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Don't Die Before You're Dead

Author: Merri Macartney

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We know that we never have as much time as we think. So what are we doing about it? We will explore what is possible and hear from those who have dared to muster the courage to live their dreams. Let's discuss real life strategies to live the lives we were meant to live. No putting off till later as later may not be ours. Live now and avoid living in the Land of Regret.
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Would you agree that we are exactly where we are based on the cumulative effect of all the choices made in our life? Some were made for us and others were made by us. When it comes to the choices that you made, what did you apply as your decision making tool? If you were just deciding what to have for breakfast, it would be quite easy and probably based on fast experiences. The difficulty comes when the decisions are important to our well being. Decisions like buying a house, a new car, a career and others. What can we do to help us make the right decisions?Studies tell us that there is no formal type education on how to make decisions. This is something usually learned through observing others like our parents and then by trial and error. Many use the all too familiar Pro & Con list which can be skewed according to our biases. And often the result is an emotional decision rather than a logical one.Here Merri presents the Cartesian Logic method of decision making. By asking 4 simple questions, an outcome would come about based on logic not emotion. Try it and see if this isn't a workable tool for you.
Most of us hear about the need to arrange our finances for when we retire and we are no longer working for our income. However, there is more to it than just finances.Are you prepared to have the long hours, days and weeks with no routine? Will you have the necessary inventory for any hobbies you might wish to pursue?How about doing all the prep work now? Plan ahead. Look for a balance of physical and mental activity.  Stay focused on what you will do to live fully every day. Remember...there is plenty of life possible after retirement and Don't Die Before You're Dead!
Many people don't want to retire. Some want to work in different ways and others can't afford to retire because they fear they will outlive their money. How can you be aware and intentional as you plan "what's next?"Dr. Dorian Mintzer is a retirement transition coach who helps people find their way into the next chapter of their lives. She has authored a guide called 10 Key Issues to Consider as You Explore Your Retirement Transition which you can download from her website.Oh by the way, Dr Dorian is 75 years young and going strong. Check out her message.
We wouldn't dream of driving down the highway keeping our eyes fixated just on the back bumper of the vehicle in front, would be?  We know that for our safety and the safety of those who ride with us or beside us, we need to keep our eyes continuously roaming.  It is critical that we are totally aware of our surroundings.What about our lives? Are we living with our eyes wide open? Are we consciously keeping our eyes peeled for whatever may be coming and going around us? If we are to take advantage of opportunities then it is important that we are aware of what's going on around us just live when we're driving on the highway.  Being aware shows us where there may be gaps in our thinking or even openings that spring up when least expected.Having tunnel vision can get us killed on the highway and can rob us of living the life we are meant to live. Let's keep our eyes roaming all about to take in everything there is to take in.
The last episode introduced us to Neil Dunsmore who challenged himself to walk the 531 kilometers from his home to Ottawa. He shared with us the details about why he felt called to do this and then how he went about training for such a vigorous endeavor.Twenty-two days in September 2020, Neil walked. In this episode he tells of the times when he felt almost defeated and wanted to call it a day. However, just when he felt he had pushed himself as far as he could, someone would come along side, or call him to say that they were cheering his on.The stories he tells in true Neil Dunsmore fashion will inspire and awe you. It is very clear that he was in the right place at the right time when he was able to do a suicide intervention - and that was over the ocean in Scotland. It isn't just a walking journey but rather a life changing journey. You have to hear this
Neil Dunsmore did the unthinkable to raise money for Mental Health in his community. He walked from Elora Ontario to our nation's capital Ottawa. He knows only too well the distance is 531 kilometers and even more he knows it is over 170000 steps.Over the course of many months Neil trained for this walk that took him 22 days to complete. As a former prison guard, he was used to training but he says there has been nothing like this before. And he still wasn't prepared for the journey.Listen to this Part 1 of his story to learn why he decided to take on this major project and how he prepared for it. As you hear how he was encouraged, you will become encouraged and inspired yourself.Part 2 next week will be about the stories of people he met and the serendipity of events that kept him going when he wanted to call it quits.This is one amazing story told by an amazing man.
There are studies where people indicated that they were dissatisfied with their lives but didn't want to make any changes for fear of having to start over from scratch.The reality is that no one has to start from scratch. We are always the sum total of the lessons we've learned along the way, the experiential knowledge we've acquired or the network of supports we've gathered.All of this counts. Discover how these can impact our choices going forward. Find new ways to make decisions so they are more authentic in your pursuit of living the life you are meant to live.
Are you like most people who tend to put things off till later thinking later is just around the corner? Do you get caught up in your day to day routines believing that the things you put off won't be a problem? Then you might be a procrastinator. Veronica Hislop is a transformation strategist who specializes in helping women to stop procrastinating. She knows that putting things off is just a symptom of some deeper issue which she helps uncover.When Veronica had her Wake-Up Shake-Up call, she knew that things had to change. Now she coaches others so they don't have to experience a frightening episode before making life-altering changes.Through Veronica's professional designations and life experiences, she is a deep reservoir of practical tips and strategies. Listen and find out for yourself. 
A Regret in the Making

A Regret in the Making


My son was telling me about a colleague at his place of work who made the choice not to do something, when he said, "Now that is a regret in the making!"  It got me thinking about what that would have looked like to that colleague. What would it look like to me if I were the one making the choice? This episode is an exploration of how our daily routines can, if not considered carefully, create regrets. It is a call to become conscious, aware of our routines and get ourselves off auto pilot.
A startling question stopped Genevieve Piturro in her tracks. It made her realize that her life was less than fulfilling. She felt she had spent far too many years climbing the corporate ladder to become a top marketing executive.  However, she realized that she had missed so much doing so. Like she shared with Oprah, CNN, the Today Show and others, Genevieve wanted her life to have more meaning and to make an impact where it mattered.  With her own personal finances she started reaching out to children in shelters to offer bedtime stories and pajamas like her mother had done for her and her siblings. Having to overcome enormous personal debt, deciding to leave the corporate life and needing to seek help were all part of her journey to living her life of purpose.Listen as Genevieve shares how she transitioned to a fulfilling life of meaning. 
Today Merri Macartney explores the value of looking for those moments of silence in order to find that still small voice that lives within us all. Where can we find the quiet? What do we  want to ask ourselves? Better yet, what do we hear when we listen?In today's crazy busy hectic world of the hamster wheel, Merri says that we often can't hear ourselves think. There is little time to focus on what our lives are becoming day by day. Merri suggests that in order to avoid regrets, we need to take action now to plan for those future days.
Shawn Tegtmeier has an amazing life story. As she tells it, you can't help but admire how she made a major life change one step at a time. Shawn's life now as a personal trainer and accomplished marathoner, is the end result of her asking the question, "Is that all there is?" The author of the book Running with Walt tells of how she made the journey. It tells of where she began barely being able to run to the end of her street to doing marathons. And that is only one part of her transformation. Shawn worked at her day job and took studies on the side to move forward in her career. It didn't occur to her at first that she would change from being an office worker to personal trainer.Hear how she is no longer the self professed  "chain smoking couch potato". Listen to her "can do" attitude and get inspired.
As the new year settles in, and we look to the future with hope, we can also look to the many things that we have enjoyed in the past. What was it that you loved to do in your youth? Did you love to go bike riding, canoeing, hiking or camping? And how long has it been?Why not go back and enjoy those things again? No one said that there was a certain age when we had to give it up. If you're like me, you just got busy.Or perhaps there are things you'd like to try for the first time ever. Why not? Remember the excitement, the adrenalin rush.  This happens again when you decide that it's time to try it out again.Listen as i relate some of the things that I did through 2020 and into 2021. I hope it will inspire you to relive some of those glory days...especially during the challenging times we are living now.
Gillian Bogden's foray into nutrition came as a result of volunteering at a food bank for low income community members. Her passion was ignited when she realized that she could empower others to take control of their own health through food.Listen in as Gillian shares her story of becoming a certified nutritionist and how it changed her life. Let her lessons become yours and take charge of your food choices.
As a researcher a professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Dr. Scott Lear has achieved much success in the academic field. Many of 160 research papers have been published. However, Dr. Lear wanted to reach out to the world in general not such those who attend the institutions.  On his blog, ( he says, "much of my research has been published in medical journals that impress my colleagues and superiors, but does little to reach the people who may benefit the most from it."He knows of which he speaks as he had a sever medical event in his life and it caused him to reflect on how to reach those people. During this episode, Dr. Scott focuses on the importance of sleep in the pursuit of helping us be the healthiest we can be.
Melanie Morrissette is a personal trainer who specializes in working with seniors. She runs a program called Osteofit at the B.C. Women's Hospital and Health Center. Her expertise here addresses Low Bone Density and Melanie has some unique tips to restore good bone health with proper nutrition.Many of her clients have suffered from Arthritis, and Parkinsons and Melanie works through specific exercises to build strength and dexterity as much as possible. Her attention to the necessity of correct breathing proves to be a corrective measure to reduce back and joint pain which often leads to better sleep.Check out her website for free resources such as 7 Mistakes to Avoid Starting Workout after 50+
Jyoti Sharma is a certified life coach who works with her clients from personal experiential knowledge. She knows of what she speaks having listened to her heart and followed her dream even when it meant moving to far away places. Jyoti heard the calling from deep within to go to Goa,  India to work with entrepreneurial women. She started a non-profit called the Women's Collective where she helps them earn with dignity.  Her message is all about being in alignment so that you live the life you were meant to live. Listen as she tells the story of taking risks and reaping huge rewards. No regrets for her. She says it has all been worth it for her, her young son and husband.  She says, "It's all only temporary."
Patti Pokorchak knows what she is talking about when she tells us to live a life worthy of your dreams.  "Nothing except Rocket Science is rocket science. Everything is learnable." Born with a computer in her pocket, Patti was the first female in computers. Working for IBM at 25 years old, $50, 000 in her pocket, a sports car and boyfriend but not happy, she knew there had to be more. She had to make a choice and she did!Do you ever feel that way? Want to be like Patti and buy a one-way ticket to adventure?  She says it is never too late and offers a fairly comprehensive plan to make it work. If this extremely shy woman who was scared of her own shadow can overcome the fears that would keep us feeling trapped, then listen in as she tells us how.
Have you ever wondered what your life would be life if you had chosen a different profession? If you had taken a different path? Do you yearn to answer the call to go in a new direction but aren't sure of how to go about it? Is it time to make a change?In this episode, my guest Anita Watkins shares how she transitioned her career after 27 years as a scientist - first a researcher turned high school science teacher to that of being a professional photographer with a studio in London Ontario.For Anita, the change happened very strategically. She speaks of the incredible work effort required as she was both teacher and photographer for a time. Her classroom was her happy space but she was also passionate about the arts. Today is a highly successful photographer recognized for knowing when to click that shutter to capture those magical moments.  See for yourself at   
Scott Aaron didn't start out to have a career in health and wellness as a personal trainer and coach but that is what happened. Circumstances brought about the sudden running of his father's business as well as an abundance of resiliency to overcome extreme challenges.With financial ruin on the horizon, Scott had little choice but to opt for bankruptcy in order to take back his life. Today he is a highly successful author, speaker and coach.The take-aways for his nearly 20 years of hard core lessons was the importance of being very conscious, aware of his days, his life and living in the moment. Listen to how he took charge and created the life  he was meant to live. His message may change your life forever. 
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