant to live.
From childhood we learn that there are certain things expected from us. We catch on early that our parents then our teachers expect us to behave according to the "norms" we see around us. Those of us who don't adhere to those behaviors soon find that life present challenges that those who do adhere don't tend to face.For those who live up to the expectations life seems to offer more rewards and opportunities to move forward. There are also societal expectations that tend to govern our lives. They are found in our continuing education, relationships, and career choices. As we mature and progress through life we find ourselves acknowledging that there are certain times when we are expected to have a life partner, begin a family and even buy a home.Have you noticed this? Are you aware that you may be living your life according to those expectations? Are you living in the box? That's where the expectations are.Discover what it might mean for you to live outside the least according to expectations.
Because Covid 19 came with restrictions, lockdowns and border closures,  plans for my Cross Canada tour was not a possibility. Instead of taking on the huge disappointment as a cancellation, I saw it as an opportunity to adjust my plans.Instead of cross Canada, I opted to fully tour Ontario - a province I had lived in my whole life but never fully explored...till summer 2021.Instead of being a speaking and book signing tour, it became a friendship tour as I visited friends I hadn't seen in a very long time. Instead of being about delivering my message of doing what you can while you can for as long as you can, I lived it fully every day.Act I became my practice tour. Act II will be planning for the cross Canada tour of 2022 and Act III will be the execution.Listen in as I share how Act I set the stage for the rest of the play - Don't Die Before You're Dead.
It has been a while since my last podcase... kind of sounds like a confession doesn't it?  There are many reasons why and I would have to admit that some of them are really just excuses. I have missed doing them and I have thought more about them  since taking the unintentional break.To me, our use of time is so critical. I have taught many time management workshops as well as procrastination - Slay the Procrastination Dragon one of my most frequently requested.And yet I still struggle myself. Maybe that is why my workshops go so well; I am one of the people and we can look at steps together on how to make changes.In this podcast I deal with the value of time and use a quote by Mark Levy. However, I did cover a couple of examples he did not. Perhaps these could be something you'd use to help you remember to put time - or the use of it - high on your priority list.No matter how we look at it, time is a non-renewable resource and limited at that. How will you use yours?
Many years ago young people would say that they were "going to find themselves." According to Merriam Webster Dictionary this mean to learn what one truly values and wants in life.This is not the purpose of my tour. I am not looking to find myself but I did discover some things about myself.Being gone for 4 weeks gave me some experiences provided some insights into my psyche. Some things I was prepared for and others I wasn't.  I discovered how important it was for me to answer the question, "Will I regret this decision?" as I traveled around to various areas of Southwestern Ontario and looked at taking part in some activities.All in all I am really proud of being out there living my message to live fully every day.
Later Life Beginnings

Later Life Beginnings


Quite often when we speak to others, we find that life doesn't always journey in a linear fashion. For some, it takes many years to find exactly what it is that we believe we are meant to do. Frances Hickmott is no exception. She calls herself a late bloomer as she has journeyed through various experiences. This relates in her recently published Journey to Joy.  While telling her story Frances askes the question about how your past may be affecting you in the present.Not only is Frances an author she is also a coach. Her life's journey makes her exceedingly relatable and helps her help her clients to find their way and get unstuck. No matter the age, there is always the possibility of new beginnings.Take Frances' free mastermind course on her website:
This was to be the summer of Don't Die Before You're Dead tour. Due to Covid many things changed as did my tour.No longer was I able to secure sponsorship or speaking engagements or book signing events. So much uncertainty left us all unable to make those kinds of decisions. No one knew where we would be at any given time or what we'd be able to do.So instead of this summer being my 6 month tour, it is now a shorter length of time and not all of Canada. My mini-van still got converted thanks to my son Robb. I still hit the road only now I have changed the focus to being a practice run for next year. Things had to change and that is OK.I am still excited and looking to live my life fully in spite of having to make these changes.  It is just fine to be flexible and know that making a change isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it is the only thing.Next summer I will be out there doing what I set out to do this year. And I'll be even more ready. 
Get out of the 9-5 rut! Expand that box...or break out of it! Retirement isn't about "stopping." It's about finding what truly makes you happy and doing what you want for the rest of your life! This is what Jacquie Doucette of Beyond Retirement is all about.  Having retired from the military  way too young to be retired, Jacquie reentered but this time as a  civilian. She knew that she wasn't ready and had more to do before that stage in her life. As a coach, Jacquie helps her clients make the transition from a working life to a retired life full of promise and purpose.
Single?  Trying to find the "one" online with all the multiple dating sites? Frustrated?With so many it's hard to know where to turn. Does wading through the possibilities only to be disappointed or worse yet be scammed?Then meet CEO Linda Miller of Misty River Introductions and find out how an offline matchmaker works.  Linda shares what it is she does to first meet and understand her clients, what he or she is looking for in a partner and then to see who she knows will be a good fit.All is very personal with individual one on one meet ups.Misty River has been operating for over 20 years, first starting in Manitoba - which is ongoing - before moving to Ontario and Quebec. Ask her about her success rate.There are three different packages that clients can choose from  which she shares openly. Many of the free online dating sites might start off free but don't offer the best algorithms for free.  Compare the differences. You might find that the personal touch is what you really want.
AS an English teacher I taught John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men  and for those of you who know the story, the key line is ... "the best laid plans of mice and men".We often have plans whether they be super crucial or just simply a task list. Either way, when things go awry, we need to adjust. So my question would be, just how flexible are you? What do you do when your day falls apart.Here are some tips that I found to help me move on and not dwell on what isn't working. It has taken me a long time to get to this place as I used to be super agitated when things fell apart. It is still a work in progress but I am doing better.  And that somedays is all we can ask for.
aka The Bad Widow

aka The Bad Widow


Alison Pena  - aka The Bad Widow - hails from New York. She lost her husband to pancreatic cancer in 2016 and faced the same brokenness that many of her clients face. The first year took its toll as she mourned much of the things that she and her husband used to do together. Like most widows, she was tunneling in and avoiding people as she was maneuvering the wasteland of grief.Alison called upon her resilience as she started wanting a bigger life. She began asking for support rather than pushing people away.  Having reengaged, reinvented and rebuilding her life,  Alison had new life, new work and new love.Now she helps her clients to take back their lives after loss.Listen as she shares how she mustered up the courage to begin living again. 
A Dream Redesigned

A Dream Redesigned


So what are you going to do?  This is what I am getting asked all the time seeing as how Covid had locked us down and I can't head out on my cross-Canada tour on May 10th as planned.There are many options: cancel the tour, postponed till next year, do part this year and the rest next year. All except cancelling the tour are under discussion with me, myself and I.  My camper is in build mode and will be completed so that when I am able to leave I can. Where I go and what I do may undergo many changes but be sure that going and doing are definitely in the works.In order to spread my message of living life fully and doing what you can for as long as you can, I can do no less. I am excited to see what my adventure will actually be.It was my hope that I'd have some sponsors. It was my hope that I'd have many speaking engagements lined up to share my message to inspire and encourage. as well as  signing many of my books. Such is not the case as too  much uncertainty prevails. Perhaps that will happen post tour as opposed to during the tour. All good either way.No matter. I will prevail and live the life I am meant to live. Will you?
Trav Bell is a Bucket Listologist. Since the age of 18, he has always carried around with him in his little blue book, a list of things "to do" before he dies.  On the list was becoming a personal trainer and when he did he was one of the first in Australia.Trav built a sizable business in the brick and mortar world until it became too overwhelming for him and he got caught in a downward spiral. Refusing to take medications, he began instead a journey of self discovery.After much research and development, Trav made a huge transition when he entered into the online world. He says that at this point in his life he stated, "I'd love to run my life from a hammock."Now as known internationally as The Bucket List guy, Trav is an accomplished author with his most recent book being, My Bucketlist Blueprint. A great read. And find out what he means when he talks about the reverse bucket list.
Mustering the Courage

Mustering the Courage


When faced with those big decisions, many people find it somewhat fearful and anxiety producing. They readily agree that it takes courage to face change and enter into transitions. Maybe it will be changing careers, or moving to a new location or perhaps going into retirement. All of these come with a measure of risk needing courage to implement.But where does the courage come from? How can it be built up?From personal experience, some examples of where to look for some much needed advice through allies and mentors.   
Would you agree that we are exactly where we are based on the cumulative effect of all the choices made in our life? Some were made for us and others were made by us. When it comes to the choices that you made, what did you apply as your decision making tool? If you were just deciding what to have for breakfast, it would be quite easy and probably based on fast experiences. The difficulty comes when the decisions are important to our well being. Decisions like buying a house, a new car, a career and others. What can we do to help us make the right decisions?Studies tell us that there is no formal type education on how to make decisions. This is something usually learned through observing others like our parents and then by trial and error. Many use the all too familiar Pro & Con list which can be skewed according to our biases. And often the result is an emotional decision rather than a logical one.Here Merri presents the Cartesian Logic method of decision making. By asking 4 simple questions, an outcome would come about based on logic not emotion. Try it and see if this isn't a workable tool for you.
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